dermatillomania tw

if you have an excoriation disorder (skin picking)

definitely look into getting hydrocolloid adhesive plasters. you can get them at CVS or Walgreens or even Walmart if you look carefully. they’re blister bandages that can be cut into little squares and put over picked pimples or any small infected wounds (such as cuticles, which I’ve got right now) and left on over night or for a few hours and they draw out infections and protect the wound from getting more germs in it. they’re really easy to use and the results are amazing, plus, they’ll keep you from picking already existing wounds, while helping them heal. if you’re using one on your hands, I recommend putting a bandaid over it just to keep it in place just because your hands move around a lot, but other wise they’re self adhesive and don’t need anything else to hold them on.

they’ve helped me a lot and I haven’t seen much about them anywhere so I hope this post helps some people!!

Dermatillomania be like
  • Me: oh a pimple, better put some medicine on that quick-
  • Brain: WAIT!!
  • Me: ?!
  • Brain: you know what would be faster?
  • Me: ?
  • Brain: just scraping it off your face with your fingernails
  • Brain: right now
  • Me: oh my god that makes perfect sense

to all my fellow ppl suffering from dermatillomania:

  • you’re not disgusting
  • try and overcome the urge to pick for as long as possible, and if you really can’t stop yourself then try to hold on a little longer next time, and then longer the next
  • find other ways to keep your hands busy!! there are toys you can buy to fidget with or do something that requires your hands - like drawing or playing a video game
  • please take care of your skin and keep it clean! you don’t wanna get a nasty infection
  • don’t beat yourself up if you promised yourself you wouldn’t pick and you did. i know it’s SO hard and you’re trying your best, that’s all that matters
  • you’re not any less beautiful and people don’t care as much as you’d think
  • you are more than your OCD ❤

celineofrps  asked:

Hey! I myself have dermatillomania, and I am writing a character who also has it. Even though I have it myself, I'm having trouble writing a person who has it. Could you give me some links that show how to write a character who has either dermatillomania or trichotillomania (they're extremely similar)

A few blogs with many posts with lots of resources and many involving personal accounts:

Other tumblr resources:

Off tumblr resources:

I, too, have dermatillomania, so if anyone needs any further personal account information I’d be glad to help you out. I’d prefer to answer questions off anonymous, though.

I hope that helps you, celineofrps! Sorry this took so long.


yo my skin looks really fucking good atm and i’m actually proud of myself considering i pick at it when i’m stressed. i don’t know if it’s like dermatillomania because most of the time i don’t even realise i’m doing it. i have all these horrible scars on my back and face that have basically developed over this last year and they’re my biggest insecurities because they’re so visible. i’ve tried so many creams and makeup but they don’t work. i naturally have freckles so i know i’ll never have porcelain clear skin so i guess i’m just grateful the scars are fading for now

I’ve come to realize why it’s so hard to stop picking. this won’t make it any easier to stop picking but at least I’m self-aware. 9/10 times you pick, you leave a mark, it’s red and puffy, bloody, and the pimple comes back in the same spot or around the spot and it could even come back bigger. but that 1/10 time that you pick, you get the best sounding pop, the most satisfying pop, you completely clear the dead skin away, the bump goes away, the black/whitehead goes away, the area looks cleaner and better than it has ever looked. and we crave that feeling of satisfaction every time we think about picking, because we know how good it feels. and although you don’t get that feeling every time you pick because 9/10 times the picking isn’t successful, eventually that feeling will come back and you will crave it even more. picking appears worth it because of that one successful pop that you know will come eventually, you just have to be patient and deal with the scars and the bleeding and the embarrassment and the comments.. because it’s all worth it for that one pop, right?