Resident Evil 6 storyboards

Please credit me/this post if you use the pictures below. I spent hours taking pictures of it and uploading it on tumblr. Thanks.

So I recently got the Biohazard 6 Story Guide (yes, you can see my hands in the reflection of the shiny cover) which is essentially a book full of storyboards for RE6. It lists all the dialogue and motions in the game in Japanese which I don’t know how to read. =P

I bought it for the pictures anyway. Didn’t they say that pictures speak a thousand words? =D

Also, this will be VERY image heavy post so you’ve been warned. The book is in chronological order meaning it starts off on 24th-25th December 2012 which is chapter 2 of Chris’s campaign and ends on 1st July 2013 where the game ends.

To make things easier, I’m showcasing some (not all) of the storyboards one campaign at a time. So, I’m staring with Leon’s.

Also, I will be pointing out how the storyboards are very inconsistent. Heh.

Leon shoots the president. Note his outfit. It’s his China garb. Helena’s shirt also looks like Ada’s top.

It seems they found time to change clothes after shooting the president. Leon is wearing his Tall Oaks outfit like in the game while Helena wears her China outfit. They’re in the sewers, by the way.

Escaping with the survivors on the bus. Oh look, Helena is wearing her Ada shirt. See the inconsistency? Leon’s facial expression looks odd in the 3rd panel.

Leon shows horror and shock at accidentally releasing the Lepotitsa. I don’t think we saw that facial expression in the game?

Leon & Helena to the rescue with epic chandelier jumping!

The viewing of the “Happy Birthday Ada Wong” tape. In the storyboards, the Carla chrysalid is surrounded by scientists and you can see a feminine face on the chrysalid.

Aww. Helena is a little teary in the second panel.

Deborah had a tail in the storyboards? Okaaay.

Leon and Helena look great with wet hair. XD

Leon’s wet hair makes him look like a rock star. LOL.

On the plane towards China. Leon doesn’t change his clothes at all after swimming in zombie water but Helena does.

I like Leon’s look in the second panel.

That’s Ada in the first panel. She has shorter hair in the storyboard…

The Leon and Chris scuffle.

Simmons’s mutation looks very disturbing. >_<

Very disturbing indeed. Ugh. Looks like an Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Chris gives Leon the news that Ada is dead. Leon, are you about to cry or do you have very bad eyebags from sleep deprivation? =(

Dino Simmons was in the original storyboard. *sigh*

“She’s more than just a friend isn’t she?” Leon looks kinda shy(?) and puzzled in the second panel?

Apparently Simmons was supposed to be a spider during the fight against Leon & Ada on the roof. They didn’t publish any storyboards for the Aeon scene though. Would have loved to see those. =(

Leon & Helena are hanging off the side of the building after the Simmons battle. Ada has an interesting outfit which I will showcase in more detail later when we get to her campaign.

And Ada leaves Leon to hang there. Lol. XD

Instead of Housefly Simmons, it was supposed to be creepy Angel Simmons? Eh…

Oh well, his blood forms the Umbrella logo anyway. Leon’s (he’s on the left) flowing hair makes him look very girly. XD

Leon pulls the makeup compartment aside instead of allowing it to flip up on its own.

Teary Helena again in the first panel. I wish we got to see this more of this side of her in the game.

Leon gives a goofy smile as he receives Ada’s makeup compact. =D

Onward to Chris’s campaign! There will be feels towards the end. You’ve been warned.

The storyboards for Chris are similar to the game but some facial expressions are weird. Like the bottom panel of Chris being knocked out. Ouch.

Chris at a bar and Piers put down a container of food which ISN’T steak! *gasp*

Piers is eating a hotdog instead of steak! I guess the meme would have been hotdogs instead of steak…

Epic group pose for the win.

Carla storyboard. Note how her hair is shoulder length here and the outfit she’s wearing. It’ll be inconsistent later. =P

And… Carla changed her dress and it now looks like Ada’s RE4 butterfly dress. You can see the butterflies on the bottom panel. Erm what?!

Chris emotes dramatically.

HAOS bites off Piers’s right arm in the first panel. I don’t know which is more agonizing. Tearing off your arm by yourself or having it bitten off. =/

Then Piers gets thrown aside violently in the first panel. Note the blood streaming from HAOS’s mouth. Ugh. You can see Piers clutching his armless shoulder in the bottom panel. =’(

Piers injects the C virus and gets a sabre (or saber depending on how you wanna spell it…) for an arm instead of the one with lightning claws in the game.

Aww, Piers is trembling a bit in the first panel. *sad*

Chris’s ending and he eats a hotdog instead of a steak.

His exit from the bar isn’t that dramatic in the storyboards.

Now we head onto Jake’s campaign.

Sherry’s hair is a little bit longer and looks a bit like RE6 Ada’s. Note how they’re wearing their coats here…

Sherry and Jake meet Chris and Piers. Their coats have mysteriously disappeared!

After fighting Ogroman and boarding the helicopter, their coats magically appear again! Wow.

Looks like we were supposed to find at least 5 datachips in the game. Good thing they reduced it to 3, didn’t they?

Carla is wearing a rather professional-looking top in the first panel. Interesting. They didn’t publish any storyboards of them sneaking around to avoid Ustanak and his bugs. I would have liked to see that.

Jake is supposed to have lost weight in his 6 months of captivity. Look at his ribs. =(

Sherry blushes. Very cute. =P

They change clothes with their backs towards each other. So modest. XD

Sherry is happy to see Leon and Jake is being very protective.

Oh look, Jake’s shirt is mysteriously sleeveless in the first panel.

Oh wait never mind, his sleeves are back again for the Simmons confrontation.

Both of them were supposed to be suspended from their wrists in mid-air? That isn’t comfortable. Ouch.

Angry Jake is angry.

So Jake and Sherry were supposed to fire rocket launchers simultaneously at Ustanak before Jake falcon punches him.

I must say, the kid has a very sweet smile.

And Sherry blushes again. Capcom must be shipping them.

No you didn’t Jake, you raised it up to $50 in the game, remember? =P

Finally, we reach Ada’s campaign.

Ada has three outfit changes. This is the first one when she encounters “Simmons” for the first time. Her top has the bottom of her boobs and her midriff exposed. Practical clothing choice…?

Convenient spotlight from nowhere shining on a phone on a desk in an empty room.

Ada is not amused by your shenanigans. Lol.

Lol at Ada’s cat slit eye in the first panel as she works to get the torpedo open while listening to Carla’s gibberish. Note her outfit change in the second panel. Ada is wearing a shirt this time.

Third outfit change. It’s a sleeveless halter top. It reminds me of Sheva’s purple top from RE5.

Her gloves, pants, and boots (seen in a later picture) still remain the same though.

More Ada. =P

Nice details in her eyes.

Leon’s hair appears shorter than normal. Ada hookshots away with style.

Second and third panel is Carla with a headset. Interesting…

Angry and tired(?) looking Ada.

Spider-man Ada!

Breaking and entering with finesse.

Landing with grace.

Peeking through her scope at chainsaw guy. Her sighing and having the “really?” look is quite funny.

Love how she spies on Jake and Sherry.

And she spots Carla through her scope.

Note how Carla’s hair is long here and how she is wearing a scarf.

And now her hair is short and she’s wearing Ada’s halter top and pants outfit.


I wanted to see more pissed off Ada in the game.

Oh yes, Simmons. Take pictures in front of the building where you conduct your experiments.

Well, this is awkward.

Carla the spitter. Did they borrow it from the L4D2 games?

They didn’t show any storyboard for the Carla battle. Boo. =(

Surprised Ada.

Serious Ada. This is the first time she drops her cool cat mask and emotes so much.

Leon has shampoo commercial worthy hair. XD

Empty office is empty.

The reflection is a little weird.

Hi Leon. Bye Leon.


The storyboard artist wrote “she stops” on her back.

What do ya know, it’s a Carla chrysalid. Why am I not surprised.

Carnage galore!

Carla and Simmons look… genuinely happy. I am shocked.

“Next Level”? What does that mean. Will we see more of Jake?

And I took more than 2 hours to type this post. I hope y'all enjoyed it!