thabia  asked:

hi cherry! i was wondering if you've noticed a lot of ancestral connections in natal charts, for example similarities or important aspects that arise in synastry charts between a mother and child, grandparent and grandchild, etc. i hope i've worded this in a way that isn't too convoluted. thank you!! ❤️

hey, oh yeah darling you can follow the family tree of horoscopes as julia and derek parker taught it… what i notice is lots of similarities with moon and mother and water! so when there are lots of 8th house planets in the children often scorpios have ruled the generations before them and the 8th house person is finishing their work…. a great ‘grandfather’ may have been an aquarius and his grandchildren are born with ‘saturn in aquarius’, am i making snese? its really fun i just dont know that much!! ❤️

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