derek o'brien


you can’t kill me!

((Imagine sacrificing yourself to save Allison and dying in Isaac’s arms))

The Onis were too strong for them. They used all the power they could, but it wasn’t working.
“What are we going to do Scott?” Allison asked.
“We have to keep fighting Allison.”
As (Y/N) turned around, she saw an Oni about to stab Allison.
“Allison, watch out!” (Y/N) yelled. She quickly ran and shoved Allison out of the way. Everybody was watching. (Y/N) looked down and the long weapon stuck in her stomach. Blood was soaking her shirt.
She fell down onto the ground. The Issac ran over and bent down to her.
(Y/N)?“ He asked.
“Isaac.” Her voice was shaky and unstable. Everyone surrounded the two.
“Your gonna make it.”
“Isaac, it’s too late.”
“Let me take your pain away.” He held her hand, but nothing happened.
“It doesn’t hurt Isaac.” Her eyes started to close.
“I love you Isaac.” She softly whispered. Her eyes were fully shut and her chest was still.
“(Y/N)?” No answer.
“Isaac, she’s gone.” Derek said. He looked down on her ghostly face. The pack was all sad, some even had tears.
“I love you too.”
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