i’ve never seen a cartwills vid with more angst than this one

Fuck Yeah! Derek and Karen turned 2 today eleven days ago (March 12th)!

(I tried to post this earlier, but being on an iPad and all, I posted it to the wrong blog and didn’t notice until now.)

I know there haven’t been posts lately, but I’d like to take this opportunity to say:

Derek and Karen are together in our minds, and scour for your Cartwills fix! Meanwhile, I will re-watch the episodes of Season 1 (and some of Season 2 - only some) and browse through YouTube.

Search for your own Smash fanfics on, with the Derek and Karen filter already on:

Favorite Fanfics with Summaries:

Haunted [30 chapters]:

A single moment in Derek’s apartment, that memory still haunts him. Slowly, Derek finds Karen’s presence slipping into his head and skin something which he can’t fathom. Just not yet. Would Karen feel the same? This story focuses on their journey from the beginning. Eventual M.

darling, i’m no superman [one shot] -

Let’s face it-he’s no one’s hero. But he could sure as hell try. / Derek, Karen, and a slow, slow patience. Derek/Karen, with hints of Ivy/Derek and Dev/Karen

Light Up the Night [3 chapters] -

Nothing seemed to be going right for Karen after Ivy got the roll of Marilyn, but following an ‘accident’ in the last rehearsal, a snarky director might provide just the silver lining that Karen has needed. KarenXDerek

Sigh No More [3 very lengthy chapters] -

After Karen discovers Dev cheating on her, she turns to Derek for help. Derek/Karen from Karens PoV. No spoilers. Complete.

Some Derek/Karen videos!

Kiss Me [personal favorite]:

I Can’t Keep My Eyes Off of You:

Turn Yourself Around and Follow Me:

Just Play the Action [a personal favorite]:

Arms Around Me [personal favorite]:

Derek and Karen / The End - Tribute [five minutes!]:

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful two years! :]

Hugs and good wishes, 

FIC: it's something you've always been afraid of (Smash, Karen/Derek, R)

Title: it’s something you’ve always been afraid of (it’s under a streetlight)
Characters: Derek Wills, Karen Cartwright
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through The Dramaturg.
A/N: livinginrhythm aided significantly in the writing of this story. To the point that some lines are hers. Go read everything she’s ever written.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. The words are.

It’s not a big deal that she gives Jimmy his beer first.