How to Animate Someone Blowing Out Lit Dynamite

First, the initial expression – make sure the character expresses the gravity of the situation.

Then, start adding in the derpiness. Ensure one eye is just a soulless, black dot. 

After that, enlarge the mouth like some kind of human/bass hybrid.

And finally, the grand finale…

…whatever you would describe this as.
I modeled and 3D printed the Bravely Default team (xpost /r/gaming) • /r/bravelydefault
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Redditor Agg23 3dprinted the crystal crew…it looks pretty neat!


Royal Highness of Derp


Agnes Obel - Run Cried The Crawling

Sorry for inactivity! Here, take Derp in a wedding dress! (No, he is not married yet and it will probs be a while)

Derp isn’t married to Doodle because I have plans for it. I want to reach a certain amount of folowers because I want to do a RP on Discordap for it and want more than like 2 people to show up. That’s why I am waiting. For now, take this beauty! (Ruffles take so flippen long bro)