derek x lydia x stiles

The Signs And What They Really Need From Teen Wolf
  • Aries:Brett Talbot kissing Mason Hewitt
  • Taurus:Isaac Lahey returning and kissing Scott McCall
  • Gemini:Alive Allison Argent
  • Cancer:Kira Yukimura stops killing Scott McCall
  • Leo:Malia and Theo making out
  • Virgo:Derek Hale, Derek fucking Hale
  • Libra:Stydia, fucking Stydia
  • Scorpio:Mason Hewitt and Kira Yukimura slumber parties
  • Sagittarius:Liam falling into holes
  • Capricorn:Lydia Martin telling Stiles Stilinski she's in love with him, too.
  • Aquarius:Malia Tate kicking ass and being a Queen Bitch
  • Pisces:Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall making little Scott and Stiles

Teen Wolf Polyamory Saturday → Derek/Lydia/Stiles + Road Trip AU

After everything settles down, and before going off to finish off their last year at college; Lydia and Stiles decide to drag Derek on a cross country road trip as a last hurrah before they all have to study. Derek for his PhD in ancient languages (Stiles still hates when Lydia and Derek talk Archaic Latin as if everyone speaks a dead language, goddamnit). Lydia is doing a degree in Mathematics, and Stiles is finishing off Criminal Law, not that it matters until summer ends.


Y/N: *Unlocks door and walks in*

Y/N: “What the hell?”

Scott: “Welcome back Y/N, care to join us?”