derp worthy


Having worked at this school for years now, Kotetsu had seen plenty of teachers come and go, though for the most part, there was a secure group of teachers, himself being one.  He assumed it was no reason to get all excited when they found out that there would be a new head school physician.  The female staff couldn’t stop chattering over his apparently stunning looks.  The brunette tried not to snort into his coffee; just who were the high schoolers again?  Regardless, with his position as head P.E. instructor, it was only natural to introduce himself to the physician – after all, he had the highest percentage of students that were admitted to the infirmary; he’d been on fairly good terms with the previous physician as a result.

During his off period, he walked down to the infirmary, walking faster against the brisk wind.  Winter was definitely on the way, beginning to show its teeth via the wind.  It was always the same, and he was resisting it ‘til the bitter end the same as always as well.  Not that he didn’t like winter – he actually found snow to be quite beautiful – but it was also a pain.  Stepping inside he checked with the nurse that served as a secretary for the most part, to find out where this new physician was.  She directed him to his office, an almost dreamy expression on her face.  Kotetsu resisted the urge to roll his eyes, had they hired a physician or a male model?  Pushing the thought aside, he knocked on the doorframe – the door was partially open, but he didn’t want to walk in unannounced.
Glancing to the door, he read the name; Dr. Barnaby Brooks Jr.  Interesting.  “Hey doctor, thought I’d drop by and introduce myself,” he began, peering around the door.  He was in the process of unpacking, not surprising.  After all the rumors he’d heard, as much as he didn’t want to admit to it, he was kind of curious to see what this man looked like, more importantly his personality as well.  Rumors had a habit of blowing things out of proportion – especially on the campus of a prep school like this, what other fun did they have to keep themselves preoccupied with?  It was perpetual gossip breeding ground.  Apparently on top of his “godly” looks, the man was impeccably polite as well.  Not a bad thing by any means, but it stood out as a barrier to the seasoned instructor.  To him it said “closed”, “uptight”.  Not ideal conditions in his opinion, considering he’d be seeing a lot of him; just another reason for him to test the waters for himself.

The man turned, revealing an ivory visage of flawless skin, deep jade optics and model-worthy blond curls.  And he looked young.  How did he get this job exactly?  He had to be fresh from med school. 

Okay, so maybe the rumors hadn’t been dramatized. 

Paired with a decent physique – even hidden by the lab coat and clothes, he could tell from years of experience with bodies himself – he looked more like a model than a doctor.  Managing to keep his composure despite his surprise, he extended a hand, “Kotetsu Kaburagi.  I’m the P.E. instructor here.”