Breathless (Reid x Reader)

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Title: Breathless

Pairing:  Spencer Reid x Reader

Request: Do one where Spencer is in love with the Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None J

Words: 811

My first one! Thanks for the request!


It was late. You sat there typing away on your laptop. This report felt like it was sucking the life out of you. You had been at it for hours and the rest of the team had already packed up and left.

“Go home and get some rest Y/N,” Hotch tiredly staggered down the stairs.

You snickered as he yawned and he stared at you with a stern expression.

“I mean it,” he grumbled.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’m almost done,” you waved him off and spun back around to your desk. Unfortunately, you had said the exact same thing to Morgan when he left.

Thirty minutes had passed by since Hotch left and the only thing lighting up the office was your stunningly bright screen.  Typing up the last sentence, you remembered this case as it passed through your mind. The unsub was a woman hairdresser who would choose a customer, stalk them, and eventually slit their throats. She actually attempted to run when the SWAT Team surrounded her, crazy bitch.

Someone cleared their throat behind you and you jumped out of your seat, the thoughts of the case washed from your mind instantly. You whirled around scanning the office for the culprit until your eyes landed on him.

Spencer Reid. He was standing there with his messenger bag wrapped around him, his shaggy hair was draping over his head and even though it was dark, the computer screen allowed you to see his droopy eyes.

“Oh…sorry Y/N,” he stammered. “I didn’t know anyone else was here.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking sheepish.

You shrugged, “Surprise!” you smirked.

Spencer gave a small smile, peeking at you through his bangs. He eyes darted down to the floor and he shuffled his feet.

“You okay?” you questioned. You felt nervous, Spencer was possibly the sweetest guy in the world and he meant everything to you. The first time you laid eyes on him, you practically fell head over heels for him. You hung on his every word, every fact, and every smile. And now here he was; tired and alone.

He nodded and slowly approached you, hands still buried in his pockets. “I heard you’re still working on that report,” he jerked his head towards your laptop.

You plopped back down in your chair, feeling useless. Throwing back your head, you groaned and covered your face.

“I only just finished and I’m exhausted, Spence.” You were the only one on the team who called Spencer by his first name. He never seemed to mind and always looked puzzled when you called him Reid.

He didn’t say anything; he just walked closer and leaned against your desk, facing you.

You looked up into his doughy, brown eyes for what seemed like an eternity before he reached down and brushed your cheek with his hand.

You felt your heart begin to race.

He bit his lip. “Did you know it takes less than four minutes to decide whether or not you have feelings for someone,” He then chuckled. “It only took me about two.”

“Wha-what are you-“ you struggled to stammer out the words before he slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

It felt like your heart had just exploded. Your eyes fluttered shut as you passionately kissed him back.

He pulled away, “I’m sorry Y/N, I-I just…um,” He stuttered. With a giggle, you pounced out of your chair and threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into an intense kiss. His tongue collided with yours as his hand rested below your ear and his thumb caressed your cheek. His lips were soft and he was so gentle and cute. His hands got tangled in your hair and then they slowly moved down your body until he was rolling his hips into yours. You let out a soft moan, but Spencer silenced you by once again crashing his lips into yours. There was no space between you two and you were sure he could hear your heartbeat. You ran your fingers down his spine and inhaled sharply. He began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses, causing you to giggle due to you being ticklish.

He stopped and looked up at you before grinning, “Stop it.”

You cocked your head in confusion, “What?”

“You’re so adorable,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist. He then, surprisingly, lifted you up onto your desk and placed himself in-between your legs.

You squealed with a smile, never feeling so happy.

“Y/N, I love you,” he spoke so clearly as if he had practiced saying it a hundred times. Before letting you respond, he then kissed you again, but this time much softer and sweeter. You never wanted to pull away.

Penelope & Derek’s Matchmaking Service

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Prompt: The reader and Reid both have a crush on the other person but are too scared of ruining their friendship to tell the other person. Penelope decided to give them a little push and drags Derek into her mischevious scheme.

A/N: This was an idea that popped into my head because I could definitely see Morgan and Garcia meddling in their coworkers love lives. I’m not opposed to making a part two of this, so let me know if that’s something that you would want. Also, anyone who can catch the subtle F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference that is in here somewhere is my favorite person ever. Enjoy :)

Note: (Y/F/C) = your favorite candy

Warning: nothing

Word Count: 3k

Rating: PG

Penelope sighed in frustration as she watched you and Spencer alternate staring at each other. It was almost painful the way that neither of you actually caught the other doing so. It was like some form of fate caused you to look away a second before Spencer decided to look up. Derek noticed her standing in the doorway. “Hey Baby Girl,” he called and walked over to her. She muttered a “hello” before huffing and crossing her arms. “Whoa whoa whoa, what’s the matter gorgeous? Those processing systems in that big brain of yours hung up on something?”

“How does it not drive you crazy?” she mumbled and Morgan raised an eyebrow at her. 

“How does what not drive me crazy?”

“The two of them!” she whisper-shouted and spun around walking off toward her lair. Derek rolled his eyes, but obediently followed her down the hall. 

“Gonna need a little more information sweetness,” he told her, leaning against the doorframe. 

“Oh c’mon, do I need to spell it out for you? (Y/N) and Spencer. The way those two are pining after each other it’s both sickening and sweet at the same time. I’m not even a profiler and I can tell that they are head over heels. I mean I know (Y/N) is because she told me one night when I got her super drunk with the intent of forcing the information out of her, but that is beside the point,” Penelope explained as she pulled up the bullpen’s security video feed and maneuvered the cameras so they were facing you and Spencer’s desks. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m people watching.”

“Do you do this all the time?” Morgan asked standing behind her chair.

“Only when we don’t have a case or anything else to do,” Penelope defended, “You would not believe how boring it gets in here and you people never come visit me!” 

“But why- you know what nevermind. Just please tell me that you don’t mess with the cameras in my office.”

“My vision, you are the object of my affection but for the most part my attentions have been focussed on my current OTP as you never do anything interesting in your office.”

“Forgive me for actually doing work instead of making googly eyes at my coworkers.”

“So you have noticed!”

“Of course I’ve noticed. The whole team has noticed. The only ones in the dark about it are the two of them,” Derek chuckled. Penelope smiled as she watched the two of you. You had gone over to ask Spencer something, but he had been so focused on his work you’d startled him and he’d almost spilled his coffee all over himself. 

“They are so cute,” she sighed, “Derek I want my OTP to be together!”

“Somehow I don’t think we get a vote or have the power to make that happen,” he replied, kissing the top of her head. Penelope suddenly perked up. 

“But what if we did?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked as she spun her chair around. 

“What if there was a way that we could force Reid’s hand and make him admit something or ask her out?”

“Baby Girl, Reid has specifically told me that he doesn’t want me messing with this. You think I haven’t tried to get him to make a move?”

“He told you that, but he never told me,” she chirped, turning back toward her computer and started typing away. She pulled up a website for custom floral arrangements and started clicking on various options. 

“What are you doing?”

“Creating something that all of you men hate. Competition,” she replied, patting the side of his face. A few more minutes of meddling the order had been placed, ready to be delivered tomorrow morning. 

“Why do I get the feeling I’m going to be the one he blames for this?” Derek sighed shaking his head. 

“Ha, do not worry my vision. If all goes bad, we pretend like it never happened,” Penelope told him.

You walked into the bullpen the next morning smiling happily as you carried two cups of coffee. You glanced around looking for Spencer, before nonchalantly setting one of the cups down on his desk and arranged the mountain of sugar packets you’d also brought into an orderly pile. You quickly scurried back to your desk and sat down, trying to look casual as you waited for Spencer to arrive. “No coffee for the rest of us, I’m genuinely hurt,” Derek teased, as he sat down on your desk.

“Hey, the only order I remember is Spence’s because it’s the easiest thing ever: a large black coffee and then just bring the whole container of sugar to him,” you replied trying to casually look around him. 

“Uh huh,” Morgan muttered, clearly unconvinced. 

“Good morning,” Reid said as he walked over to his desk past the two of you. 

“Hi, Spencer,” you chirped, “I stopped for coffee this morning and brought you some.”

“Thank you so much, you would not believe the morning I’ve had. How much do I owe you?”

“Don’t worry about it,” you replied tucking your hair behind your ear. 

“Well, thank you. Did you know that coffee was banned three times in three different cultures: once in Mecca in the 16th century, once when Charles II in Europe banned the drink in an attempt to quiet an ongoing revolution, and once when Frederick the Great banned coffee in Germany in 1677 because he was concerned people were spending too much money on the drink,” he rambled. You smiled and shoved Morgan off of your desk, so you could actually see Spencer. 

“Well, I didn’t know that, but I do know that banning coffee should be a crime,” you giggled. Reid smiled back at you and opened his mouth to say something but suddenly went pale. “What’s-”

“I have a delivery for a Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” a man said cutting you off. 

“That would be me,” you replied, turning around. “What” you stuttered as you came face to face with a huge vase of lilies and red roses. 

“Sign here please,” the delivery man said, handing you a clipboard and setting the vase down on your desk. You scribbled your signature down on the form and handed it back to the man. “Have a nice day,” he said walking away. 

“Yeah, you too,” you muttered still too focussed on your flowers. 

“Oh my god, those are gorgeous,” JJ mentioned as she walked over to your desk. 

“Who are they from?” Emily asked, joining the two of you.

“I have no idea,” you replied, pulling the card off the side of the vase. 

“Read it,” JJ urged leaning in closer. None of you noticed that Spencer had unconsciously leaned closer to the group as well trying to listen. 

“Nothing can ever compare to your beauty, but these flowers are certainly a nice way to compliment it. I hope these make that lovely smile of yours appear on your face, signed your secret admirer,” you read out loud and closed the card. 

“Oooh, this is interesting,” Emily said nudging your shoulder. 

“Any idea who it could be?” JJ asked. 

“Not a clue,” you replied, sitting back down in your chair, “I’m not seeing anyone and no one has asked me out recently.”

“Anyone who you hope it is?” 

“Yeah, but considering he hasn’t shown the slightest sign of interest I’m pretty sure it isn’t him,” you mumbled. Unbeknownst to you, Spencer had wandered away into the break room fuming. This happened every time he’d finally work up the courage to ask you out on a date or flirt with you at all something would happen. Morgan would come interrupt,  Hotch would suddenly announce that you had a case, or in this case, some jerk would write you poetry and send you flowers. He downed the rest of the coffee that you had bought him and started making another cup. 

“You ok, Pretty Boy?” Derek asked watching Spencer stir the coffee quite angrily. 

“Just peachy,” Spencer growled. 

“Ya know, you could just ask her out. (Y/N) has no idea who sent her those flowers,” Derek casually mentioned. 

“Ha yeah right, I’m reasonably certain she’d rather have fancy flower man whoever he is,” he grumbled. 

“Fancy flower man? Really Reid, that’s the best you can come up with?” Derek asked trying not to laugh. 

“I have plenty of other vulgar things I could call him so don’t push it.”

“Hey, I’m not the one encroaching on your girl, but I would recommend you do something about it before you loose her to fancy flower man.”

“You think I should what?”

“Well, you’re her friend. I’m pretty sure you can find a way to top the giant array of flowers that he sent her.”

“I definitely could,” Spencer muttered, deep in thought, “I need to get to work but first I’m going to get Garcia to figure out who sent those to her.”

“Uh,” Derek stuttered, trying to come up with a way to divert him, “Why does it matter who it is? You should be more concerned with your plan to woo her, you can worry about who it was later.”

“You’re right. I’m going to take my lunch early. I need to go get a few things,” Spencer said and quickly rushed back to his desk to grab his wallet. Derek sighed in relief, happy that he’d managed to redirect Reid’s thought process, and made himself a cup of coffee. Your sudden presence in the break room caught his attention. “And where are you going lady of the hour?” he asked sipping his coffee.

“I’m grabbing another sugar for my coffee and then I’m going to get Garcia to find out who this admirer person is.” Derek did a spit take and started coughing. “Whoa, you ok?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. But maybe you should just let this play out? See if he reveals himself to you?”

“Derek, I just want to know who it is so I can tell him I’m not interested. There’s only one guy who’s attention I want and he seems to not really care.”

“Sweetness, Reid is a great guy just a little awkward and shy when it comes to ladies, you might try being a bit more obvious about it,” he teased. You furrowed your brow and slowly turned your head toward him. 

“How did you know I have a crush on Spencer?”

“I’m a profiler and I’m really good at my job.” Derek replied.

“Yeah sometimes I forget what we do for a living.”

“And the fact that Penelope can’t keep her mouth shut,” he muttered quietly to himself. Just not quiet enough.

“What did you say?”


“I’m going to kill her!” you growled and stormed off toward Penelope’s office. 

“No no no, wait!” Derek shouted as he chased after you. You tore the door open and walked in. 

“Hello my lovely, what can I do for you today?” Penelope chirped. You narrowed your eyes at her before flicking her on the side of the head. 

“OW!” she shrieked. “What was that for?” 

“I cannot believe you told Derek that I like Spencer. I told you that in confidence and you swore you wouldn’t tell another soul,” you fumed.

“Technically you told me that while you were drunk.”

“Same thing!”

“But you know I tell my chocolate thunder everything, so you should’ve expected this.”

“Ugh, my life is over,” you whined. “Spencer is still acting weird and now some stranger has sent me flowers. Can you make yourself useful and tell me who sent those at least?”

“I take offense to that comment!”

“Who told shared a secret that she swore she would take to the grave?”

“Fine,” she muttered, “but I already know who sent them. I looked it up earlier.”

“Then who is it?”

“It’s uh, Brian in payroll,” 

“Brian in payroll?”

“Mhm,” she mumbled, twisting a piece of hair around her finger.

“Uh huh, does Brian in payroll have a last name?” you asked crossing your arms.

“Yes, yes he definitely does.”

“Yeah? What it is then?”

“Well, I can tell you that it is most certainly not Morgan or Garcia.”

“Penelope,” you groaned. “Why would you do that?”

“I’m just trying to spice it up, you know force our dearest doctor’s hand.”

“Yes and in doing that you’ve managed to scare him. He took off fifteen minutes ago,” you grumbled flopping down in the chair beside her. 

“Aw, sweets it’s gonna be ok.”

“My life is over.”

“Hey look on the bright side, at least you got some bitchin flowers,” she said trying to lighten the mood. You lifted your head and glared at her.

“Not funny.” 

“(Y/N), you need to get back to your desk and take a look at this,” Derek said as he walked into Penelope’s office.

“And you! You knew she was going to do this and you didn’t stop her,” you growled and stalked over to him, poking his chest. 

“As upset as you are right now, I really think you should just go back to your desk. You might like what you find,” Derek replied pushing your hand away. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“If this is another part of this BS plan you two have going on, I’m going to kill you both,” you grumbled, stalking down the hallway. 

“What are you doing?” Penelope whispered at Derek, as they followed you. 

“Just watch,” he replied with a smug look on his face. You were expecting to see yet another bouquet of flowers that the two of them had sent to you, but you certainly weren’t expecting this. Your desk was scattered with various pieces of paper and rose petals. A large white teddy bear was sitting in your chair with a bouquet of gardenias nestled in its arms and a bag of (Y/F/C) tucked in beside it. You stood rooted in place out of surprise until Derek gave you a slight nudge. You walked forward and picked up one of the pieces of paper. You smiled as you recognized Spencer’s handwriting and started reading. It was a poem by Christina Rossetti, one of your favorites actually “I loved you first”. You had talked about this with Spencer months ago, when you both discovered your shared love of poetry. From the looks of it, he had managed to write down all of your favorite poems on these little notes (probably including a few of his own favorites) and put them all over your desk. You plucked the bouquet of gardenias out of the bear’s arms and smelled them. 

“Red roses traditionally symbolize love and passion while gardenias’ symbolize pure, secret love which more accurately displays how I feel about you,” Spencer mumbled from behind you. You immediately spun around and dropped the bouquet back in your chair, before throwing your arms around his neck and crashing your lips into his. He seemed to be stunned for a few seconds, before kissing you back and wrapping his arms around your waist. Hoots and hollers came from all around the office, mainly from Penelope and Emily. You separated a little breathlessly and rested your forehead against his. The pair of you were smiling from ear to ear. “Please tell me this isn’t a dream,” he muttered closing his eyes. 

“Nope,” you replied popping the “p”, “I’m real,”

“So I take it you like me too or else I think you’ve been sending some very mixed signals.” You chuckled and kissed him again. 

“Does that answer your question?” you asked, after you’d pulled back. 

“I think it does, and to think I had a whole speech planned out to make you at least go on one date with me,” he replied scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. You just shook your head and smiled at him.

“That’s so sweet, but how on earth did you have time to set this up? I couldn’t have been gone more than fifteen minutes,” you said, turning slightly to look at your desk,

“14 minutes and 23 seconds actually, but I’ve had the notes sitting in my bag for about a week now,” he told you. 

“Ok, that’s enough, back to work all of you,” Hotch said, commotion having finally drawn him out of his office. There was a collective “sorry” muttered from around the office, before Hotch turned his attention to the two of you. “Do we need to have a conversation or can I trust that this isn’t going to affect work?”

“I think we’re good,” you answered. 

“Good, now I need to call Dave and inform him that he owes me twenty bucks as do the two of you,” Hotch chuckled motioning JJ and Emily. The two women groaned slightly before reaching for their purses. 

“Wait, what?” Spencer asked raising an eyebrow, keeping his arms wrapped around your waist. 

“To make a long story short, we started a pool going for how long it would take the two of you to get together after three months of watching the two of you flirt. I had yesterday, Hotch had today, Rossi had tomorrow, and JJ had next Monday,” Emily explained as she walked up the stairs and handed the money to Hotch, who gladly pocketed it and went back in his office to presumably call Rossi who was off on vacation time. 

“I cannot believe this! How many people in this office are invloved in our love lives?” you cried in frustration, even though you were smiling. 

“Wait, who else is involved in our love life?” Spencer asked, looking down at you confused. 

“And that’s our cue to run chocolate thunder,” Penelope muttered, as she took off running dragging Derek along behind her. You shook your head and laughed, all irritation suddenly vanishing. 

“Wonder what that was about,” Reid thought out loud, as you unwound from his arms and moved all his gifts out of your chair. 

“Don’t worry about it, just remind me to tell Brian from payroll to send her some flowers,” you told him. He looked very confused but just shrugged and kissed your forehead. You grinned up at him, knowing that this was the start of one of the best times in your life. 

Focus On me

Summary: You’re kidnapped by an unsub, but dying isn’t what you’re afraid of. All you’re worried about is leaving Spencer alone. 

Warning: graphic depictions of violence,  angst

It wasn’t dying you were afraid of. It was leaving Spencer alone. The thought terrified you more than any horrific end you could possibly meet in your line of work. Spencer was your everything, your sun and moon, the light of your life. You knew he wouldn’t be able to live with himself without you. He’d lost too much already, losing you would be a final blow you knew he couldn’t take. You’d come close in the past. A bomb threat, a car accident while in pursuit, physical threats from unsubs here and there. But this was different. You knew you weren’t making it out of this alive.

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Closer (Reid x Reader)

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Title: Closer

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could make me a Reid x reader smut where Reid is shy out in public about PDA but dominant in the bedroom?

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Rough Sex

Words: 1,138

A/N: Sure thing hunbuns! Keep those requests coming! Xoxo My first Reid x Reader imagine was pretty successful, so I really hope you enjoy this one too!




You lingered in the elevator, practically hopping up and down, waiting to jump out. You weren’t sure why you were so hyper. You just couldn’t wait to lock eyes with him again. His curly hair perfectly framed his strong jaw line. The feel of his sweet, soft lips. The way he smiled.

You were so lost in thought, daydreaming of your boyfriend Spencer Reid that you were extremely startled when the elevator chimed and the two locking metals doors began to rip apart.

You skipped out and made your way towards the two glass doors, peering in. A broad smile formed on your lips as you yanked the handle of the doors.

With a flip of your hair, you coolly walked across the bustling office, the sharp ring of the phones making you feel a little on edge. Just before he was within your reach, someone jumped in front of you.

“Ah, ah, ah. Sorry babygirl, pretty boy is all mine,” Derek Morgan kidded with you.

You rolled your eyes with a smirk and playfully pushed him aside. Spencer was in the middle of a conversation with Hotch, who for once was kind of smiling. You couldn’t really tell with him.

You didn’t want to interrupt, but Hotch soon abruptly walked away in a hurry, judging by the piercing noise echoing through his office, you could guess his phone was ringing. Perfect timing!

You flounced towards your boyfriend, quickly pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Hey Spence!” you chirped. He look stunned and kind of shy.

“Y/N hey,” he wrapped his arms around you and gently placed a kiss on your forehead. A chuckle from behind you caused him to pull away.

“PDA Reid, PDA!” Derek threw his hands up as if in surrender. Spencer scowled and gripping your arm, not harshly, he pulled you away to the small kitchen.

“Uh- you want some coffee?” he stammered. You pressed your lips together, thinking how adorable he is when he’s shy.

“No thanks babe,” you replied. “Hey…do you want me to go?”

He swiveled towards you, looking almost upset. “No no, Y/N. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just …get nervous when the team is around and you’re here. I don’t want them to make you…well feel weird and then want to leave. I mean statistics show that when one partner feels - “

You shut him up by cupping his face in your hands and kissing him lightly before pulling away and grinning. He blushed and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“You’ll pay for that later,” he whispered seductively in your ear. A chill ran throughout your whole body and your muscles went limp. You tried to play it off by slyly responding; “Okay what you’ll spank me?” you winked.

He cocked his head with a devilish smirk and shrugged his shoulders and you held in a gasp and when sneakily pinched your butt.

When you left Quantico later on, you were immensely turned on and could barely wait for Spencer to arrive at your place.


A knock at the door made you jump. You gave your hair one last brush and pulled your T-Shirt back over your head, feeling satisfied with the sexy black lace bra you chose.

Approaching the door, you felt nervous, but confused. You pulled the door open until he was perfectly in picture.

You snickered, “Hey since when do you knock?”

Spencer pulled his messenger bag off his shoulders and threw it somewhere on the floor in your apartment before practically throwing himself onto you.

“Shut up beautiful,” he said breathlessly before his lips collided with yours.

He kicked the door shut and spun you around and pressed you up against it, beginning to tear off your clothes.  He wasted no time in ripping your shirt off your torso and stopping when his eyes landed on your bra.

He raised his eyebrows and that same devilish smile from before appeared, “Damn.” He spoke only before once again locking his lips with yours. His tongue swirled around in your mouth and you were too distracted by the intense makeout session you two were engaged in to notice he had not only taken off your pants, but his own.

You disconnected the kiss and yanked off his shirt as he scooped you up in his arms and hurried into your bedroom, not bothering to shut the door.

He laid you down on the bed; Spencer was dominant, but extremely gentle.

You could feel his buldge rubbing up against your thigh as you continued to kiss him. He grinded into you, starting slow and then speeding up, rolling his hips into yours roughly.

“Oh-oh Spencer please,” you begged him. You wanted him. To feel him inside of you. For him to control you and take you over.

He nibbled on your neck, dressing it in soft kisses and small marks of affection. After what seemed like eternity, his boxers finally hit the floor.

A rush of energy surged through your body. It hurt, having all of him inside of you, thrusting deeper and deeper. A small gasp escaped your lips, causing Spencer to kiss you again, as if telling you to be quiet. He just was too nice to say it.

With each push, you felt like you were going to explode. “Sp-Spence, I’m gonna cu-“ you attempted to speak, but you couldn’t make out the words. He didn’t answer, he just kissed you again and continued fucking you.

You then couldn’t help it and moaned out with pleasure. Your body was full of him and he was all you wanted and needed.

He pulled out and then pulled you on top of him. “Ride me,” he demanded.

You licked your lips, his dominance turning you on even more. You began to bounce up and down on his hard member, groaning each time, your juices making his cock slick. You picked up the pace, riding him faster and faster.

“Fuck Y/N,” Spencer screamed. You felt warmth flow out from your pussy as you released onto his dick. He followed by releasing inside of you, feeling the cum pour into you.

You rolled off him and laid down next to him.

“I’m hungry,” you started laughing. “I’m making pizza, you in?” you reached down and picked up his shirt, buttoning it up.

He got up as well and came up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.

“I love you more than anything Y/N.”

Those words made you the happiest girl in the world and they always would.


“We just caught a string of serial killers. Come on. Drinks… are on me.” Morgan laughed.

“I’m not drinking but I will come along just to witness Garcia drunk.” You said from your desk.

“Alright.” Morgan high fived you before clamping a hand on Reid’s shoulder. “What about you, Pretty Boy?”

Reid glanced at you, nodding.

“Anyone else?”

“I’m in.” JJ shrugged.

“Scotch on the Rocks would do me some good right about now.” Rossi smirked, joining in on the conversation. “Aaron’s coming too whether he likes it or not.”

It was raining outside but none of you cared as you all drove and had some sort of jacket with you. The rain outside became heavier as you and the team began grabbing your stuff.


“Guys, the power’s gonna - Oh, it already did. Nevermind.” You heard Garcia walk into the bullring.

“We’re not going anywhere. Forecast predicts a storm. We’re setting up the backup generator but we have to stay put for the night.” Hotch sauntered out of his office.

A flash of light took your attention. Lightning. You jumped when you felt someone grab your hand in the darkness.

“Sorry.” Reid mumbled.

As the dim backup lights came on, you looked over at your friend who was visibly nervous. You dismissed it, shaking your head as JJ wrapped an arm around your neck.

“Sleepover?” She suggested, grinning like a child.


It was now close to midnight and the rest of the team were at the coffee machine. Your eyes darted around the room looking for Reid before spotting his mop of hair. He was sitting on the floor by his desk.

You sat yourself down beside him. “Spence, what’s wrong?”

“It’s silly.”

“I promise you, if something’s bothering you, it’s not silly.”

Reid sighed before grimacing as another round of thunder and lightning struck outside.

Your face softened. “Spence, are you afraid of thunder and lightning?”

Reid nodded, almost in defeat.

You could tell he was beating himself up over it. You held out your hand, palm facing up. Reid’s eyebrows furrowed before he realised what you were doing. He smiled, taking your hand in his and squeezing as thunder struck again.


It was finally morning and the team were busy gathering their stuff to leave.

Hotch took Reid by the arm, leading him away from the team.

“Reid, don’t be afraid to tell me or the others if you’re afraid of something. We won’t judge you. We’ll help you. You okay?” You heard Hotch softly ask Reid.

Reid nodded.

Hotch gave you a nod as he left.

“Don’t worry - I didn’t tell him. You’re surrounded by profilers.” You walked over to him. Reaching an arm around him, you rubbed his forearm. “It’s okay to have fears, Spence. And you faced them. I’m proud.”

My son!

Characters - Reader x son, Derek, Aaron, Spencer, Emily, Penelope, JJ and mention of the reaper.

Word count - 1024

Summary - The reader gets attacked by the reaper and the team find out the secret she had been hiding.


’You entered the apartment glad that your son was away to his grandparents for the weekend. You walked through your hallway dropping of your keys, badge and removed your jacket. As you walked into the living you saw a figure in the mirror sneaking up behind you. You turned and faced him, he stared at you for a while. Then suddenly shooting beside your head expecting you to flinch, you continued staring.
‘What not allowed to show fear?’ He asked as he looked you up and down.
‘No, I’m not scared of you.’ You told him keeping eye contact. That set him off as he lunged forward, I managed to remove the gun from his hand but he grabbed a vase of my table, whacking me across the head. Everything went black for a second but that was enough time for him to stabbed you in the stomach, you groaned in pain.
‘Trust me by the time I’m done you’ll fear me.’ He said as he stabbed you again in the shoulder, stomach, thigh, upper arm and chest. His aim was to leave you with as many scars as possible and for you to show fear. As he turned to get his second knife, you grabbed the one that was in your chest. With adrenaline kicking in you flipped the both of you over, stabbing him in the chest. Watching the life leave his eyes before everything went black.
You awoke to the sound of beeping and low murmurs of voices. You tried to turn but you couldn’t
‘Y/N?’ a familiar voice said. You groaned as you opened your eyes, blinded by the bright lights.
‘Where am I?’ You asked as you cleared your throat.
‘Hospital.’ A deep voice said beside you.
‘Did I get him?’ I asked as I slowly sat up so I was comfy.
‘Yeah you got him, your neighbours heard all the commotion and phoned it in. Your mums coming.’
You started to panic, why isn’t she bringing Y/S/N? your heartbeat was getting faster, showing on the heart monitor causing the team to stand on edge.
‘Y/N! what is it?’ Derek asked as he stepped closer. You started grabbing the drips and trying your hardest to get them out.
‘Y/N, stop!’ Aaron said, lowly.
‘Is Y/S/N okay?’ You asked. No one replied.
‘Is Y/S/N okay?’ You asked louder.
‘Who?’ They asked in confusion.
‘My son! Is he okay? He was with my mum.’ You said as you started crying.
‘is he okay?’ You asked through tears, beginning to tire.
‘Gracia go!’ You heard Hotch demand. You heard her walking quickly, you relaxed knowing she find him. You went to sleep.
You awoke to the sound of footsteps running down the hall.
‘Mummy!’ You heard Y/S/N. You smiled at him as he stood at the door looking at the other agents.
‘Heyy.’ You replied reaching your hands out, smiling weakly, you watched as he ran towards you. Aaron lifted him up placing him gently on you. You flinched as he accidently hit your stomach.
‘Hey be careful. Mummy’s a little sore just now.’ You told him.
‘What happened?’ he asked as he looked up to you with his bright eyes.
‘Well wouldn’t you like to know?’ You asked him he smiled up at you, forgetting the team was watching you.
‘I was fighting off bad guys, protecting the earth. So, I was.’ You told him.
‘Really?’ he asked getting entranced by your story.
‘Yeah, I think I should tell you something.’ You told him.
‘What?’ He asked worrying.
‘You know how I’m the protector?’ he nodded his head. The team watched on, never having seen this side of Y/N before.
‘Well I just got informed that there’s a bad monster in this room.’ You told him getting serious.
‘What is it mummy?’ he asked leaning closer.
‘it’s the tickle monster and he’s sitting here, so I’m gonna have to defeat him before he can attack again.’ You smiled as he leaned even closer.
‘Oh no!’ You said lifting your hands as high as they could go.
‘He’s attacking right now.’ You said moving cautiously so you could move closer to tickle him. His and your laughter filling the small hospital room.
‘No mummy! I will save you.’
‘And how will you do that?’ You asked making your voice go deeper.
‘By giving you a true love kiss.’ He said as he placed a kiss on your forehead. You should disbelief.
‘You saved me? How? No one has managed to do that before. Are you a prince?’ You questioned.
‘Noooo.’ He dragged it out.
‘I’m a king.’ He said sitting taller.
‘Why forgive me your majesty.’ You said bowing to your son.
You heard a cough to your right. You looked up and saw that the team were watching you with big smiles.
Y/S/N, mummy must have an important meeting with the other protectors. Could you go and wait with grandma?’ You asked him.
‘Okay.’ He said standing, giving you a kiss on the cheek and you returned it.
‘That’s my brave boy.’ You told him as he climbed off the bed and into your mums arms at the door.

The team watched as Y/S/N walked out the room. Penelope was the first to make a noise.
‘OMG! You have a son?’ she asked, plopping herself down at the bottom of the bed.
‘Yeah.’ You replied getting comfy.
‘Where is his dad?’ She questioned.
‘He died just after he was born, he was in his first week of deployment.’ You said looking up to the team seeing their faces fall.
‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ Aaron questioned.
‘This. I didn’t want to put him in danger. He knows I’m away fighting bad guys but he doesn’t know it all.’ You told him turning your attention back to Y/S/N.
‘Who looks after him, when you away?’ Derek asked from beside you.
‘My mum and dad, he loves them. Sometimes my best friend.’ You told them, watching your son and mum play together.
‘Well we’re here for you and as you told Y/S/N, we are the protectors.’ Reid said giving you a dorky smile.

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You’re about 12-15 years old in this :)


Reid looks over at you from where you sit huddled in a chair with a blanket around you as JJ speaks to you comfortingly. “What’s gonna happen to her now?” He asks.

The police chief of (your town) sighs. “She’ll have to go into Foster Care or an orphanage. I feel terrible, (y/n)’s a good kid.”

But the agent’s already gone and walking toward you. He sits down in the chair next to yours. “Hi, (y/n), I’m Reid.”

You look at him warily. “You’re one of those FBI guys.” He nods. “How did they die?” You whisper, tears forming in her eyes.

JJ gives Reid a desperate look, telling him this isn’t the first time you’ve asked this question. He looks back at you and takes your hand. “They died protecting you, which is everything any parent could ever wish for. They went peacefully.”

You nod, tears falling freely now. “Are they-” you choke, unable to get the words out. JJ tightens her arm around you.

But Reid understands. “They’re in a better place now.”

You nod, and he squeezes your hand one last time before standing up with JJ to talk alone. He looks back over at your shaking figure before saying, “JJ, I can’t just let her go to an orphanage.”

“But, Spence, she has no family members who can or will take her in.” The blonde argues. “Where else can she go?”

He looks her in the eyes. “With me.”

Her eyes widen. “You can’t be-”

“I’m completely serious, JJ. There’s just something about her. I need to take care of her. Make sure she’s okay.” He explains, looking back at you.

“But Reid, you’re talking about adoption. That’s not just making sure she’s okay, that’s making sure she’s okay forever.” JJ tries to reason.

But his mind was set.

One year later

“Hi, (y/n), how are you?” Garcia squeal so, hugging you as you walk into the BAU offices with Spencer.

You laugh, hugging her back. “I’m good, Garcia.”

“Good.” She says, before walking with you and Spencer to say hi to the rest of the team.

Ever since your parents died, and Reid took you in, your life has been completely different. While Spencer is your legal guardian, you see him more as an older brother then a father. But, you love him all the same.

The BAU team has become your new family. They helped set up a school for you to go to in DC, and when Spencer was gone on cases, you would stay with Garcia who usually stayed at the base.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts by the sight of the rest of the team standing over a cake on Reid’s desk. “Happy Birthday, (y/n)!” They yell, smiling at your shocked face. How do they even know your birthday?

“Thanks, guys!” You say, exchanging hugs with everyone. Even Jack, Henri, and Will are present for the surprise party. “This means so much.”

“Well, don’t give us the credit, this was the boy-genius’s idea.” Rossi says, smiling.

Turning around, you look at Reid who has his hands in his pockets, smiling. Rushing forward, you pull him into a hug. “Thank you. I love you so much.”

He hugs you back, kissing the top of your head. “I love you too.”

Pulling away, you turn back around to Garcia strapping a birthday hat on your head and Prentiss handing you a piece of cake. Laughing, you take it and hug the woman with one arm.

Looking around the room, you see JJ and Will giving Jack and Henri pieces of cake, while Rossi and Hotch eat quietly, laughing as Jack manages to get frosting all over his face. Spencer is laughing at something Prentiss said, and Garcia stands by Morgan, both flirting with each other as they eat.

You smile, grateful for your new, slightly dysfunctional family.

It's A Sign

A/N: this idea popped in my head and it’s actually the cutest, so I couldn’t help but write it. please be gentle I’m not a great writer.
relationship: Hotch X reader
warnings: abduction, vague themes, and some violence. super sappy and eye rolling love confession.
Narrator POV

Slowly blinking your eyes, you begin to regain consciousness. Immediate confusion. You try to lift your hand to assess the throbbing pain in the back of your head, but it’s restrained. The eye goop clears out of your eyes as you blink it away. You begin to evaluate your surroundings. Deep breaths. Flashing red light straight ahead, cardboard boxes taped to the walls, some kind of rectangular room, small light above your head illuminating the chair you’re restrained to… another deep breath. Panic begins to rise in your chest. You try to make a sound, but can’t seem to. A bandana is tied tightly around your mouth.

“What Happened? How did I get here? Where is the team? Where am I…” Your thoughts race.

You look around the room frantically looking for any clues, trying to gather your thoughts that seem to be splatter across the floor. You can hear a slight beeping… sounds electronic. A shuffling of feet comes from the direction of the red light. A questionable chuckle begins to come from the same direction.

“Oh joy… this will be a fun one!” Pulling your thoughts together. It feels like a teeter-totter of emotions. You think to yourself. It’s better to joke than cry… you might do both. Overwhelmed… very overwhelmed.

“Helllllooooo, there!” A confident voice booms, coming from the direction of the beeps. Followed by someone quickly typing on a computer keyboard and a clicking of a mouse.

“Oh, alright! There she goes!” The voice excitedly says. The shadowy figure steps out of the darkness. Tall, nicely dressed, clean cut young man with a wild smirk on his face. He spins a computer screen around as your eyes grow wide. Penelope Garcia is onscreen. She’s totally not paying attention. Probably working on a case at the screen directly next to the one the webcam is turned on to. You try to make a sound to get Garcia’s attention.

“Nuh-uh, sugar. That would be too simple, wouldn’t it? Mic isn’t on yet, but you can hear her. Let’s call it a gesture of good faith!” He put some extra excitement on the last sentence for emphasis.

You need to pull your thoughts together! Come on. You’ve got this. Pick up some clues on the way. You’re here for a reason… why? British accent, cocky, harsh, lone wolf… you’re getting there. Start the profile…

You hear sounds coming from the computer. Penelope is still distracted at her other computer. The door behind her opens… Jennifer. JJ shuts the door behind her, file in hand, heels clicking, and a smile spread across her face. Not for long, though.

Looking down at the file… well her phone. Her phone was on top of the file. She begins to speak, but is cut off very quickly when her eyes find their way to the screen. Her eyes grow wide and she freezes. It seems like minutes before she reacts.

“GARCIA, LOOK AT THE SCREEN!” Penelope is jolted out of her deep concentration as she looks back a JJ, pointing at her other screen.

“oh my god… OH MY GOD! No, no, no, no, no, not again… not again. this cannot be happening again!” She increasingly gets louder.

“HOTCHNER! Garcia’s office now!” JJ screams out the hallway.

Aaron and the rest of the team come rushing into the room. Gasps and wide eyes are all that happened for several long seconds. But, all you see is Hotch. Hotch gave several demands as Derek and Emily scurried out of the room.

“Y/N…” Hotch gasped out lowly, but you could here him.

You have no idea what your captor wants from you. You can see him shuffling and preparing for something. Flipping switches, typing rather harshly, and tapping his foot impatiently.

“Well, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get to business! What I need from you is some information. If you can give me everything I need you MAY even get out of here with all of your body parts!! How exciting. But, a failure to cooperate may result in pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and maybe even death. Even more exciting, am I right or am I right?” he exclaims beginning to get more excited clasping his hands together.

The team’s eyes are starting to change… they’re reacting. He flipped on the microphone. Good, this is good. Garcia can isolate background noises, measure room depth and height, analyze the surroundings, and find where you are. This is all good, there’s a chance you may get out of here. The profile is working against you, but the computer genius is working in your favor. This should make you feel better, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There’s so much you feel like you haven’t done yet… so much you haven’t said. All you wanted right now was to be able to finish your PHD (which you dreaded finishing), going on boring ass stakeouts with Hotch again (which you had a love-hate relationship with), and drink awful police station coffee with stale bagels. Your thoughts wander back to Hotch. Oh Hotch… the things that you want to say to him more than anything right now. The things you’d been absolutely terrified to tell him. The thoughts you’d been hiding for years. Well, you thought you were hiding.


You think back to the day Spencer nervously came up to you in the break room. He cleared his throat, “The human body subconsciously reacts to physical attraction. People tend to lean towards someone they’re attracted to when they’re talking. The human pupil dilates when looking at someone they love. We even tend to touch, said person, at unnecessary moments without realizing it…” Reid rambled on for five minutes while you sipped your coffee, occasionally zoning out. You finally cleared your throat because he began to look tired.

“Is there a point to this story, Doctor?” You chuckled at the naive young doctor.

“Oh, yes! Sorry. There is, indeed, a point and a good one at that. Y/N, I can see how you act around Hotch.” You choke on your coffee.

“Spence, you must be mistaken. I don’t have feelings for Aaron.” You laugh masking the thick nerves in the air. You lie seemingly well. But, Spencer saw right through it. He may be naive, sometimes, but he was a profiler first.


You wanted to go back to that moment more than anything. Any moment that wasn’t this specific moment. You were quickly pulled out of your thoughts when you felt a tear rolling down your face. Staring intently at the screen, at Hotch. He was staring right back, studying your face, and your body language.

“I need to know everything about Mission number 221, code name Morning Star.” Your captor spoke. Your heart sank immediately. Right then another tear dropped down your face, you were not getting out of here alive. Everything slowly started to make sense.


Garcia began typing into every government search engine she could think of. She typed the code word and mission number over and over again. The first engine she looked at was FBI, classified documents. Second engine, MI5, classified. CIA, no information. Secret Service, classified. Setting off many alarms because of the nature of the operation.

“Garcia, I need something, anything! declassify the damn files, DO SOMETHING!” Hotch said hurriedly.

“I’m analyzing the background, running his voice through analog and voice rec, searching for the code words. I’m doing everything sir, everything.” Garcia sobbed slightly, tears silently streaming down her face.


Morning Star was an undercover operation you were assigned before being assigned to the BAU. You were deep undercover for 18 months in Europe trying to find a mole in MI5 that was leaking operation secrets, safe house locations, undercover officer identities, and highly classified information from joint agency operations and task forces. When you finally began getting leads in the case it led you to a highly respected senior agent. You began a relationship with him to get closer to him and figure out who he was leaking the information to and who was targeting the FBI, MI5, and other joint forces currently working on operations together. Evidence led you to find ties to the Russian mafia. When your handler got your most recent evidence an infiltration of the mafia was put into place. After months of careful planning and investigation, your team found the headquarters of the group of Russian assassins targeting joint government agencies. The op was a go, you were ordered to apprehend the group responsible. During the breach of the base, the element of surprise was compromised when an alarm was triggered. The operation went south quickly. The senior agent mole and four Russian mafia members were killed in the operation while several unknown subjects escaped. After the Op your team received Intel that the Senior Agent’s son had deep connections in the Russian mafia. You and your entire team were immediately assigned back to the states after the sting due to your covers being compromised and unusable.


You knew this was probably going to be the end. The mafia doesn’t simply let someone go that killed several of their own people and destroying their operation. You could not die. You could not die without telling Aaron the truth. You could not die with so many things left unsaid But, how? You were gagged and bound. Morse code? No, they probably wouldn’t recognize it right away. You have to tell him, you have to. While they work to get you out of here you need to get all unfinished business completed just in case you don’t make it out alive. Sign language, you could sign to the webcam! You learned last Christmas break when you were sick with the flu.

Liam, the senior agents son, approached you slowly. Becoming completely visible to the team. You assume Garcia is already trying facial recognition.

Liam cracked your arm with a whip unexpectedly, demanding information. You knew you couldn’t give him anything.

He quickly undid the bandana gagging your mouth, “TALK NOW!” he boomed.

You couldn’t say anything without risking the cover of the agents that went back under. Any slip up of any tiny bit of information could damage the entire operation and get the agents killed. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve been tortured. You just cried. There is nothing you could do to stop this. Now or never.

You began to sign while Liam was distracted.

Aaron first, life saving information second. sounds logical.

(A, closing your fist, lifting you hand, and waving it slightly.)
(signing A again)
(R, fingers crossed.)

“She’s signing…” Reid whispered, but you heard him. You smiled slightly.

Liam cracked the whip a dozen more times across your legs. You had to stop signing the pain was getting too great and you were afraid he’d see what you were trying to do. Tears were flowing like an open spout.

“This has been so much fun, Y/N. I’ll give you a little break to think about what you’re GOING to tell me.” He patted my head and threw the whip to the side with a huff. Wrapping the bandana around your mouth again. Sobs escape your mouth again. He walked over to the sliding door and the sun beamed through as he hopped down off a- something… you couldn’t tell. He left their mic on… mistake! Relief washes over you, there’s a chance. You began to sign again.

(O, making your hand a circle.)
(N, putting your thumb between your ring and middle finger)

“She spelled Aaron…” Reid stated with a slight shock in his voice. Hotch eyes widened, extremely surprised. You smiled through the sobs.

“Y/N, I’m here.” Hotch said sadly. You lifted your hand up with your pinky, thumb, and index raised. Sobs continued to escape through the bandana.

“and that means I lov-”
“I know what it means, Reid.” Hotch interrupted, sternly. The team focusing in on Hotch as he stared at the screen. Garcia continued to type trying to find anything she could to save you.

“I’ve got something!”


Part 2?

Understanding (Reid x Reader)

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Title:  Understanding

Request: Could I possibly request a spencer reid x deaf reader? Were she works at the bau and spencer tries to protect her because she’s deaf. Fluffy is possible? Sorry being deaf I’d love to see a character like me. Thank you!

Pairing:  Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Crime Scene Description

Words: 805

A/N: Darling, of course, anything for you my sweet. I am actually fluent in sign language myself and may I say it is quite a beautiful way to communicate! Love this idea, thank you for requesting! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo



The crime scene photos were gruesome. Black and blue bodies draped over rocky shore lines and woodland areas. The bastard of a killer had finally been caught and was now facing charges. Unfortunately, you had the wonderful job of collecting all the photos of the victims.

You grimaced at the pictures and then began to recall how the killer had been found. The team ended up finding out that he was working at a local bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio; where all the killings took place. It was awful to see how someone so normal could be so malevolent.

He attempted to make a break for it when the police cars rolled up to his apartment, but Derek managed to shoot him right in the leg. You snickered to yourself, recalling how Emily was complaining about how the gunshot had “broken her eardrums”.

One of the better things about being a part of the FBI and being deaf was that the loud, bizarre noises didn’t affect you. Of course, not having your hearing, you had to step up a little, but you were pretty much the smartest one on the team. Well, Spencer was more likely the brightest one out of all of you, but you had worked hard and earned your place.

Spencer Reid. The name made you shiver and your stomach twirl. The first time you locked eyes with him was on your first day at the BAU. He, of course, knew fluent sign language, which you thought was incredibly smart, but you were very efficient at reading lips, so you already knew what he was saying.

Honestly, everyone on the team was fascinated by how easily you functioned. To them, not having your hearing had brought out all your other senses and they considered you much stronger than all of them.

Gripping the photos tightly by your side, not even giving them one more glance, you flounced off to the copier to make more copies for the others to have in their reports.

You were almost there, the machine in your view, when an older gruff looking man body slammed into you. You collapsed onto the floor and let out a cry of pain.

Staring up at the man in anger, you saw that he was yelling and looked very upset. His lips were moving too fast for you to read them and, clearly, he didn’t possess the skills to know sign language.

Derek quickly came up behind the man and escorted him out of the building. You could feel yourself beginning to cry. The embarrassment displayed itself on your cheeks as everyone was looking at you.

You buried your face in your hands, but then felt the gentle touch of someone, grazing your wrist.

Spencer was looking at you with his soft, doughy brown eyes. He gave you a sweet smile.

“You okay?” he spoke to you.

You nodded and he helped you up to your feet. The two of you walked outside to get some air. Spencer always made you feel comfortable and at ease. He wasn’t a violent person. Quite the opposite actually, but that’s why you always felt so safe around him. You could always be yourself no matter what when he was nearby.

You both stood there on the sidewalk, not talking, just staring out into the busy roads with cars flying by every second.

You were watching a black truck zoom by as you felt a warm, soft sensation on your left cheek.

You turned towards Spencer, who was smiling sheepishly. Your heart began racing as you lost control of your body and pushed yourself up against him.

His lips pressed against yours, your arms wrapping around his neck and his cuddling your waist. The kiss was passionate as if all your bottled up feelings were being spewed out.

Pulling away, Spencer gave you a genuine look of love.

“Wanna grab some lunch?”

You didn’t have to be able to hear to know that his voice had stuttered a bit and he barely managed to get out that question.

Nodding your head, he grinned and laced his fingers through yours and you felt that same bolt of electricity rush up your spine. No one else could ever make you feel like that.


“Babe, don’t go in there.” You quickly stopped your boyfriend from entering the conference room. “I, uh-” You tried desperately to find an excuse.

“(Y/N), I know they’re throwing me a surprise party.” Spencer admitted.

“You do?” Your shoulders drooped, disappointed.

“They’re, uh, not very subtle.” he joked. He noticed your disappointment, however, and reached forward to squeeze your hand. “I’ll act surprised though.”

You grimaced. “Actually, no don’t.”

“What, why?”

You sighed. “As much as I love you - which trust me, is a lot by the way - you can’t act. At all.”

You chuckled as your boyfriend pouted and leaned forward to peck him on his plump lips. “Come on, they should be ready by now.”

Spencer let himself be dragged into the conference room to be greeted with a loud chorus of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

After a round of hugs, you presented his cake. “Make a wish, hun.”

He looked at you, adoration clear in his eyes. “Why would I need to wish for anything else?”

Garcia and JJ glanced at each other, exchanging a silent “aww” while Rossi raised an eyebrow, smirking.

“Look at you, Pretty Boy, acting the charmer.” Morgan teased.

Spencer blushed slightly before blowing out the candles.

You sat and watched your boyfriend’s face light up at every gift he opened. How his smile would start out tight lipped but then end in the biggest grin.

The rest of the team occupied themselves with pouring the champagne and cutting slices of the chocolate cake.

Spencer sat down beside you and wrapped an arm around your waist. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You smiled up at him.

“I didn’t see your name on any of the gifts. Did I accidentally misplace it or-”

“Oh hun.” You leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “The kind of gift I’m giving you…can’t be given to you here.”

You suppressed a giggle as you watched his eyebrows furrow in confusion. His brown eyes widened in realisation and he swallowed. “Oh.”

You smirked, getting up to get a slice of cake, making sure to run your hand the length of his thigh. “You can unwrap me later.”

Spencer blushed furiously as you sent him a wink. Later couldn’t come soon enough.

Luckiest Girl : Spencer Reid

Request: First of “Dance with me” was awesome! (It would make an awesome fic) 😉 and Second I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please do one with reid where him and his heavily pregnant wife (reader) go to a team event (dinner, wedding, etc) and she goes into labor and spence and the team freak out? Lol sorry that was super long! Thanks so much!

requested by: @frickin-bats

A/N: first off, you are an absolute doll!! Second, I really hope you like it, and feel free to message me if you want something different. I add a little bit after the reader has the baby and is in the hospital and some godmother JJ too.  xx aubree

pairing: Spencer Read x pregnant!reader

warnings: uh, none that I can think of, maybe cussing? who wouldn’t cuss while giving birth. does giving birth count as a warning? lol

word count: 913

(gif is not mine, but it’s so damn cute!)


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Dinner with Spencer’s team was always fun. No matter where you guys went, it was always a night for the books. 

“Spencer!” Y/N called down to her husband. Within seconds, Spencer was next to her.

“Yes, sweetheart. Are you okay?” He looked you up and down making sure you weren’t having your baby. You were nearing your due date, and Spencer was always on edge. You hoped that when the baby did come, he would be in town and not on a case.

“I’m fine, Spence. I need you to zip this up.” You laughed at your husband’s manic expression. 

The longest sigh you’ve ever heard escaped his lips, “Right, okay.” Zipping you up, he knelt down so he was level with your stomach, “Listen little booger, as much as I want to meet you, can you give your mom and I one night with some friends?” He kissed your stomach.

Keep reading


Requested by @champagne-for-the-painn - Hiiiiiii :) can i please have a derek morgan imagine where the reader is a doctor and she’s the one that takes care of derek when he gets hurt on a case and garcia really likes her and makes comments about how good they would look together? Thank you

Word Count – 1063

Characters – Garcia, Morgan x Reader

A/N – I made her have tattoos, sorry if you don’t but I thought it added a wee bit to it <3

‘Don’t frown chocolate thunder.’ You heard the bright and ecstatic woman that was sitting next to Derek said.
‘Hi, Agent Morgan.’ You said as you walked in making yourself known.
‘Just Derek.’ He said as he looked to you. The bright woman stood up and extended her hand.
‘Penelope Garcia, nice to meet you.’ She said, happily.
‘Nice to meet you too. I’m Dr. Y/N Y/L/N.’ You said returning the handshake. You turned back to Derek.
‘Is it okay if I check your wound?’ You asked and he nodded. You raised his gown and raised the bandaged to see if it needed changed.
‘So, Chocolate thunder?’ You questioned as the room was silent.
‘Yeah, it’s his nickname.’ Penelope said as she watched you closely. You nodded your head and once you changed the bandage you stood up and removed your gloves.
‘I’ll need to come back and change the bandages and check the wound. This time is where it can get infected so, if you get any pain buzz.’ You told him pointing at the button.
‘Have you told Penelope what happened?’ You asked him and he nodded and Penelope interrupted.
‘No, he said he is fine and that has all that he said.’ She said and you gave him a look.
‘She’s been here all this time and you’re just saying that.’ You said to Derek who sleepily shrugged.
‘Anyway, the bullet was stuck in his intestine, we managed to remove it but it caused a serve hole but it was successfully closed.’ You said to her and you saw the tears well up in her eyes. You pulled her close.
‘Don’t worry if it makes it any better it was me that operated on him?’ You asked her. She nodded her head and stepped back.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘It’s fine, its normal for loved ones to cry.’ You told her as you signed his chart.
‘Oh now we love each other but not like that.’ She said as she took a seat again next to a sleeping Derek.
‘Oh sorry, with the nicknames…’ You started but she waved her hand.
‘Oh no, we work together and I’ve called him that since we first met.’ She told you.
‘That’s nice. So, you’re an agent too?’ You questioned as you walked around the bed checking all the fluids and machines.
‘I am an agent but I don’t go out. I’m the computer analyst.’ She said with a smile. You lifted up a bright pink dinosaur.
‘You take this wherever you go? Makes you always feel at home.’ You said and she nodded.
‘I do the same.’ You said as you produced a small pig toy.
‘Helps keep me sane after all the emergencies I see. It helps me forget.’ You said with a smile. As you and Penelope talked you got to know each together a small bit more but it was soon disturbed. Your pager went off alerting you to an emergency operation that you had to go and do.
‘I need to go.’ You said as you ran out the room. She watched as you went from relaxed to going into job mode.

‘Hey, you feeling okay?’ Garcia asked as she noticed Derek stirred.
‘Cause if not I can get the doctor back.’ She continued not allowing him to get a word in.
‘Baby girl, I’m fine.’ Derek said as he looked at her panicked face.
‘So what you been doing?’ Derek asked, more worried about her than himself.
‘Yeah, had an interesting conversation with the doctor.’ She said.
‘Really?’ He asked surprised.
‘Yeah and I think I’ve came to a conclusion.’ Garcia stated.
‘And what would that be?’ Derek asked waiting to hear it.
‘You and her would be pretty good together.’ She said.
‘Garcia…’ Derek flung his head back and sighed she had been trying to get him to get with someone since she had Kevin.
‘No you should of saw her, she was free and talking to me about her and then her pager went off and she went into work mode. The way you do.’ Garcia started explaining.
‘Garcia, she’s probably got someone at home for her.’ Derek said casually, wondering if she did.
‘No she doesn’t, she goes home to an empty house. You know you would be the power couple everyone would want to be.’ Garcia said and Derek chuckled.
‘Honestly, you the sexy agent who is fighting crime and her a beautiful doctor, doctor Derek,’ Garcia said as she leaned closer.
‘who saves people lives.’ She continued
‘I can just imagine your wedding.’ Garcia said and Derek chuckled but listened to her talk about it, describing every detail.

‘And the dress would show of her tattoos, she probably has them, doesn’t she?’
‘and the veil would be so pretty and her hair would be up but bits would fall to show her face off…’ You heard Garcia say.
‘Who’s wedding you planning?’ You asked as you entered, Garcia turned and smiled. Being bold she just blurted it out.
‘Yours.’ She said with a smile.
‘And who would I be marrying?’ You asked as you silently asked Derek to check his wound which he nodded. You took of the bandage and checked the wound.
‘Well you and Derek’s.’ She said and you froze for a second.
‘Well I think you slightly ahead. I mean he’s still injured.’ You said pointing at him.
‘And how did you know I had tattoo?’ You questioned.
‘See I told you and you have that sexy side to you.’ Garcia said to Derek and then turned to you, which you laughed at you loved how out going she was.
‘You have a tattoo? Where?’ Derek asked as you had placed the clean bandage on the wound. You looked up and leant close to his.
‘You’ll just have to find out.’ You said but quiet but loud enough for Garcia to hear. You stood up and signed the form after you had taken your gloves off.
‘You will need to come in a week to get your stitches out.’ You said. You smiled at them both.
‘And see if you can get my number before then, but I expect you too.’ You said as you walked out the room and as you walked you heard Garcia squeal and a slap and then a groan, knowing she had just slapped Derek in excitement.

“Sorry I’m late, traffic was …” you trail off when you see your team staring at you silently with expecting eyes, “ … killer.” You clear your throat nervously. “What’s up?”

Hotch crosses his arms. “How long did you think you were going to keep this from us?”

You frown. “Keep what?”

JJ closes her eyes and says: “We know about (d/n), (y/n).”

“What we want to know,” Prentiss cuts in, “is why you didn’t tell us.”

Sighing, you sink into your usual chair around the table. After a moment of silence, you look at Reid. “Did you figure it out?”

He opens his mouth to reply when Morgan says: “We all did.”

You nod. “Okay.” Another bout of silence passes through the room as they all look at you expectantly. “I had (d/n) a year and a half ago, before i joined the team. Her father … wasn’t the best man, and I kept her a secret from you guys, I guess because it was easier. 

“I never knew that I would grow to think of you guys as my family,” you continue. Garcia smiles at that and takes your hand. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

After a couple seconds of silence, Rossi claps his hands together, startling you. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to meet the little (l/n).” The rest of your team chimes in their agreements and you laugh.

“Alright, alright. After this case is over, dinner at my house. Rossi can give us all another cooking lesson.” The older man starts to protest to the others’ cheers and laughs. “Good?” you ask.

“Good.” Garcia smiles and stands up, and Hotch pats your shoulder on the way to his chair.

Criminal Minds: One Shots











A Turn Around (Hotch x Reader)

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

Title: A Turn Around

Request:  Oh boy I need some Hotch fluff in my life, if you’re up for it. I would be so happy if you were able to somehow work in that the reader is chubby and short, and Hotch thinks she’s so gorgeous. Anyway, if you have time/desire to write! Thanks!

Pairing:  Hotch x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Fluff, Reader Feeling Sad

Words: 941

A/N: Don’t we all need some Hotch fluff!? Love this request darling! I’ll always always make time for you! Thanks for requesting! Xoxo Keep em’ coming!



You heavily sighed as you pulled your blue blouse over your torso, staring viciously at your body. You pressed your lips together in a tight frown, noticing that your shirt was too tight for your stomach. Rolling your eyes, you yanked it off and threw it on the floor, grabbing a loose t-shirt from your closet and fitting it to your waist.

You headed into your bathroom and began brushing all the knots from your bed head, standing on your tippy toes to see the mirror. Your hair rested neatly on your shoulders after clawing through it with the hairbrush and you were finally satisfied with your appearance.

Grabbing your keys, you started for the front door, but paused, taking one last look at the cute blouse you had angrily tossed on the floor. Biting your lip, you spun on your heel and walked out the door, feeling more self-conscious by the minute.


You felt like hell. The whole office was bustling with people, running back and forth. The tacking of the keyboards on the computers was piercing your brain. Not being able to take it anymore, you sprung up from your chair and raced out of the bullpen. Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid looked up from their reports only to see you running away and exchanged confused expressions.

You eventually found yourself opening the door to Penelope Garcia’s room of technical wonders. The perky blonde sat at her desk, happily typing away, obviously in a good mood.

She swiveled around in her hair, meeting your eyes and forming a wide grin on her cherry red lips.

“Hey sugar,” she spoke cheerily. “What’s up? Come sit!” She waved you over and pulled an extra chair over for you to sit next to her.

Plopping down, your rubbed your eyes in exhaustion and groaned.

“Boss man Hotchner getting up your rear?” Penelope questioned, wiggling her eyebrows. You tossed your eyes to the ceiling.

Leave it to Garcia to tease you about your crush on your boss, Aaron Hotchner, when you were already feeling down in the dumps.

“Already feeling ugly enough,” you mumbled. “Don’t need to remind me about Hotch and my lack of a chance with him.”

Penelope pretended to fall out of her chair in shock. “Honeybear, UGLY!? REALLY? You’re so gorgeous; when you came in here it was like the sun shone inside this one room.” She said waving her arms around dramatically.

You chuckled, “Yes ugly. I could barely fit in my fucking shirt today!” You felt grateful that no one but her was around to hear you swear.

Garcia scoffed,” Oh who gives a damn!? I mean no one is as beautifully fabulous as me of course, but hey! That’s not the point!”

Her attempts to make you laugh were working. Penelope could always make you feel better. Her office room was quiet, but her personality sure was loud and you loved every bit of it.

A knocking then startled the two of you, causing Garcia to leap to her feet and scurry towards the door.

As she opened it, you saw Hotch standing there, his eyebrows curved and his lips in a straight line.

“Garcia, JJ would like to see you now please,” he spoke firmly.

She nodded furiously and escaped the room, leaving you and Hotch.

He watched Penelope leave and then turned his attention to you, stepping inside and closing the door. His facial expression almost instantly changed when he laid eyes on you; his eyes softening and his lips releasing themselves from their constant pushing.

The silence seemed to last for an eternity. You didn’t know what to say and couldn’t find any words. He finally broke the stillness.

“Y/N, why would you say those things about yourself,” he said quietly, tracing his finger over Penelope’s desk, and stepping closer to you.

You gulped, did he hear the WHOLE conversation between you two? Even the part where you said you didn’t have a future with him?

“I- I don’t know. I just felt really terrible and I……don’t know,” you blurted.

You stood up from the chair, displaying your body, showing him your faults. Hotch only shook his head and stepped towards you again.

“Garcia’s right. You are gorgeous. And you are wrong,” he stated.

You cocked your head nervously, “Wrong about what?”

Hotch took another step and his face was now inches away from yours. “Wrong about not having a chance with me. I like you Y/N, I really do,” he said softly.

Before you answer, his lips collided with yours and he pulled you into his strong arms. The small sweet kiss became more passionate as you melted into him, letting him take control of you. His hand traveled from your waist down to your butt. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he squeezed your ass, causing you to smirk. His tongue swirled around inside your mouth and you could feel yourself becoming more and more turned on.

He then pulled away and stared into your eyes. “Scratch that,” he smiled. “I’m in love with you.”