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Leaves crunched under Allison’s boots as she made her way through the forest, hands clutching her elbows as she hugged them towards her chest. Deciding to go on a walk to clear her head, she found herself drifting until she was somewhere far from her starting point. Upon hearing someone approach behind her, she jumped. “Can I help you?” She asked, hand going to the dagger she kept in her pocket.

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When Stiles got his new phone a while ago, multitasking was something he would have to get used to. And he did, but he still found himself bumping into the occasional person or lamp post. The former was more embarrassing, though.

So when Stiles was scrolling through a suspiciously formatted page on the Druids and their culture, he happened to turn a corner and walk right into someone else. “Augh!” he let out a strangled shout and fumbled with his mobile a bit before it fell to the ground. “I’m so sorry!” He reached down to pick up his phone, sparing a few glances up at the person he bumped into, “Are you alright?

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Olivia made her way to the apartment Derek Hale was living in. After they returned from the motel, Scott had gone instantly looking for Derek. Olivia, being Olivia, wasn’t just going to sit around and wait for Scott when she knew the boy wouldn’t probably come back home until he found Derek. That was why she was, in that moment, making her way inside the apartment. “Derek?”, she called out.

Hale Childhood Mischief

Cora let out a frustrated huff and skidded to a stop. “I lose! Happy?” she called into the woods where her big brother was hiding. It wasn’t fair and he knew it! She was suppose to use her nose and smell. But mom didn’t tell her what to smell. All the scents of her family just hit her all at once and she could never tell the difference between her mommy and daddy, sister and brother or her uncle. They just smelled like family… “Dereeekkkk!” she hollered. “I don’t wanna play,” she whimpered. “Come out,” she begged with a pout. “Phhease?”