Doctor's Visit -- Daven

Raven sighed nervously as she sat in her apartment, waiting for Derek to pick her up. These past few days had been.. rough, to say the least.

To say Raven was scared was a complete understatement–she was absolutely terrified.

This doctor’s appointment could change her entire life.

And Derek’s life.

She shuddered at the thought of her boyfriend, whom she knew was somewhat new to having a serious relationship.

She felt as though he could leave her at any minute, whenever he wanted. It’s not like he really had a burden to carry.

I’m the one who will have to carry the baby around.

She stood up and shook her hands to ease her nerves, “I’m probably worrying over nothing,” She spoke out loud, “I’m probably not even pregnant. Derek won’t leave me–everything will be fine at the doctor’s.”

It was then that she heard her doorbell ring, and she knew it was Derek waiting for her at her door.

Well it’s now or never. 

Coffe to Cure Hangovers - Derek

Sebastian set his coffee pot to brew and then looked around at the disarray that was his apartment. He probably shouldn’t have invited someone to his place the day after he moved in, being that everything was in boxes, and the only furniture he had was a couch, which was currently home to more cardboard boxes. In fact, the only thing he did unpack was his coffee pot and the bags of expensive imported and very strong European coffee. 

But he had invited Derek, so he attempted to make the place presentable, even though with Derek’s massive hangover, he doubted his old schoolmate would care. Sebastian moved the boxes off the couch and stacked them against the wall. The coffee pot beeped at the same time his door intercom buzzed. He hit the buzzer and instructed Derek to ride the elevator to the top floor, unlocked his front door and left it open, and then went to the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee. 

Hospital -- Daven

Raven woke up to the sound of a heart monitor beeping rhythmically next to her. She paniced at first, wondering where the hell she was. She looked up and saw her arms were covered with tubes and wires, and when she looked to her left, she saw Derek leaning over her hospital bed, his head resting  on his arms. She sat up quickly, but regretted it as her head began pounding and she began to lose her breath.

“Ow, ow. What the hell?”

The worst thing you can find...

Raven shuffled around her and Derek’s apartment, a blanket securley around her body. Her and Derek had quarrentined themselves in the apartment (when they weren’t working) ever since they found out the horrible news–refusing to talk to anyone or see anyone. She was thankful for this, and she enjoyed the time alone she got to spend with Derek, especially after being so far away for a while.

But staying home didn’t make her feel better, but she was afraid that going out or doing something other than work would make her feel worse.

She went into the living room and plopped down on the couch, suddenly feeling very cold. She got up and went to the hall closet, looking for a sweatshirt of Derek’s, when she saw everything.

The books, the help guides, the baby blankets, the gifts from Charlie and Justin from when they went to England–all of those things were piled up into a box labeled: Our First Child.

She didn’t know what to do, but she felt tears form in her eyes and she screamed,