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Fandom ask post: Teen Wolf

  • the character i least understand: peter hale why is he still alive kill the pasty white man and lets move on 
  • interactions i enjoyed the most: stiles x lydia, derek x braeden, lydia x scott, scott x kira, scott x isaac, kira x malia, kira x malia x lydia, malia x scott, allison x lydia, allison x kira, allison x isaac, isaac x braeden
  • the character who scares me the most: no one? I thought jennifer blake was a super good villain though, and void stiles 
  • the character who is mostly like me: lydia 
  • hottest looks character: everyone is so attractive honestly but scott and braeden are the best looking
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character: that she hasn’t got a real storyline with her banshee powers until recently 
  • one thing i like about my hated character: it’s the last season so he’ll probably die 
  • a quote or scene that haunts me: it doesn’t haunt me but I think its a good quote, “If you’re going through hell, keep going” 
  • a death that left me indifferent: aiden 
  • a character i wish died but didn’t: PETER
  • my ship that never sailed: scalia 

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meagantandy Tandy Birthday project

Hey guys so as most people know I’m a huge Meagan Tandy fan I’m one of her supporters on twitter @Tandysupport anyways I want to do something special for her birthday and show that she has fans that love and support her and she deserves all the love on her birthday so there’s two things I’m going to be doing the first is the notebook all you have to do is tell me why you love her and send it to me here or on twitter or Instagram with your name and username. Deadline for that is April 15!! The second one is a birthday video which all you have to do is either send a video saying happy birthday to me or a picture with a paper poster saying happy birthday deadline for that is May 1! please help me if your a fan

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sometimes it's hard to ship Braeden in teen wolf because people immediately accuse you of wanting to break up Draeden so you can ship derek with another white dude :/

Well I mean people have a right to be skeptical of your intentions behind wanting to break up Draeden tbh. That’s their right to call people out they suspect of being lowkey racists especially because there’s so much racism in the teen wolf fandom in general. But so long as you still support Draeden in some capacity you should be able to ship Braeden just fine.  The key is to support the canon ship as well as your other choosen Braeden ship you know?

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I like to think about Derek back home doing the finances and keeping the house clean while he waits for Braeden to come back from beating up bad guys and she phones him up to give him updates on her Desert Wolf mission and he sends his love to his cousin and just generally happily waits around for his badass bounty hunter girlfriend to come back home and like Derek/Braeden is one of those ships that I only lowkey ship but at the same time 200% convinced they will stay together for the rest of their lives.

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*lies down on the floor* I...I just love Braeden so much. @Jeff Davis: Please bring back my wife. Also, like, Braeden as Iris and Derek as Barry. -S

THIS IS SO RELATABLE HOLY SHIT #PLEASE braeden was baeden honestly. she made s4 so much better

also oh my god.,  please. i lowkey want braeden as flash!iris and lydia, kira and malia as her team flash? and then derek is csi!barry who is obsessed with the flash and wants to find out who she is and he’s got his OWN team of nerds (see: scott and stiles) in the police department who are his ~eyes and ears~ on the ground. actually. did i say lowkey want? i mean highkey want

Baby, we’re having a baby ... Maybe. (8)

Pairing: Braeden/Derek

Request: Yes

Rating : PG-13

Word count :  393

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Derek wiped his eyes, walking back to Braeden’s room.

Peter and Cora eventually left to go back to the loft for the night to get some sleep, since Braeden insisted.

So when Derek walked in the room, he spotted Braeden holding  Thaeden  .

“Oh my God.” He stammered rushing over to her, hugging her tightly.

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“Stiches!” She hissed.

“Im sorry ! I just-” He started.

“You almost died.” He spoke, admiring her soft brown eyes.

“I did.” She nodded in agreement, getting tear eyed.

“Dont do it again.” He said, holding her face.

“Okay.” She gave him a small smile.

“I’m serious Braeden. You scared the hell out of me.” He kissed her forehead.

“How is he?” She asked.


“Our son.”

“How’d you k-”


“Well? How is he?”

“He’s not getting any better.”

“They took him for observation and he’s still not breathing or eating on his own. Melissa said she’d keep us updated.”

“What can we do? Can Deaton do anything?”

“I’ll make some calls. Our son is not going to die. I wont let that happen.” He reassured her.

“She’s a wolf you know.” Braeden said.

“She cried in my arms earlier and her eyes flashed yellow.” She added.

“I know … I heard her heart beating.” He admitted.

“How can she be a wolf but he isnt?” Braeden asked.

“I dont know, but we’ll find out.” Derek told her.

“Im scared.” Braeden frowned.

“Oh God. No. Braeden you are so strong. Our son is not going to die. As long as his heart is still beating, don’t worry about a thing.” Derek cooed.

“As long as his heart is still beating? He’s on a freaking machine for Christ sake! so technically it’s not beating ! Not by itself. Our baby’s dead.” She cried.

Derek growled at her, his eyes flickering, heart pounding.

It took him a few seconds to calm down and put the fangs away.

“He is not dead.” He sat down and put her head on his shoulder.

“Dont say that again. He’s going to be fine. We’re going to be fine.” Derek kissed the top of her head.


A/N : WOAH, What yall think about Derek going all wolf like that on Brae ? Anywho I hope yall liked it ! Please give me feedback ! What would you like to see happen next?

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Blood pours down my wrists
Blood pours down my face
Nothing out of place
Nothing out of place
Blood pours down my legs
Blood pours down my arms
I do so much harm
I do so much harm
And I roar
I fall to my knees
On the floor
I am covered in dust and ash
There’s a cut on my face and a slash
On my heart that you made
Lightning through my veins
I struggle and scream in vain
I fall apart
I fall apart
Take me back to the start
I gave myself away
And this night turns into day
I fall apart
I fall apart
I give you my whole heart
I clench my fists
Punch a wall
Everything that I wanted
Wasn’t what I wanted at all
And you touch my hand
I cough up blood
And broken promises
Of all the things I wanted
You were what I wanted all along
But now I am dead
A bullet hit my chest
I fall apart
I fall apart
I fall into your arms
My breathing starts to slow
My eyes start to close
I fall apart
I fall apart
You give me your whole heart

50 Day Drabble Challenge - #20: "You need to wake up because I can't do this without you."

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Pairing: Braeden and Derek; Teen Wolf

A/N: A scene from episode 4x12, “Smoke and Mirrors”.

As soon as Derek had opened the doors to the van, a Berserker had dragged him out. Beat him. Mortally wounded him. He’d put on a brave face for the kids so they’d go on without him. Braeden knows it’s bad, but she still tries to convince him otherwise. She promises she won’t let him die, and it’s a promise she intends to keep.

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