until you’ve experienced an impulse control disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder firsthand you do not get to speak a single word about how dermatillomaniacs and trichotillomaniacs should handle their illnesses because news-fucking-flash yes we HAVE tried “just not doing that” so just get out okay thanks

BFRB Awareness Week: Day 3


In honor of today, here is a short derma survival guide:

Explore this amazing community and please reach out to each other.

Together, we are stronger.

Keep calm and wash with cold water.


my therapist told me about a recent article in a mental health magazine about excoriation disorder!!! after reading the article, it seems to just be a way that psychologists have recently renamed dermatillomania and reclassified it as an actual disorder in of itself instead of just an underlying symptom of anxiety/ocd/adhd/etc.!

here’s info about excoriation disorder from webmd

and here’s the online version of the article in the magazine my therapist showed me!!!!!

if you have a trustworthy psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist and they haven’t brought this up, maybe you could print the articles out to show them and get their opinion so they can help you and/or future patients!!