derilict buildings

Giving me something to look forward to.

in my attempt to get back into my photography Im starting to plan some things I want to shoot when Im back in perth.

I have previously done and alternative fashion shoot at the freo power station but would love to go back and explore a little more.

The freo woolstores that are across from the freo train stations. Not sure how to get in there but will do a bit of research.

hoping the old gas station at 779 Gnangara Rd W.A Australia is still there tho im not finding much info on that one from google

The ascot water playground looks pretty interesting :)

There used to be a place called the castle fun park in mandurah that got shut down. I think  its in halls head somewhere and is completly overgrown. I dont think that one would be too hard to get into but just trying to track it down. I know in early 2000’s they had plans to tear it down and build “castle estate’ but all info i can find shows it should still be standing.

ive heard about some run down appartments behind the queens that Im kinda interested to go investigate. heard that when operating it used to have hell cheap rooms and the bar was lined with hookers. is aparently the home to many hobos now and over flowing in filth and needles. A little more on the dangerous side but im still keen to check it out.

aparently theres and abandoned food hall across from russel square in northbridge. Must check this out.

Need to find more info on something called the lab in subi, is meant to have heaps of bits and pieces of machineary as if inventions including a part of a 10 pin bowling alley

theres an old hospital in buno that is completly trashed and fenced up that sounds pretty cool.

Old bristle brickworks in belmont across from ascot racecourse. dont know much but ive seen some interesting shots.

found info that theres a cool boreded up building across the train line in vic park. close by home so a must check out location.

theres a wiked old abandoned building covered in plants on the corner of great northen higway and spring ave in midland i think number 29. Really keen to check that one out too.

theres a couple of abandoned hospitals aparently. theres the swanbourne abandoned hospital formely the claremont mental hospital. and also some abandoned old folks home in mount lawley. will need to do more reaserch on these ones

rumors are theres a creepy abandoned meat factory on carr st near fitzgerald intersection. Rumor is that theres heaps of graffiti on first floor refering to a pedo but as you get to the second floor the graffiti stops and on the second floor theres a solitary bed that looks pretty new. sounds pretty creepy and awsome :)

Theres also aparently some abandoned gold mines 100km out from newman Im wondering if there is anyway i can get there as im only bout and hour and a half out of newman atm hmmmm

while researching this ive found out about alot of various locations that i would have loved to have shot but that have been demolished in the last year or two :(