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Imagine eloping with Derek Morgan (and Garcia’s reaction when she finds out XD) 

Requested by Anon~

“I can’t believe you’d do something like this without telling me! Me.” Penelope continued to rant off. And neither you nor Derek could get a word in. “I thought we were closer than that.”

“If it makes you feel any better, nobody else knew about it.” Derek pointed out, wisely keeping a smile off his face.

Penelope looked genuinely offended at that, which made Derek glance over to you with a look. “I’m different, and you know that!”

“We said we were sorry.” Was your quiet reply.

Her arms crossed angrily, openly glaring at the two of you until she huffed. “Did you at least take cute wedding pictures?”

anonymous asked:

Imagine Garcia accidentally discovering that you and Morgan are an item when she calls him early in the morning and hears your voice in the background.

Chocolate Thunder


For the first time in weeks, your phone wasn’t what woke you up at an ungodly hour in the morning. This time, it was your boyfriend. You opened one eye to glance at the alarm clock to see what time it was. You knew Derek wouldn’t just wake up at 3:51 AM for no reason, so you sat up a bit and opened both eyes to look at him. You wanted to cry when you realized he was on the phone.

“Oh my God, please don’t tell me we have a case.” You whined, not even thinking about who exactly could’ve heard you until Derek looked at you with wide eyes. That’s when you heard Penelope yelling out questions like, “Was that who I think it was?!” and “Is (Y/N) at your house?!” and “Are you together?!” You let out a sigh and whispered, “Sorry.”

The truth was you and Derek had been together for nearly eight months now. It started off with playful banter and flirting until one day he asked you out to lunch, and then asked you to be his girlfriend. The two of you had decided to keep it a secret due to FBI fraternization policy. It had been hard hiding your feelings for each other in the field, especially since you were called away so often. You were always together but you rarely got time to enjoy each other, but the two of you made it work because you loved each other.

Derek finally managed to get Garcia off the phone after answering some of her questions  and couldn’t keep a straight face when he looked to you. “I have good news, and I have bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?” He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

“Bad news,” You decided, since you pretty much knew what he was about to say – or at least you thought you did.

You were surprised when he said, “The bad news is Penelope’s pissed, but the good news is we don’t have to deal with it until tomorrow.” With that, you let out a breath of relief and placed your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and letting the rising and falling of his chest slowly put you back to sleep. You were almost out when you got a bit curious, “If we don’t have a case, why the hell did she call you this late?”

Derek laughed a little and shrugged. “I don’t think it was that important. If it was, she’ll call back when she forgives us.” Then, the two of you went back to sleep and the next thing that woke you up wasn’t Derek, but a text from Garcia that said, “I love you, but I’m still calling him Chocolate Thunder.”


Aaron Hotchner x Reader

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Criminal Minds Assassin AU

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I Don’t See What You See

A/N: An anon request for some Morcia. There aren’t enough Morcia pics out there. Thought they’re a BROTP for me, I totally get how people could see it as an OTP. This is one where Penelope struggles with body dysmorphia and Derek knows. He wants to confess how he’s felt about her, but he doesn’t want her to think that it’s solely to cheer her up. Little angsty, with fluffy ending. Enjoy! @coveofmemories


“Dammit,” she said softly, looking into the compact mirror and picking at her chin. Quickly, Penelope grabbed her coverup and went to contour the fuck out of her face. She had 18 double chins this morning and nothing seemed to want to help. It would help if I lost weight, she thought to herself. But here I am eating a breakfast sandwich yet again. Tears started to sting at the corners of her eyes as she thought about going home. Today was a really bad day and she didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Not even Morgan. Especially Morgan. 

He was everything she wasn’t, and every day she fought the idea that he could never actually love someone like her, not when he has women that looked like models practically worshipping the ground he walked on. 

“Hey, babygirl,” he said from the doorway, loving the way her blue hairpiece was playing off of her striking eyes. Yet again, she had her face in the mirror. He didn’t understand. She was his beautiful babygirl. Why did she always doubt herself?

Garcia spun around, snapping at him without wanting to. This is why I should just go home today. Here was the gorgeous, statuesque God of a man who actually wanted to be near her for some reason and all she could do was snap at him because every morning she looked in the mirror she hated herself. Correction, she hated what she saw. The rest of her was awesome, but even the greatest of everything else couldn’t overcome what she saw in the mirror. “Sorry,” she said, spinning back around for fear that he’d see her face half contoured. “I’ll be in the round table room in a few.” 

Derek sighed and left the room, once again leaving his words unspoken. For so long, he’d wanted to tell Garcia how much he loved her, was in love with her. He knew what she saw when she looked in the mirror. One night, when she’d had a few too many drinks, she’d confided in him how she felt, but he just couldn’t see it. Since then, every time he tried to go and tell her how he felt, he held back, fearing that she would see it as a way to make her feel better and not an actual confession. 

After Penelope came in to do the briefing, which she did with her usual pep and perkiness, her face immediately dropped back into the slump it was in before. “Babygirl,” he said, grabbing her hand and leading her to her lair. Enough was enough. He had to say something. He was about to burst inside, and whether or not she felt the same, he needed her to know that he didn’t see what he saw. “I’ve got some shit to say.”

Garcia really wasn’t in the mood right now. The team was going on the jet in a couple of hours. When they did, she’d take her laptop and work from home. That way she didn’t have to be seen by anybody. “What is it, Morgan? I’m so tired.” That was a lie; she just desperately didn’t want him looking at her right now. 

“I need you to know some things about me,” he said, grabbing her hands in both of his. “Things that I’ve felt for a long time. I love you-”

She knew that. She didn’t understand, but she knew that he loved her as one of his best friends in the entire world. “I know, Morgan,” she said before being cut off with a finger to her lip. 

“No, you think I love you as a friend, and I do, but I love you as so much more than that. I love you as the woman who always puts her friends before herself. The one who keeps us smiling even on our worst days. I love that despite how you see yourself, you still wear your heart on your sleeve,” he said. He was rambling - starting to sound like Pretty Boy. “I am in love with you, Penelope Garcia. I need you to know that. I have no idea if you feel the same way or not, but I needed to say it.”

“Why? And how do you know how I feel?” she asked softly. How could her best friend be in love with her when he could have his pick of any woman on the planet? Why her?

Derek’s eyes widened in surprise. Even with a confession, she still didn’t get it. “You told me when you were drunk,” she laughed softly. God, seriously? How could I be so stupid? “And I’m in love with you because you’re you. I love everything about you, Penelope. The brain, the heart, the body - all of it. I don’t see you how you see yourself.”

The tears she’d cut back before boiled to the surface again. “Really?”

He nodded, bending forward slightly to kiss her forehead. “I am in love with all of you, Penelope Garcia.”

She didn’t get it. She wasn’t sure she ever would. “I love you, too, Morgan,” she said softly. “I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever be able to see what you see though.”

“Can we work on it? Together?” he asked, hearing Hotch down the hallway looking for him. “When we get back?”

She gave him a small nod and a gentle squeeze of the hand before he left. Turning back to her chair, she sat down and picked up the compact again to finish her contouring. This didn’t just stop because someone expressed an interest. She still didn’t understand how Derek could love her, but maybe, just maybe, she would stay in the office instead of going home. 

The Special Phone Call / Drabble

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Words: 2,725
Pairing: Luke Alvez / Penelope Garcia
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Luke Alvez and Derek Morgan
Requested by: @marialovesdean - she gave such a cute prompt so I hope I gave it justice by writing this little cute drabble (:  and here is the link of the same drabble on FF ^^

Luke leaned against the elevator as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. He spent the weekend playing with Roxy at the dog park for most of the time. With his body aching all over, he’s not exactly sure if he is up for another case that might take weeks to solve. The sound of the elevators arriving to the BAU’s floor and opening caused his eyes to open. Clenching onto his backpack, he exhaled deeply before exiting and making his way toward the bullpen. “Hey.”

JJ looked up from her phone. “You look tired.”

“Roxy was really hyper this weekend,” Luke put his backpack down on top of his desk and chuckled. “I changed her diet in the last few days, I think that’s why.”

Spencer leaned against his seat. “She’s not on the raw diet anymore?”

Luke shook his head. “She wasn’t feeling well when she was on the diet.” Settling into his seat, he sighed. “I was suggested to change the diet and see what happens.” He glanced around the bullpen. “What’s the case?”

“I don’t know,” JJ answered. “Both Emily and Penelope haven’t left the office yet, they’ve been discussing something for the last twenty minutes. And Rossi hasn’t arrived.”

“Maybe it’s not that bad,” Spencer suggested. “When we do have a bad case, we’re all huddled around the conference room instead.” Taking a book out from his drawer, he started opening it to read.

“Conference room.” Emily called out for the team as she slowly made her way over with Penelope following behind. “We have a case in Chicago. Double homicide, the third one in the last two weeks.”

“A serial killer?” JJ looked up at the screen just as Penelope brought up the pictures.

Emily nodded her head. “Rossi won’t be joining us due to personal issues but the case is simple. We just need to fly over there and try to help out the local officers.”

“Alright.” Spencer stood up. “Wheels up in 20?”

“Actually, with Rossi not being with us, I thought we needed another hand.” Emily suggested.

JJ knit her eyebrows together. “The case is simple? I think the four of us can handle the case.”

“Yeah,” Penelope agreed. “But you wouldn’t know Chicago as much as the guy that’s joining us.”

Luke arched an eyebrow. “Who is coming?”

Derek knocked on the door and smiled brightly at the team. “Agent Derek Morgan is joining you to Chicago.” He winked over at Penelope. “Baby Girl.”
Penelope smiled. “Welcome back.”

Luke glanced between Penelope and Derek as he collected his files in silence.

Penelope moved around comfortably on her chair around her office as she took a sip of her tea. Checking the time on her watch, the team should be looking over the crime scenes right now. Her eyes adverted over to her little figurines on her desk, landing particularly on the newest member of the family. The little cat stress toy that Luke had given her a couple weeks ago. The longer she looked at it, the wider her smile became on her face. She blinked her eyes in confusion when her phone started ringing. Getting into tech analyst mode, she pressed the button and cleared her throat as soon as she saw the caller ID. “Newbie.”

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The phone rings and Garcia covers her mouth, giggling. Smiling, you pick up the phone. “Hey sweet cheeks, whatcha got for me?”

Morgan sounds confused. “(Y/n)?”

“The one and only.”

You can practically see him shaking his head as you try to hold back giggles. “Alright, we need a list of all brunette delinquent male teenagers at Sumner Highschool.”

“I am on it faster then Dean Winchester eats pie.” You say, typing furiously. Morgan frowns on the other end. Smiling, you click the enter button. “The information is on your tablets now.”

“Alright, thanks (y/n). And are you feeling ok?”

“Peachy; why?”

“You’re just … acting different.” He says.

Unable to hold the laughter in any longer you choke out, “Let me know if you need anything else.” Then you hang up and Garcia and you burst out laughing, tears streaming down your face at your friend’s confusion.

On the other end, Morgan is staring in wonder at his phone. Smiling to himself, he pockets the phone and goes to find Hotch.

Fun House Mirrors

Hey, y'all! This is a little morcia fic that I wrote for anon! Now, it’s my first non-reader insert cm pairing fic to post on here and it’s my first morcia fic I’ve ever even attempted to write so please go easy on me :)

Garcia is feeling down about her appearance and Derek reminds her of how amazing she is.

Originally posted by kate--beckett

When Penelope woke up in the morning, she was alone. The sheets beside her were cool and empty and she was shocked with a spark of anxiety before the repetitive sound of water slapping against the ground relaxed her nerves. He was in the shower, just the shower. But that feeling had lingered, that out-of-place fear that the man she had rapidly been falling in love with had left her, and Garcia perfectly well knew why she thought it.

She passed by her full length mirror with its flowery, pink sticker stuck around the edges and she stood in front of it, frowning decidedly.

Garcia felt bloated and immature in her hot pink pajama bottoms with its matching floral top and another shot of anxiety rang out through her. She fought the tears bursting at her eyes. Her blonde hair with all its knots swayed depressively  as she pivoted, examining herself in her mirror from all sides. Her frown sunk deeper. She didn’t even notice when the water in the bathroom stopped or the shower door opened or when a towel-clad wet Derek Morgan stepped into her bedroom or even when he started to say her name.

“Pen? Pen? What’s up?” He stepped forward, into the background of the mirror, snatching her gaze as his hands wrapped around her waist, “What’s going on, baby girl?”

She tried to force as bright a smile as she could muster but it was much too weak to be a Penelope Garcia smile and gave her away instantly (plus, Derek Morgan is a profiler who knows everything about her, she was at a distinct disadvantage from the start).

“Oh, come on, baby, you can tell me anything.” He begged, watching her eyes in the mirror.

Garcia sighed, resigned to her fate, “Its just… I walk up and you weren’t there and that scared me for a second and then…” She stammered, unsure how much she wanted to give up.

Penelope Garcia was not usually one for looking into mirrors and feeling sorry for herself but every once in awhile she would take that peek and not be able to look past the insecurities she had learned to hide so well with her bright colors and high heels and vibrant laughs. Today had unexpectedly become one of those days.

“Hey,” Derek murmured, painfully noticing the sadness on her face. He lifted her chin with his forefinger, “What are you talking about? Girl, you’re amazing.”

“I-I Just look so…” She struggled to find the write word until her lips fell on, “different…” And the word sunk dejectedly.

“You’re kidding, right? Penelope, look at me.” He waited for their eyes to meet and collide, until he had all her attention, “You’re perfect.” He whispered and she felt herself melt.

She sighed, finally allowing a true smile to breathe out, “Dammit. Derek Morgan, you have done it again.” She eyed his towel, “How long until we have to be at work?”

Derek let out a loud, barking laugh, “We can make some time.” And he wrapped his arms around her, his lips moving to her ear, “I love the pajamas, Pen.”

And then she giggled and they were both left with smiles and so much more.

That’d be me, chocolate thunder.

Characters - Garcia x reader, Derek x reader

Word count -398


‘Garcia?’ You said as you entered her room.
‘Y/N! What are you doing here?’ Penelope turned in her chair.
‘I thought I’d come and visit. Is that okay? You asked her.
‘Yeah your just gonna have to help me sugar, so get your cute little bum over here.’ She said excitedly as she made space for you and handed you some files and you started going through them.
You and Garcia were nearly done when the phone started ringing, you pressed it onto speaker so Garcia needed to talk since her hands were full.
‘Hey baby girl.’ A deep voice from the other end spoke up. You smiled coming up with a plan since Garcia couldn’t talk.
‘I’m sorry, but this isn’t your baby girl.’ You said looking at Garcia chuckling.
‘And who may this be?’ he questioned starting to get confused.
‘The one and only, amazing best friend of your baby girl.’ You said spinning in the chair.
‘This must be the chocolate thunder that I have heard lots about.’ You told him as he didn’t reply.
‘Yeah, this is him. So tell me what else have you heard.’ He asked, you turned to Garcia giving her a smirk.
‘Well I’ve heard you bring the best presents and give the infamous kisses on the cheek, which I’m waiting for and it better be as good as hoe Garcia describes it.’ You answered him, Garcia’s face going into to shock. She tried to grab the phone but you lifted the phone to your ear and walked to the hallway.
‘I also know that you protect her with your life and I’m thankful for that. I wouldn’t be able to live without her.’ You told him.
‘No problem.’ He replied.
‘I’ll put Garcia on now.’ You said smiling as you re-entered the room.
You sat on a comfy seat in the corner of Garcia’s office as the both of you worked I silence and went over cases. You had you back to the door focussed on a certain file when it suddenly opened.
‘Sweet cheeks?’ he asked as he paid no attention to your figure in the corner.
‘Yes, honey?’ Garcia asked turning in her chair.
‘Who was that on the phone?’ he questioned. You turned around watching Garcia look at you then back to Derek.
‘That’d be me, chocolate thunder.’ You replied with a smirk as he turned so fast he could get whiplash.

Originally posted by beckettsworld

favorite morgan/garcia scenes:

we are days away from derek morgan returning for the season finale of season 12 as a guest star and it has me screaming in excitement. I cannot wait to see their scenes together for the episode. which had me going back and watch some of my favorite scenes between the two of them. the chemistry between shemar and kirsten is always insanely amazing and just wonderful to watch.

thought I could share my favorite scenes between these two:

Season 3 Episode 9 - “Penelope” (the aftermath when she got shot and he brought her home. the first moment where we hear morgan saying he loves her and vice versa)

Morgan: “Hey, silly girl.”

Garcia: “Hmm?”

Morgan: “I love you. You know that, right?”

Garcia: “I love you, too.”

Season 4 Episode 1 - “Mayhem” (because she’s his God-given solace, that’s it)

Morgan: “Garcia….I’ll tell you what you are to me. You’re my God-given solace. Woman, you promise me one thing - whatever happens…don’t you ever stop talking to me.”

Garcia: “I can’t right now ‘cause I’m mad at you.”

Morgan: “I can wait.”

Season 5 Episode 21 - “Exit Wounds” (when she ran toward a dying victim without hesitation and realizes that the job is starting to change her and she’s scared.)

Morgan: “I’m proud of you, Penelope. Despite everything that happened, you came back….and you got the job done.”

Garcia: “The sight of blood used to make me run away. And two nights ago I ran towards it.”

Morgan: “It means you’re changing into someone stronger than you realize. You cared enough to risk your own life to try and save someone else.

Garcia: “Yeah but…what’s the difference between being strong and being jaded? I’m scared, Derek. I don’t want to lose who I am just so I can do this job.”

Morgan: “We are in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I know you see that, don’t you?”

Garcia: “Yeah.”

Morgan: “Then we have nothing to worry about. It’s who you are, Baby Girl. You see the beauty in everything and everyone no matter where you go. That part of you is never gonna change, and I won’t let it.”

Garcia: “I don’t need you to protect me.”

Morgan: “Tough. I think I’m gonna stay on the job a little while longer.”

Garcia: “Yeah?”

Morgan: “Mm-hmm.”

Garcia: “How much longer?”

Morgan: “Every day of my life.”

Garcia: “I kind of love you, Derek Morgan.”

Morgan: “I kind of love you, Penelope Garcia.”

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anonymous asked:

A drabble request where Derek Morgan finds out that Penelope calls reader thebigtittiedgoddess (she saw you in your undergarments) and asking Garcia which bras she likes that you try on at Vs and Derek Derek is curious to see.. Smut (or not if your uncomfortable)

Here you go anon hope you like it😊

Victoria’s Secret

Warnings: language,  implied smut. 

Rated: M for mature 

Song:acquainted by the weekend

Derek x Reader

Originally posted by caryled

“Alright alright I’m on my way bigtittiedgoddess ” Penelope said laughing and hanging up the phone on you.

“Big what?” Asked a  loud voice from behind her.

She spun around and saw Morgan standing in her doorway and immediately regretted saying it.

“Who did you just call  bigtittiedgoddess P?”He asked walking deeper into her office and closing the door behind him.

“Uh-oh” she said cursing her brilliant yet sometime inappropriate mind and tried to cover “Uh no one… I didn’t even say that… I have no idea what you’re talking about….I wasn’t…that was no one…” she said stuttering and mentally face palming her forehead.

“Come on baby girl don’t lie to me” He said walking over to her desk and looking into her eyes. 

Penelope had never been able to hide anything from Derek. He could read her like an open book so she sighed and started talking. 

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I was hoping for some more Morgan and Garcia comfort/fluff scenes.

But I think I like this more. I love seeing Hotch do stuff like that. He said yes to the omelettes because he knows Garcia is having a hard time and is lonely and missing home.  And the stoic “straight arrow” agent says yes, and helps her make omelettes and does it with a smile. 

I think sometimes Hotch can be under appreciated. And I love how he appreciates Garcia as just as much a part of his team as the others.

A Chained Heart // Chapter One

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Words: 6,619
Genre: Drama / Romance
Pairing: Luke Alvez & Penelope Garcia
Author’s Note: finally this chapter is posted. the fact that I had to rewrite everything from the start was the most frustrating 15 hours of my life. I hope that you all like this first chapter as it is an introduction to all the characters in my own AU for this pairing. I know it’s a bit of a surprise that this chapter is posted since ‘a little too late’ isn’t over yet but hey, why not? Thank you.

Chapter One - “Different People, Different Lives” [link to FF]

For her, life had always been considered as a strict schedule. Since she was seven years old, the only person she had to watch out in the household was herself. Her parents were either out at work or having wine night with friends. She considered that household as the survival for the fittest. Before she knew it, she fed herself every night by making sandwiches or buying food at the stores by herself with money she would make from a lemonade stand. If she were to really estimate, she would’ve seen her parents once a week. By the time she turned fourteen, she became a pro at handling everything on her own. The strict schedule she created herself was meant for her to stay focus and never falter under pressure. Despite not having parents, who were providing the parental guidance that she needed, she made sure to guide herself through every obstacle blocking her way. She wouldn’t say she was a happy child growing up but rather an adult in child form. By the time she was in high school, she became inspired to become a baker because it was something that made her happy. Half the time when she’s alone at home, she would bake endless cookies to share with her teachers. Sometimes she would even bake a cake when it was somebody’s birthday. Hearing compliments that she never received as a child from strangers instead of her own family, it gave her a weird feeling. The type of feeling as if she should’ve felt this way earlier on in life but it was okay. With the praise and love that she was receiving from just making a couple of cookies or stack of cakes, she smiled for the first few times since she was born.

That’s when she decided to on what she wanted to be after graduating from high school. To become an aspiring top baker in the world, people say it’s really a far fetched dream but with the right determination and focus, she knew that she could do it as soon as she finished school. Life became ironic when her parents suddenly started acting as if she mattered in their lives. Once they heard that she wanted to attend baking school, she saw them more at home during her last week of high school than she did for eighteen years living under the house. They demanded for her to attend university and go for an actual career. The most hilarious part was the fact that they didn’t do that for her own benefits but for theirs. Insisting that if she chooses to become a baker, she would be considered as a joke in the whole family. Her parents are lawyers, one of Virginia’s top class lawyers that only the best of the best celebrities, politicians and business people come for help. Her older brother became a doctor, one of the most prestigious doctors at the largest hospital. For eighteen years, she lived life as a dull, unhappy person under the household. For once when she found something to do, her parents wanted to put an end to it.

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Everything I want in life is a guy who talks to me like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia.
—  every girl and woman in the world