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Daven Reunion

“Oh my god,” Raven muttered to herself, placing a hand on her belly as she reached the apartment. Not only was she nervous about seeing Derek after their “break”, but she also had some of the biggest news a person could have: she was having a baby…their baby. It was something they had always wanted. And it was coming at almost the perfect time: they were getting back together and she knew he was the one for her. And yet…she still wasn’t completely sure that Derek wanted her completely like she did. She knew he loved her, but what she did with Julian was quite hard to forgive, and she understood that.

She wasn’t going to use the baby as leverage, but she knew she had to tell him about it, obviously. She just hoped he still loved her enough to still want to marry her and have a child together.

She braced herself when she walked up the steps and knocked three times on the door.  

"Why does this keep happening?"

Raven groaned as she flushed the toilet for the third time that day, but the millionth time that week. The illness was so unexpected, as she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary to contract a cold or the flu. She felt her head for a temperature and it didn’t feel like she had a fever. She stood up and brushed her teeth, wondering what exactly she should do next.

“Maybe it’s just a quick stomach bug. Maybe I should go to a doctor?” She asked herself, but one look at the clock told her otherwise, “It’s too late.” She groaned again, and began pacing around the room.

“I could tell Derek…” But then she stopped herself. She didn’t want to ruin any chance they had of being together, even if this wasn’t a risk. And she didn’t want to worry Derek–

Her thoughts stopped in their tracks and she  placed both hands on her stomach, feeling as though she was going to be sick again. Thankfully, nothing came, but another idea sparked into her mind. She glanced at the clock again, agreeing that a 24 hour pharmacy would be open.

Picking up her bag and phone just as she left the house, she swiftly made her way to the pharmacy that was just down the block and thankfully, once there wasn’t a soul inside when she arrived. 

The idea in her mind wasn’t necessarily new, but she knew it could crush her if it was false. In fact, it wasn’t really an idea anymore, but more like a wish–a wish she had been praying for for quite a while now…

She reached the aisle she needed, and picked up the pink little box that would hold all of the answers–that would make or break her. She went up to the register and paid, feeling the weight of the box in the bag as she walked briskly back to her apartment. 

Once in her apartment, she went straight to the bathroom and ripped the pink box open. She followed the instructions, just so there weren’t any discrepancies, and then she waited.  

Waiting, she found, always seemed to be the hard part. It was like waiting for a verdict, except instead of going to jail and wasting away her life in an orange jumpsuit,  this verdict would predict the existence of a whole new life. 

The timer she had set went off and her heart jumped. She raced to the applicator and stared at it for a few moments, before a large smile spread across her features.

Her idea had been right. Her wish had come true. She made it:

She was pregnant.