derek mp

Under Development is now COMPLETE!!!!

Excerpt from the final chapter:

It took Derek most of the morning to work up the courage to seek out Stiles in his office.  The door was half open, and as Derek stood dithering outside he heard Stiles’ voice, the unusually sharp tones carrying easily into the hallway.

“I’ll take care of it,” Stiles snapped, just as Derek knocked softly and then pushed the door open.

“Hey, Derek,” Isaac greeted, a hesitant smile on his face.  “We were just —”

“We were just going over some last-minute changes on the Willamette River construction,” Stiles interrupted, hurriedly shoving papers back into a file.  And there it was again, a brief stutter in Stiles’ heartbeat, betraying the lie.  Other people lied so fluidly and indiscriminately that Derek wouldn’t even have registered it, but Stiles…Stiles never lied to Derek.

Stiles shoved the file into Isaac’s hands.  “I’ll take care of it,” he said again, his voice strangely intense.

Isaac nodded and turned to leave, passing by where Derek was still standing right inside the door.  On pure instinct, Derek reached out, pulling the file from his hands.

“Derek, wait — just let me explain —” Stiles started, but Derek barely heard him.  His ears were ringing, his attention completely focused on the file as he flipped through page after page.


“I burned out like a bright light
I wasn’t ready for this
You’re adorable as hell
But I’m glancing at your wrist.”