CONSTANTINE: This peculiar elevation of yours, Drake, I’m confused. 

It’s unlikely to be merited by a sudden emergence of brains in that gorilla skull of yours. 

THATCHER: Who do you think you’re… 

DRAKE: Sergeant, leave him. 

CONSTANTINE: Francis Thatcher, mother dead, father invalided on a coal barge. 

Sister, Lily, two counts of soliciting before her 18th birthday. 

But you are the sole breadwinner in that household now. 

Are you not, Sergeant? 

Sergeant Drummond, a man full grown, still living with his mother. 

Do your colleagues here smirk at such?

Peter and Alice~ 20/05/13

So yesterday I went to see Peter and Alice, which I’d been counting down to see for around 84 days. I’d sort of exhausted my excitement by the time it came round to it but once I was in the theatre the excitement returned.
I’d seen so many photos on here and Instagram of the set that it was so surreal to be actually there. That set you’ve been looking at on a screen is actually in front of you.
When Ben came on stage I fidgeted excitedly in my seat and turned to my mum who grinned at me. The same for Judi, it was completely surreal to me. The play was absolutely fantastic, I mean, you couldn’t really fault it. I thought Olly Alexander was incredible, even the way he sat down it was the exact way I’d imagine Peter Pan to sit. It was so emotional and near the end all you could hear was snuffles, my nan was the first in the grand circle to give the cast a standing ovation and soon the rest followed. I was so proud of them all they all did brilliantly.
After the performance, I led my mum and my nan round to the stage door. We spotted Ruby Bentall, who was already on St. Martin’s Lane, and some guy congratulated her but I was too shy to go up and do the same.
I managed to get Derek Riddell’s autograph and thanked him, he laughed at me because I handed him my book of the play and told him to sign it anywhere. “Just anywhere..” He mumbled as he scribbled his name down.
Next Stefano Braschi came out but he was in a hurry so I let him go, he was closely followed by Ben Whishaw, with Olly Alexander coming out a second after. I walked over to Olly and he looked kinda surprised when I sheepishly handed him my book and a pen.
I’d then shuffled towards the crowd around Ben and waited until it was my turn, again, handing him my book and a pen. After he’d signed it I looked at him and told him I had something for him to which he replied. “That’s very kind of you..” I handed him a letter with a painting all in an envelope I’d made myself. Then I pulled out and unfolded a little scruffy piece of tissue paper which I’d bleached the promo poster for Peter and Alice onto. He looked at it and smiled, “That’s amazing.. How did you /do/ that? Is it a drawing or a print or..?” And I quietly replied that it was a bit of both. I then mumbled that it was for him and that it was all crumpled. He looked from it to his hands and told me I could slot it inside this little book he was clutching, which I think was a gift from someone who had met him earlier.
I’d then asked if I could have a photo, and he put his arm around my shoulders. (I don’t know why but I put my arm across his backpack) There was a sort of horseshoe shape around us, all taking photos, and my mum was stood to my right and my nan was in front of me. Each with their own cameras. He then went “I don’t know where I’m looking!” As my mum pointed out that I was her daughter. Ben was ever so patient and stood while I quickly asked my mum to take a picture on my phone. As my mum went to take the photo she said “Smile!” and I could feel Ben’s shoulders moving as he chuckled. I apologised and thanked him, (I felt really guilty for holding everyone up) moving slightly away from the crowd. My mum then decided she wanted the programme signed too so I quickly sidled back up to him and said “Sorry to be a pain but can I get you to sign this?” And he squiggled his name on it, signing a few other things before asking whose pen it belonged to.
We walked over to the pub and sat inside and got a drink, I was completely starstruck. My nan was all “Isn’t he lovely and patient?” And was asking me how excited I was. We waited a while until I saw a group gathering outside the front of the theatre and darted out of the pub. I managed to get a few photos but she was whisked away into the car before I had the chance to ask for her autograph.
On the way out of the pub I got my photo taken outside the theatre and just as I stepped down John Simm walked past and I had to double take I didn’t believe it was him at first!
So yeah, the best day of my life. ;D

Sorry this is so long!