(Impending) Emergency Commissions

Okay so here’s the deal:

  • My great grandmother just died
  • She owned the house
  • We dunno if we’ll be able to keep the house
  • We’re kinda poor
  • Best case scenario for moving: very small house that is totally not big enough for four people
  • And everyone needs to contribute so basically I, a person with no job, am not helpful.


I kinda need to make some money

So I can help and stuff if possible yknow

I’ll draw for you if you give me money.

Here are my base prices (in USD):

I will not draw drug and/or alcohol use, or gore.

If you’re interested, please send me an ask/fanmail (preferred), or send me an email at derFisch95 (at), which is also my paypal address.  I ask for a full payment up-front.

Even if you can’t help, please reblog this around.