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Wedding Dress
Derek Webb
Wedding Dress

derek webb | wedding dress

If you could love me as a wife
And for my wedding gift, your life
Should that be all I’d ever need?
Or is there more I’m looking for

And should I read between the lines
And look for blessings in disguise
To make me handsome, rich, and wise
Is that really what you want?

‘Cause I am a whore I do confess
But I put you on just like a wedding dress
And I run down the aisle, I run down the aisle
I’m a prodigal with no way home
But I put you on just like a ring of gold
And I run down the aisle
I run down the aisle to you

So could you love this bastard child?
Though I don’t trust you to provide
With one hand in a pot of gold
And with the other in your side
‘Cause I am so easily satisfied
By the call of lovers so less wild
That I would take a little cash
Over your very flesh and blood

Because money cannot buy a husband’s jealous eye when you have knowingly deceived his wife

Saw this on Derek Webb’s Tumblog earlier today:

“it seems the point of a public ‘christian life’ must be less about appearing like jesus as it is about appearing as one who needs jesus.”

That spun off a lot of ideas in my little head this afternoon. And while this is probably not at all what Derek was getting at (this was just a side note in a post on a different subject), here are some of my (very disorganized and potentially off base) thoughts derived from his quote above.

  1. In church we are typically taught to act like Jesus, for various reasons. Sometimes its in simple obedience to the things that Jesus taught. Sometimes its so that one might not bring shame to the name ‘Christian,’ I’ve heard it described as not ruining one’s Christian testimony.

  2. I fear that this has a result of being a hypocrite factory, teaching a bunch of people (especially young people) to behave exactly as they are not. Obviously this is painting with a very large brush, but I think that this is a given in Christian circles.

  3. ‘Acting like Jesus’ might just be masking what Jesus is actually doing in someone’s life. Perhaps the perfecting work of the Holy Spirit might be more evident if we’re not trying to look perfect to begin with?

  4. 'Acting like Jesus’ may be preventing the actualization of 'Jesus-likeness’ in someone’s life. I mean that one may spend their energies covering up their sin and in the process have no place to repent of it. Confession of sin, for lack of a better description, should be a lifestyle and not just an event.

  5. This shouldn’t be taken as license for disobedience or laziness, just for honesty. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He came to heal the sick, not the well. If one cannot admit constantly by one’s words and lifestyle that one is sick and lost, what need has one of Jesus’s rescuing work?

  6. So a life that is more earthy, honest, and transparent should be preferred to one that is apparently righteous, don’t you think?

The first track from Derek Webb’s upcoming album, “I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You,” available everywhere September 3, 2013.

Complete Track Listing

1. I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You
2. Eye Of The Hurricane
3. Lover Part 3
4. Closer Than You Think
5. Heavy
6. Everything Will Change
7. I Measure The Days (Simplified Anglican Chant)
8. A Place At Your Table
9. Nothing But Love
10. The Vow
11. Your Heart Breaks In All The Right Places
12. Thy Will Be Done


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I have three things I’d like to say today. First, while you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don’t give a shit. What’s worse is that you’re more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night.
—  Derek Webb
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