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You, little human Part. I – Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: Focused on season 3A of Teen Wolf. I’ll play with the way the pack discovers who Darach is. In this imagine, the Reader is twin sister of Stiles Stilinski, belongs to the same social circle that he, except for the detail that she knows nothing of the supernatural creatures, mainly to protect her. The Reader has a crush on Derek Hale.

Words: 2721

Enjoy it!

Reader’s point of view

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The dream scheme had not changed after two and a half weeks of living it. Luckily, every night was more aware that it was that, just a dream. It consisted of the same, a pair of red eyes gleamed among the trees; I was surrounded in the dark, always in my pajamas, my hair matted and barefoot. Lovely! I remember looking everywhere, looking for a way out, but everything was black, the full moon barely could light the path. And as always, I started running blind, if I hit trees, if I cut or something, I just didn’t feel it, because it was illogical to run without seeing and not hit anything, but, what was logical in a dream? This was finished when i finally stumbled over something and the two red balls became bigger. In the distance, the howling of an agonizing wolf was heard.

I woke up to the creak of the door opening. It still took me a few seconds to recover from the bad dream, always causing insomnia and a good headache at school. But, the door? Why would Dad leave at two in the morning? That was happening countless times, only if there was a real emergency in the police station, beyond the murders that were happening lately, nothing else happened, although that seemed enough to make the men with whom i lived unbearable. They seemed to be punished, from high school to home, Stiles took care of bringing me and then he left, so this time, I knew immediately who was entering.

“How long does it take you to get there? Are you dating someone? … Oh, wait, you finally stopped being a virgin.” I exclaimed in a mocking tone.

Stiles closed the door and snorted.

“As if you were not, sister.” He hit back, I just shrugged.

“It’s different.” I finished down the stairs and joined him in the kitchen. “So, are you going to tell me that mysterious mystery that you bring?” I was excited to know something more; the town was beginning to bore me.

“There is no mysterious mystery”

“Then why come so late? Does Dad know? Come on, Stiles, I’m practically locked up at home because of you, I haven’t even gone shopping with Lydia, or seeing …”

I shut up, but I blushed. Stiles stopped paying attention to the contents of the refrigerator and gave me an accusing look. Of course my love interest was a secret to my friends, no one could know, not even Dad. My brother and his best friend barely got away with it.

"See who, Y/N? So you also have a mysterious mystery. "He pointed a finger at me.

"AHA! So you admit that there is a mystery ” Stiles came back to ignore me “Fine! Don’t tell me, I’ll find out”

I turned around and went back to my room. Something was going to happen to me.

The disadvantage of having a twin brother right when I needed to find answers, is that we were in the same group, always sitting next to Scott, whom I planned to corner somehow to tell me that it was cooking, but is that Stiles, as If I knew my intentions, it would not go away. After I finished pointing out what was on the blackboard, I glanced at Lydia, and of course she had already finished and kept drawing something, too distracted to notice the heaviness in my eyes. I gave up on her and went for Allison, she wasn’t over yet, and she was too far away to capture her attention. I snorted and leaned back against the chair. Professor Blake kept checking previous papers. Carefully I took my phone and decided to take the risk by sending a message to Scott. Do you know what my brother is bringing? Of course I didn’t trust much, the loyalty between them was unbreakable. Scott McCall looked over his shoulder and shook his head. Liar.

At the end of the class, everyone left the classroom, I was the last, simply because I wanted to follow the others, see who I can catch, maybe Isaac, I could take double from him, although, now that he lives with Scott, Hesitated This locked cat would drive me crazy. When I left the room I lost sight of so many people, I sighed and leaned against the wall waiting for the answers to be projected in the lockers opposite. Maybe I should try with Lydia.

Ready to look for her, I looked up, finding that, in the opposite direction of the walk of my companions, Derek Hale was approaching. My stomach responded by squeezing and I found myself adjusting and putting my hair in vain. When he saw me, he smiled. Almost never did, but we had a good relationship, of friendship, of course. I couldn’t see it as a target for the unknowns that hovered in the air, since it was not so close to my friends.

"Derek” Why am I smiling like a fool?

“Y/N” He nodded in front of me, though I noticed that his gaze was over my shoulder than in my eyes, I tried not to get discouraged.

“What are you doing here?”

I wasn’t going to lie, in my fantasies, I always imagined Derek appearing in high school offering me a hope of escape for a few hours. However, he seemed too absorbed to make it come true. I tried not to feel bad about the fact that he felt he wanted to get rid of me easily.

“I came to … visit a friend”

I struggled because my smile didn’t go away. He fixed his eyes above me again. I turned to the point of his gaze to meet Miss Blake, who also looked at my opponent.

“Derek” Her tone and joy sounded very adolescent. I began to feel nauseated. “Oh, do you know her?” She kept her smile. I had never felt aversion to Jennifer Blake until now.

“Yes” I tried not to sound so rude “I think I … I don’t feel well”

I looked at Derek, his eyes on mine, and for a moment concern crossed his face. Well, at least I lived with the comfort that he cared about me.

“You want me to take you with the nurse, Y/N?” Blake took me by the shoulders.

“Do you need anything?” I wasn’t delighted with Derek’s words.

“No, I’ll be fine … I just … I think I’ll look for Stiles”

I slipped away quickly, didn’t want to look back, the nausea would increase. My eyes began to itch. Derek Hale was dating someone, I wasn’t stupid, it was immediately noticeable, especially the teenage attitude of Jennifer Blake as she looked at him. For God’s sake, I think I’m really going to vomit.

“Feeling good, Y/N?”

I didn’t realize that I ended up against the lockers hugging my book against my chest. Lydia came up to me.

“You’re very pale.” She touched my forehead but I pulled away.

“I’m fine.” I trusted Lydia, maybe she was the only one who suspected my feelings, the others were busier in their mysteries to pay attention to me, not that I needed it. “You know … if Derek is dating … Miss Blake?” My friend’s gesture was strange.

“Ew.” She chuckled. No, she didn’t know.

“I’d better go home,” I announced as I sat up. The last thing I wanted was to meet again with that couple.

“I’ll take you, I just finished my classes”

I wasn’t surprised by Lydia’s intellect. I accepted, especially since I didn‘t feel good for walking back.

“You got to be kidding!”

I walked through my room while reading my brother’s text message, used to talk to myself when he did this kind of things to me. That is, to go to school? Right now? However, it was too tempting what I would receive in exchange for going there, would tell me the secret that is in hand, I would finally add some excitement to my life in Beacon Hills, even if it was something silly, if it is something Slightly different, I’m in! I slipped on my shoes and practically ran out, taking my jacket in step. No one was at home, so I would save the explanations. I was practically violating the rules, but in the first place Stiles incited me to do so, and secondly, I wasn’t a hostage, if they wanted to keep me, dad had to keep me behind bars.

Running was a challenge, but I didn’t give up my step, the sooner I arrived, the faster I would know that mystery. Too curious. I remembered that I had to talk very seriously to the sheriff about having a car of my own; that Stiles kept my mom’s Jeep was doing me something unfair. It was that or I could always bribe them with getting a motorcycle, I’d seen Aiden and Ethan’s, too beautiful to get my attention. I wondered what it would feel like to ride in one of them. Yes, it would be the perfect excuse to worry my father and have a car insured. Soon.

The school was deserted, I was surprised not to see the Jeep anywhere, but knowing my twin, He had possibly hidden it so as not to be discovered. I was committing another offense, in addition to having left home unannounced, being in school outside of reasonable hours was strictly prohibited, but not so much, considering that they left the doors uninsured. I went in through the main; the corridors were dark and cold.

“Stiles?” I called aloud. I swore that if this was a joke to scare me off, tonight would suffocate him against the pillow while he sleeps.

I took shelter and started walking, it wasn’t normal this type of cold, unless someone left the ventilation open. Nothing was heard, not a breath, not even the movement of an object.

“Stiles?” I tried again, but no answer. “Okay, if this is a cruel joke, I swear you’re going to wake up breathing under your pillow!”

My inside began to fear, but another part of me ignited the adrenaline and I kept walking, the school was terrifying but it managed to be more when there was not a soul wandering the halls, only mine, apparently. I looked out at one of the classrooms that had the door open; the low lighting allowed me to see that there was nobody. I decided that it was better to leave and torture my brother as soon as he appeared in the house, in my mind I imagined him tied to a chair, torture, i had to think about it. Then my phone rang, the screen lit the name of my twin.


“Where are you, Y/N?” I concentrated on hearing his voice echo, but nothing. I shuddered.

“What do you mean, where am I? At school, right where you asked me to come.” I looked around.

“I didn’t ask you for anything”

“Stop, you sent me a message that I came here and you would reveal your mystery to me”

In his line, i heard the Jeep door slam shut.

“I just got my phone back; I haven’t had it for two hours.” I felt a chill on my back. “Okay, okay, calm down.”  I heard him get on the jeep and start, “Stay there, I’ll pick you up … no … Better run … no, don’t move …”

"Stiles!” His anxiety began to spread.


And as a sign I obeyed, however, a force pulled me from behind and threw me into the classroom I had previously reviewed. My phone fell a few feet away, I heard Stiles call me but when I wanted to reach him, a shoe crushed it. I stepped back from inertia and when I looked up, I discovered Miss Blake staring at me from above.

“Miss Blake?” She didn’t keep the day-to-day look she gave us, and the smile was different, evil, mocking. I began to fear her.

“Curiosity killed the cat, isn’t it, Y/N?” She walked up to lock the door and turned slowly to me. I stood up.

“Why I‘m here?”

“Little innocent” She laughed “You were too predictable with your feelings for Derek. Even he realized”

I swallowed and blushed, he notice?

"Am I here for Derek?” I never imagined getting stuck in a fight for a boy. It was kind of nasty and vulgar. I didn’t plan to start this, or to follow her game.

Miss Blake shrugged.

“In part.” She pursed her lips before displaying her teeth. “You’re their sweet, vulnerable human, you’ll lure the whole pack, especially Scott McCall.”

“Pack?” What the hell was this woman talking about?

“Oh, you don’t have the role of the ignorant, beautiful.” In seconds she held me tightly and threw me against the desks. I let out a gasp as i hugged my ribs with my arm, she seemed to know exactly where to throw me, “Your brother is a simple human, like you, but he belongs to Scott’s pack”

“What … are you … talking?” I said between groans.

“Don’t you know?” It seemed that she really believed me “Your dear brother is surrounded by werewolves and a lunatic banshee”

I leaned against a desk to slowly stand up. What was she trying to play with? Did she do this out of jealousy?

“I don’t know…”

I stopped when I saw her approaching, my hands flew to a chair, as soon as I got close, I used all the strength I allowed myself to hit her. Jennifer stepped back, i  didn’t waste time and ran out of the room. I felt a bit dazed by the blow and the corridors were moving in circles, it was the worst time for me to start getting dizzy. The brute force of that woman threw me against the lockers, I stood again, I was only a human as she said but I wasn’t going to fall into fragility. I didn’t go very far when she pushed me again. I sat on the floor, I couldn’t continue to think that the dizziness was more pronounced and I began to see blur.

Then a roar, no, several echoed in the hallway, I put my hands to my ears and blinked several times, I needed to recover my vision to see what the hell was going on. At last I succeeded, a few meters from me, two men turned their backs on me and faced Jennifer, crouched, roared again, this time not so strong and they went on top of her. I tried to get to my feet but a piercing pain pierced my body, which I sank back to the floor with a groan.

“I’m here.” I recognized Stiles’s voice at my side.

Looking back at the area of ​​attack, I saw one of them fly away landing at my feet, Isaac? With a transformed face. I complained again, he ignored us and returned to where the fight was unfolding. Scott? Was he the other boy? Was it Scott? I didn’t want to ask. Stiles made sure I could get up, but another sharp pang hit me.

“It hurts a lot.” I closed my eyes tightly.

“Let me help her.” I heard his voice. I wanted to see it, and the first thing I caught was his transformed face, just like Isaac’s, and glittering blue eyes stuck in mine.


I recoiled against my pain, sticking my back against the lockers.

“It’s okay; Y/N” I was encouraged by my brother “Takehis hand”

I obeyed, concentrating on Derek’s arm, where black veins began to set, slowly the pain began to fade, the reminder was still in my body, but it was bearable. I sighed in relief.

“She escaped,” Scott announced. He and Isaac approached. Before my eyes, their faces returned to normal. And Derek’s too.

I held a cry. What was happening? Was this all real or was i already hallucinating?

“Scott, you and Isaac looking for her trail. Stiles and I took care of Y / N”

I was able to take the opportunity to speak, to demand explanations, but my head didn’t give more and my conscience much less.

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hurricane during a beach trip au~?

“Oh god,” Lydia cringes beside Stiles, and he looks up from where he’s arranging their bags in the trunk, glances over her shoulder.  

“What? Are Scott and Allison making gross, sappy—” he trails off as his eyes land on Derek, wearing board shorts and flip flops. 

Derek has feet. 

Nice, perhaps slightly over excessively hairy toes. 

Toe nails. 

Two years of frat boys at college has still not adequately prepared Stiles for the sight of Derek Hale wearing flip flops. And board shorts. Black ones, of course— heaven forbid he actually deviate too much from the norm— but also a bright red vest that clings to his waist, and shows off his arms and, oh Jesus. 

Christ,” he blurts out. 

“I know,” Lydia agrees, for no doubt totally different reasons. “What a mess.”

Of course, she’s worried about his apparel for its style related reasons. Not because Derek looks hot like the burning sun, and Stiles might have a meltdown before lunch.

Derek glowers across at them, “What. What are you looking at?”

“Shins,” Stiles says faintly, and then shakes himself when Derek arches an eyebrow and Lydia turns to stare at him incredulously. “I mean, I just— have never seen your uh, calves before.”

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Imagine being the first person who dared to tickle Derek Hale.
- Are you not afraid of death? Because I am! - Stiles was yelling while Derek was working out.
- I’m afraid of nothing! - Derek answered roughly.
- Silly wolf, - you whispered. In a second you were in front of Derek’s body.
- Are you sure? - you asked for the last time. You didn’t get the answer so you decided to explain Derek your point of view.
- Y/N has done the impossible, - Peter said when Derek fell down.
- I’m out! You are gorgeous, - Stiles admitted with a smirk.
- I think, you are afraid of tickling, aren’t’ you? - you’d said before you ran away.

I Hate U, I Love U (Young!Derek Hale x Reader) Final Part

I hate you I love you

You spotted your usual empty table outside and immediately headed over to it. Setting down your lunch, before you could even sit down, someone yanked you down into their lap.

“Oh gosh,” you exclaimed, turning to see Derek happily grinning at you. His brown eyes sparkled with love and mischief. He wrapped his arms around your middle, chin resting on your shoulder and you could feel his warmth seeping into you. “Derek!”

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted, gently rubbing his nose against your cheek. “How was your morning?”

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Of Cows & Crushes

Wishing a very happy birthday to the amazingly talented, absolutely wonderful Kris ( @anamelesstraveler )! I am so lucky to be able to call you my friend, and I hope you have had an amazing birthday!

I wrote you some McHaleinski, because I was thinking about a scenario where Scott, Stiles and Derek would all need to be riding in the front seat of a truck, and then I started thinking about Large Animal Vet!Scott, and then @authorkurikuri wrote me an amazing fic yesterday with Vet!Scott and I knew it needed to happen. So, while this sadly does not have any McHaleinski riding in the front seat of a truck, it does have Dairy Farmer!Derek, Vet!Scott, and Librarian!Stiles (who is not doing anything related to his job whatsoever in this fic). 

Tags: Farm/Ranch AU, needles mention (Scott gives some cows vaccinations), brief mention of injuries on a horse

Derek’s walking the fence line when he hears the unmistakable sound of a diesel engine, probably half a mile away. It’s most likely Deaton, he’s supposed to be coming today to check on a couple of pregnant cows, vaccinate some calves, and inspect the injuries on his quarter horse Ollie’s hind legs from some old barbed wire he got tangled in last week. With his dog Bud on his heels he cuts across the pasture, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the bottom of his tank top. The July sun seems hotter than it’s ever been, the heat bugs buzzing obnoxiously beneath his feet. As much as he likes Deaton, along with the vet comes a hefty bill, and milking cows doesn’t exactly a millionaire make. Not that there’s any place else on earth he’d rather be than on his farm with his cows, horses, chickens and dogs, but a money tree wouldn’t hurt. He can hear Laura’s voice in the back of his head telling him that she doesn’t have a problem spending her part of the insurance money, and that he’s absolutely ridiculous for only using a small portion of his third of it to rebuild the family’s farm house. He can’t seem to find the words to explain to her that he feels responsible for what happened to their family, for the fire that burned up his life. It just feels wrong to use the money that came from it. Of course, Laura would counter that by saying it’s wrong for him to continue living in exile for ten years after the fact.


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Can you expain why people ship Derek and Stiles. I want to understand Sterek shippers point of view . You probably already answered this question but if you can make me understand the ship it would make my day. Thank you so much. You have a such a talent at writing Meta fiction. XD

People ship it for lots of reasons, every person is different and because of that their reasons are different. Some people ship them because they’re hot and like the idea of them being hot together. Some people pair them off as the last remaining singles

I personally tend to use the analogy of “kintsugi”. Kintsugi is a Japanese art form where broken crockery is mended with clear resin mixed with powdered gold to create a gold seam, it is the art of making something useable and beautiful out of something broken.

Stiles and Derek are both, indiviually, a mess, but they come together to fill in those spaces in each other.

One of the big signifiers in this is touch.

Derek, like most abuse survivors, is very controlling of touch. He doesn’t let people touch him and hides it by touching them, he is the one to put a hand on the shoulder, he is the one who grabs and pulls someone out of the way. He controls who touches him and how, and for the most part no one gets to touch him without him being in control.

If you look at the Braeden sex scene you can see this clearly, he is totally in control, in contrast to the Jennifer one where he is clearly whammied because he has no control. Then when Boyd died Stiles touched Derek. This wasn’t the first time (he touched him in the jeep outside the sheriff’s station and nearly lost the offending hand) but Derek doesn’t shirk off the gesture, or pull away, or threaten Stiles, he lets him touch. So, when Braeden goes to check on Derek’s wound whilst he’s sleeping Derek snaps awake and moves out of reach, Stiles manages to wake him several times with touch.

It’s a simple thing but it’s actually a really big deal.

Then there is the power of human love scene.

In 210 Peter gives the power of human love speech, and on the word love the camera goes from Derek to Stiles (on the lacrosse pitch) to Lydia to Jackson.

Derek, if we trust the cinematography, loves Stiles, Stiles thinks himself in love with Lydia (which we know he’s told us, at length) but Lydia loves Jackson

it shut down the love triangle hard long before the removal of the red thread from Lydia’s finger which was it’s death knell.

Derek, for all his protestations to the contrary, trusts Stiles, in many ways more than Scott, and you can make a solid argument that Stiles was working with Derek over the missing summer (although it’s not explicitly confirmed in the text), but Scott knew nothing, but the big point is that Stiles is comfortable with him, to the point of teasing him, which he would not have done in season 2

Stiles keeps Derek’s secrets, and by the pool scene Derek sees Stiles for the first time as someone who doesn’t judge him negatively for being a wolf, when he says the word “abomination” we see Derek completely undone - by Stiles. He also, on more than one occasion, takes the blame for wolfy shenanigans.

This happens a lot, there are scenes which are, for their lack of clear romantic intent, really intimate between them. Derek takes the role of sleeping beauty to Stiles’ prince, Stiles is the one to wake him (three times now)

this trust doesn’t exist between any of the other characters, Scott and Stiles have been together forever and so fall into the other’s cadences, Stiles will take a bullet for Scott in a heartbeat because he’s his best friend, (we saw him do that with Gerard in 212) but at the same time we know that Scott becomes so bogged down with what’s going on he misses Stiles. Scott didn’t trust Allison (the rave scene) and tried on a few occasions to cow her into submission. Isaac doesn’t trust anyone. Lydia and Stiles are falling into the role of each other’s best friend, but it’s not there yet, but it IS there with Stiles and Derek and has been since season 2.

So we have two characters, who are both broken, coming together to strengthen each other’s weaknesses in a way that is sometimes romantic and sometimes so damn intimate (without being romantic) it’s lovely.

There is an expectation in fiction that love stories fall under what the greeks called “Eros” or “romantic love” but it should be mentioned the word “Erotic” comes from this and as I pointed out a few metas ago, the idea of romantic love as we know it is barely a thousand years old and a western ideal. In the older stories Eros was a lustful love, it was about possessing someone sexually.

In contrast there is “Storge” or the affection, the love that grows over time, not the bang crash of love at first sight, but the love you wake up one day and realise you’ve loved them you’re whole life, and Sterek is Storge, where Scallison was Eros. It’s the slow, natural progression of two people coming together to make each other stronger, rather than the mad passion of two people tearing each other apart

but the vast majority of love stories we get are Eros, when we talk of the great love stories they are Eros, and often it’s because they’re Eros everyone ends up dead, but when you read “they will grow to love each other” that’s Storge. So Arwen and Aragon was Eros, but Eowyn and Faramir was Storge.

But everyone has their own reasons for shipping it, and they look hot together is just as valid as they have a deep and abiding love for each other.


You: “Hey, I know everybody is mad at you. But I wanted you to know that I’m not. I’ll always be here for you and love you, Der.”
Derek: “Thank you. You always have been an amazing person, but you’re even more amazing than I thought. For real, (Y/N), thank you.”
You: “It’s no problem. They just don’t understand your point of view and I do.”

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Characters: Derek x Reader
Words: 1016
This is something I wrote a while ago and just wanted to get it posted. It’s not the best, but it’s kinda cute.
Warning: Implied smut.

Originally posted by jilybelly

          You watched as Derek walked through the door of the restaurant. You couldn’t help but smile and sigh with relief that he was actually there. Another case hadn’t popped up and stolen him from you for another night. You were actually going to get to have dinner together and have a date night for a change.

           Derek spotted you immediately and rushed to the table, “Hey, Baby!”

           “Hey!” you stood up and hugged him.

           “Sorry I’m late,” he said.

           “It’s fine. You’re here; that’s all that matters,” you said.

           Derek leaned down and kissed you, “You look amazing.”

           You grinned up at him, “Thank you. You’re looking pretty handsome tonight, Babe,” you said.

           “Only the best for my girl.”

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I Love You || Derek Hale

Typos cause I was to lazy to check

  The machines were slowly making him loose his sanity. Derek hated hearing that beeping sound every couple of weeks. He hated the hospital smell. He hated knowing that the girl he loved was slowly dying. He hated knowing that he could save her but, he couldn’t. She wanted to die human, not werewolf.

“Hello. You’re Mr. Y/L/N correct?” The doctor said, walking into Y/N’s room.

Derek coughed.“Ummm…. no I’m Derek Hale. We aren’t married…. yet.” Derek replied smiling slightly.

“Oh I apologize. But, I have some news. You might want to sit down.” The woman said looking at him sadly. Derek sat down in the plastic chair and gave the doctor a sad look.

“The cancer in her kidneys is spreading. It’s eventually going to reach her heart. I’m sorry but,there’s nothing we can do. All of the chemotherapy has failed. I really am sorry Mr.Hale .” The doctor, Dr. Vazquez as it said on her white hospitl badge, put the clipboard under her arm.

“How long,” Dereks voice came out in a whisper. He grabbed Y/N’s hand. “How long does she have left?” He finished, a tear rolling down his right cheek.

“Roughly a year. She’ll have to come back once a month so we can check up on her.” Dr . Vazquez said. Derek nodded his head and starred at Y/N’s delicate features. The doctor was about to leave the hospital room but she turned to look at Derek.

“Sir, I want you to know that she is a very strong young lady.” Dr. Vazquez stated.

“Trust me, I know.” Derek said looking at the woman before she left.


“Derek,” Y/N giggled, holding his hand.“Where are you taking me?”

Derek blindfolded her to take her to the mountains. The mountain that can view the entire town and the constellations. “We’re almost there angel.” Derek said smiling at her, which caused him to trip.

“Oh my god. Der what happened?” Y/N asked, worried about her boyfriend.

“I, ummm, I tripped and umm, I fell.” Derek said from the ground,blushing. Y/N started laughing. “It’s not funny.” Derek said frowning.

“It’s okay, ya big baby.” Y/N said, feeling around to try and find him. Derek got up on his own.

“Now. Onwards my lady.” Derek said with a British accent, grabbing Y/N’s arm.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” Y/N responded.

They starred walking further. “Okay.” Derek said, stopping at the view point. He stood in front of her.

“Okay, take of the blindfold.” Derek said, getting nervous. Y/N took the blindfold of with a little bit of trouble. Once it was off, she looked around. Fairy lights where strung up in the trees, with a random source of power. There were a bunch of blankets and pillows on the ground. The view of Beacon Hills was amazing from up here.

“Y/N,” Derek whispered from the ground on one knee. When she looked at him she gasped and put her hands over her mouth.

“I know you don’t have long left, but I want to spend all the time you have with you. I want to hold you in my arms every second I get.” Derek coughed looking her in the eyes. “I’ve been in love with you since high school. You were what kept me sane during sophomore year. You’re my ancher, Y/N.” She started crying. “And I’ll love you till the end of time itself. So, what do ya say angel? Will you marry me?” Derek finished, opening the velvet box to reveal…. a big diamond surrounded by silver.

“Yes!” Y/N shouted. Derek took her hand softly and gently place the ring on her finger. Derek than took her hand and walked to the pile of blankets and pillows.

After a while of watchin the stars, talking,laughing and cuddling, Derek wanted to ask an even bigger question. “Y/N, can I ask you something?”

“You just did.” Y/N said smiling at him.“But yes. You can.”

“Can I turn you?” Derek said, wanting to get the burning question off of his chest. Y/N sighed.

“We’ve gone over this Derek. I want to die human. I want to live my last month’s to their fullest. I want to be with you forever Derek, I really do but, it wouldn’t to fair to cheat death.” Y/N replied, cuddling his chest. “But that means we have to get married soon.” Derek said.

“I love you” Y/N heard him whisper. “And I love you.” She stated.

Derek gently grabbed her cheeks and kissed her passionately with his Soft lips. He sat up and pulled Y/N onto his lap.

That was the best night in both of there lives.

Derek was in the loft, making Y/N her lunch. She’s been sleeping a lot recently. Maybe the cancer is getting worse, he thought. Derek decided to listen to her heartbeat as he was making her sandwhich. He felt secure knowing that she was safe. Suddenly, her heart rate sped up. “DEREK!” He heard her scream.

Derek ran as fast as he could to their bedroom.  “Erica! Let her go.” Derek shouted, bearing his blood red eyes and claws. Erica had her claws out as well, but they were on Y/N throat. Y/N was crying. This isn’t the way she wanted to die. She wanted to die peacefully.“I can’t do that Derek. I love you but this bitch is getting between us.” Erica said, digging her claws into Y/N’s throat, drawing a little blood.

“You don’t have to do this. I’ll kill you if you hurt her.” Derek said. He looked at her with begging eyes.

“But it has to be done.” Derek heard her whisper. His world got slower. He watched as Erica dug her nails into Y/N’s back. “No.” Derek sobbed. He ran after Erica which didn’t take long to catch up. “Look at you. Wasting your time to kill me instead of being with your fiancé.” Derek punched her as hard as he could, probably killing her in the process, before he bolted back to their room.

Y/N was on the floor, screaming in pain. “Angel.” She heard Derek say. He came into the room. Tears started flooding his eyes as he saw the love of his life in a pool of her own blood.

Derek picked her head up gently, placing it on his lap. He started crying.“Don’t cry Der. I was going to die either way. I’ll be okay Derek. I’ll die in the arms of the man I love.” Y/N said, putting her soft hands on his face. “We were gonna get married…” Derek trailed off. “Y/N, I don’t care if you hate me forever for what I’m about to do.” He whispered, grabbing Y/N’s arm. “What are yo-” She was interrupted when she looked into Derek’s eyes. They turned red.

“Derek no. Please don’t.” Y/N begged,trying to get away from him but failing because of her wound.

“I’m sorry.” He cried, digging his teeth into her arm. She screamed out. He didn’t want to do this to her. After he bit her, she passed out from blood loss, and probably from the pain. Derek grabbed her hand and took away all of her pain.


Y/N woke up a couple of hours later. She looked around. It was just a dream, she thought. That was until she saw the bandage on her arm. She stood up scared.

“How you feeling?” Derek asked walking into the room. “How dare you do that to me!?” Y/N shouted, punching the wall, eyes turning a yellowish gold. Y/N looked at the mirror in front of the bed than back at Derek.

“Look at me…. I’m a monster.” She said, sadly, sitting down on the comfy bed.“I didnt want to lose you. You aren’t a monster Y/N.” Derek said, sitting next to her trying to comfort her. She scoffed. “Well according to all the werewolf movies I have seen, I am a monster.” Y/N said scooting away from him. She didn’t want this.

“Well you’re the most beautiful monster I have seen.” Derek said. He stood up and walked out the door, making the floorboards creek.

Why I think there’s a possibility for Stiles to be the one to “‘save”’ Derek based on just a few things:

Firstly the whole exchange between Derek, Stiles and Peter in 4x06. We know that Derek only talked about his problem with Argent (correct me if I’m wrong). There have been lines dropped here and there, hints and observations made by Derek himself regarding his power loss. The only one who has been actively noticing this is Peter and we’ve seen that since 4x03.

Now. I think it’s very meaningful that Stiles was in that scene. It wasn’t just coincidence or just for the sake of having Derek and Stiles in the same room. I like how we see hints of Derek losing his powers from both Stiles and Peter’s point of view. First we have Stiles who for the first time seems to take notice of it:

And then Peter divas his way in and we have the second take on Derek’s problem. And based on his creepy reactions, I feel like Peter is somehow gonna use this to his advantage.

But back to Stiles. So far he’s the only one in the pack to know something’s up.

And it all comes together when Derek apparently is going to die. We see a beautiful zoom in on Stiles’ reaction and frankly, I don’t understand why no one’s making a big deal out of it because it is. 

And shipping aside, it does make sense for that zoom in to be on Stiles’ emotional reaction because he was the one to see it happen before his very eyes earlier that day. He’s making connections. Derek really is in mortal danger.

There’s absolutely no coincidence to any of it. 

LASTLY. Let me remind you of a certain dream scene that has yet to be addressed. 

That is all.

You’re a Supernatural

(His point of view)

Derek Hale
      ‘Yes, because that sounds like a brilliant idea,’ said (y/n) sarcastically, not looking up from the book she was reading.
      Peter snorted in response. ‘I’m glad you agree. So, you’re prepared to kill him to stop the Kanima then?’
     I noticed that despite her calm demeanour (y/n)’s hands tightened on the book and her eyes narrowed dangerously.
      I rested a hand lightly on her shoulder. I could feel the tension in her shoulders; Peter had finally struck a chord with the normally calm girl. I rubbed her shoulder lightly. She smiled up at me slightly; there was a look of relief on her face.
     ‘You said,’ she said through gritted teeth as her attention turned back towards Peter, ‘that we wouldn’t need to kill him.’
      Peter shrugged. ‘I actually said he wouldn’t die.’
      (Y/n) clenched her jaw, closing the book with an almost terrifying calmness. I could hear that her heart was beginning to beat a little faster, and gave her shoulder a light squeeze.
      I noticed that my uncle’s attention had turned back towards the laptop, as if totally disinterested in the argument now.
      ‘Hey, we’ll sort it,’ I said to her softly, trying to reassure her. To be honest, I had no idea what was actually going to happen. I knew she’d been close to Jackson when they were younger, but there was nothing else I could really do to try and help calm her. The Kanima was a threat we needed to get rid of, even if it meant hurting Jackson in the process at this stage.
      ‘What, so you’re just gonna turn him into a zombie then?’ she asked dryly. I noticed that her hands were shaking slightly.
      Peter stopped typing, and turned to face (y/n) with an incredulously raised eyebrow. ‘No,’ he said coolly, ‘there’s no such thing as zombies, darling.’
      His tone was about as condescending as it could be, and the effect it had was shocking.
      Surprisingly, (y/n) stood up quickly, and I moved aside slightly. I could hear her heart pounding as the anger built inside her. The strangest thing about her reaction, however, was the fact that her eyes were burning a familiar amber colour.
      ‘You’re a werewolf?’ I said softly, complete shock washing over me. How had I not noticed?
      (Y/n) sighed, closing her eyes and shaking her head slightly. She took a deep breath before opening her eyes. They’d returned to their normal colour and there was a slight smirk on her face.
      ‘Yeah, I was bitten when I was like six,’ she said, rubbing the back of her neck in a slightly nervous gesture.
      Peter sniffed, a slight amount of confusion clouding his features. ‘How comes you don’t smell like one?’
      ‘There’s this weird invention called deodorant that helps,’ she said icily, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth though as she looked over at me. I could hear Peter muttering darkly though.
      ‘How comes you never said anything?’ I asked, raising an eyebrow at her as I folded my arms.
      She shrugged slightly. ‘With everything else that happened when we met, when was there time to?’ she asked, smirking.
      ‘Don’t you think it was kind of an important thing you should’ve mentioned?’ I asked. ‘And how long were you thinking of keeping this from me?’
      She raised an eyebrow at me. ‘Okay, so it was a kind of important thing I possibly should’ve mentioned. And I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but I guess nothing prepares you for the annoyance that is Peter Hale.’

Isaac Lahey
      The sun had slipped below the horizon about half an hour ago but (y/n) still hadn’t texted me. She’d said about going swimming to clear her head because of everything that was happening in Beacon Hills. I’d asked her to tell me when she got back though – okay, so I was perhaps worrying about her a little more than I needed to, but still – and still, my phone was silent.
      I tapped my phone nervously against my hand, chewing the inside of my lip slightly while pacing at the end of my bed.
       ‘You know,’ came Scott’s voice from the door, making me jump around. There was a slight smirk on his face, and he was leaning against the doorframe. ‘You could always go and find her. I mean, it’s not like you don’t know where she’ll be.’
      ‘She’d kill me,’ I said, pocketing the phone though. ‘But, I guess she’d understand. I mean, with everything that’s been going on.’
      After about five minutes of pacing I finally left, taking Scott’s old bike to make the journey there quicker.
      I reached the little clearing in a quicker time than I’d anticipated. My eyes were on the lake as I placed the bike carefully against a tree though. In the soft moonlight the water shone like glass, the treetops reflected in the calm surface.
The calmness, however, only made me worry.
      ‘(Y/n)?’ I called, stepping closer to the edge of the water. Something flickered near the middle of the lake, causing panic to rise in my chest. ‘You there?’
      I stopped by the edge, squinting slightly. There it was again, the shining thing flicking out of the water. I stumbled back slightly, uncertain as to what it was.
      ‘Isaac!’ I heard her say excitedly.
      I jumped slightly, before squinting at the edge of the water nearest to me. She was grinning up at me, using one hand to wipe some of the water off of her face. I felt my heart settle slightly. The odd glimmering in the water was still niggling at the back of my mind though.
      ‘You should probably get out of the water,’ I said, crouching beside her as I offered my hand out to her.
      She raised an eyebrow at me, tilting her head slightly. I noticed, however, the glimmering flick out of the water closer to her.
      ‘(Y/n)!’ I said, quickly pulling her out of the water out of sheer panic. I could hear her protests but my attention was on the water, searching for the mysterious thing.
      ‘Isaac,’ she said, her voice was surprisingly calm though. I turned my attention towards her quickly. And that’s when I noticed.
      She had a slightly shocked expression on her face, a slight annoyance too though due to her arched eyebrow. I noticed, however, that the glimmering was coming from her. There was a glittering tail where her legs should have been, covered in dark blue scales.
      ‘You… you’ve got a tail,’ I said, awestruck as she flicked it in what I could only assume was annoyance.
      ‘Yeah, mermaids tend to have them,’ she said simply, before flicking me with water. I blinked a few times, my attention still on the tail, before looking towards her though.
      ‘You’re a mermaid?’
      She nodded slightly, averting her eyes towards a small rock by her hand.
      ‘That’s awesome,’ I said, grinning as she looked back up at me, a smile slipping onto her face as she pulled me into a hug.

Scott McCall
      ‘Ugh, can’t I just say that I’m normal?’ asked (y/n), putting her head lightly against the keyboard, but the sound it created was something slightly dramatic.
      We’d been looking up all sorts of supernatural beings all evening – Stiles had Skyped us earlier to try and help, but his dad was working on a case so of course Stiles had decided to try and solve it too.
      This had all started the other day in class when (y/n)’d moved a pencil without even thinking about it. She’d been furious with something or other that Greenburg had said and the pencil had landed on the table beside him. There was also the time that the twins had been trying to annoy Boyd. Their mutterings were getting louder and after a few moments she turned towards them, her expression like thunder, and the books on their tables jumped threateningly, causing all attention to turn towards them.
      And, of course, since then we’d been trying to figure out what she was. As of yet, however, we’d had very little luck.
      I moved towards her, resting my hand lightly on her shoulder. Her screen was currently filled with information on Charles Xavier as well as a small section on nymphs. I gave her shoulder a slight squeeze.
      ‘Hey, we’ll figure it out and then we’ll figure out how you can control it,’ I said softly, but I couldn’t help but frown slightly.
      She sat up slowly, and turned around to look at me, a slight annoyance behind her eyes. The whole situation appeared to be grating on her slightly, and I couldn’t blame her.
      I noticed, however, that there was a small book on the table beside her, trembling slightly.
      ‘Hey,’ I said, moving slightly so as to steady the book, ‘it’ll be alright. We can stop now if you want,’ I said. The book was still trembling, but it began to struggle less under my hand.
      She shook her head. ‘No, I want to know, it’s just so frustrating, you know?’
I sighed, kissing her on the top of the head lightly. ‘I don’t know how frustrating this is, but we’ll help you get through it.’
      She nodded slightly, just as my phone rang. I frowned, but quickly answered when I noticed it was my mom.
      ‘Hey, Mom, I’m just–’
      ‘I think I found something,’ she said, her voice almost excited as I raised an eyebrow at (y/n). Confusion crossed my face though. ‘Poltergeists.’
      ‘Poltergeists?’ I questioned, and I noticed that (y/n) was already typing, her brow furrowed in confusion though as she got towards the end of the word.
      ‘Yeah, spirits which can move objects when annoyed,’ my mom said, just as the screen in front of (y/n) was filled with information on the things.
      And then, a slight amount of happiness lit up (y/n)’s face.
      ‘That’s it,’ she said happily, practically ripping the phone out of my hand. ‘You’re a genius!’ she said, and I could just about hear my mom chuckling.
      I moved towards the screen, flicking through the information. I could feel (y/n) bouncing on the chair beside me excitedly though.
       ‘How am I gonna learn to control this though?’ she asked in a small voice once she’d hung up the phone. There was slight panic on her face; her eyes were wide, moving quickly as if she were scanning my face for the answer.
       ‘I don’t know,’ I admitted, pulling her into a hug though. ‘But I’m sure we’ll figure something out. I’ll help you through this.’

Stiles Stilinski
      I wandered up the front path, fiddling awkwardly with the little present that I’d brought (y/n) for her birthday. I’d been planning on giving her the necklace at school but she’d been ill – or her parents had let her stay at home for once – so I was left with one last option. Use the spare key to her house and leave it on the table for her as a little surprise.
      The key was in a little nook in the wall just under the letterbox, as it always was. I slipped it out, only just realising that both of her parents’ cars were gone. This was evidentially going to be easier than I’d thought.
       After opening the door, lifting it just a little to try and stop it squeaking just in case, I stepped quickly into the hallway. The usual smell of vanilla filled my nose. But, rather than calming me like it normally did, I felt panic rising in my chest. Wasn’t it only that strong when there was a candle burning?
       I placed the present on the table by the door, before sneaking further into the house, sniffing to try and see if I could smell burning at all.
      ‘Hello?’ I asked quietly, hoping that someone might actually have been in now.
      There was no response, and I made my way quickly into the living room. While there was nothing in there I could see into the dining room.
      I could see that (Y/n) had her back to me. Her iPod was on the table, and I could see the wire of her headphones coming from it. There was a candle on her other side. The flickering flame appeared to be larger than any safe flame I’d seen before.
       I was about to call her when she moved her hand above the flame. I froze, worry washing over me. But, she curled her hand above the flame at a safe distance. I noticed that the flame appeared to jump off of the wick slightly, a small ball of fire hovering in mid-air. She tapped her clenched fist with her other hand and the ball of fire appeared to transform into a small dragon, flapping pathetically above the wick before settling on it as a flame once more.
      ‘What was that?’ I said, barely able to keep my voice hushed.
      (Y/n) turned around quickly, knocking the candle as she did so. Utter shock crossed her face but she clicked. The candle appeared to hover just above the floor, bouncing softly as if caught in a wind tunnel.
      ‘Stiles!’ she said, pulling her headphones out. ‘What are you doing here?’
       There was an odd annoyance on her face, and her eyes flickered down to the candle. She sighed though as she moved to pluck the candle from the air.
      ‘Are you telekinetic or something?’ I asked, rubbing a hand through my hair.
      She shook her head slightly, her eyes on the candle as she placed it carefully on the table. ‘Not quite. I can control the elements. Well, that’s as far as it goes yet, Dad recons with enough practice–’
      ‘Hold up, your dad knows?’
      She chuckled. ‘How would my parents not know I was a witch, Stiles? Where’d you think I got it from?’
      My mouth fell open at that comment. ‘How comes you never told me, I’m your best friend?!’ I asked, outraged, but she chuckled lightly at that, shaking her head with a slight smirk lighting her face though.

Come Home To Me

Characters: Spencer x Reader, Derek, JJ, Emily, Aaron, Penelope, Dave
Words: 1292
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: Spencer and the reader are married. When the reader is kidnapped, Spencer will not rest until he finds her.

Originally posted by matthewgrayistherightway

Spencer was on another case, leaving you at home alone. You knew what he was doing was important, but you missed having him home with you, especially at night.

You sat down in the kitchen and started eating your dinner. You turned the music on your phone on so there was some kind of noise.

           You started eating your burger and fries, wishing that Spencer was there to be with you. It was lonely without him there. It was always hard when you had to go through your normal routine without him.

           Just as you finished eating and had thrown your trash away, there was a knock on the door. You weren’t expecting visitors, but you went to check to see who it was.

           “Hey!” you smiled.

           “Hey, Y/N. Is Spencer home?” he asked.

           “No. He has a case. Is there something I can do for you?” you asked.

           “Actually, there is,” he said, lunging forward and covering your mouth with a cloth before you could do anything.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever read a fic where Stiles and Derek are in opposing frats? And they're supposed to hate each other but they really don't and they play pranks on each other a lot. The author made two versions, one in Stiles's point of view and one in Derek's, it's on of the best I've ever read! But I can't remember it's name, do you happen to know what I'm talking about?

it’s a series called the noble ties that bind, two parts, the first named there is a brotherhood and the second (one of my fave fics ever ever) is your lifelong membership is free

obroech  asked:

FEEFERS. I wish for you to tell me your feelings, up to and including all the trimmings, on cop!Stiles. Officer, agent, deputy, detective, /law enforcement/!Stiles. Pretty pretty please.

IT’S FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK, because I am very much into the idea of law enforcement Stiles. Maybe it’s because of the uniform and the heavy boots, or the sheer potential of the handcuffs, or the way his hair would be permanently tousled from chasing after criminals (or, y’know, getting out of his cruiser to write out a speeding ticket on a windy day, or absently running his fingers through it after finishing a particularly satisfying donut), during which his face would look exactly like this, by the way, flushed and slack-mouthed and slightly hollow-cheeked with sweat glistening on his upper lip and you’re welcome.

Or maybe it’s because of the thrilling idea of Stiles not necessarily being the good cop. He wouldn’t be the bad cop either, but something in-between. He’d be skilled and intuitive but mouthy, quick to anger. “Impulsive and reckless,” a new guy at the BHPD called him once, though Sheriff Parrish shut that down real fast, something about Stiles not being the same ever since—

Whatever, the point is, Stiles has got his heart in the right place. He’s got a soft spot for animals and juvenile delinquents and he’s got a killer closing rate too, the best of whichever municipal department he got relocated to after socking aforementioned new guy in the jaw hard enough to knock out a few teeth. (It’s a pity, they whisper back in Beacon Hills, Stilinski Jr. was well on his way to making deputy when— anyway, best not mention it.)

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                             Derek/Stiles music list: Part II (part I link)
Storyline: Season 2 to Future, slow-build, Derek one-sided

Apocalyptica- I Don’t Care (x)
I try to make you see my side, Always trying to stay in line, But your eyes see right through, That’s all they do. I’m getting buried in this place, I got no room you’re in my face, don’t say anything just go away.
Linkin Park- Castle of Glass (x) 
Bring me home in a blinding dream. Through the secrets that I have seen. Wash the sorrow from off my skin, and show me how to be whole again. Cause I’m only a crack in this Castle of Glass. Hardly anything left for you to see.
Jason Mraz- You Make Me High (x)
Well I don’t know just what I’m here for, I want more than words can describe. I’ve been deprived, Can you believe it, My whole world well its fallin’ apart, well it falls, still it falls, well it falls apart, around me.
Nine Inch Nails- Closer (x)
you let me violate you, you let me desecrate you, you let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you. help me, i broke apart my insides, help me, i’ve got no soul to sell, help me, the only thing that works for me, help me get away from myself
Plumb- Cut (x)
I may seem crazy, Or painfully shy, And these scars wouldn’t be so hidden, If you would just look me in the eye, I feel alone here and cold here, Though I don’t want to die, But the only anesthetic that makes me feel anything kills inside
Amanda Seyfried- Lil’ Red Riding Hood (x)
What a big heart I have-the better to love you with. Little Red Riding Hood Even bad wolves can be good. I’ll try to be satisfied just to walk close by your side. Maybe you’ll see things my way before we get to grandma’s place. 
Go Radio- Goodnight Moon (x)
Cause I’ve been trying way too long, To try and be the perfect song, When our hearts are heavy burdens, We shouldn’t have to bear alone. So goodnight moon and goodnight you, When you’re all that I think about, All that I dream about, How’d I ever breathe without, A goodnight kiss from goodnight you.



Derek Hale entered Teen Wolf as the presumed villain: the suspicious werewolf who stalked out of the woods, hands shoved in the pockets of his bad-boy leather jacket; chiseled jaw set in a hard line; words spare, mysterious, and vaguely threatening. Season 1’s Derek Hale set himself up as both the titular Teen Wolf’s nemesis and his well-intentioned but assholeish older brother. As his “probably the villain, let’s lock him up” status slowly faded into “unlikely to kill us but still kind of a creepy jerk” vibes, Derek began cementing his position in the show and in the hearts of his fans.

His sympathy levels rocketed as the season unveiled more of his backstory, including the tragic loss of his entire family in a fire, his torture at the hands of the werewolf hunter responsible for the crime, and the re-emergence of his last remaining family member as the murderous Alpha rampaging through Beacon Hills. By the time Derek rose from the forest floor, his uncle’s blood dripping from his claws and his eyes burning Alpha-red, he’d become an unshakeable fan favorite.


And, of course, it didn’t take long for the on-screen sparks to start flying between the gruff, undeniably handsome Hale and Stiles, the sarcastic, scrawny sidekick. Authors, artists, and graphics-makers dove into this intriguing dynamic and entered the fandom for the long haul. Sterek was born, and, with it, the first in-depth explorations of fanon Derek Hale.

Early fic tended to focus on Stiles, telling stories from his more approachable point of view, with Derek often painted as a monosyllabic predator whose “wolf” was deeply attracted to the garrulous teenager. He was frequently serious and untrusting - an understandable state of being, considering his backstory thus far. Sometimes he was a deeply possessive Alpha male.

Derek’s dramatic “I’m the Alpha now” announcement at the end of the season, along with the cliffhanger statuses of both Jackson’s and Lydia’s Bites, meant that early pack fics often featured an insecure, angry Jackson; BAMF werewolf Lydia; and Scott, who wasn’t sure whether he wanted to join. Derek’s stunted desire to care for his pack left much to be desired, particularly in the way of effective communication.

Around Stiles, though, his edges started to soften, and layers began to strip away to hint at the depths beneath. Perhaps, fandom posed, Derek - a wounded, traumatized, compelling young man rising from the ashes of his family - had a bit of a soft side?

Locker room: Sterek vs Scott/Derek

In this week’s episode we got yet another tear-inducing Derek/Scott brotherly moment. What I found really interesting is that it took place in the locker room, and by now, I think we can all agree that the locker room is very significant when it comes to Derek. It’s his safe place. It’s his go-to in times of need or when he’s shown to have some kind of emotional dwelling. 

So, of course when I realized where the scene with Scott was going I started looking for parallels between this scene and the dream scene (you can pry this scene from my cold dead fingers). And indeed there is something that I think it’s worth mentioning.

Body language.

Firstly, the roles are reversed. This time around, Derek is the one who listens and Scott is the one confiding in him. Also, it’s funny that the scene takes place in the exact same spot, but it’s filmed from different angles. The positions are strikingly similar. Scott and Derek both have drooping shoulders and eyes cast down (not shown in the pictures below) which mean emotional burden and sadness/uneasiness.

Now. Stiles and Derek are both standing and then they end up sitting. This is where the differences start showing. Derek sits next to Scott, which is parallel posture, while Stiles sits in front of Derek, face-to-face posture.

Talking from the show’s viewing point (with its characters and the relationships between them), the parallel position implies understanding, equality, the ability to relate, collaboration, team work, basically dealing with the same things and being cooperative, which indeed, we know to be true. Brotherly bonding going on.

The sterek face-to-face, in this particular case where there isn’t an object (barrier) between them, alludes to isolated intimacy. I mention isolated because Stiles becomes a wall between Derek and the outer world (literally if you look at it out of the box). For one, he leans in, which also means that Derek has his full attention, he’s highly interested and involved in his problems. Then he brackets Derek. It’s hard to say because only their upper bodies are shown, but I’m pretty sure Stiles has an open stance (legs open, elbows rested on knees, facing Derek). Nothing to hide, trustworthy and listening.

Then there’s the mirroring. Which is a thing that family, couples and close friends tend to do (basically anyone who has a strong emotional connection). Stiles is the perfect mirror of Derek:

Which is even more interesting because this is all in Derek’s head. Derek is the one who perceives Stiles this way.

So where I’m going with all of this other than never missing a chance to talk about the dream scene is that the signs are everywhere. We just have to be patient.

sysichi  asked:

I have lost a fic, and I was wondering if you knew what it was. It's like old timey homesteading, stiles and derek exchanging telegrams to arrange stiles moving to derek's homestead to keep house for bachelor derek. It's done from derek's point of view and kind of insinuates that he thinks stiles a lady, and he kind of romanticizes them getting together?

  • untitled by helenish (Not Rated, 1k) He’s examining the newspaper for job advertisements when he sees it on the facing page: a wry, single line: Bachelor farmer desirous of avoiding own cooking seeks helpmeet, with a name—D. Hale—and a post office box number. Stiles never plans to answer it; he knows full well that an advertisement posted in the Matrimonial News is meant for women, but then—this particular advertisement didn’t specify, did it?

lovely historical au where stiles answers the ad and shows up and i am as always absolutely in love with the prose here