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What's your top gay ships?


Ste x Harry (Hollyoaks) obvs are #1 <3 OTP for life <333
Ian x Mickey (Shameless)
Christian x Oliver (Verbotene Liebe)
Deniz x Roman (Alles was Zählt)
David x Fer (Física o Química)
Keller x Beecher (Oz)
Will x Sonny (Days of Our Lives)
John Paul x Craig (Hollyoaks)
Max x Iago (El Cor de la Ciutat)
Brian x Justin (Queer as Folk)
Lenny x Carsten (Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten)
Manuel x Lalo (Botineras)

Some Honourable Mentions:
Tom x Ulli (Verbotene Liebe)
Elias x Lari (Salatut elämät)
Ste x Brendan (Hollyoaks)
John Paul x Kieron (Hollyoaks)
Robert x Aaron (Emmerdale)
Noah x Luke (As the World Turns)
Christian x Syed (Eastenders)
Kaldrick x Tariq (The L.A. Complex)
Jude x Connor (The Fosters)
Zero x Jude (Hit the Floor)
Todd x Karl (Coronation Street)

And my new ships:
Ian x Trevor (Shameless)
Isak x Even (Skam)
Philip x Lukas (Eye Witness)

And honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg but I’ll stop for now lmao I’m trash

That Halloween my best friend and I dressed as Till Lindemann and Dero Goi

I may have posted some pictures from this (Halloween 2015), but cannot recall. And since I’ve found more R+ fans by this point, y’all might get a laugh, or at least a snort, out of these. 

My best friend @codenametex-blog and I were uber poor that year (well, at least I was uber poor) so we decided to dress as our favorite rock stars for Halloween using any crap we could find… Needless to say, she is wearing leftover Hot Topic garb from high school and some wire in her nose, and I have silver cake decorations glued to my eyebrows and a banana dildo. 

It begins…

Here we are, getting ready for greatness. What is up with @codenametex-blog ‘s wig though??? I think she found that, like, under my house or something…  I’m going to be Till from Rammstein, she’s Dero from Oomph!…

World’s best Dero… world’s skinniest Till.

I am entirely grease paint and dirt. 

Tex, look at you…! he is beauty, he is grace.

We went into the most expensive home furnishing store in Los Gatos and sat our dirty asses on white couches because reasons. 

Nailed it. 

Touring together at last.

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Edward Nygma trapping Batman in a Japanese game show

-Includes the forbidden suma suit race

- Candy or not challenge, except instead of chocolate Batmans thrown into a room with a bunch of death traps. Fake or real 👀

- He literally already does Dero Dero (solve riddles in high stress situations) but he’d probably do it anyway

- Human tetris ft the hostages???

- Would probably have a bear stalking a hostage in a glass cage for kicks

- Dodgeball but if anyone gets hit Edward decides what happens to them

- Would be streamed live ofc