derek x braeden

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hi kat do you ever think about draeden competing models AU

I’M GONNA THROW UP ANTM DRAEDEN AU but then better oh my god

model competition draeden in which braeden walks in with the “i’m not here to make friends i’m here to win” mindset & derek is like the “accidentally spotted in a mall” kind of dude but it quickly becomes clear that they’re both the best models so they constantly try to outshine one another and get the best pic and win the most competitions and book the most jobs 

(and then they have to do a shoot together and ♪ i can see sparks fly ♪) 

Hiiii, there’s been a lack of posts on here mainly because there’s a lack of posts in the tags since the season is over. I’ve been going through things lately but I’ll get back to making gifs soon. Don’t forget you guys can request things. Also, I’ve said this a few times but to keep the blog updated more if you’re interested in becoming a member let me know. I’m really looking for someone who makes gifs/graphics. 

- Jazz 

Braeden from ‘Teen Wolf’ - my favorite female character from the very first second on. 

Braeden is such a strong character! Even when she thought that Derek died, she stood up, fighting even harder. 

And I love that she doesn’t even want to hide her scars. That makes her so strong and even more beautiful. 

P.S.: I love when she’s at Dereks place, they think somebody wants to ambush them and she doesn’t lose any time by grabbing some clothes but is ready to fight evil in her underwear. God, I love her. 


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I’ve only seen the first two episodes of season 4.

The door is locked.

Stiles lets his hand slip off the door handle when he takes a step back. “Well,” he says. “Not that I’m actually surprised.”

“I could break it down?” Derek says from behind Stiles where he’s hovering at Stiles’ left elbow, not touching but close enough that he can feel him there.

“We are trying to be stealthy here, Hale,” Stiles says. Not for the first time, he wishes he had learned how to pick a lock. It’s well past midnight, nothing about this was planned very well, he’s freezing in his hoodie and he just wants this over and done with.

“I can pick it,” Braeden says. She’s leaning against Derek’s Toyota, all casual and relaxed, like she does B&E all the time. “There is definitely going to be an alarm system, though.”

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This is a writing meme. I’m trying to make these ficlets all part of the same story. This is part one. Post S4, even though I haven’t actually watched S4. (oh, this will go so well. i can already tell.) Braeden is there. Malia is there. Endgame will be Derek/Stiles, though.

i have no plan.

Stiles hesitates before he knocks, feeling stupid about it. Both about the knock and the faltering of his movements, uncertain and self-conscious in a way that he hasn’t felt in a while.

The door to Derek’s loft slides open before he can decide if he should knock again or just leave.

“Hi, Der– oh.”

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Great Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers!

Below is a link to Jeff Davis’ interview with Entertainment Weekly. He gives us the low down on the 4 top plots for Season 5 and 3 of the 4 are about Desert Wolf, Braeden’s standing and Derek’s new found abilities. Get ready folks because our ship is about to be on and poppin in Season 5! Yasssss!