derek x

  • lydia: just stop being in denial and admit you two like each other.
  • stiles: im not in denial. if i wanna like derek, I WILL
  • derek: yeah and if i wanna like stiles, I WILL
  • stiles: if i wanna think he has pretty hair, I WILL
  • derek: yeah, and if i wanna think he has sparkly eyes then I WILL
  • stiles: TAKE THAT LYDIA!
Bestfriends Secrets Part 4

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Prompt: An imagine where the reader catches her best friend Stiles kissing her other best friend Lydia.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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Three's A Party (Spencer Reid x Derek Morgan x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I had fun writing this imagine and I have seen other writers write with the same prompt so be sure to check theirs out as well. Anyways enjoy!!
Warnings: smuuuut
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Derek Morgan x Reader
Prompt: where you’re dating Derek Morgan and he teaches pretty boy (Spencer) how to finger or eat a girl out by letting him practice on you
Requested by: anon
Upcoming Imagine: reader and Spencer have to share a room on a case…
“Your not going to know if your good at it if you don’t try.”
“I do know because I haven’t! I’ve had no practice so it’s not like I would be any good at it.” Spencer argued.
Derek was telling Spencer about the great time he had with you last night and Spencer let the curiosity get the best of him and he asked how to eat a girl out.
“Do you just like… lick or… I don’t know do you use your fingers too?” He asked quietly and very shallowly as Derek laughed.
“You could pretty boy it just depends on your girl and what she likes.” Derek said making Spencer wince at his loud voice.
He didn’t want anyone else to know that they were having this conversation.
“Well… what does Y/N like?” He asked shyly.
An idea popped into Derek’s head as he asked that question.
“You know what pretty boy… I think I’ll leave that up to you to figure out. What are you doing tonight?” He asked with a smirk.
“What? No! I mean… wouldn’t that bother you? Or her?” Spencer asked as his face turned red.
“Oh she won’t mind, and I don’t either. We are going to use this as a learning experience for you pretty Ricky. What do you say? Does tonight work?” He asked, the thought of him telling Spencer what to do and how to do it sounding hot.
“Umm yeah yeah I guess.” He said blinking a few times.
He has always thought you were beautiful and it’s not that he didn’t want to do it, it was the thought of him not being good that he was afraid of.
“Alright my man. I’m going to teach you how to pull all her strings just the right way.” He said before patting him on the back.
Later that night when Derek came home from work, you greeted him with a kiss and he greeted you with a proposal.
“I have a surprise for you.” He hummed with a smirk.
“Oh really? Can I have a hint?” You asked wrapping your arms around his firm torso.
“We are going to teach pretty boy a little seminar on how to eat you out. Does that sound like something your up for?” He asked rubbing his hands down your back.
You thought for a moment, showing hesitation on the outside but on the inside you were screaming.
You were already getting hot between your legs as you thought about what tonight will consist of.
Derek will sit in the chair across from your bed as he tells Spencer just how use his pretty mouth on you.
“When is he coming over?” You asked with a smile.
Derek took that as a yes before he answered, “Any minute now so why don’t you get ready baby girl?” He said kissing you before you slipped into your bedroom.
You quickly undressed and put on your favorite lacy black slip on along with a pair of matching panties.
You lied on your bed and spread your legs before lightly tracing circles over your clothed clit.
After about 5 minutes you heard the door open and you saw Spencer enter.
“Hey pretty boy.” You said before hissing at your teasing fingers.
“Ah ah princess… leave that to him.” Derek said pulling your hands away.
Spencer’s tongue traced over his pink lips as he stared at you.
“She’s pretty isn’t she?” Derek said as his fingers grazed your lower stomach.
“Stunning.” Spencer said swallowing hard.
“Don’t be nervous Spence. You’ll do great.” You cooed with a smile and he nodded his head.
“Come here Spence.” You said patting to the ground at the edge of the bed.
You scooted down so your legs were dangling over the edge before laying down.
Spencer was gut wrenching nervous and lost for words, but he eased up as you pet through his hair.
He closed his eyes and leant into your touch.
“Good boy.” You praised as you savored how soft his hair was.
“Alright pretty boy.” Derek started as he sat in the big chair in the corner of the room. “Start off with kisses. Work your way up her thighs.” Derek said biting his lip as Spencer looked up into your eyes as he started placing featherlight kisses to the tops of your thighs.
His kisses were weightless compared to Derek’s.
Derek was rougher and sloppier but Spencer’s kisses tickled and stung with softness.
He was shy at first, kissing the tops and only the tops of your thighs, until you spread your legs for him, giving more skin to place his delicate lips on.
He kissed the insides of your thighs, testing you as he got closer and closer to your throbbing cunt.
“Kiss her through her panties pretty boy.” Derek said as Spencer complied.
His kisses grew rougher as he could smell your arousal, slowly gaining confidence.
You moaned softly as he kissed your clothed clit, petting his hair as an encouragement.
“Whenever your ready, take off that pretty black lace.” Derek said as Spencer nodded.
Spencer definitely wasn’t ready yet, this was already enough to get him leaking pre cum in his slacks.
He let out a hot breathe on your clothed center, making you gasp and grip his hair tightly.
The hair pull forced a groan from his lips and his fingertips grazed the tops of your thighs as he wrapped his arms around them.
He slid his long fingers in the waistband of the lace panties and pulled them down torturously slow.
He admired your wetness as he threw your panties aside.
“Did-did I do this?” He asked innocently.
“Your sure did baby boy.” You said petting his hair, which you picked up he liked.
He licked his lips and waited for instructions; he didn’t know what to do now.
“Taste her.” Derek said slowly.
Spencer swallowed hard and darted his tongue out and got a small taste of you, making you gasp at the very minimal contact.
He was so cautious and gentle and it was so torturous but it felt so good.
“How does she taste?” Derek asked as he started to unzip his pants.
“Sweet. I like it.” He said darting his tongue out again to collect some of your juices on his tongue.
You squirmed away as you moaned, making Spencer confused.
“Do you not like it?” Spencer asked anxiously thinking he did something wrong.
“No Spence it feels so good keep going baby.” You said clenching your thighs.
His tongue slowly started to cover more surface area, lapping up your wetness as he hummed against you, making you squirm and groan.
“Just like that pretty boy, you got her squirming and moaning already.” Derek said stroking his cock as he watched Spencer tease you.
“Add fingers, she really likes fingers.” Derek said as he let out a long breathe.
Spencer has so many questions and he was still a little nervous.
“H-how many?” He asked you, looking up at you with his big innocent eyes.
“Whatever you are comfortable with baby.” You said raking your fingers through his hair.
Spencer slowly pushed one digit into you, making you moan his name.
“Do you like that?” He asked sweetly, not sexily, but it still turned you on.
“Mhm yes baby boy I like that. Add another.” You said as you looked over at Derek who was stroking his cock and watching you.
You eyes rolled back in your head as you felt another finger push into you.
Spencer’s fingers felt extremely different than Derek’s.
Derek’s fingers were stout and rough as Spencer’s were long and skinny, giving you a different sensation that almost threw you over the edge.
Spencer pumped his finger in and out of you at a slow pace, savoring the sounds he pulled out of you.
“Mouth and fingers pretty boy. Suck on her clit.” Derek said before a moan fell from his lips.
Spencer didn’t waste any time after he was instructed.
He put his mouth on you and started sucking and licking as he pulled his fingers in and out of you.
You let out a loud moan as you pulled his hair and rested your legs around his shoulders.
“K-keep going baby boy. Faster.” You told him as your toes curled.
The weight of your thighs on his shoulders and the feeling of your walls around his fingers made Spencer cum in his pants.
He moaned into your center as his legs shook beneath him.
He curled his fingers inside of you and you squeezed your thighs around his head as you screamed, “I’m close Spence!”
The vibrations from his hums and his long fingers inside of you made you cum all over his digits.
As you shook around him Derek praised Spencer.
“Good job pretty boy. Look at what you did to her, you ruined her.”
Spencer withdrew his fingers from you and licked them clean before asking if you were okay.
“I’m okay. You did such a good job baby boy.” You said petting through his hair as you tried to catch your breathe.
Spencer stood up as Derek approached, clapping him on the shoulder.
“We will have to have another session sometime don’t you think pretty boy?” He asked.
“Definitely. Did I do an okay job?” He asked wiping his mouth with his wrist.
“You did such a good job baby. I want to see you again but next time, I think you deserve a reward, don’t you think Derek?” You asked hooking your finger under Spencer’s chin as you kneeled on the bed.
Spencer’s eyes lit up with lust as you brought up the idea.
“I can’t say I deny.” Derek said looking into Spencer’s eyes. “You don’t have any plans tomorrow do you pretty boy?” He asked.
Spencer shook his head quickly.
“Perfect, we could start now.” You said.

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#80 & morgan

“Is your seatbelt on?”

“Got your coat?” Derek asked as he held the door open for you.

“Yes. I have my coat.”

The front door closed, and he locked it before following you to the car. Derek eyed the ground, white and gray with dirty, melting snow. “Careful about the ground. It’s slippery.” He warned.

You threw a look over your shoulder. “You don’t have to remind me. I’ve fallen on my ass more than once to not remember.”

He laughed, quickly opening the driver’s side door and jumping in. Derek had started the car just minutes ago, so it would be warm for when you got in. He loved the pleased sigh you let out. And after Derek started up the engine, he looked sideways to you. “Is your seatbelt on?”

You didn’t seem to notice the hovering Derek was displaying. Probably because you were trying to maneuver said seatbelt around the cast on your arm. After it clicked into place, you smiled up at him. “Yes. Can we go now?”

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then i started to run and to call out her name

            as the crowd on the road went wild

                         i reached out with my hand and looked up

                                           and then, she smiled

She’s mine now Part 2

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Prompt: Theo comes back from hell to find out his girlfriend is now dating Stiles.

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader, Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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Bestfriends Secrets Part 3

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Prompt: An imagine where the reader catches her best friend Stiles kissing her other best friend Lydia.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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I want Jackson to be confused as hell this season, okay? I don’t even care about action just give me 45 minutes Jackson ranting at everyone and asking questions.

#McCall how the hell did you became an alpha? #Stilinski’s jeep is still working? #who is this hot girl?… What do you mean Stiles’ ex? # Wait you are dating ex of your bff? That’s bro code validation right there #who is this Liam kid and why is he here? #Why is everyone so happy to see Derek, it’s not like he letf-WAIT, Hale you left those idiots alone?! To protect the city?! And why aren’t you alpha anymore?! #what do you mean Stiles was possessed? #Okay so Liam is like little Scott and the other one is like little Stiles because he is useless gay human being surrounded by supernatural? #‘Stiles is not gay’ ha, that’s the best joke I heard in ages #wait, what do you mean it’s true? And he is dating… Lydia? Who came up with that?! #btw, anyone seen Issac? Wanted to ask him if he came out already #Why isn’t Derek Alpha anymore? #And why evil guy who controlled me is not dying?! Da fak Gerard, just die already, nobody wants you here! #so, Scott, your mama and Allison’s dad are dating? Well that would be awkward if you guys were still together… why are you staring at me like that? # Wait… What? #DEAD? ERICA, AIDEN AND BOYD TOO? HOW MAMY FUCKING PEOPLE DIED HERE?! #AND WHY NOONE TELLS ME STUFF?! YOU KNOW THAT PHONES ARE A THING RIGHT? #FUCK OFF GREENBERG, NOT NOW! #YOU COULD CALL AND ASK FOR HELP AND NOONE WOULD DIE! #AND WHO IS THIS ANOTHER FUCKING KID!? HOW MANY OF THEM YOU ADOPTED?!

Bestfriends Secrets Part 5

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Prompt: An imagine where the reader catches her best friend Stiles kissing her other best friend Lydia.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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