Gearing up to continue working on my “united we stand” photographic project. A title that seems all to fitting at this time in the United States. I will be riding my harley across the country with my talented lady @billybaca for the next five weeks. Excited to make new frames and new memories. See you soon Vancouver Canada. #blacktopbruisers #kodak #derelictdays #film (at The Capitol, Austin Texas)

Last stretch. After 8,208 miles, @billybaca and I made it home safely. A couple close calls, one speeding ticket by a SGB, 11 states, 2 countries, and most importantly a engagement. Amazing trip indeed. Thanks guera @billybaca, Major Roller @davidandrewroller and Dr.B. Until the next one. #blacktopbruisers #derelictdays #merica @harleydavidson #electraglide (at Kerville)