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Burns and Schoolgirl Crushes

I found this prompt on ar-gyle, check out their blog that have awesome AUs and writing tips: You’re the cute nerd that keeps getting pushed around but you just punched your bully and I gotta save you

You ground your teeth together as you made your way from your AP Biology class to your AP History. The sound of her laughter and that of her two friends was getting on the last nerve you still had in you body that she had yet to touch.

“Do you think she has a social life?”

“A social life is for those who deserve a life in general, and she doesn’t but I suppose we could ask her anyway.” She took a few extra steps forward and jabbed two fingers sharply into your back causing you to stumble forward a step, “So do you have a social?”

Your eye twitched and you kept moving forward, ignoring the fact that the other students in the hallway have stopped talking to watch the scene she was making.

She didn’t like being ignored so she bumped you again, this time harder sending you and your books to the floor. Now a crowd gathered and she was thriving off the attention you could hear the malicious grin in her voice, “I’m going to assume you don’t have one, which isn’t surprising.”

You heard her and her friends snickering behind you but you just looked forward towards your goal, approximately 10 feet in front of you and through about 3 rows of fellow teenagers. You rolled your eyes and gathered up your books and in order to keep your mouth shut you clenched your jaw while you stood up and made your way to the bodies blocking you from your history room. You’d think a teacher would’ve come out by now but in Beacon Hills this was an occurrence and most of them just blow over.

“Hey!” She shoved you again, harder than the last time and you tripped into the arms of the guy in front of you. Instinctively his arms wrapped around you and kept you upright but he didn’t seem to move an inch. You kept your face buried in his chest for a moment so you wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassment, when you heard more than half the crowd laugh at your predicament. “Bet you that’s the most action she’s ever gotten from a guy in her life.”

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Confessions (PART TWO : Part One I Just Reblogged)

You were still shocked. Shocked because one; Stiles have mutual feelings as you do for him. Two; Malia wanted you dead and you had no clue about that. You’ve turned your phone off for several reasons. You didn’t want to speak to anybody at this moment. Everything was just too realistic. You’ve kept staring at the note as words were supposed to changed but you couldn’t believe your eyes. You heard a knock on your door, nobody couldn’t break in, unless they were a wolf or least were-coyote! “Open up, it’s me, Stiles.” You heard Stiles but you didn’t want to open the door either way. “Please, I really want to speak with you. I’m sorry.” You scoffed, got up from your bed, and unlocked the door for Stiles to enter. Once he got inside your room, he closed the door and locked it. Why? You thought. Maybe this really was going to be a serious conversation after all. “Why are you here?” You asked him. His face was still concerned and he basically really didn’t know what to say at first. “For starters, I want us to finish that convo we had going on back a couple of hours ago. Secondly, you’re parents let me in so.. yeah.” Stiles mumbled, walking and then laying besides you on your bed. “I found this, Stiles.” You showed Stiles the note and he gasped. “Who wrote this?!” He exclaimed and you sighed, “Who else would it be? Malia, your girlfriend or whatever..” You whispered said to yourself while Stiles ripped the note apart. “Why would you do that? It’s evidence!” You shouted at Stiles while he shook his head repeatedly. “She won’t kill you, okay? Not when I’m protecting you.. and we’ve obviously broke up. She attacked me.” Stiles showed you his arm bruised up and you decided to get some alcohol, napkin, to heal it. “Thanks,” Stiles cracked a smile. “I’m definitely going to tell Scott and the others what happened..” You rested your head on Stiles shoulder. “You should. I wonder what they’re probably thinking that the three of us, well, two aren’t at the occasion.” Stiles slightly chuckled and you did too. “Stiles, Malia wanted me dead from the beginning. She probably wrote that note before you came to me.” You wandered in thought while Stiles looked down at you. “Hey, hey, don’t worry about that. She won’t hurt, I can make sure of that. I promise.” Stiles reassured you, held you tightly which made you comfortable. “Stiles?” You spoke, making sure Stiles didn’t fall asleep on you. “Hm?” You sighed, “Can you stay with me tonight?” You asked him and he nodded his head yes. “Thank you..”
The morning arrived, and you noticed Stiles was still sleeping. He had his arms around you, while you snuggled into his chest. How cute? You thought. You’ve always wanted to wake up with days like this. Maybe it can possibly come someday. “Good morning, beautiful.” Stiles yawned, and his yawn were always funny and dramatically that made you giggle. “Good morning, handsome!” You playfully hit Stiles with a pillow and he fake whined in pain. He then checked his phone, realizing he had several missed calls and messages. “Oops, did I get you in trouble? I am so sorry, Stiles!” You apologized while he said: “It’s no problem. I rather stay a night with you, making sure your save then to leave you and go about my day. You smiled. Stiles words were always comforting. “Thanks, it means a lot.” You thanked him. “But I do think that we should head over to Scott’s. He wants to see me and you both.” Stiles announced, and you both decided to get ready.
“Are you ready?” Stiles asked you. He can tell you were afraid. But why were you afraid? Maybe because you ditched on all your friends over something that seriously happened. “Yeah,” Stiles looked at you once more and smiled. “Don’t worry, I got this.” He knocked on Scott’s door, and noticed the door knob shifting. Liam opened the door and greeted with a cheerful smile. “Aw, look! It’s both of my parents. Hey, where were you two last night?” Liam joked while Stiles pushed him away and you both enter inside seeing the whole crew there. Including Malia. Scott walked towards you both and looked at you both up and down. “Dude, are you even going to say anything?” Stiles asked Scott while Scott face changed into a silly face. “About time, man!” Scott cheered for you both. His assumptions were wrong: He assumed that you and Stiles were dating.. not yet? Stiles tried to explain himself but Scott was too much of himself that the whole crew was cheering expect for Malia. You felt bad. “Come on, have a seat.” Scott offered while you and Stiles did so. “Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?” Stiles inquired. “Yesterday, we both didn’t attend to the dinner party yesterday because something serious happened. I confessed my feelings, Malia overheard, she got broken, she attacked me, and not only that, she wanted to kill Y/N and lie and say she went to visit an old friend.” Stiles explained, while everyone faces were into shock. Malia kept stuttering, didn’t know what to say. “And that’s true because? You have no proof!” Malia argued. “You wrote it on a note that fell out of your pocket yesterday when you ran away.” Stiles spoke while Malia snickered. “And where is this note?” Malia sarcastically said. “Well, I ripped it apart, just like I should had did to yo-” Stiles begin to say, but you cut him off. “Actually, I got it on my phone. Yes, I took a photo of it. It’s definitely your handwriting.” You revealed the photo and showed everyone in the entire room. Everyone was yet, still shocked that Malia would ever do such a thing. “Malia, I lead you in my pack, why would you ever do that? Y/N is one of my greatest friends ever. You would actually lie to me and everyone in this pack after you would had killed her?” Scott questioned Malia, while Malia face were red in embarrassment. “N-no! I-I had second thoughts about..” Malia said, but eventually stopped trying to explain herself. “I’m sorry. There.” Scott got up from his couch, he was transforming into a wolf. “I would make sure you get punished, Malia. We don’t kill. We teach. And you definitely was going to kill.” Scott immediately attacked Malia while Stiles protected you, by letting you both out of the room. I mean, you both were the only humans in there that would get injured the most. “We should get going. Back home.” Stiles suggested and you agreed.
“Stiles, thank you, for everything you have done today. I really appreciate it.” You smiled, hugging Stiles while he dropped you off home, safe and secure. “It’s no problem, I’d do anything for you. You know that?” Stiles said. You crashed into his lips, not giving him a warning while Stiles caressed your cheeks. You both didn’t never break up the kids but it had to be broken. “I love you, Y/N and I can’t believe I’m saying this. But I am in love with you.” Stiles admitted, and the feelings were mutual. “I love you too, Stiles.. But I really don’t know where we stand.” You admitted to Stiles, sighing. Stiles stared at you deeply with his chocolate brown eyes. “You’re mine, and I’m yours. All we need is each other and I may not be the perfect boyfriend or best friend to you, but I can promise you that I would protect and you and show and appreciate you what is real love like. I want to be with you. You’re the one for me.”


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We’re Not Going Anywhere
pairing: derek/lydia/stiles

after too many nights afraid, too much danger faced, and too much darkness in the night, derek, stiles, and lydia realized the only safe place they know is e a c h o t h e r.

comments: i hope you love it! xoxo

for oncetherewasapirate / from minalover

made for round three of the twrarepairexchange.

laurelreyes asked:

Derek/Lydia, bodyswap :)

“You’re literally a goddamn hobbit,” Derek grumbles, trying to reach up for a vial of mountain ash on the highest shelf of the clinic’s pantry.

“Says the man who literally embodies bull in a china shop. I practically broke Stiles trying to walk through the hall. Your hyper vigilant senses are unreal,” Lydia points out. She flexes Derek’s large arms and then twirling them around back and forth.

“Broke Stiles?” Derek asks, jumping up and finally snagging the mountain ash in a fairly deft maneuver that lands him on one of Lydia’s ankles the wrong way. “Shit, ow.”

“Hey! Be nice–I need it in one piece when we get switched back,” Lydia pouts. And she looks away. “I may have accidentally punched him in the face. He popped out of no where!” she adds defensively while Derek laughs.

“He does that,” Derek grins with Lydia’s lips.

“He does,” Lydia says rolling her eyes. They share a fond moment, and then hey both pause.

“Never speak of that again,” they say in unison.

The Sidelines

words: 1029
Pairing: Reader x stiles
Warning: SAD 
Summary/Request: the reader has liked stiles for years, when he takes her to the school dance (as friends) stiles ignores her the whole night, and the reader finally tells stiles about her crush 

note: as you know i havent been feeling very good lately, so this wont be my best work.

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Still Here – Derek+Lydia+Stiles