can we appreciate jack davenport’s acting here? karen has just said to derek that she finds his behaviour disgusting, and derek’s first reaction is a laugh, but then he looks to the ground, closes his eyes, presses his lips together and seems, just for a second, mortified, because he knows, he knows that he did something totally wrong, but he is derek wills and would never admit that. and there’s also the “I didn’t tell you because I had the funny feeling that you’d react the way you’re reacting now” thing, wasn’t he the one who doesn’t care of what other people thinks of him? so what’s changed? I think that he cares of what karen thinks of him, because deep down he loved her once (and probably still do) and in her eyes he doesn’t want to be the flawed person he is (and that everyone, a part from her, always see) and it kills him inside that she thinks of him as a disgusting person.


Probably the best Cartwills video I’ve ever seen.

 They’re going to kill me someone day with this sizzling chemistry. JUST KISS.