dermatillomania tw

if you have an excoriation disorder (skin picking)

definitely look into getting hydrocolloid adhesive plasters. you can get them at CVS or Walgreens or even Walmart if you look carefully. they’re blister bandages that can be cut into little squares and put over picked pimples or any small infected wounds (such as cuticles, which I’ve got right now) and left on over night or for a few hours and they draw out infections and protect the wound from getting more germs in it. they’re really easy to use and the results are amazing, plus, they’ll keep you from picking already existing wounds, while helping them heal. if you’re using one on your hands, I recommend putting a bandaid over it just to keep it in place just because your hands move around a lot, but other wise they’re self adhesive and don’t need anything else to hold them on.

they’ve helped me a lot and I haven’t seen much about them anywhere so I hope this post helps some people!!

I’ve come to realize why it’s so hard to stop picking. this won’t make it any easier to stop picking but at least I’m self-aware. 9/10 times you pick, you leave a mark, it’s red and puffy, bloody, and the pimple comes back in the same spot or around the spot and it could even come back bigger. but that 1/10 time that you pick, you get the best sounding pop, the most satisfying pop, you completely clear the dead skin away, the bump goes away, the black/whitehead goes away, the area looks cleaner and better than it has ever looked. and we crave that feeling of satisfaction every time we think about picking, because we know how good it feels. and although you don’t get that feeling every time you pick because 9/10 times the picking isn’t successful, eventually that feeling will come back and you will crave it even more. picking appears worth it because of that one successful pop that you know will come eventually, you just have to be patient and deal with the scars and the bleeding and the embarrassment and the comments.. because it’s all worth it for that one pop, right?



I had a nail biting episode last night so now my fingers all hurt and I can’t grip anything too tightly and I’m trying hard not to just gnaw on my cuticles or pick or something. I’ve been focusing on my arms and legs and I just. I’m trying to not.So instead I’m taking photos and not focusing on anything. 

I’ve suffered from dermatillomania, or chronic skin picking, since I was about 11 or 12 years old. Basically I pick at my acne, ingrown hairs, patches of dry skin, you name it. I’m super self-conscious about all of the scars I’ve gained from it and I’ve been trying to stop picking for years. It’s gotten to the point where I tend to avoid eye contact because I’m embarrassed by my appearance.

iambic-pulse  asked:

Does anyone here have dermatillomania (compulsive skin-picking disorder/excoriation disorder?) It's something I've struggled with all my life, but I only found out it was an actual disorder a couple years ago, and the more I explore the community, the more I realize how white it is. Can anyone weigh in? Or at least assure me I'm not alone?

i keep scratching at this spot on my face because it’s irritated because i keep scratching at it and so it’s getting all dry and red and it hurts but i keep scratching at it because im fucKing sTuPid so now im tryna cool it off so ill stop messing with it ugh

“What are these?”

Eggsy’s breathing stopped when he felt Harry’s gentle fingers sweep across the scars on his upper arms. He bit his lip and didn’t say anything.

“Eggsy?” Harry prompted gently.

He couldn’t get the words out. He couldn’t explain why they were there.

Hundreds of faded lines had been etched into the skin on Eggsy’s upper arms, crawling down his shoulders and stopping at his elbows. He was responsible for every one of them. Whenever Dean would get in his face and shout, tell him how worthless he was, how he’d never make anything of himself, how he was a waste of space, he’d scratch away. It was something he used to distract himself, to focus on something else instead of the furious words being rammed into his ears.

He still did it, but the marks were more scattered. He did it absent-mindedly, picking away as he thought. He never noticed he’d broken skin, until somebody brought up the blood on his fingernails or beading on his skin. 

Eggsy blinked, losing his train of thought as he felt Harry move his hand away from his arm. He’d already started again, nails scraping small portions of the skin away.

“What happened?” Harry asked again.

“M-me.” Eggsy mumbled. “I did this.”

Harry paused for a moment, registering it. He’d seen the half-healed scabs dotted on Eggsy’s skin, but didn’t mention it. He’d thought that they may be from missions or fights. He’d never thought that they’d be self-inflicted.


“Used to keep my mind off things. Don’t even know I’m doing it sometimes.” 

Harry sighed quietly and pulled Eggsy closer. He wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t about to suggest Eggsy lighten up and forget all about it. It wasn’t going to be that simple, not if Eggsy had been doing it for years.

“I love you.” Harry whispered softly.

“I love you too.” Eggsy murmured, closing his eyes.

Harry gently stroked Eggsy’s hair, trying to coax him to sleep. He pressed feather-light kisses to the clusters of silvery-white scars on Eggsy’s shoulders and arms, being gentle and careful.

Underneath whatever kind of front or façade Eggsy put up, he was fragile. The scars and scabs were testament to that. Harry simply hoped he’d be able to help.