dermot brown

Spartacus - Mrs Brown's dog
  • Mark: Are you delighted?
  • Mrs Brown: You have no idea how fockin' delighted I am..- I thought you were going to put me in a home!
  • Dermot: Why would we do that?
  • Mrs Brown: It's in the script.
  • Dermot: We'll all be lost without you, Ma.
  • Cathy: Oh no, Mammy. You heard us talking about putting Spartacus in a home.
  • Mrs Brown: Spartacus?
  • -Everyone goes to Folley's singing-
  • Cathy: You know when we were telling you about putting Spartacus in a home?
  • Mrs Brown: Yes.
  • Cathy: Well, we can't.
  • Mrs Brown: Why not?
  • Dermot: We took her to the vet.. and she said she was too sick to be put in a home.
  • Mrs Brown: Then we go see another vet?
  • Dermot: We had to have her put down.
  • Mrs Brown: Dermot, the woman was only doing her job. You can't go around killing veterans because you disagree with their work.
  • Dermot: What? I'm talking about the dog Ma.
Jokes on Dermot
  • Buster: What do you want me for?
  • Dermot: I need to find a place, it's getting closer and closer to the baby coming. We can't stay at me ma's.
  • Buster: I know a place, 2 bedroom.
  • Dermot: That's all we need!
  • Buster: It's $50 a week, nice botanical garden at the back. But the only problem is you'll have Chinese living on each side of you's.
  • Dermot: I don't care, where is it?
  • Buster: Beijing!
  • Dermot: Shut up, Buster!