Pick a character tag

A/N: I don’t know if this is a fun idea, but I kind of liked it. Made this myself with help of the lovely @steph-oliveira :)

Be friends with: Scott or Stiles

Be friends with: Lydia or Allison

Be friends with: Derek or the twins

Date: Theo or Derek

Date: Stiles or Scott

Date: Jackson or Isaac

Date: Theo or Liam

Be roommates with: Kira or Lydia

Be roommates with: Allison or Malia

Study with: Malia or Stiles 

Learn to fight with: Derek or Theo

Learn to fight with: Parrish or Lydia

Save: Danny or Coach

Save: Lydia or Stiles

Kill: Deucalion or Jennifer

Kill: Gerard or Kate

I tag: @steph-oliveira @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses