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Hi! Any Sterek fics based on tv shows? Thanks for everything you do

I tried to vary it up. Enjoy! - Anastasia

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the lone wolf dies by callunavulgari

(1/1 I 241 I Teen I MCD I Game of Thrones)

“I’m yours now,” the wildling boy tells him. The sun’s rays catch on his eyes and set them afire. “And you are mine.”

The Derek Hale Puppet Show by Fayaheda

(1/1 I 936 I Teen I Angel)

“Derek, is that really you?” Kira asks, eyes filled with pure wonder and even a little awe.

they can keep me high by anothershower

(1/1 I 2,417 I Mature I American Gods)

Stiles builds an altar.

Derek Hale, Agent of SHIELD by coffeebuddha, rispacooper

(1/1 I 6,877 I Explicit I Agents of Shield)

The one where SHIELD builds Derek a pack. 

Two-For by 3rdgenderfromthesun

(9/9 I 14,608 I Mature I Criminal Minds)

Stiles is searching for his mother while Cora and Isaac dance around each other. When Stiles finds his mother he must face her reasons for abandoning him. Cora must face what she fears most: people. Isaac just wants to be loved.

A Lot of Red Leather and a Lot of Smoke by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(2/2 I 15,209 I Teen I Arrow)

Derek Hale and Oliver Queen are best friends who work out together once a week at HAO Gym. Stiles Stilinski works the front desk and is convinced they’re together which sucks because he is totally attracted to Derek. Felicity Smoak comes crashing into Stiles’ life and the two instantly become BFFs and bond over their attraction to billionaires who are out of their league.

Free Trials by Vague_Shadows

(13/13 I 49,508 I Teen I Supernatural)

Scott and Stiles decide to give the Hale Pack a try, asking for a ‘free trial’ in hopes of making the pack more like a family and surviving long enough to see graduation. They end up getting more trials than they bargained for when the Winchesters arrive in Beacon Hills to help Chris Argent stop the alpha pack that’s been leaving a gruesome trail of bodies up through California.

Neither side likes the other, but a truce between them may be their only chance of bringing down the alphas.


“To protect me,” Derek says after a moment in silence, lifting his gaze.

Stiles expects there to be mockery in his tone, but there is none. It’s not even a question, but even if it was: Stiles wouldn’t know what to answer. He can’t protect anyone, doesn’t stand a chance against whatever assassin who might come after Derek. If someone was to burst through the doors right now with a gun or tomahawk or some other creepy weapon of choice, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

But at the same time he knows it wouldn’t stop him from taking a step in front of Derek, trying to shield him with his own body. It’s reckless and stupid, but that’s all he can do: sacrifice himself.

And when looking back at Derek, Stiles can tell that he understands. He looks down again, to where his hand hesitantly reaches out to brush across Stiles’ knuckles, the touch sending a shiver down Stiles’ spine. He doesn’t make it a question, because he knows Stiles’ answer would be neither yes or no.

It would be “I’d try.”

It’s autumn in Australia!!! But it’s still really hot, sadly.

Part 2 of The Alpha Umbrella.

Background practice + Sterek because I’ve never drawn any trees or grass digitally before, but it is a LOT easier than trying to do it traditionally.

Patience - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake!

Request:  Can I request a Derek Hale imagine where the reader is very afraid of physical contact because of her anxiety, but as she and Derek become closer she lets him hug her and kiss her?

Warnings: Brief mentions of injuries, panic attacks and anxiety - I’m sorry if my depiction of anxiety isn’t accurate, I have no personal experience with it.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

It was a known fact among the pack that (y/n) didn’t like to be touched as a result of her anxiety. A failed attempt at a hug when she’d first befriended them that had left her struggling to breathe as her vision went black quickly taught them not to attempt any form of physical contact.

But now, as Derek shielded her from the oncoming attack from Ennis, it was becoming harder for him not to hold her so his body would take the force of the blow. As they fell to the floor, his arms instinctively reached out for her, spinning them so he landed on his back while she was cushioned against him. He was quick to let her go, listening to her heartbeat to ensure it wasn’t reaching an alarming speed before apologising and rushing back into the fight. (Y/n) pulled in ragged breaths as the world in front of her faded in and out of clarity. Her eyes searched for something to focus on but everything was moving so rapidly that she became lost in the flow of swinging arms and pained shouts. Scrambling to her feet, she searched for a way out, knowing she wasn’t any use to the pack in the state she was in. She wasn’t even meant to be there, but she’d been too stubborn to listen to everyone’s advice.

Her feet carried her towards the exit of the warehouse they’d found themselves in. (Y/n) had almost reached the door when her feet were taken out from beneath her. Screaming in pain as jagged claws sunk into her calf, she turned around, coming face to face with Kali. The werewolf snickered, swiftly smashing (y/n)’s head against the floor before she’d even had a chance to defend herself. A strangled cried escaped her mouth as her vision faded to black.

(Y/n)’s head was throbbing as frantic voices buzzed around her. It took all her energy to open her eyes, the world around her blurring as the air seemed to be sucked out of her lungs. Derek’s concerned face appeared in front of her, his brow was deeply furrowed as his hands hovered around her head.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n). I was preoccupied with Ennis, I didn’t see her coming for you” She flinched away from his hand as it nearly came into contact with her shoulder. The movement sent a wave of pain through her body as her vision blurred at the edges.

“S’okay” Her words slurred as the floor tilted beneath her.

“(Y/n) we can’t leave you here like this, I’m going to have to move you” Fear trickled down her spine as she frantically shook her head.

“No, Derek. I can’t. I can’t” His heart cracked slightly as he listened to hers beat itself into a frenzy. He knew she would bleed out if they let her stay where she was and he also knew that with a head injury as bad as hers, there was no way she was walking out of the warehouse.

“I’m sorry, (y/n). You’re going to have to trust me” Her desperate shouts echoes around the building as he scooped her into his arms. He was careful to support her head as he followed Stiles towards the jeep. His steps were hurried as he tried to limit the amount of time he would have to hold her. She squirmed in his arms, her eyes squeezed shut as her breaths came in sharp pants. “(Y/n), look at me. C’mon, I need you to look at me”

Her entire being was trembling as she forced her eyes open. Their eyes met, his calm and strong while her pupils were wide with fear. “Just focus on me okay?”

She nodded her head weakly as she kept her eyes fixed on his, trying to get lost in different shades of green that flexed his irises to distract her from the way his body felt pressed against hers. Stiles wrenched the door of the jeep open, holding it open for Derek. Gently, he set her inside, hiding his pain as she used what little strength she had to scramble away from him. He knew it wasn’t her fault and that it wasn’t personal. (Y/n) pressed herself against the cool metal of the door, ignoring the way her body felt cold without Derek next to her. The boys jumped in the jeep before Stiles started up the car and speeded away from the warehouse.

Stiles’ eyes kept flickering to (y/n) in the rear view mirror. “She doesn’t look good Derek, we need to get her to hospital”

She started to shake in her seat at the thought of all of the different strangers that would have to touch her as they assessed her wounds. “No hospitals, please

If Derek wasn’t a werewolf, he would have missed her breathless plea. He turned around in his seat, his eyes widening as he took in her sickly appearance. “(Y/n), we have to. You need someone to check your head”

“M’fine” Knowing deep down that she really wasn’t fine and that the sharp pain prickling across her body wasn’t normal didn’t stop her mind from trying to gain control of the situation. Derek’s eyes searched hers, he was worried about what another panic attack could do to her already fragile body so he started searching for another solution.

“What about the clinic?” Shooting Stiles a look, he watched him nod as he turned the jeep in the direction of Deaton’s clinic. The lump in her throat wouldn’t let her speak, all she could do was nod her head weakly.

They settled into tense silence as Stiles broke almost every speed limit to get her to the clinic. Derek made a brief call to Scott, his words clipped as he told him where they were going. As the car pulled up outside, (y/n) tried to brace herself, knowing that Derek would have to carry her again. His eyes locked with hers as his arms reached for her. He rushed them into the clinic, stepping away from her once he’d set her on the table.

Deaton quickly got to work, wiping her head with an antiseptic wipe as he assessed the severity of her wound. (Y/n) focused on the window in front of her, the stars occupying her mind briefly before she felt the familiar sensation of panic flooding her stomach. Her head felt like lead as she tried to stay upright. Before she knew what she was doing, she reached her hand out to Derek. He was by her side in a second, asking her what she needed. Just like before, their eyes locked. The world seeming to come to a standpoint as she tried to name all of the different shades of green that made up his irises. Exhaustion pulled her eyes shut as Deaton continued to patch her up. Her head fell against Derek’s chest, shock running through the werewolf’s body as he stayed perfectly still. He let her rest, not touching her and simply letting her do whatever she needed to stay grounded.

Time passed slowly as Deaton worked, wrapping her head before moving to the claw marks on her leg. She cried out when Derek moved away from her to get out of the veterinarian’s way. He scrambled onto the table, letting her rest back against his chest. Confusion kept him wide awake despite the night stretching into the early hours of the morning. He wondered whether it was the adrenaline that was running through her body or the fear over what had happened that was making her crave physical comfort, maybe both. But he decided that he didn’t mind as long as he was helping her.

After several weeks of recovering, (y/n) was slowly starting to feel like herself again. With Derek’s help, she was gradually becoming more comfortable with physical contact. He’d asked her what had changed one night and she’d simply stated that he made her feel safe when the world was crumbling around her. Derek had smiled at that before tentatively entwining their fingers. He was slowly introducing her to more and more kinds of contact, always letting her pull away if she needed to. It was no surprise when they started to fall for one another. Derek was happy to be her protector while she brought light into his life and gave him a sense of purpose again.

They were sat cross legged on his bed, their entwined hands resting on the mattress between them. Her eyes flicked to his as she licked her lips nervously.

“What is it? Do you want me to stop?” She smiled softly, shaking her head. Taking comfort from his kind eyes, she willed herself to be brave.

“I want to try something” Derek titled his head adorably as his thumb brushed across the back of her hand.

“Okay,” She let go of his hands before leaning onto her knees. Tentatively, she caressed his face, in the weeks he’d been helping her, she’d become addicted to touching him and it was becoming harder to stop herself. His eyes followed her as she leant closer to him. It took her a few minutes to build up her courage as she tried to settle her heartbeat. Looking into his eyes and only finding love, she tipped her head, lightly pressing her lips against his. Derek’s eyes widened in surprise before he melted into her touch. Giving her space, he kept his hands planted on the mattress despite wanting to pull her closer. (Y/n) moved her mouth slightly, savouring the unfamiliar feeling of Derek’s lips pressed against hers. A smile graced her face as she pulled away. Derek was sat perfectly still, his eyes shut as he drew in a deep breath. Eventually, he opened his eyes, smiling widely when they met hers.

“Please feel free to try that again” A joyous laugh bubbled in her throat as she nodded her head before leaning forward and reconnecting their lips.

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hey, andi! what are your fave sub!derek fics?

I don’t care much for bdsm so I haven’t read many of those at all :/ These are the ones I have in my bookmarks:

Melt Me Slowly Down by maichan808 (maichan), the_deep_magic [20k, E]

The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.

and the light is close, close by wolfinglet [13k, E]

Derek is afraid.

He’s afraid because—

—he wants Stiles to do things to him.
—he thinks he might trust Stiles to do those things to him. Already. Which makes him stupid.
—he is attracted to Stiles.
—he will fuck it up. Again.
—Stiles has no idea what he would be getting into, and Derek doesn’t know how to tell him.
—Derek would ruin it.
—Derek would ruin all of it.


(Or: a young Derek safewords out of a D/s scene with Domme Kate Argent. Convinced it was his fault and that there’s something horribly fucked up inside him, he moves to New York and tries to bury the need for submission he doesn’t know how to get rid of. Then, when he’s twenty-three, he comes back to Beacon Hills for his mother’s funeral and meets eighteen-year-old fledgling Dom Stiles.)

And this little one that isn’t BDSM, but it’s kinda aftercare-ish and I thought was really cute:

Lie Down with Dogs by uraneia [3k, T]

Stiles gives Derek a flea bath. Then things get weird.


“Is this a joke?” Stiles says when Derek hands him the bottle. It has to be a joke, right? This is just more evidence of Derek’s redeveloping sense of humor. Ha-ha. He’s hilarious.

“Does it look like I’m joking,” Mr. Murder Eyebrows himself says flatly.

Fuck, he’s not joking.

Stiles turns the bottle over in his hands. No matter how many times he reads it, it still says Flea Treatment Shampoo for Dogs.

hunger - chapter 17

Hunger master post

Stiles is wedged between Derek’s wolf form and the wall when the door squeals open.

“No guns in the cell,” Kate says as a looming shadow falls across the doorway. 

“You’re still wearing yours,” a man answers.

Stiles doesn’t need to see her to imagine her smirk. “My house, my rules.”

The looming shadow lengthens and grows, and–

Holy shit.

The alpha enters the room at the end of a long pole fastened to a collar around its neck.

Stiles presses back against the wall, his heart pounding. The alpha isn’t a man, or a wolf. The alpha is some grotesque thing caught somewhere between the two. It’s hulking. It has a bowed spine as though it can’t stand upright. It’s covered in a thick pelt of dark hair. It has a heavy skull. Its jaw is hanging open, its fangs gleaming. Its eyes are shining red. Its clawed hands are held by its side like weapons. It stares at Derek and Stiles, eyes flashing, and growls when it’s shoved further into the room.

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Fanfiction Life

When you can’t find a story that fits what you need

When you can’t remember if something was canon or just too much fanfiction

When someone tries to tell you fanfiction isn’t as good or not real

When you finish reading a work in progress

When you find the fic that you lost

When the fic your reading takes an unexpected turn

When you realise how much time you’ve spent on fanfiction 

When someone tells you to stop reading fanfiction and do something productive

When the fic you’’re reading portrays the character you love 100% how you imagine them

Trying to explain something that happened in the fic you read to someone who doesn’t read fanfiction

When you come across an abbreviation that you don’t know

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1 Papa!sterek HC: the first time Derek held his shield for the first time he cried. He cried bc he can't be sure he'll be able to protect this small creature from the world, but he'll try his best just like his parents tried. He keeps whisper "thank you" to Stiles bc Stiles gave him back something he lost and thought he'd never have again. That night Derek and Stiles lay in bed with the baby in between them. Stiles and the baby are fast asleep. Derek wants this picture ingrained in his memory so

he stays up all night watching his little family. Imagining that maybe one day they’ll have more. Maybe they’ll fill up the house with little footsteps and the chaos that can only be created but children. By the time it’s dawn Derek doses off and dreams of loud laughs and the smell of pancakes that his dad used to make.

(Oh my gosh, I’m on the verge of tears, that is just so sweet.)

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Rules: list 10 fictional characters you want to kiss

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I feel like challenging myself this morning haha

In no particular order, here’s ten fictional characters I’d want to kiss:

1. Spencer Reid

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2. Derek Morgan

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3. Aaron Hotchner

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4. Leo Fitz 

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5. Steve Rogers

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6. Alphonso ‘Mack’ Mackenzie

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7. Wil Ohmsford 

Originally posted by coloursong

8. Barry Allen

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9. Andy Dwyer

Originally posted by kawaii-raptor

10. Westley

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I tag whoever wants to do this :)

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hi! i'm looking for a dom/sub fic. all i remember is that stiles is the dom and he sees derek one day in the club being dommed and saying his safe word and gets him out of the situation and then they start a relationship, but i can't remember anything else. any ideas?

This description sounds a lot like Melt Me Slowly Down by the_deep_magic!

The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.

- S


The Alpha Shield Legend (Gif Set)

Part One     Part Two   Part Three    Part Four    Part Five    Part Six  

Part Seven

Scott x Sister!Reader

“You alright son?” John asked as he hurried past Stiles’ room and found the boy lent on his desk with his head in his hands.


“Scott just called (Y/N)’s up and moving again but we have no idea what happened last night to make her so ill.” Stiles sighed.


“Well here, this is the report I helped Lydia fill out… it’s not going in the files but I figured I could help get as much detail as possible.” John handed the folder to Stiles who started pouring over it.


“Wait when did Lydia call me?” Stiles asked out loud as he hurried to look through his phone. “Look, you did the same thing with Scott right, line up what happened at Scott’s and at the school.”

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Since it's the 4th of July - a sterek kid!fic with a Stilinski/Hale barbecue and kid!Derek being afraid of fireworks and kid!Stiles comforts him

Derek is sitting under the table with the blue-and-red plastic tablecloth drooped down low around him like a shield when Stiles discovers him.

Let’s get something straight though, k? Derek is eight years old. Practically a grownup. He is not afraid of the bright, flashy lights in the sky no matter what Peter says.

…He’s just not a big fan of the crashing noises that come with them.

A sparkle of orange glitter halos behind Stiles as he blinks at Derek curiously, and Derek fights not to jump at a thunder-like crackle that goes straight through his sensitive ears.

“Found you!” he announces, grinning bright. Like it’s still a game.

They’d been playing hide and seek before dinner, or trying to. Stiles had been no good at it at all. He’d always gotten bored and come out of his hiding spot before Derek could even really look for him, grinning when he spotted Derek and shouting found you! delightedly. Derek had tried to explain the rules to the kid more than once, but Stiles had just grabbed his hand and tugged him back to the counting tree to start over.

“We’re s’posed to find each other.” Stiles had explained back, like that was a totally reasonable game and not just the most boring thing in the history of ever. Derek had thrown his hands up in defeat after five tries, handed Stiles off to Laura, and gone in search of hot dogs.

Now Stiles is blinking at him with a head half-covered in holiday-themed plastic, confusion slowly taking over his beaming features when Derek doesn’t respond.

“It’s not hide and seek time,” he adds, seriously. At three years old, he doesn’t even have to duck to see under the high table. He does anyway, squatting down into a careful crouch.

Derek’s sitting on his butt in the grass, his head almost skimming the underside of the table. He crosses his arms, scowling defiantly.

“I know that.”

Stiles blinks at him, wide amber eyes seeming bright in the shadowed space.

“But you’re gonna miss the colors.” Derek can sense a pout coming. Stiles had been talking about “the colors” nonstop all day, practically vibrating excitement as he announced which ones were the prettiest in an expert tone to everyone who would listen (”blue, big blue ones, they’re the best. I saw them in videos on youtube”), tugging everyone’s sleeves he could reach all through dinner and dessert, asking what time they would start. And now he’s crawling under the picnic table toward Derek, letting the plastic shield fall back down behind him while the show goes on outside.

Derek crosses his arms tighter. Another thunderclap goes off, and it’s an effort not to just slam his hands right over his sensitive ears. That had been the plan when he’d ducked under here, but Stiles showing up had thrown that right out the window.

You’re missing them too.” Maybe if he reminds Stiles, the kid will go away, and Derek can sit here and suffer through the whole miserable experience in peace. “They’re pretty, remember?”

“So are you,” Stiles announces, like that’s the same thing at all. Derek shakes his head, because kids.

“You can see me all the time,” he replies, because that’s true. Their parents are practically best friends; they’re always having dinners and parties together, and Stiles has playdates with Cora so often he might as well have his own room at their house.

“You don’t play anymore though,” Stiles says. “Only at parties.” And maybe that’s true. Derek had played with Cora and Stiles a lot more last year, but that’s when he’d been seven. A baby, almost. Now that he’s eight, he can’t exactly hang around the playroom with the toddlers. He’s got a reputation to think about.

Still, he feels kind of bad that Stiles had cared enough to notice the change, and he had called Derek pretty, so Derek figures he at least owes him something.

“The fireworks are pretty,” he admits, and Stiles beams. “They’re just…”

There’s another clap, loud enough it makes him flinch and screw up his face, eyes squeezing shut.

A small hand closes over his. He squints his eyes open, heart thumping hard.

“Loud,” he admits, and waits for Stiles to laugh at him.

But Stiles’ eyes have gone marble-round in understanding.

Ohhh.” The word drags out long. A second later, his hand drops. He sucks his lip in between his teeth, pops it back out again. “Jackson says I’m loud. Is that why you don’t play anymore?”

It’s not ok at all for Stiles to think that, so Derek reaches down, snatching Stiles’ hand back up.

“No way, Jackson’s a dummy.” Derek doesn’t know Jackson, but he’s sure that’s true. “You’re a good loud, Stiles. You’re fun loud.”

It’s worth it, holding the kid’s hand, to see the sadness clear from his eyes, his lips wobbling back into a beaming smile. Derek grins back, the nervous-tense of his chest loosening. And when Stiles throws himself forward, wrapping his small arms around Derek’s neck, Derek decides it’s still worth it.

“Ok,” Stiles decides as he falls back, clapping his hands together. “So I’m gonna talk and be good loud so you don’t have to be scared of the bad loud.”

And he does, catching Derek up on everything he’d missed in Stiles’ apparently busy life over the past few months. Derek listens along, laughing at the way Stiles’ arms flail around with this stories, and he hardly notices the thunderous clapping has stopped until he starts seeing feet move around the bottom edge of the tablecloth.

“But dad caught the bad guy, Derek, but mom still said he was in trouble, Mr., because he’d promised he was just doing desk work–”

“Hey,” he cuts in, surprised. “You missed the fireworks.”

Stiles trails off from his story, his shoulders pushing up in a brave shrug. His eyes go down, though, and Derek can tell he’s not thrilled about that, even though he’d chosen to stay down here. Missing something you’d been looking forward to for weeks… that’s a lot to ask of a kid.

That’s probably what has him biting his lip, scooting a little closer to Stiles and murmuring, hushed:

“I can show you some colors, but you can’t tell anyone. They might not be as cool, but I think it might kind of make up for it?”

Stiles looks up, his eyes going hopeful, and Derek lets his own burn brightly.

The expression on Stiles’ face is better than watermelon and ice cream cake and hot dogs, all together.

At the next Fourth of July picnic, Stiles tells everyone who will listen that the prettiest of all the colors is most definitely gold.

evilheroes  asked:

Hey! It's me again and it's all your fault because both of you keep recing the best sterek fics out there and you order them from smaller to larger and i don't even know what else... Anyway my point is that you are the reason(s) that i constantly blow off school work! But i love it!! Can you rec any new hacker stiles or derek please? Thanks angsty and fluffy!!!

We meet again, evilheroes (I feel like there should be some sort of theme music for when we answer one of your asks…teeheehee…am I a dork or am I a dork?)! Here’s what I could find for you (a couple are more like computer geeks, but as secret agents, so I figured they would be ok):


Tag Team Duo by justbewhelmed

(4,427 Teen Complete Secret Agents)

fic prompt by mahomine: Sterek, FBI field agent!Derek and Stiles as some kind of technology master (cause nerd Stiles and athletic Derek being attracted to him is such a kink).

P.S. Derek is pining. It’s wonderful.

The Hale Fire Job by moeblobmegane

(currently 12,232 Teen WIP Leverage AU)

“IF I agree to help, what am I supposed to do? You’ve got a military-grade hitter, a brilliant ghost thief, and one of the best grifters in the world. I’m just a jobless ex-insurance investigator. I’m not a criminal, Stiles.” 
“We can’t do this without you, Scott.“ 
"Because you’re the good guy.”

Or in which Stiles asks for Scott to lead a group of high-tech thieves in their plan to bring down Kate Argent (for revenge, mostly).

You Left Your Window Open and I Crawled Inside by Madalynn_Bohemia

(14,057 Explicit Complete Voyeurism I Warning: Dubcon)

In which Derek and Stiles are neighbors, and Stiles somehow gets the fantastic idea to hack Derek’s computer to allow him an all access pass to spy through his webcam. It’s not like he’ll see something he shouldn’t, right?

Shaken and Stirred Series by secondstar

(total of 15,350 Mature-Explicit WIP, but probably complete Secret Agents, also smut is a thing that happens)

Stiles is the voice in his ear and the man in the glasses behind the computer screen. At the end of the day, he’s the only one Agent Eta trusts.

BORN VILLAIN Series by whokilledcodyosmond

(total of 130,517 Mature-Explicit WIP Criminal! and Dark!Derek Warning: Abuse, Noncon, Panic Attacks)

Stiles is a troubled young hacker at odds with his father, the Chief of Police in Beacon City. After a chance meeting with a handsome but dangerous man, he learns it isn’t always obvious who the bad guys are.


Derek Hale: Agent of SHIELD by divenire

(currently 8,980 Teen WIP Agents of SHIELD AU)

This is the story of how Derek Hale unintentionally becomes an agent of SHIELD.

Espionage Would Be Wasted On You by reptilianraven

(9,275 Teen Complete)

“Can this actually wait until after the job?” Derek said with as much ferocity as he can, which apparently wasn’t much because Stiles’ laughter rang through his earpiece. “The mark’s getting out of the elevator, you better be ready.”

“First off, learn how to multitask.” Stiles told him. “Second, I need two more minutes. Hold him back.”

“Can’t. He’s already in the hallway. Learn how to multitask.” Derek smiled to himself when Stiles cursed.

Of course, the explosion went off at exactly the right time. Derek never thought explosions could sound smug until that very moment.


The one where Derek is the tech guy and Stiles just likes to blow things up a lot. Together they fight crime or whatever.

Enjoy! Hope that helped. 


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Request – Derek Hale “Girlfriend”

 “Please… can I see them?” You looked through the window, seeing Derek and Chris sitting next to each other, handcuffed to the bench.
“Sorry. Family only.” The officer behind the desk barely looked at you and went on with what he was doing. You had to see them, but you didn’t think living in one house with Chris would be enough. How much he felt like your father, he wasn’t. And you knew the officers here knew. They had known your parents after all…
“But I have to see them! Derek… Derek is my boyfriend!” You didn’t know where that came from. He wasn’t. He didn’t even like you, but still… if this would get you in, you would use it. And you hoped Derek would play along.
“Is he?” You nodded.
“Well… come along then.” Inside you, you started cheering. You had managed to get in.
“Derek, your girlfriend is here to see you.” The officer turned around immediately, and you were glad he did, because Derek was looking like he saw water burning.
“My girlfriend? Really?” You saw a smile appearing on Chris’ face, who had gotten immediately why you had said that, and he kicked Derek before he would say something that would betray you.
“My girlfriend! Yeah!” His eyes flickered towards the officers who were near. “Nice… nice to see you here!” You breathed out in relief. At least they were both playing along.
“Why are you guys here?”
“Apparently they think we are so stupid to kill a Yakuza member…” Chris started laughing.
“Short version, but true.” Suddenly all the officers started running, one coming to the two men to release them from their cuffs.
“What’s happening?” You started to look around, seeing the panic in the room, not knowing where it was coming from, starting to get afraid.
“GET DOWN!” Suddenly Derek knocked you and Chris down, protecting you both with his body. Not a moment too soon, because suddenly you heard a blast, felt glass raining down and after one moment of silence the screams of wounded echoing through the police station.
“Derek!!” Both you and Chris managed to stand up, completely unharmed because Derek had shielded you both from the blast and everything that had been flying through the room. He hadn’t been that lucky. He was standing, but shaking on his legs, needing Chris’ support to sit down again.
“I’m okay! Don’t worry, I’m okay.” Then you got a look at his back.
“Okay? Derek, you look like a pincushion! You’re most definitely not okay!” You sat down behind his back, carefully starting to remove the pieces of glass. You heard him suck in his breath, gritting his teeth.
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry I’m hurting you!” He shook his head.
“Go on.” You went on, piece by piece, ignoring the blood on your hands, ignoring the hisses of pain you heard. You could see him healing where you had pulled out the glass, and that’s how you knew you were doing it right.
“And that must be the last one…” You stood up, wanting to look him in the face. A very pale face, you noticed. “Derek, thank you… I think you saved me over there…” A small smile appeared on his face.
“What else could I do for my girlfriend…” You could almost hear his contempt for the word in his tone. “Thank you for taking all that glass out…” Before you knew what was happening, he had took your face in his hands, a kiss following. One that you were only too happy to answer.