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prompt #16, #18 (Brett Talbot)

16.“I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime, I’ll decide in the car.” 18.“what’s our exit strategy?” “our what?” “oh god, this is how I die.” “please like I’d ever let that happen.” Requested by @naepoohxd

Thank you for requesting Brett because he’s my favorite, so it makes me happy when people are as obsessed with Brett as I am!

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I flinched as another arrow flew past almost hitting the boy I was crushing on. Ever since Liam introduced us, there was something about him that just peaked my interest. I know what they say about a wolf and a fox, but it seemed to work out well for my sister.

“Brett this way!” I screamed, waving my arms at him so he’d see me.

He looked up at me flashing his amber colored beta eyes. Another arrow came this time almost hitting me. It was pouring rain and I could barely see anything. I focused my kitsune hearing as another arrow came. I unsheathed my belt which was really my katana and sliced the arrow in two. Brett and his sister were now in front of me.

“this way.” I called through the rain and took off running.

Brett and his sister were following and so were the assassins. Brett’s sister stumbled falling down. Brett turned around to pick her up. The assassins were closing in on us now.

“Brett go to the animal clinic, Satomi and the others are already there.” I screamed unsheathing my katana again.

“what about you? I’m not leaving you.” Brett said grabbing my arms. 

“go, get your sister to safety, I’ll be right there.” I said pushing him in the direction of the animal clinic.

He looked at me with guilt in his eyes before taking off. The assassins were now in front of me. They fired arrows but I blocked them all.

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The one assassin came at me but I quickly tackled him and kicked the other two down. Once they were all down I ran back to the animal clinic.

“y/n!” my sister Kira said running over to hug me.

I wrapped my arms around her taking in her warmth. My eyes wandered until I found Brett hugging on to Satomi and his sister. It broke my heart. All these innocent Beacon Hills students being hunted mercifully.

“you saved me.” Brett’s sister said running over and hugging me.

I put my arms around her tiny frame and squeezed back.

“are you okay, I shouldn’t have left you.” Brett said checking my body for any wounds.

“Brett i’m fine.” I said grabbing his hands.

He looked up at me giving me his smile that he reserved for only some people.

“we owe you one.” Brett said hugging me.

I took the moment to just admire this feeling. I inhaled his intoxicating scent that drove the fox inside of me crazy.

“Kira, y/n do you want to go home with them and make sure they get back okay?” Scott asked kissing Kira’s forehead.

Kira and I shook our heads and followed Satomi and her pack. Kira took the front while I stayed at the back with Brett and his sister.

“why are they doing this brother?” Brett’s sister said in a tiny voice.

Brett sighed looking at his little sister.

“Because they’re bad people, but don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you.” I said smiling at the young girl.

Brett grabbed my hand giving it  a squeeze. I’m sure he could hear my heart beat race at his touch. Finally we had gotten back to Satomi’s place, thankfully with no incidents.

“thank you girls you have no idea how much it means to us.” Satomi said taking Brett’s sister upstairs.

Brett rubbed his neck awkwardly as he looked at me and then Kira. I elbowed Kira a little bit hoping she’d get the hint.

“oh right, uh I’ll just uh wait outside.” Kira said walking out the door.

I watched her leave. Brett caught me off guard picking me up and holding me against the wall so I could reach his lips. In a split second his lips were on mine. It was a feeling of pure bliss.  

Brett pulled away to catch his breathe. He backed away setting me back on the ground.

“sorry.” He said rubbing his neck again nervously.

“i’m not.” I said smiling at him.

“where are you off to next?” He asked lacing his fingers with mine.

“well i’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime, i’ll decide in the car.” I smirked poking his cheek.

“well whatever you’re doing you might need this.” Brett said going over to his lacrosse bag and pulling out his Devenford Prep sweatshirt handing it to me.

“thanks.” I said putting it on over my wet clothes.

I was about to kiss him goodbye when Kira ran back in.

“Scott’s got a plan to catch the benefactor.” She said her breathing ragged.

“alright let’s go then.” I said turning back to Brett.

“I’m going with you.” Brett said grabbing a dry jacket.

“Brett please, people just tried to kill you for money stay here where it’s safe.”

“y/n I’m not letting you do this alone, especially not after that.” He said pointing the wall where we were just making out.

“we have to go.” Kira said walking back out.

“I’m going with you.” Brett said grabbing my hand and walking out the door.

Stiles picked us up in his jeep and explained the plan to us. Kira tried to protest but Scott was already going through with it. I wrapped my arms around her until we arrived at the hospital. We walked in where everyone else was. Kira saw Scott and started to cry. He really looked dead.

“what’s he doing here?” Liam asked glaring at Brett.

“He’s an extra set of claws, so be thankful.” I snapped maybe a little too aggressively.

“alright, it’s in place, the benefactor should be on their way.” Stiles said looking up from the numerous computer screens.

what’s our exit strategy?” I asked Stiles noticing the lights start to flicker, meaning the benefactor wasn’t the only one coming.

“our what?” Stiles asked completely dumbfounded.

“you know our exit strategy, in case this whole thing goes south, what are we going to do to save Scott and ourselves.” I said glaring at Stiles.

I honestly did like Stiles but sometimes his plans sucked, and he didn’t think them through all the way.

oh god, this is how I die.” I said noticing the Berserkers coming up on the monitor.

please like I’d ever that happen.” Brett said from beside me, putting his hand on my lower back.

“Liam and I will take the roof you and Brett take the corridor, we can’t let Kate or the berserkers get to Scott.” Kira panicked unsheathing her katana.

I followed her motion unsheathing mine and leading Brett down the corridor.

“I don’t think they’re here.” Brett said before a berserker threw him into a wall.

“Brett!” I screamed before running at the berserker.

I swung my sword connecting with the bone armor of the berserker but I wasn’t strong enough to knock it down. In one swipe of it’s arm I was hurtling down the hall into the wall. I could hear a crack and honestly didn’t want to know where it came from. Brett stood up completely wolfed out now. He charged at the berserker swiping at it with his claws. The berserker went down but quickly got back up. It grabbed Brett by his throat putting him up against the wall. I quickly ran over swinging my sword at it. The berserker dropped Brett an turned it’s attention back to me before disappearing completely.

“y/n” Brett said running over to me.

I embraced him kissing his lips gently.

“are you okay?” He asked cupping my cheeks with his hands.

“thanks to you.” I said bringing my hand up to put on his.

“I guess we make a pretty good team then huh?” He said kissing my nose.

“I guess so.” I said kissing his lips once more.

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So got carried away with this one because I really do love Brett Talbot I mean just look at him!

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Who wouldn’t be in love with this? Anyways requests are open! Also side not it means so much to me when you guys say how much you love my writing, like seriously it makes my day! xoxoxo

prompt #23, #32 (Theo Raeken)

23.“that feeling, the one that you’re feeling right now, it’s called regret.” 32.“I never stood a chance did I?” “that’s the sad part, you did at one time.” Requested by @hazftcor

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“babe listen to me okay, he remembers Stiles, he knows about the wild hunt, he can help us.” Liam said grabbing my arms to stop me from pacing.

“Liam this is Theo Raeken were talking about. He tried to get you to kill my brother, which I forgave you for, he lied to us all. What makes you think he isn’t lying now?” I said removing his hands and pacing again.

“he has no other choice.” Liam said shrugging his shoulders.

“Liam nobody knew Theo like I did okay, nothing about him is good. I can't believe you’d do this and not even talk to me first. Liam you’re supposed to be my boyfriend and honestly I’m kind of hurt right now.” I said putting my hands on my hips.

“I’m sorry. You’re right, I should have talked to you first.” Liam said pulling me in his arms.

“it’s so awkward when mom and dad fight.” A voice said from the hallway.

A voice I thought i'd never hear again. A voice that once stayed up with me all night as we read the Dread Doctors novel together in my bed, even though he was working with them the whole time. A voice that told me secrets as we cuddled. A voice that made promises he had no intention of keeping.  A voice that I trusted. A voice that betrayed me. A voice that I fell for but he broke my heart.

“not a good time Theo.” Liam growled.

“no you know what Liam now is a perfect time.” I said pushing Liam away from me.

I walked up to Theo slapping him hard in the face. I was only human but the rage that I felt towards Theo Raeken gave me the strength of a werewolf. Theo was taken back a bit.

“if you ever cross me, my friends, or my family like that again, I’ll bring a wrath down on you worse than anything you could’ve experienced in hell.” I threatened.

I pushed past Theo and made my way downstairs to the car. I hopped in sitting next to Mason and Cory. Mason gave me a sad smile, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. We were going to try and catch a ghost rider tonight. Liam and Theo came out shortly afterwards getting in the car as well.

“okay to catch one of these guys you’re going to need something that can absorb about five million joules of electricity, and I think I know where we can find something like that.” Theo said starting up the car.

There was a transformer out in the woods that would be able to absorb the shock of the ghost rider and trap him. Scott, Liam, Mason, and Cory left to go make sure that it was legit, so that left me with a chained Theo. I sat straight on the hood of the car staring at the stars, trying my best to ignore him.

“you know this is probably going to be pretty dangerous, you should stay back.” Theo said rubbing his wrists that were bound by the chains.

“I don’t need a babysitter, especially you.” I snapped not daring to look at him.

“come on y/n. I’m only looking out for you.”

“don’t do that Theo.” I said turning to look at him.

“do what tell you the truth.” He said moving closer to me.

“don’t act like you care, Theo you broke me, not the dread doctors, not the beast, it was you. So don’t pretend like everything is going to be okay. I trusted you, I stood up for you, and you played me like a fool.” I said a tear threatening to spill.

Theo raised a hand to wipe it away but I quickly took a step back.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to tell you how sorry I really am.” Theo said looking in my eyes, his eyes showing hurt.

“It’s called heartbreak there’s over a million songs written about, I’ll get over it.” I said turning my back to him.

I never stood a chance did I?” Theo said in a low voice.

I couldn’t believe him right now! He broke my heart and had the audacity to ask me that!

“Theo you see that’s the problem, you did at one time. Theo I was in love with you. I loved you and you broke my heart.” I said tears now flowing freely from my eyes.

This was the first time I had ever admitted that I loved Theo out loud, to anyone.

“you loved me?” Theo said guilt clearly evident in his eyes.

“and at one point you had me so convinced you loved me too.”

“I do love you. I still do.” Theo said coming up and pulling me closer to him.

I collapsed crying into his shoulder

“how do I fix it?” Theo asked trying his best to comfort me even though his wrists were chained.

“shut your feelings out, make yourself numb. That’s what I did.”

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“but I don’t want to forget my feelings about you.” Theo said bringing his lips closer to mine.

I didn’t mean to, but I got caught up and found myself kissing the one person who I swore i’d never forgive. I pulled away quickly thinking about Liam.

“I can’t Theo I’m with Liam now.” I said stepping away from him.

“y/n please.”

that feeling, the one that you’re feeling right now, it’s called regret. You let me go and it’s too late now.” I said finally taking my spot back on the hood of the car.

Theo was about to respond when the boys came back out from the woods. Liam ran up to me taking me into his arms and kissing my nose.

“were you crying?” Liam said stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“no I fine, I’m just glad I have you.” I said pulling him in for a kiss.

I didn’t need to have werewolf hearing to hear Theo’s heart being the one breaking this time.

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I really loved writing this one and was hoping to make a part two if someone wants to requests prompts to go along with a part two! Requests are back open! Thank you to everyone who has requested and followed me! XOXOXO


prompt #2, #5 (Peter Hale)

2.“don’t go, I can’t be alone.” 5.“It’s okay they can’t hurt you anymore."  Requested by @nitro-girl

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It was all becoming too much. These ghost creatures had taken almost everyone in Beacon Hills by now. They were now at the hospital reeking havoc. I volunteered there and now I was right in the midst of the chaos. Melissa McCall who was almost like my personal mentor grabbed me running to the nearest room. Melissa pulls out her phone dialing a number.

"Scott they’re here, the ghost riders are here.” she said flinching as the lights blew out.

The only thing you could see now was the glow of the ghost riders.I squeezed my eyes shut hoping they wouldn’t find us. As fast as they came they were gone, leaving only me and Melissa behind. We stood up cautiously stepping out of the room.

“Melissa be careful.” I whispered as she slowly stepped a foot outside the door.

She checked both sides before motioning me to come out. I stepped out making sure to be as quiet as I could. That’s when I noticed the ghost rider behind her.

“Melissa watch out!” I screamed pointing behind her.

The ghost rider took out his pistol and in one quick flick of the wrist Melissa was gone. The ghost rider turned it’s attention to me now. I quickly sprinted down the corridor. I could hear the ghost rider approaching me quickly. I could feel my chest tightening up. I suffered from panic attacks since I was little, and this trauma was definitely something to warrant one. I fell down running out of breathe.

“please don’t do this.” I cried looking at the ghost rider.

I heard a loud roar, and than I was being jerked up and rushed out of the hospital. I didn’t have time to think as I was now in a full blown panic attack.

“you need to calm down.” A voice said stroking my hair.

I couldn’t though, I couldn’t get the ghost riders face out of my mind or the fact that I was probably one of the last people in Beacon Hills.

“they. took. them.” I said between heavy breathes.

I looked up to meet the face of Peter Hale. I didn’t know much about him but every time he was at the hospital he always gave me weird looks. He did just save my life though, so I was in no position to judge him.

“I know but you’re safe now, it’s okay they can’t hurt you anymore. Now listen to my heartbeat and try to calm down.” Peter said pulling me to his chest.

I laid my head on his chest listening to rhythmic patterns of his heartbeat and trying to control my breathing. Eventually I stopped panicking and looked up at him.

“what are we going to do?” I asked, my throat still dry from my panic attack.

“I need to go find the others like me okay?” He said rubbing my back.

I quickly grabbed on to his shirt terrified of being by myself.

don’t go, I can’t be alone.” I said putting my head back on his chest.

He didn’t. We sat in his car while he rubbed my back and I listened to his heartbeat. I felt my eyes start to get heavy and than everything went black. When I woke up a while later Peter was gone and in his place was a note.

don’t worry, i’ll be back for you.

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This always makes me tear up.


On the eve of finishing Senior Year, Stiles Stilinski commits suicide, leaving his loved ones in limbo, none of them sure why he did what he did or are they?One day, Malia Tate comes home from school to find a box of tapes on her front door step, messages from Stiles, her first love and she is listed as one of the reasons behind his suicide. Based on Netflix original ‘13 Reasons Why’


Thank you to the anon who suggested the idea  and @mieczyslawstilestate & @celestallison for helping me form some of my ideas and read parts, especially the dark parts, you are both blessing to this world.

Sterek: *becomes way too popular*

Jeff: Alright, I’ll just ban Sterek from TW events and give Dylan and Hoech less scenes so the fandom will give up and stop shipping them.

Sterek fandom: *becomes larger and makes Sterek even more popular*