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July 22, 2016

Who wants to see Lin-Manuel Miranda get tipsy and tell stories about Alexander Hamilton? Well now you can because the Broadway star is bringing the stories he couldn’t fit into the musical to “Drunk History.”

“Drunk History,” for the uninitiated, is a show in which a narrator recites a historical (and oftentimes educational) tale from the past while rip-roaring drunk. That story is later reenacted by famous actors and comedians.

We spoke with Derek Waters, creator, director and writer of “Drunk History,” at Comic-Con and he clued us in on the details.

“We have a ‘Hamilton’ episode and Lin-Manuel Miranda is drunk, telling the story of ‘Hamilton’ that’s something brand new that I’m really excited about.”

What was his preferred poison? “Lin drank whiskey,” Waters said.

For the “Hamilton” details Waters had a specific goal. “I said I want you to tell the stuff that you didn’t get to put in the musical. Stuff that you can’t fit into that show. And it’s more Hamilton and Burr’s duel. Different duels that weren’t talked about in the musical. I never want people to feel like they’re doing homework. I want them to feel like, ‘Wow I’m getting to talk about something I truly love and no one knows it more than me.’ And he knows ‘Hamilton’ really well.” (x)

(x, x)


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

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Are we still talking Spider-Man!Stiles? I feel like we should still be talking Spider-Man!Stiles. Listen. Okay hear me out. I'm all for Wolverine!Derek. BUT I OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE. Deadpool!Derek. Deadpool!Derek, the werewolf, with alpha hood thrust upon him unwillingly when his sicko uncle decided to torch the family home. Maybe the swift power exchange (from Talia to Laura to his younger brother and then finally to Derek is why he was able to survive. (P.1.)

Wow. Apparently I’m a talker today..I apologise! None of that is set in stone ofc but I just care about DP and DH a whole lot and I think DPDerek would work. OR VICE VERSA. Wade Wilson in Teen Wolf. H O L Y S H I T.

I was about to answer this when nonnie answered it for me

Because listen, Deadpool and Spiderman make for such good Sterek material. They have the same snark, except Deadpool is hilarious (see: sarcastic) and Spiderman is all sigh sigh sigh why is this my life whenever Deadpool comes near him (see: 

pretend you’re not enjoying this, pretend you’re not enjoying this, pretend you’re not enjoying this).  

So I think it’s safe to assume we could go with Deadpool!Stiles and Spiderman!Derek because think about it. I don’t know a whole lot about Deadpool, I have only seen the movie and read a few snippets from the graphic novels but I can totally see this because, as nonnie said, good, pure, just trying his best Derek and mouthy little asshole with vengeance on the brain Stiles. IT’S A PERFECT LOVE STORY.  BABY, JUST SAY YES. 

row upon row

Nursey/Dex, rated M, 15k

I can’t believe I got this done on time for Hurt/Comfort Day of NurseyDexWeek (nine minutes left before midnight my time!) I’ve been writing for about ten hours straight. As a result, the ending is a bit rushed, and it’s completely un-betaed. All mistakes are mine – I haven’t even read through it yet. More complete notes on ao3, where it’s also posted.

Warnings: discussion of death of a grandparent (the whole premise is that Dex’s grandmother dies), discussion/mentions of sex

Title taken from Song for Memory by The Once, which I think you should listen to because a) it’s good and b) I kind of think it’s fits the vibe.

Comments and reblogs are always welcome!

Derek wakes up disoriented, still half-drunk from what must be just a few hours ago, and more than half-naked. It’s all a blur – he knows he’s not in his room because from where he’s turned on his side he can see the lack of posters and polaroids up on the wall. Once his vision clears a bit more maybe he’ll recognize it. His head hurts and his throat is dry – he’s probably never felt so thirsty in his life. At least, he thinks, at least he’s alone in this strange bed, if the stillness on the other side is any indication. He’s not even sticky or anything, so. He closes his eyes again. Maybe he can get a bit more sleep in before he really has to leave – it must be so early, there’s barely any light streaming in through the window.

He’s just about ready to slip back into an alcohol-induced haze when –

“What? When? How?”

Derek’s eyes fly open and he feels his heart lurch in fright. He’s not alone in this bed, in, yep, Dex’s bed. He’s in here with Dex, who is apparently on the phone. William John Poindexter’s bed. Practically naked. Is he wearing any pants? He’s still got a beanie on his head for fuck’s sake. What is going on? Did he and Dex…? That would be… Well. 

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One day somebody will look at you like this. They’ll feel so overjoyed at the sight of you that they can’t help but smile. They’ll be up all night thinking about you. They’ll stare after you long after you’ve gone, hoping you’ll come back for a second goodbye. They will love you so unconditionally, and to them, you are the most important person in the whole entire universe… Because you light up their world and you make them feel just as important and just as loved.

 Good luck out there.♡♥︎

Afraid of the dark (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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A/n: this idea like popped in my head and i had to write to it, so enjoy my lovely followers x

 “I can’t believe you did that!” Liam shouted once we were in his house. I rolled my eyes and took my jacket off, throwing it on couch and made my way in the kitchen wanting to get away from him. 

 The night was going perfectly well until i kissed a guy and in my defense, i thought it was Liam. We went to a party that, our friend, Lydia was hosting and we were having fun. Dancing, playing games, drinking and after I kissed the guy everything went downhill from there.

 “It was a mistake alright! Now drop it.” I argued as i got some water for myself. I quickly drink the water and when i turned around, Liam was standing there and he was mad. His eyes flashed gold before turning to his normal color. 

 “How can i drop it when MY girlfriend kissed another guy that wasn’t me.” He pointed to himself when he said my. I sighed and walked past him to the living room.

 “It was a misunderstanding. I thought he was you.” I shrug, sitting down on the couch and not looking at him. I know it’s wrong but it was all a mistake. “Now if you excuse me, i’m going to bed.” 

 “No, you’re not.” He said, blocking the path to go upstairs. I stared at him, annoyed and went to pass again but he stopped me. I was about to open my mouth when he started talking again. “You’re sleeping on the couch. You want to kiss other guys, you’ll sleep down here. There’s pillow and blanket in the closet.”

 I looked at him as he walked up the stairs and i stood there in disbelief. He’s letting me sleep down here all by myself in hi creepy living room. He slams the door, making me flinch from the sudden sound and i slowly walked towards the closet. 

 “Why didn’t i just apologize then I wouldn’t be having this problem. Fuck you, Y/n.” I curse to myself. I opened the closet door and it creaked as i opened it but i took a deep breath and everything is going to be okay. I grab the pillow and the blanket and closed the door right after.

 I changed my clothes into more comfy ones and I tried making the couch more comfortable. I looked at the clock and it was midnight. I just pray to god nothing happens. I snuggled in the couch and tried to sleep. 

 My eyes snapped open and i got up from the couch, looking around for anything. It was pitch black and everything in here seemed ten times scarier. Suddenly the floor creaked and i turned around looking at where the sound came from but finding nothing instead. 

 I clutch the pillow and the blanket as I ran up the stairs towards Liam room. I was debating in my head whether to knock or not. But when i look downstairs decided to knock. I knocked at the door and couple of minutes Liam opened the door.

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 Imagine being taken by an unsub and Reid doing everything in his power to find you, nearly to the point of putting his own mental and physical health in jeopardy, until Morgan comes to him and reminds him that he’s not alone and that they’ll find you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Get some sleep, Reid, I’ll call you if anything comes up,” Morgan begins, gripping the back of the chair where Spencer was hunched over the paper trails of the unsub they were hunting, trying to find something that would help them to find you.

“I’ll sleep when we find her,” he barks quickly, flipping a page as his hands shake with not only the caffeine that was quickly wearing down, but the fear of what could be happening to you. After all, he would know.

“You aren’t going to be any help to anyone if you pass out, kid,” Morgan shakes his head, before lowering his voice gently as he pulls the chair from the table just a bit. “We’ll find her, alright? You’re not alone in this. Each and every one of us are working night and day to get her back, so you can catch a few hours of sleep for now.”

nurseydex captain america!au (bc both make me want to cry so why not???)

  • william j poindexter
  • irish immigrant living in brooklyn in the 1940′s
  • his father died when he was young and his mother worked two jobs in order to support him and his siblings but
  • then she got sick
  • dex put a lot of pressure on himself to provide for his family
  • his best friend nursey helped out when he could
  • let dex and his sisters sleep on his couch
  • spent any spare money he had on groceries
  • even tried to take dex out dancing in the hopes of distracting him
  • (nursey was always such a ladies man, everyone fell in love with his soft eyes and pretty words immediately)
  • (dex was always a little too distracted by money and health and the war to really enjoy himself on dates)
  • (nursey was always a little too distracted by dex to enjoy the women he was on dates with)
  • hot headed, never back down dex, picking fights in back alleys
  • (nursey having to come save his ass)
  • nursey got drafted
  • dex was furious with himself
  • he tried time and time again to enlist
  • he knew it was better money and he couldn’t stand the idea of picking up scrap metal when there were men on the front lines lying down their lives
  • so when he got offered the chance to become a better soldier how could he say no?
  • William “Not A Perfect Man, But A Good Soldier” Poindexter 
  • tracking down the 107 across enemy lines just on the off chance that nursey might still be alive
  • nurseys face when he sees dex, his dex, upon waking him from his experimental drug induced sleep
  • (”dex?”)
  • only
  • it’s not really his dex anymore?
  • (”I thought you were dead”)
  • his shoulders are broader, his arms stronger, his jaw more square and…
  • “I thought you were smaller?”