Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the acting skills of the Casualty cast?

If there are reasons for our crazy obsession with this programme, that is probably at the top of the list.

Just a small example:

Amanda Mealing: Can portray an immensely layered and complex character who can kill you with her stare, render you speechless with her sass and break your heart with her hidden sadness. Basically she can play an absolute female dog at the same time as a vulnerable puppy.

Sunetra Sarker: Can play a character who is so strong in her work but has weaknesses in her personal life. Is spectacular at getting her emotions across and interacting with the other actors.

Derek Thompson: Has been committed to the role for thirty years. Never forgets his character’s background and it comes through in every line. Can portray wisdom, anger, exasperation, kindness and despair incredibly well (can move us to tears)

Here’s to all the actors that make Casualty so amazing and emotional 🍻😄