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“I have a girlfriend,” he says, and Derek turns his head, stops walking as well as talking. The look he gives Stiles is one of disbelief, one Stiles would’ve wanted to have never seen because it will just as soon be changing into something else. Anger? Disappointment? Hurt? It is hard to know with Derek but Stiles doesn’t want to have to wait for whatever is coming.

Stiles stopped walking long before the other man did and now they stand almost ten meters apart, staring, evaluating, waiting.

“This… is our fourth date, Stiles. What the fuck?”

bc im a nerd ass motherfucker i did some fanart to my own fic, “Revelations”.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: in “learn to do it”, dmitry tells vlad that he bowed to someone once when he was a child, but it isn’t until act 2 during “a crowd of thousands” that he reveals that the person he bowed to was the princess anastasia, meaning that even before he knew that anya was the princess and before he was taken back to the memory of the parade, he was still thinking about seeing anastasia from the crowd, the moment he fell in love with her and how she is the only person that he’s ever bowed to

Imagine Being Derek’s Twin Sister and Another True Alpha

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You had just arrived at Derek’s place, and knocked on the door. The door opened and you saw an unfamiliar face, and you narrowed your eyes.

“Guys,” the boy said, “Come here.” You heard someone coming to the door, and all you saw was your brother’s face, before he engulfed you into his arms. You wrapped your arms around his back and grinned.

“Hey Der.” You said, muffled against his chest. He had one hand around your back, and another on your head, holding you in place.

“Sorry to break up the lovey-dovey reunion, but who the hell even is she?” The boy who opened the door asked.

“Can’t you tell? I’m his twin.” You replied, and then he let out a drawn out, ‘Ohhh’. When Derek finally released you from his bear hug, he reached over and flicked the boy on the head.

“So, who are they?” You asked your brother.

“Well, the one a hit, he is Stiles. Human. Annoying as hell. The other one, that cam to the door with me, he’s Scott. True Alpha. Gonna be good at it. Also, annoying. The red haired girl is Lydia. Banshee. Strange, of course. This blond is Isaac, my beta, reckless. And the dirty blond is Liam, Scott’s beta. Anger issues. That help?” He replied, and you nodded your head, before going over to Scott.

“So Scott. Wanna go up against another true alpha? Get a feel for how it feels to get taken down a few notches?” You challenged with a smile. You saw the competitiveness in his eyes once you said that, and withoout waiting for a verbal response, you kept walking through the house, and made it to a training room. You moved to the side once entering, and saw Scott come barreling past you, and fell flat on his face. You raised an eyebrow, before shaking your head.

“Nice try. But you cannot seriously think that would work. Now, before we begin, let me turn on my playlist. Otherwise, I might tear you to shreds before we even begin.” You say, and hook up your phone. Not catching the look of disbelief cross his face. Demons by Imagine Dragons came on, and you couldn’t hold back  the snort of humor at the song. You then shifted, and roared in Scott’s direction. He shifted as well and roared back. He came after you first, and you put him flat on his back. “You think these attacks will work, yet you surely are wrong. ”

“Yeah. But it’s distracting you.” He responded before you felt a force hit your side and force you off of him. You saw it was Liam, his beta. You growled, and they attacked simultaneously. You dodged each of their attacks, while landing few attacks yourself. Then, you roared again, even louder than last time. And it caused them both to shift back, unintentionally. You turned your head and shifted back as well.

“That’s one of the things you will be able to do when you are more trained. You can shift anyone back into their human form, just by using your voice. No matter who they are. I will teach you. And then, maybe you will be able to make me shift back. Hasn’t ever happened before, but anythings possible.” You said, and walked off. They were staring after you in disbelief, before you heard Scott come running to you.

“How soon before you can show me?” He asked.

“After I eat some food, then we can immediately begin working on that.” You said, and enjoyed his reaction of a huge grin and jumping up and pumping his fist in the air.

A moment of jealousy 

You enter the house when you see Derek sitting on your couch. You entered the house and you looked towards him… He doesn’t even look at you. Like he couldn’t smell that you were there. You thought to yourself. 

You closed the door behind you and you walked towards the couch. You put your bag next to Derek and you just stood there staring at him. He doesn’t make any movement he doesn’t even look towards you. 

“Derek? What are you doing here?” 

For the first time, he gives you a look. “You tell me?” His gaze is firm and you could see he was doing everything to not explode. 

“What do you mean?” 

“I know about you and Scott.”His eyes changed color. He gives you a firm look again and looks down. 

“About me and Scott?” you asked him surprised. You had no idea he was talking about. Scott was your neighbor since both of you were 5 years old. You always talked to each other. We weren’t best friends but both of you could come to each other if one of you had a problem. “I really don’t understand what you mean. Scott and I are friends since we always were.” 

He stands up front the cough and just stands there, Taking a few deep breaths. His jaw clenched. 

“Are you angry?” You asked him putting a hand on his shoulder. His walks away from you and go’s stand on the other side of the couch. “I serious don’t understand you, Derek. A few days ago we were all over each other and now I can’t even touch you on the shoulder. What’s wrong with you?”

He looks at you. “What wrong with me?” His voice is hard with anger in his tone. “What’s wrong with you? I thought we had something and yesterday I come by your house and I see you and Scott hold each other.” 

You look at him not knowing what he means. “What Scott was here because he had a fight with Allison.” He was still looking at you with his jaw clenched. “I heard him out, told him to talk to her about it and before he left, I gave him a hug.” His face softness a little bit but still his a hard look to it, “Derek?” You walk towards him his eyes following every movement you make. You placed your hands on his face, making him look you in the eyes. “Nothing happened.”

In just seconds you back is slammed on the wall behind you and Derek is standing there in front of you. Your body’s not touching each other by a few inches. 

“I’m sorry.” He says to you and before you could respond his lips where on yours. 

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Your head is throbbing. You force your eyes open and are pleased to see that you’re still able to look around the room. You’re still wearing your own clothes, and jewelry which is a relief. You roll your head to try and loosen the muscles in your shoulders. Your arms are bound tightly, your fingers slightly tingling from lack of circulation.
You hear the keys in the lock and stare at the door, you need to know she’s okay. It pops open and you see his silhouette in the doorway. He’s a big man, and he takes up the whole doorway.
“You behave or you die.” He growls.
“Where’s Raven?”
“Shut up.”
“Did you kill her?”
“I said shut up!” He roars wrapping a hand around your throat. “If you disobey me again she will be dead. Do you understand me?” He roars and you nod as much as you can. “You will address me as sir. If you don’t do what I say you will be punished. You try to escape and I’ll kill your sister.”
“Yes Sir.” You say through grit teeth. Oh you were gonna make this fucker pay. “Sir may I please see her?”
“If you behave.”
“I’ll behave sir. You can even leave me tied to the chair.” He seems to mull over the idea for moment. Then he turns and leaves the room, slamming the door shut behind him. The photos on the wall rattle from the force of the door slamming and you wince slightly. You force yourself to remain calm, there’s really not much else you can do at this moment.
To say you’re surprised when the door opens would be an understatement. Your head whips up and your green eyes meet the surprised hazel ones of your best friend.
“Raven?” You breathe.
“Joelle.” She whispers back, tears forming in her eyes. She’s alive. Raven is alive. And looks okay.
“You have three minutes.” Your captor sneers, “She stays tied up. Do you understand me?”
“Yes sir.” Raven says with a meaningful glance at you.
“Yes sir.” You repeat and he slams the door shut. “Raven you’re alive.”
“Jo.” She chokes out hurrying to your side. You tip a hand up and she grabs it squeezing tightly. “What are you doing here?”
“I had to try and see if you were alive. Hotch said that he took a pair of sisters. So I made myself bait.”
“You did this on purpose?”
“Yes.” You lower your voice, “I wore my favorite necklace.” You glance down at the one hidden down the front of your shirt. She pulls at the chain and see the heart pendant that Derek had given her. The one that he had a tracker in, in case of emergencies. She tucks it back into your shirt then gives you a tight smile. You can tell she’s barely keeping it together, the dark circles under her eyes show the lack of sleep she’s been getting and the anxiety is coming off of her in waves.
“How long?” She mutters.
“I don’t know Ray, soon, I left Hotch a note.”
“Don’t fight him. Just do what he says.” The door flies open again, and the UnSub comes into the room. Without a word he grabs Raven around the bicep and practically drags her out of the room. The two of you make eye contact one last time before the door slams shut, leaving you alone once more.


This always makes me tear up.

Stiles hears whispers about the hot grad assistant in his criminal psych class so he grabs a seat near the front and waits for the said GA to come into the classroom.

He isn’t expecting Derek Hale to walk in wearing a soft blue sweater, dark jeans, and GLASSES.

He really isn’t expecting Derek to smile at the class and start passing out the syllabus.

He’s down right shocked when Derek gets to him and stops what he’s doing to stare openly at him.


And Stiles, being the little shit he is gives Derek a cocky smile and a wink as he says, “Long time no see, should I call you professor?”

Derek blinks and looks around the room to see everyone gaping at them. “I’m Derek Hale and this is intro to criminal psychology, Dr. Parker will be in shortly, she was running late.”

The semester ends up consisting mostly of Stiles flirting with Derek and busting his ass in the class to impress him.

Except Derek isn’t taking the bait because he’s trying to be professional. But as soon as he finishes grading the last final for the class he shows up outside of Stiles dorm and kissed the shit of him.

“About time,” Stiles says when they finally break apart, “Want to come in? We’ve got some making up to do.”

Derek just nods and follows Stiles inside the room where they spend the night making out, watching movies, and catching up about the last few years.

When your family ask you “who are you texting thats got you smiling so much at your phone”. Hahha nah just looking at a post of my OTP


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