[twitter] 130407 Jaehyo & Bbomb

@doowoon_C 봄 바람 휘날리며어~~~

[SUNYOUNG MOON (Match Up PD)] Swaying in the spring breeze~~~ 

@BlockB2011 @doowoon_C 벗꽃은 아 벚꽃이지.. ㅋㅋㅋ

같이보러가요 누나~

[B-BOMB to SUNYOUNG MOON] Strip blossom ah it’s cherry blossom.. ㅋㅋㅋ Let’s go see them together nuna~

(T/N: B-Bomb is referring to the spelling mistake he made on Match Up S2 ep. 2 when he accidentally typed the first character of “cherry blossom” as “strip”)

 @doowoon_C @BlockB2011  벚…. 그래…… 으흫

[SUNYOUNG MOON to B-BOMB] Cherry…. yeah…… uhuh

@BlockB2011 @doowoon_C 아 ..또… 생각났어요.. 그때 그 기분이..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎ;

[B-BOMB to SUNYOUNG MOON] Ah ..again… I remembered it.. the feeling that time.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎ;

@blockbhyo > @BlockB2011, @doowoon_C D지고싶지않으면 연락해라

[JAEHYO to B-BOMB and SUNYOUNG MOON] Contact me if you don’t want to die

 @blockbhyo > @BlockB2011 널죽일꺼야

[JAEHYO to B-BOMB] I’m gonna kill you

 @blockbhyo > @BlockB2011 킬유

[JAEHYO to B-BOMB] Kill you

 @BlockB2011 > @blockbhyo  카톡좀 그만해 재효야.. 집착하지마 ..

[B-BOMB to JAEHYO] Stop Kakaotalking me Jaehyo.. don’t be obsessed ..

 @blockbhyo > @BlockB2011 각도기 널부실꺼야

[JAEHYO to B-BOMB] Protractor I’m going to break you




@blockbhyo 집착의현장

[JAEHYO] The scene of obsession 


(Kakaotalk conversation:


[JAEHYO] Are you okay

[JAEHYO] How’re ya

(T/N: B-Bomb’s nickname on Jaehyo’s Kakaotalk is Mi-nyuk-shin (God Mi-nyuk))




@blockbhyo 의지의 한국인

[JAEHYO] A free Korean 

(Kakaotalk conversation:



[JAEHYO] You okay?

[MINYUKSHIN] Yeah I’m okay


[MINYUKSHIN] I’m hungry

[JAEHYO] That’s a relief

[JAEHYO] Go stuff yourself




Derpbomb Couple XD

I cut only their hug sceen so lovely >w<

Clip From: Jaehyohouse ^^
[Block b Fic] get frantic (Jaehyo x B-bomb & Ukwon x B-bomb : NC-17)

Title : get frantic by.emmyxogast

block b; Derpbomb or Jaebomb or bjae (Every name you want to call it lovely couple XD) and Ubomb ; nc-17

The plan seems pretty good from what he’s heard, obviously, except for the fact that minhyuk is dressed as a girl and he’s pulling it off a little too well.

**Cross dressing fiction**

Watch on

121017 Block B Blockbuster Showcase - end talk (not yet encore)

cr. yoyotny

1.48 Jaehyo said “We aren’t a talkative person in block b but Minhyuk and Kwonnie can dance well” so Minhyuk said “Let’s see Jaehyo’s dance!! Give him a music!!" 

After Jaehyo dance he said "Wait a minute…”  and run to Minhyuk Haha

Derpbomb couple is so cute XD


cr. jaehyohouse

At 3.30 Derpbomb Couple Hug >w<