derek prospero

My mother loves Shakespeare but none of my family do, so she introduced him to me. The first one I saw on stage was The Tempest when I was 9. Dad had bought me a children’s version of the play beforehand so I had some idea of the plot. Derek Jacobi was playing Prospero speaking out this wonderful language across the stage,even though I didn’t understand all of it, it was magic, from that moment on I was in love.

The reason I love his work so much is not just the language and the stories, it is that every time I see a play it’s different. Everyone has their own vision of the same story, different costumes, sets, actors. I have seen Much Ado About Nothing (my favourite) 5 times and each has been different. In one at the RSC they set the play after the First World War, and it gave the characters new stories. Beatrice had found independence by being a nurse, Don John was bitter because he had been permanently wounded, and Dogberry was given shell shock to explain his behaviour. Lines that had made me laugh before, now made me cry. All this without changing a word, it was the same words that Shakespeare wrote all those years ago, and they never grow old.


Created this for the Hannibal Season 2 art contest presented by NBC (#Hannibal Did This). The background pattern was drawn from scratch based on Season 1 artwork. Some utensils were created to match the theme. I specifically wanted to avoid using the stag antlers.

Special thanks to Vimala Faith (#vimalali) for expert fashion & fabric consultation!

Graffiti Skyline by Derek Prospero

Has been working in Photoshop 7 days a week since 1995. He has worked on hundreds of web, print, and multimedia projects as a freelance artist, expanding a strong passion for visual design in all of its forms. For 4 years, Derek taught intermediate and advanced Photoshop classes at The New England Institute of Technology and Palm Beach Community College. His artwork has been featured in dozens of international books, magazines and lectures where he often provides step-by-step instruction and advice for aspiring artists. He is a three-time recipient of the prestigious Photoshop Guru Award given annually by The National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and is the creator of the widely acclaimed Dilly Rank Icon Collection.