derek x braeden

Derek x Braeden

It just felt so right.
Everything fell into place whenever Derek laid eyes on Braeden.
All of his worries, all of his pain disappeared when they touched.
And his aching heart was transformed by something Derek hadn’t felt in a long time.


Loving the way she smiled, smug, with her lips pressed together and her eyes twinkling with mischief.
Loving the way she walked, purposeful, on a mission as she swung her hips with confidence.
Loving the way she cried, ashamed at first, but as time passed falling completely vulnerable into his arms, needing him to hold her close.
Loving the way she touched him, passionate and desperate, as whenever they parted, she felt the same agony that he did.

Derek was relentlessly yearning for her to be in his arms.
Braeden was constantly craving his presence.
And they were both unintentionally yet undoubtedly falling in love.

When they were together, everything felt right.

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