Isla and the Dancing Fox

Starter here: Isla meets the Dancing Fox

Her parents were going to kill her from swimming so far from home. She was absolutely sure of that. But she noticed this peculiar ship not so long ago–and it was beautiful, shaped like a fox.

She’d never been on a ship before. Should she explore it?

She’d wanted to, but almost getting eaten by a sea king had almost foiled her plans. By some miracle–probably thanks to the two men who had attacked the sea king that tried swallowing her–she was sent flying toward the deck of the ship.

Her fall was broken when she collided into a fishman snoozing on the deck. Oh no–she’d woken him up! Biting her lip, Isla looked up and met his eyes.

His natural features–deep eyebrow ridges and a long, pointed nose–gave her the impression that he was quite serious. And that he probably didn’t appreciate such a rude and unexpected wakeup.

“I–I’m so sorry!”

Isla scrambled off of him and scooted away as best she could. What a great way to make a first impression on some people who were probably pirates. What were they going to do with her now? Was she going to become their prisoner? Were they going to kill her?

Her lower lip quivered at the thoughts. She shouldn’t have wandered from home!

He glanced back to Isla, trying to show a smile to her. “Nah… Better like this or you could have broken something.” then it came into his mind. How was she even so way up in the air?

“Are you hurt somewhere?” he then asked, sitting up a bit better so he could look at her if she was near enough. But still… Seeing another mermaid out here was something else. He hadn’t expected that, and neither the rest of the crew.

It was Marylin who said something then, she had stood there and waited for the meat the two would bring up in the next minutes. “Sarno would ya please do this? Tha girl needs a bit of help it seems.” she said in a soft voice, coming to the two younger ones.

“Don’t worry young lad. I hope ya hadn’t hurt yaself?” she would bow down a bit to see her better, showing her the typical Marylin smile of her. She knew that Uhin looked to others like a big meany.

I think one of my favorite scientifically accurate jokes might be the one about trees. It goes like this. 

Two trees are standing in a forest together, amongst many other trees. These trees also live in a secluded forest where trees developed a language so they can speak to one another, and also developed the facilities to do so! The shorter tree says to the taller tree, in a language only trees can understand but in a language that can be translated into English, “why won’t you leaf any light for me? You’re so tall that you’re catching all the sunlight and I can’t live with the small amount I receive.”

And the other tree says, “that’s just how competition in an ecosystem works, and you’re meant to perish. Your lineage is weak; it’s in your roots. Oh, and, work on your pronunciation of words, Fred. You just said leaf instead of leave. It reflects badly on you. Seriously, maybe you should try speaking to the tree on your left, which is a tree who is well-versed in our language. I mean, Treesus Christ, Frederick.” (Treesus is a tree that they hail as the creator of their forest; he was the first tree seed to be planted there.)

And the smaller tree begins to mumble small remarks of discontent, but it understands the larger tree’s point and decides to come to terms with its ecological fate, because trees in this forest are very understanding of the ecosystem they live in because of their large impact on it.

‘Friends but not quite friends-- 

Belated birthday draws for @seiracchi :’D //// ! I overestimated my ability to draw multiple characters–then resized after lining the first time (RIP)… Anyway, theme was just how we’ve redesigned our ocs occasionally for different settings together this past year. Thank you for the camaraderie in bouncing ideas and interactions and sticking along despite everything… T T 😚

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It’d had been a year since Fazbear’s Fright was burnt to the ground but wait! There’s a article about it re-opening? New cameras? New anamtronics? New relics? And they’re needing a guard to work 12-6AM for $100.00!? How bad could it be?

I’ve chosen my Silence. Not to refuse Mother, not to be a Dragon’s pawn; but to hear the whistle of the wind, the crackle of fire, the whispers of the currents, the heartbeat of the earth. I am humbled to hear their song. As should you be, transgressor. For it is but your requiem.

Latticed (closed)

“Good GROP am I stupid…" 

Sylvia laid in the cell’s cot, staring up at the ceiling. Of course if she wished to she could easily break the bars and escape, but…she’d come here of her own free will. Also she was an idiot.

It’s just for a little bit…I just need to talk to him… She sighed deeply. It was the natural conclusion of her growing need to reconcile her own disturbing feelings after the incident in the jungle. She’d been searching for a chance to talk, and then the opportunity came-a threat made on the planet that was taking care of poor sick Wander. She’d offered herself in place of her ill friend, as collateral for when he recovered so the kind people wouldn’t be attacked. Hater didn’t need a sick Wander, after all.

Now she just had to wait, to at least get the chance to SAY SOMETHING.


New Year outfit because it’s so cute!!

The first 2 drawings are for my Investigation of Derp rp homies in Skype.

Yosuke is nera-loka, Kanji and Naoto is hanuwabbit, Theo (and Maya) is narratorclaire, Nanako is redadmiralvanessa and Yu (Adachi and occasionally Elizabeth) is myself OTL

Plus an urge to draw Rei and Zen.

These are all WIP, expect them to be colored soon and I’ll add other characters as well~