• Dave: I wanna find out Kurt has no idea Santana knows Daves gay
  • Sandy: . haha yes
  • Dave: and when he does shes like "Oh I already know about you and Dave" "Excuse me?" "I know how he cornered you in a shower stall and pushed you against the wall and made you hit that high C-" "EXCUSE ME!?"
  • Dave: I still hope she thinks they had sex. She never said what she knew. just something with him and Kurt
  • Puck: lol
  • Puck: Santana would.
  • Sandy: oh my god i want this to happen so bad
  • Sandy: I want her to make a big deal about it and for blaine to think what she said was the truth. "YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT." "With what?" "WITH SEX. SANTANA TOLD ME YOU HAD SEX WITH DAVE. IS THAT WHAT ~pflag~ IS?!"
  • Dave: LOL

derpblaine replied to your photoI made myself a bow tie! I should finish my…


Haha thank you!

If you are serious about wanting one, though, you ought to know that it is a very sketchy design (as demonstrated below), and you’d have to choose a colour from the ones in the picture ( seeing as I’m working with fabric leftovers >.<).

Sadly, I don’t think many people would get it if I went as Blaine for Halloween.

So, waiting in line for DH, 5.5 hours early, as you do

and you’re sitting next to Starkid fans (sunglasses, Totally Awesome shirt, you can’t misread those signs) and you think “whoa, it’s so rare to come across Starkid fans around here, I should ask them if they’re on Tumblr!” but, being the hermit that you are, you don’t know how to approach them.

So you do.

5,25 hours later.

One of them has a Tumblr, so you think “YES!” and, when you ask for them to type their URL in your iPod, you realize you already follow them. And they follow you. You already knew each other but, although you spent all that time sitting near to one another, you never knew.

Hi Laurence.