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Tonight, on another episode of…

Redwall a la Youtube

Episode One: Enemies Meets Cataracts

In which our protagonist Missed-Highest and his friend Coneflower team up with Constant and Farther Habit to address the looming presence of George Clooney, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Upset that the Farther Habit will not allow them to serve delicious wraps for supper, Coneflower, Missed-Highest and Constant bond over their mutual love of free children, whilst Clooney and his henchrats waste time playing around with Clooney’s new cell phone. When Clooney realizes Readwhile Abee gets the best reception in all Mostflour Wood, he determines to stop at nothing until Readwhile and its peaceful creatures are under his rule.

Can the Farther Habit convince Missed-Highest to stop wanting to be a warrior? Will Constant ever be able to enjoy her heart-healthy wraps? And what will our heroes do about Clooney’s evil scheme to take over Readwhile Abee?

Well, if you watched the next episode, you’d know.