Everything I want in life is a guy who talks to me like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia.
—  every girl and woman in the world
I don't care whether my ships are canon or not

I ship my OTPs and whatnot because they’re good together. I love their dynamic already displayed and how they interact with each other. It’s not about seeing them kiss or fuck, it’s about seeing them together in a scene and completing each other in whatever way works. They talk and question the other’s choices and decision and be questioned in return. The help each other get better and they don’t need to be in a love-relationship for that.

So if my ships don’t become canon I can live with that, but don’t take away their scenes together where they see each other, talk to each other or interact in any way, because then I get angry.
Dynamics within characters are my number one reason to watch tv shows. Taking that away is taking away my joy in the show.


I feel like I have to make this a point right now: 

I’ve never shipped anything the way I ship Morgan and Gracia. It just isn’t possible. If they ever get together [officially] I will melt away. And I’ve been in the tag for the last two hours (maybe more), as I was trying to create a Gideon gifset, and I just don’t know how I’ve suffered the resistance of an endgame status for this long. Like how long must I wait for this?