ships that disgust me to death

1. dullena (OTP: i'mma fuck you senseless while my bro is missing)

2. daroline (OTP: hey caroline remember when i abused and raped you?)

3. datherine (OTP: kat: “I never loved you, damon. it was always stefan.”

4. bamon (OTP: yo bonnie i'mma try to kill u twice)

5. dexi (OTP: i killed yo ass to save my own sorry ass)

6. dalaric (BROTP: i killed you five times lol and u became crazy bc of meh)

7. denzo (BROTP: lol toodles, have a nice time burning alive in a cage)

8. defan (BROTP: i'mma steal ur girl and fuck her the day u break up)

9. debekah (OTP: gonna sabotage the shit out of you)

10. deremy (BROTP: wanna know a fun fact? ur sister rejected me so i snapped ur neck it was ur fault lol)

i seriously cannot

But isn't it funny?!!

How even though Damon is the impulsive brother who messes things up, whenever someone needs help or find an important thing to share they go straight to Damon

- Jeremy finds out about the moon stone, he goes to Damon

- Bonnie forms a plan to fake her death with Damon’s help

- Jeremy is visited by vampire-hunter Connor at school, he tells Damon

- Matt suspects professor Shane, he goes to Damon

- Matt sees Kol is back from the dead and is hell-bent on killing Elena, he calls Damon

- Elena can’t keep animal blood down, she goes to Damon

- Elena hallucinating and stabs her brother, she calls Damon

And while Stefan is ‘the perfect boyfriend’ and Damon is the caveman and worst choice

- Elena can openly tell Damon that she has physic connection to Stefan, has dreams about him, and he’ll follow her instinct and go on a road trips with her to find him all without knowing it has any supernatural element to it

- With Stefan, she needs to tell Damon to stop being flirty and even stop doing ”that eye thing that he does” because that will make Stefan jealous and uncomfortable about their friendship

- Damon, knowing full well that Elena does still care great deal about Stefan, and actually programmed to love him and destined to be with him and yet he trusts her to spend the day with him alone to try and bring his memories back

- Stefan has been expressing jealousy and distrust (and disrespect) about Elena and Damon since season one “You and Damon bonded”, “you and Damon figured it all out”, “but you accept Damon’s help?!”, “and you go to Damon for help!!”

Damon is the one who is an outsider and no one likes him, and yet

- Damon forms a very clear and beautiful bond with Jeremy, where Jeremy finds in him the father figure he’s been looking for

- Alaric find the best friend that he loved so much he’d cross over from the other side to help him

- Damon reaches a place of mutual respect and semi-friendship with Bonnie, to the point of her finding consolation in him in a deserted island and him being devastated over her death

- Damon wins Elena’s heart and does his best to make her happy

And note that all these relationships started from hate and evolved … none of these people have any idealistic or unrealistic ideas about Damon, they all saw him drenched in blood before they reached the point where they openly hug him and accept his support

Damon is the selfish guy who only cares about his own wants being fulfilled, and yet

- Elena chooses Stefan, Damon stays and helps her through transformation

- Elena chooses Damon, Stefan packs a bag and walks away, not once, or twice but THREE TIMES

- Damon feels the need to tell Elena truths that might very well lower his chances of winning her heart whenever she took a step towards him

- Stefan trash-talk Damon to her every single chance, and whenever he feels she came to understand and see the good in him

Damon is open, honest even when he’s evil, if he hates you he says it to your face, if he plans to kill you he also tells you… he doesn’t judge because he know he’s far from perfect … he doesn’t have to wear lost puppy face to gain your sympathy or emotionally manipulates you, he’s always like “this who I am, and I’m not going to change”

And yet he does change … and it’s always to the better

Damon did horrible things to a lot of people, and some of those things were not directly addressed in the show (Ex: abusing Andy)…but the difference is that no one on the show will tell Damon that abusing Andy was “not his fault” like Elena blamed Klaus for Stefan killing people the entire summer

And no one will ever say “Aww abusing Andy was oh so romantic” like romanticizing Stefan stalking and researching Elena, and then manipulating his way into her life, and continue the lying and emotional manipulation through out their relationship

Whatever problematic aspects of Damon’s character, it is acknowledged by the writers, the characters and Damon’s most devoted fans

So yeah, Damon is THE BEST character in this show … and I will always love, defend and stan him.


#can we just take a minute to look at every little detail of this though? #this isn’t just a hug #it’s an embrace #here we have damon salvatore literally stroking jeremy’s hair #yes damon is unbelievably sad that bonnie is dead #he is probably even a little surprised just how sad he really is #but despite all of that this hug is about jeremy #look how tight his grip is #like ‘it’s okay, i’ve got you’ #'daddy is here’ #'you can cry if you want to’ #'i love you’ #and also just last season jeremy said that damon doesn’t give a damn about him and was only keeping him alive because of elena #but no one sees this #no one knows this has happened #this is not for elena or anyone else #this is for jeremy #because somewhere along the way damon grew to love jeremy as his own family #and just knowing what this will do to jer and the love of his life rips him apart inside #just look in his eyes #goodbye friends i am gone