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Hey I don't know if you're taking prompts but I was wondering if you had a chance if you could write a super Fluffy eestablished relationship Sterek fic where Stiles is always volunteering with dogs and puppies because he really wants to adopt one but is thinks Derek wont want one so never mentions it but Derek knows and brings him to adopt a puppy on a date or something at all involving cute puppies and adorable fluffly Sterek? I adore you're writing BTW! Thanks you :)

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: T, Word Count: 1582
Fluff, Dogs, Established Relationship, Pets, Misunderstanding, POV Derek

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Derek goes over the check list again. Itinerary? Check. It mostly involves lazing around the house or in bed half-naked, until dinner. Dinner? Check. The menu is a perfect mix of all their favourite foods, and he’s already bought most of the ingredients, except for the fresh produce, which he’ll get the day before. Flowers? Check. He’s given very specific instructions to the florist, and they’ve assured him the bouquets will be ready in time. Music? Check. The playlist has been in the making for almost four months, but it’s perfect now. Outfit? Check. The shirt Stiles likes best on him is ready to be picked up from the cleaner’s tomorrow. Plan B? Check. There are take-out menus in case he messes up dinner, Stiles’ second favourite shirt is in his closet, and there are flowers, ready to be picked, in their garden.

Everything is set for a perfectly romantic anniversary day, but Derek still feels like there’s something missing. He wants something that lets Stiles know that he loves what they have, that he loves Stiles, and that he loves every moment with him, the moments in the past and the ones still to come.

His first plan was to ask Stiles to marry him on their anniversary, but that plan went bust when Stiles asked him first, three months ago, on the anniversary of when Stiles realized he was in love with him. Derek twists the titanium band around his finger, smiling at the memory. He couldn’t even mad at Stiles for foiling his plans, because he was just so damn happy.

With no ideas of his own, Derek decides to call the only other person who knows, and mostly understands, what goes on in Stiles’ mind: Scott.

Sup?’ Scott asks.

‘I need help,’ Derek says and explains his dilemma.

Dude, your plan is amazing. Stiles is going to love it. The only thing he would love more is if you, like, got him a puppy or something.’

‘Stiles wants a dog?’ Derek asks.

‘That’s why he helps out at the shelter every Saturday, but he knows you don’t want one so…’ Scott trails off.

‘What do you mean I don’t want a dog? I love dogs.’

‘Really? Stiles said you told him you didn’t want one when he asked you.’

‘I don’t remember that,’ Derek mutters, racking his brain, trying to remember when exactly Stiles asked him about this. ‘Was this when we still lived in that apartment? Of course I wasn’t going to have dog, then. The apartment was barely big enough for Stiles and me.’

‘Well, I have it on good authority that a certain Golden Retriever-Labrador mix named Rascal is adorable and the best at giving kisses. After you, of course,’ Scott informs him.

‘So I’ve heard,’ Derek says. Stiles doesn’t talk much about the shelter, which makes sense now that Derek knows Stiles thought he didn’t like dogs, but Stiles does drop names of the dogs he really likes once in a while. ‘Thanks.’

No problem.’

They say goodbye, and Derek pulls up the website of the shelter to find out what their procedures for adoptions are.

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Found another cute Starbucks post online ohmyGod and I suddenly Sterek-ed!!! The 2nd version of my 1st version 



College/Coffee Shop AU- Nerdy/Hipsterish Stiles + Bad Boy Derek


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So how does the Derek/Stiles relationship relate to your friendship with Tyler Hoechlin?

I love the Derek and Stiles dynamic, and as soon as I read that episode, we were so excited to shoot it! But the dynamic in real life… it’s totally different, but it’s funny! We always describe it like me and Tyler are Chandler and Joey from Friends, and Tyler Hoechlin is Richard- you know what I mean? So we’re just infatuated with the guy, and we have so much love for him, and he kinda just rolls his eyes all the time at our 19-year-old knuckleheaded-ness! But he loves us too, man. So we’re buddies. And we’re both big baseball guys, so I have all my big sports talks with Hoechlin. - Dylan (2011)

Actual chat between Shippers and Show Writers:
  • Shippers: You've given us all of this subtext and blatant interaction, why haven't you made them canon yet?!
  • Writers: It's a metaphor you see. You put the shipping thing in the audience's mind, but you don't give it the power of having canons.