What's In My Makeup Bag?: Middle School Edition

Readers, allow us to introduce you to Rebecca Zimmerman, the wise-beyond-her-years daughter of Birchbox’s lawyer. We first fell in love with Becca when she sent a personalized Birchbox to our co-founder Katia earlier this year. Not only had the teen filled the box with a selection of her tried-and-true beauty faves, but she’d also decorated the box with hand-drawn leopard print. In addition to being a product whiz, she is also a great writer—which is why we asked her to make a cameo on the Birchbox Blog. Read on for her makeup bag picks. 

As a teenager, it’s hard to find a makeup look that’s quick, easy, and won’t be criticized in the hallways. While it’s difficult to pick the items I use the most (the amount of makeup I wear always depends on my mood), I can tell you the products that I always keep in my bag:

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara: An absolute must. I use this almost every day. Out of all the mascaras I have tried, this works the best for me. It volumizes and lengthens my eyelashes without clumping.

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My Glam- March. Did you get one? do you like it? do you wish you got one?

I never really showed you all what the package looks like that it comes in the mail.

This is the backside, obviously the front has my info.  But its pink and shiny and bubbly.  Lol.

So I wasn’t super impressed with this month’s, but there were a few things I liked/appreciated, and the rest will be good for giveaways.

This month’s bag:

I do like this bag.  The inside is an easy to clean one, and its cute and nice fabric.

All of the cards that came with it, first off:

I do wanna say I vouch for dermstore from the experience I have had with them.  They offer free shipping, samples, and gifts (at least in my experience; obviously don’t know if they will always) and the shipping was fast, products in tact, etc.  It is where I bought the lash serum I’m using (that is working- for sure) for $30.

At first when I saw this I was kinda like what the..?  But its a neat little holder.

I have a lot of brushes but don’t ever mind adding to my collection, so I think this was a good addition to the bag.  I haven’t used it yet but it seems sturdy and nice.

I swear I should just start collecting these lol.  What was in it:

Murad reminds me of my mom, so I automatically think of her and offer the product to her if it doesn’t intrigue me.  Otherwise this will go in a giveaway; just because I have eye creams.

I may try this or it may go in a giveaway- probably the latter but I’m not quite sure yet.

Again with the Murad- (not a bad thing) I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I don’t usually use things like this so I may just go with that instinct and give it away.

This I was interested in.  I tint my hair different colors every once in a while; darker, lighter, or like now reddish.  I’m interested to see if and how it works.

So overall not a bad bag- just wasn’t wowed this time, didn’t fall in love with anything, you know?  But I’ll be staying with them for now and don’t regret the bag purchase.  (Albeit I don’t know if I even paid.  They keep “charging” to an expired card.)

So how about you guys?