derp a day

Jay Park living up to the saying “Dance like nobody’s watching” hehe popping & lockin in front of the mirror and then realizing there’s an audience watching outside the glass windows xD

all dem flashes for Jay Park at the World Aids Day Red party photobooth

The AOMG CEO sitting on the floor like a little boy listening to his grandpa Loco telling stories lol

and then when Instyle Korea asked the AOMG crew to give a shout out, Jay Park of course with his extra flair haha…

A video posted by star & style magazine (@instylekorea) on Dec 1, 2016 at 6:17am PST

the ever hyperactive CEO haha and then look at Simon D trying to say something but didn’t get a word in lol

And it ain’t Jay Park if he didn’t end it with a dab.

BTS While Driving

Jin: *Stare at himself in the mirror* *Crashes car* 

Suga: Suga don’t need no driving lesson because Suga has swag *Start car* *Car explodes* 

J-Hope: *Yells words of encouragement to every passing car* 

Rap Monster: *Accidentally breaks the steering wheel* Gosh darn it

Jimin: I’m trying to switch lanes here stop ignoring me and let me pass 

V: *Gets pulled over by a police* Don’t fail me now 

Jungkook: *On a toy car* They see me rollin’ they hatin’

I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

If you’re having a bad hair day just look at this picture, feeling better?