WHM Summer Rerun - The Haunting

Original Air Date: October 25th, 2011

The gang continues their summer break and reruns a really old Spooktacular episode on The Haunting! What’s with Owen Wilson’s Gap sweaters? Was this really the best way for Liam Neeson to discover a cure for fear? And isn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones so hip trying to kiss a girl? PLUS: Baby ghosts! 

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The Haunting stars Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lili Taylor, Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson, Bruce Dern, Virginia Madsen, and Todd Field; directed by Jan de Bont.



1. a gatepost or doorpost. 

2. secret; secrecy.

3. a secret place; hiding.

4. an obscure language.

5. darkness; obscurity.


6. hidden; concealed.

7. solitary; sad.


(1) from Middle English dern, derne, from Old English dyrne, dierne, “secret”, from Proto-Germanic *darniją,“secret”. 

(2) from Middle English dern, derne, from Old English dyrne, dierne, “hidden, secret, retired, obscure, remote, eluding detection, concealed, deceitful, evil, magical”, from Proto-Germanic *darnijaz, “hidden, masked”. Cognate with Old Frisian dern, dren, “hidden, secret”, Old Saxon derni, “hidden, secret”, Old High German tarni, “hidden”. 

(3) from Middle English dernen, dærnen, from Old English dyrnan, diernan, “to keep secret, conceal, hide, restrain, repress, hide oneself”, from Proto-Germanic *darnijaną, “to conceal”. Cognate with Old Saxon dernian, “to conceal”, German tarnen, “to camougflage, disguise”. 

[Yanadhyana - The Secret Door]

Cinema [7/8]

David Lynch - Blue Velvet, 1986
(Isabella Rossellini)

”Blue velvet
But in my heart there’ll always be
Precious and warm, a memory
Through the years
And I still can see blue velvet
Through my tears”

Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet.