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AN// Sorry it took so long, it was really challenging for me to write something like this, but I hope you like it! if this isn’t what you meant, i have no problem rewriting it, just let me know :)

requested by @ch-adija: hey :) if you’ve got time, could you write what braeden and derek could have experienced in their absent in 5A?! thank you :*

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p.s. does braeden have a last name? lmao

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“I don’t trust him!” Stiles’ voice echoed throughout the loft. Derek gave him a look. No, Derek gave him the look, the one Stiles was all too familiar with but regardless, calmed himself back down.

“Look, Derek, you weren’t there in fourth grade, he’s not the same!”

Derek rolled his eyes and looked over to Braeden, she just shrugged in response.

“Look Stiles, he hasn’t done anything wrong.” Scott said calmly.

“Yet!” Stiles’ exclaimed once again, “Are we just gonna sit back and wait for him to screw something up to figure out whether he’s the bad guy or not? Because that’s gonna work so well.”

“Listen, dimwit, every time we’ve listened to his heartbeat, it’s been steady, alright?”

“That doesn’t mean anything!” Stiles’ shouted.

“Oh, and your human instinct does?” Derek replied calmly, raising his eyebrows. That seemed to make Stiles go quiet, before stomping out the door, Scott chasing after him. The door to the loft slammed shut and Derek looked over at Braeden without saying a word. She just shook her head, shrugging.


Interrupted sexy time was one of the top things on Derek’s list for things his hates, which is saying something because that thing is like miles long.

“What do you want, Scott?” Derek huffed.

“Get to the school! And Derek? Hurry!”

“Shit.” Derek muttered, rushing to get up and get his shirt, Braeden following the action, running to get their guns. It was a super moon, and they both knew that whatever was happening at the school was probably ten times worse due to that.


They got to the school in what was probably record timing and both ran around the school, not really knowing where to go. It was eerily quiet. Derek took out his phone and tried to call Scott but it went straight to voicemail. They both continued running, guns ready to fire at anytime. They ran towards the library to see Liam and Scott fighting, Braeden ran in but Derek got thrown back by the mountain ash, Braeden turned back but Derek insisted that she goes and helps Scott.

“Liam!” Braeden shouted repeatedly, but he didn’t listen.

She fired her gun at his leg and he growled, falling to the floor and leaving Scott laying there. Braeden stepped passed Liam and went straight for Scott, grabbing his face.

“Scott!” Braeden said, shaking him violently. “No, no, no!” she repeated. “Derek go get help!”

Derek didn’t know how bad it was or what would happen, so he tried to call Melissa. Of course the signal was blocked, so he had to run down to the hospital and get her in person. Braeden stayed with Scott, trying to wake him up.

Running into the hospital, Derek frantically ran up to the front desk, “I need Melissa McCall, right now!” he annouced loudly.

“Derek, what are you- what’s wrong?” he heard from behind him.

“It’s Scott.” he said, out of breath. That’s all it took for Melissa to run out of the hospital.

“Where?” she asked.

“School, library.” he panted.

She ran off, leaving Derek in the dust because he was still wore out from running to the hospital with his weakened werewolf power.


Melissa ran in towards Braeden and she looked up at her. Leaving Melissa with Scott, Braeden ran over towards Derek, him putting a protective arm around her waist. They watched Melissa closely as she cried over Scott’s body. 

“Where’d Liam go?” Derek asked.

“Mason took him to Hayden.” Braeden whispered softly, watching Melissa’s heart break. 

Melissa started chest compressions, and Derek and Braeden couldn’t help but hold each other closer, knowing it was no use.

“Melissa,” Braeden said, pulling away from Derek and walking to her, placing a hand on her back.

“No!” Melissa cried, continuing chest compressions.

“Melissa, he hasn’t had a puls-”

“Shut up! He’s an alpha, he’s too strong to die like this!” she said, giving him mouth to mouth.

“Come on Scott, come on Scott, roar!” she shouted.

His eyes opened, glowing red and he let out a strong roar, falling back to the ground. Melissa cried with happiness, and Braeden looked shocked and relieved, looking over at Derek, who was matching her expression, both smiling lightly.

Once Scott regained his strength, he stood up to leave with Melissa, leaving Derek and Braeden behind. 

“Come on, let’s just get out of here.” Derek said, kissing the top of her head.