derek watson

Your favorite character can have flaws.
They can act like dicks.
They can take stupid decisions.
They can make mistakes.
They can hurt people.
They can be villains.
They can be BAD people.

You are NOT a bad person for liking them.
Liking them doesn’t make you worse than anyone else in any way.
Liking them doesn’t mean you are justifying everything they do.
Liking them doesn’t mean you wish the same things to happen to real people.
Liking them doesn’t mean you want the same things to happen to you.

You like a fictional character, and you are entitled to do it, no matter what. Don’t feel guilty for it.


My OTPs always put their hands on each other..just in the wrong way


(via Art Deco Elevators | At the Ted Rogers School of Management, Bay and Dundas, Toronto. by Derek Watson  | Flickr)

My Top 5 Otps

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This was so hard to choose but lets go

1 Dramione

2 Sterek

3 Klaroline

4 Snowbarry

5 Sherlolly

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