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Impulses (A Smutty Harry One Shot)

A/N: Took an old request and put it with a new request to create this dirty mess. Extra dirty.

Word Count: 3000 (even. wow.)

Harry’s never been very good at controlling his impulses. Like a perpetual kindergartener, he’s always touching something - messing with the zipper on his sweatshirt, picking at the skin under his fingernails, but with growing occurrence, his hands are on her. Touching her hair, holding her hand, stroking the skin of her back. Like small doses of his own personal heroin, he couldn’t get enough. And once he’s had a taste - he wants the whole thing.

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George Harrison, 1969 [x]

“All I’m doing, I’m acting out the part of Beatle George and, you know, we’re all acting out our own parts. The world is a stage and the people are the players. Shakespeare said that. And he’s right. […]
[Y]ou just do whatever you can do. I mean, even if it’s being a Beatle for the rest of my life, it’s still only a temporary thing. And, I mean really, all we did was get born and live so many years and this is what happened. I got born seemingly to become Beatle George. But it doesn’t really matter who you are or what you are, because that’s only a temporary sort of tag for a limited sort of period of years.
[…] It’s the same as any job, you know. It’s up and down, you know. Life is up and down all the time. And maybe for us it goes up higher but it comes down lower. Relativity. So, you know, if we have a bad time, it’s really bad. [aughs] And if we have a good time, maybe it’s really good. But it’s only the same, you know. It’s relativity.” - George Harrison, interviewed by David Wigg for Scene and Heard at the Apple Offices, 8 October 1969

These three are just so perfect 😒😫