derp niall

ok so Niall is all like la-dee-da Im in a music video

and Louis is all like OMFG LOOK AT THE FACE MY BF IS MAKIN

and Harrys all in the back like Im biting my lips for ya Lou-Bear

And Liams all like, Cmere babe. ya know you want it

and Zayns all like Probably shouldnt have drank that last pint before the video but whatevs

and all the extras are like Aint nobody messin with my clique

i love these mofos man


now let me get this straight. this is the most awkward thing i’ve ever done in my life and it was horrible and the camera was so disgusting and i’ll probably delete this in less than an hour because i did it because i was bored and depressed and needed to get my mind off of things but hey it’s all good