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I saw your request and then drew this. Now I’m rereading it and saw the “FE Heroes” part. Dammit. Well, this is what you’re getting. /Conrad

PS I’ll probably be making prints of this because I love the Konosuba expression too damn much. Will be up the same time as my Lucina.


And here is set 1 of 3 for our Derp Emblem Valentines :D

These valentines will be posted over the course of the next two weeks, with a special Valentines comic being posted on the 14th! As you can see, some of these are actually sweet while the rest are ridiculous. Feel free to actually print these out and use them if you really want to, we don’t mind XD

Set 1 (You’re Here) - Set 2 (x) - Set 3 (x) - Bonus (x)


I have no Words………………….


Derp Emblem: The Fairest Princess of them All

Request from bigbluetiger! Note: Requests are not open, this is just part of our inbox cleaning. They requested something with Excellus the princess, which is apparently something from the Japanese dialogue! Of course, I don’t know the dialogue, and instead went with the first thing that came to mind!

Hope you like it!


Mod Tree is forever in denial about her baby faced child from Bread sharing his voice actor with such a creepy character. Seriously, go look it up.


Derp Emblem: A Mother’s Sense of Humor

I should probably explain myself before anybody asks questions. This comic was spawned by a comment that flamingopuuuunch made: “Wait what if you used your mom’s sense of humor in Derp Emblem comics? Via Sumia with Lucina?”

So yes guys, this is actually a portrayal of my own mother and myself, and some of these jokes are actual things she has done (sadly the cake isn’t one of them). Mama Tree has a dirtier sense of humor than Mod Tree, and anybody who knows me knows how bad I can get… So my mother is TERRIBLE.



Derp Emblem: Roster Rescue - Unspeakable Secrets

Now these truly are things that nobody in their right mind would want to get out into the public world. I wonder what else people could be hiding?

This is the second part of a three part series featuring Roster Rescue! The first part has been posted and the last part will be posted later!