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Request: hayo! you’ve got quite a talent for writing I thoroughly enjoy your stories. anywho I was wondering if you could write some Spencer x reader fluff? like maybe Spencer gives the reader a massage and they’re just super cute and he’s super sweet and gentlemanly :) thank you so much if you can

Reid x reader

You huffed as you kicked your shoes off at the door. Today had been awful. You worked as a nurse at your local hospital and there’d been an insane number of car accidents that night, along with a few gun shots and such. You were killed – your back and neck was hurting so bad. All you wanted to do was pop it and lay down, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. Your feet were also sore and pretty swollen.
You slowly made your way upstairs, trying to be quiet when you saw Spencer was asleep. Today must’ve been hard on him too because he hardly ever got to sleep before midnight, and it was only ten. You took a long, hot shower and let the heat of the water distract you from the ache in your body. You only got out because the water started getting cold.
You carefully got dressed, trying to prevent hurting your back even worse, and quietly made your way towards the bed. You gently pulled the covers back and crawled in beside Spencer, somehow managing to do exactly what you’d been careful not to – hurt your back again. Before you could stop yourself, you blurted out, “Shit, ouch!” which had caused Spencer to jump awake. Damn it.
You sighed and laid down, wincing a bit as you did so and sending Reid an apologetic look. “Sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep.” You tried, but you knew he wouldn’t have it. Instead of going back to sleep, he carefully sat up, trying not to move around too much. “What hurts?” He asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear and looking over your facial features. He could tell you’d had a tough day by the bags under your eyes – they were worse than usual, and slightly darker.
“My back, neck, and feet are killing me.” You admitted, closing your eyes and letting out a tired sigh. “I only got a ten minute lunch today because some people are really shitty at driving. I didn’t get any other breaks until I finally got to clock out.” You ranted, rolling your eyes and shaking your head slightly. “How was your day?” You asked, trying to find a more comfortable position.
“I got to do everyone’s paperwork while they sat around and drank all the coffee.” He said, letting out a tired laugh and running his hand over his face. “Can you roll over? I’ll rub your back.” You laughed a bit and shook your head, opening your eyes to look at him. “Babe, you don’t have to do that. I’ll be okay.” But he wouldn’t stop until you rolled over.
As soon as his fingers touched your neck, you felt like you were being touched by an angel or something. He was really good at this. He massaged your neck, then your back, and then he even rubbed your legs and feet. You sighed contently and rolled back over, smiling at your boyfriend of almost three years. “Spencer Reid, sometimes I swear you’re an angel.” You said softly, earning a smile and a chuckle from him. “Thank you. I feel a lot better.” You whispered before pressing your lips to his.
He pulled you closer and ran his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp and pressing his lips to your forehead every now and then until both of you were nearly asleep. Before you fell asleep, you whispered, “I love you, Spence.” And heard him reply with, “I love you too, angel.”

psa: by using the word “angel” I am not trying to shove any type of belief onto anyone. I think it’s cute when people use it as a nickname. (believe it or not someone has literally yelled at me for calling someone an angel so that’s why I included this)

A Nautical Serial Killer: 7

They leave after that. Promising to come back and make your life a living hell.
“Please tell me you have a plan.” You whisper.
“Rule 9. Never go anywhere without a knife.” He says gruffly, it sounds like he’s trying to get free without the knife.
“Where is it?”
“Back of my pants, hooked on the inside.”
“Let me guess. You can’t reach it can you.”
“Sorry if I grope you, I’m going for it.” You scoot your chair over and slide your hands down the center of his back until you feel the lump of the knife. Your fingers close around it and you slide it up into your hands. “I’m going to give it to you since you know how to open it.”
“Yup.” You give it to him and hear the blade open then start to slide across the ropes binding him.
He makes quick work of them then sets to work on yours. You’re free quickly, far faster than you would have thought.
“Time to go.” He grabs your hand a drags you out of the room. He has the knife in his hand and keeps you behind him.
“You don’t happen to have another weapon on you?”
“No.” Functional mute is right. You don’t encounter anyone as you make your way out of the building. The van is sitting outside, the keys aren’t in it.
“Watch my back.” You say pulling a bobby pin out of your hair. You try the door handle and aren’t surprised when it doesn’t open. You use the bobby pin to pick the lock then climb into the van. You peel apart the wires and hot wire the van bringing it to life. “Let’s the hell out of here.” He climbs into the car and you take off.
“Left here.” Gibbs directs and you do as he says. He spends more time in this town than you do. He continues to direct you though the city and back to the Navy Yard. You park the car and bolt into the building Gibbs quickly follows flashing his badge so no one stops you.
“Aaron?” You cry as sprint up the stairs and into the bullpen where Gibbs and his team work. The door slams and your team looks toward you. Aaron’s face relaxes the second he sees you. You charge into his arms and crash into him. His arms wrap tightly around you and you breathe him in. You’re safe and you know where the UnSubs are.

Worth It

requested by: anon
request: you did so well on your Hotch imagine that I was wondering if I could request one too! Nothing to complex I was just hoping for some fluff after a tough case (the reader works for the BAU as well) I’m just in the mood for some Hotch romance. thank you so much and you’re such an amazing writer I really appreciate it :)

hotch x reader


As soon as you walked through your front door, your shoes and jacket were off. You put your gun and badge in their usual spot and made your way up the stairs. You were so ready to get into your pajamas (which also happened to be one of Aaron’s t-shirts) and finally relax in your own bed.
This case had drained you and the rest of your team of all your energy. It had taken nearly two weeks and had ended with the UnSub, who was a bullied teenage boy, getting gunned down by the police. You hadn’t had a case this tough in a while.
Once you had brushed your teeth and changed clothes, you walked into your bedroom to find Hotch already changed and in bed. He looked up as he heard you walk in and a lazy smiled tugged the corners of his lips upwards. You smiled back and crawled in beside him. “You okay?” You asked softly, resting your head on his chest and drawing circles on his stomach with your index finger. You felt him nod.
“Are you?” He asked, his voice soft. You shrugged a bit and sighed. “He was just a kid. It’s just sad to see things like that happen to such young people…” You replied honestly, looking up to Aaron and waiting for a reply.
“That’s true, but we did save a lot of other lives - more than he had already taken and I think that’s a win for us.” He reasoned, kissing your forehead gently. You hummed and let out another sigh.
“I missed our bed.” You giggled, earning a chuckle from Hotch, who replied with, “Yeah, me too.”
With that, you leaned up to give Hotch a chaste kiss before you closed your eyes and tried to go to sleep. The two of you spent the rest of your night cuddled close, enjoying the comfort of your bed and each other’s arms. It was always hard coming home after cases like this one, but when you finally got to come home to nights like this, you realized it was all worth it.


I’m sorry if you don’t like this, and I’m sorry it’s short, but I tried!! I’m super tired but this was the only time I’d have time to write it until like, probably this weekend so I wanted to go ahead and get it up. Positive feedback will be appreciated! Send in more requests if you like this one! x


For the Anon who asked for 243 (I’m not bothering you am I?) with Morgan.

You feel his fingers brush against the nape of your neck as he walks by. Nothing big but it’s enough to make goosebumps rise on your arms. You’re so crazy about him it’s not even fair. You shoot him a look and he grins at you, so much for being discrete. He slips you a note during a briefing. You don’t open it until you get into the bathroom, away from the sneaky eyes of Penelope Garcia.
Can’t wait for tonight
It says in his tidy scrawl. You’re glad you waited to read the note, you can feel the heat rising in your face. Tossing the paper into the toilet you flush, and watch it disappear. Exiting the stall you nearly crash into JJ and Penny.
“So, what’s going on with you and Derek?” JJ asks folding her arms over her chest.
“No idea what you’re talking about.” You say washing your hands then trying to step around you.
“Please.” Penelope says with a snort, “We saw him pass you a note.”
“It just talked about how bored he was. It was nothing.” You laugh then skirt them slipping out of the bathroom. You hurry down hallway and toward the bullpen. Morgan’s hand snakes out of his office and pulls you into the room. The door shuts quickly behind you and then his lips are on yours. You wrap your arms around his neck as his tongue darts between your lips. You yank your lips from his and push his chest.
“We can’t do this here. JJ and Penelope are already suspicious.” You whisper.
“I just can’t keep my hands off of you.” He says.
“You’re distracting me too.” You admit.
“I’m sorry am I bothering you?”
“No but I don’t want us to get into trouble.”
“Okay. Okay. I’ll keep my hands to myself until tonight.”
“Sounds good.” You smile then kiss him quickly. “I’m looking forward to tonight.” You flirt before slipping out of his office and down the hall.