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That moment when you’ve read so much fanfiction you can’t remember what’s canon and what’s not

The truth is

they call us delusional and thirsty fangirls for intepreting LGBTQ+ ships like destiel and johnlock in their shows when we actually provide actual valid evidence and meta of it possibly going canon but if the ship was of a male and a female they would already be canon and supported by majority of the fandom and the media.

Your favorite character can have flaws.
They can act like dicks.
They can take stupid decisions.
They can make mistakes.
They can hurt people.
They can be villains.
They can be BAD people.

You are NOT a bad person for liking them.
Liking them doesn’t make you worse than anyone else in any way.
Liking them doesn’t mean you are justifying everything they do.
Liking them doesn’t mean you wish the same things to happen to real people.
Liking them doesn’t mean you want the same things to happen to you.

You like a fictional character, and you are entitled to do it, no matter what. Don’t feel guilty for it.

My ships...

The most important ones, at least.

Stormpilot - Poe Dameron/Finn

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Snarry - Harry Potter/Severus Snape

I ship them  during or after the war. Not before, while Harry’s still in school. And usually not before Harry is at least 20 years old. NEVER before he’s at least 18 years old.

Also… Snape is not that old. He’s just 38 years old when the war is over (Let’s just assume he survives… please.).

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I also like Drarry - Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

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Deamus - Seamus Finnigan/Dean Thomas

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Johnlock - Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

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Destiel - Dean Winchester/Castiel

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Denny - Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte

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Bagginshield - Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield

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Sterek - Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski/Derek Hale

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Hannigram a.k.a. Murder Husbands - Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

I know it’s not really a healthy relationship (ok… understatement) but I can’t escape the chemistry of Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy…

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Hartwin - Gary “Eggsy” Unwin/Harry Hart

I know. The age difference again. But I think it would work.

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Jakweenie / Jaqueenie - Jacob/Queenie

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Basically all the ships from Sense8…


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These two remind me of my husband and me. XD

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I don’t want to spoiler a friend of mine so I’ll keep it to these two for Sense8. But I love all of them. I love the characters so much.

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I think that’s it… for now.  :)

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The game. Part 4

Fandoms: Sherlock/criminal minds/supernatural crossover.

Y/d is your favourite drink
Y/n is your name
Y/l/n is your last name

This takes place during season 7 of criminal minds after Emily returns. And after Rossi’s 1rst wife dies. And for Sherlock since moriarty is fine I kinda just made up what happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Warnings: hints towards abuse.

Pairing: so far no.


Well if it isn’t moose, squirrel and the baby in a trench coat.”

Sam and Cass chuckled, Dean looked at you his smile turning into a smirk.

“Aweee did the princess miss us?”

You both fake glare at each other until you both burst out laughing. You run up to dean and give him a hug which he quickly returns.

“I missed you De.”

He squeezes you tighter.

“I missed you too princess.”

You back away from Dean and turn to Sam and give him a hug also.

“Missed you too you big moose.”

Sam lets out a heartfelt guffaw. You turn to Cass to hug him but you know he’s not a fan of hugs, but to your surprise he tugs you in for a big hug.
As if reading your mind he says:

“I know, but you’re one of the special exceptions.”

You smile.

You turn to the team and start to introduce them to your brothers.

“Team these are my brothers Sam, Dean and our best friend Cass. They’re also F.B.I, guys this is my team and friends”

You point them out as you call out their names.

“Hotch, Spencer, Penelope, JJ, Emily, Derek and Rossi.”

They all shake hands and after they’re finished they all turn to look at you. Dean speaks first.

“It’s nice to meet you guys and all that but y/n why are we here? What’s wrong? You sounded so upset on the phone.”

You look at your brothers with a sad expression on your face.

“He’s back.”

For a moment they look at you confused. Then sam’s jaw tenses, but dean and Cass are still confused. Dean turns his head slightly and blinks a few times.

“Sorry. Um.. who exactly is back? You need to be a little more specific.”

Sam looks at dean and Cass with a hint of anger behind his eyes.

“Jim moriarty is back.”

Dean and Cass look angrier then you’ve ever seen them. Dean slams his hands down on the table and you slightly flinch.

“SON OF A BITCH! Can’t the evil sons of bitches stay dead for once?!!”

Sam mutters out a

“I’m gonna kill that bastard.”

Sam and Dean keep yelling but Cass looks over at you worried.

He knew you had it the worst with your dad after Sam left for college and dean left for a few weeks.
You wanted to return to the UK but the rest of your family was on away on business so you were stuck with your father alone for two weeks.

Dean was now shouting about how he would shove something so far up that douchebags ass when Cass interrupts him and Sam by grabbing their arms and whispering to them.

“Stop yelling, you’re just scaring her.”

Both the boys stop and look at you. You look terrified.
They both give you a guilty look and you mouth a thankyou to Cass. Dean turns to face the team.

“So uhh, how can we help.”

JJ smiles at the boys.

“Well I think y/n will need you guys, now more then ever.”

You give JJ a look.

“I don’t need a pity party JJ”

Spencer talks for JJ.

“We know that y/n, your brothers and Cass are field agents, and they’ll be able to protect you when we can’t.”

You mumble a little “I can protect myself” but other then that, you didn’t argue.

It was silent until Hotch got handed a few files from an agent.


He looked at all of you.

“I just got some files of all of jim’s fake identities that we are aware of and the way he acted in each personality, we can start building a profile off of that, and y/n we will still have to question you.”

You nod your head in understandment.

Dean looked at the team confused.

“Build a profile? We already know what he looks like.”

Spencer looked up from one of his files.

“A profile isn’t just about what the criminal is physically, it’s also about how they act so if we go after them we know how to talk them down.”

Sam nods.

“That makes sense. But how can you find out about the way he acts if he is disguising himself?”

You decide to answer with a quote from one of your old friends.

“You know, one of my good friend said something to me once,”

You smile slightly thinking about the woman. And start imitating her voice.

“D'you know the big problem with a disguise, My dear y/n? However hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait.’ ”

Hotch smiles at you and starts giving out orders.

“Reid, Prentiss I want you two up in the breifing room, start building the profile with our files, I’ll join you guys in a minute.”

They both head out and give you a smile.

“Sam you knew about Jim also right?”

Sam looks between you and Hotch.

“Yeah i mean y/n talked to me about him.”

Hotch nods.

“Ok I want you to help them in the briefing room, Garcia will show you where it is, and before you go Garcia, I want you to see if you can find out where Jim is.”

Penelope nods her head and turns to Sam.

“Follow me handsome.”

Sam lets out a chuckle and gives you a reassuring smile before he leaves.

“Morgan and Rossi. I want you two to take Y/n Dean and Cass to the interrogation room and ask her questions about Jim to help the profile.”

Rossi and Derek nod their heads.

“Sounds good Hotch, cmon baby girl, we got some questions to ask you.”

You and Rossi both laugh. You all start walking and you ask

“So who’s the bad cop?”

Rossi laughs

“Hopefully no one. I mean unless I get hungry.”

Since you all were laughing you missed how Dean confusedly whispered to Cass:

“Baby girl?”

Side note: sorry it’s shorter and that it took so long to post! I’ve been sick lately and I’ve been trying to write but I lost my file which had my ideas for this story :/ but don’t worry! I’m still writing it! :)


Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life