One of Our Own

“I’m Sheriff Andrew (Y/L/N), this is my brother Police Chief Gary (Y/L/N), we’re glad you’re here.”

“I’m SAA Aaron Hotchner, this is SAA David Rossi, where can we set up?”

Andrew showed them to a conference room, in the back, Gary following behind them. He watched as the agents got to work setting up the room. He was quickly introduced to the rest of the team.

“What can you tell us Sheriff (Y/L/N)? Morgan asked him.

“Please call me Andy, after all you all are (Y/F/N)’s other family.” He pulled out a folder, handing it to each member of the team. “We’ve had several local women go missing. In the last three weeks, since (Y/F/N), was home on vacation she said she’d consult, and help us out.”

“She completed a profile, and victimology.” Rossi replied going through the file.

“Our niece was very thorough, as you can see the woman range in age from 25-30, all athletic, professional, other then that they all vary in looks.” Gary said.

“The man taking them, in his mid-forties, uneducated, most likely works in the service industry. He keeps them for 72 hours before he disposes their bodies under Cane Creek bridge.” Andrew closed his eyes. “(Y/N) has been missing for 24 hours. My deputies found her car near the dump site early this morning.” 

“We’ll find her.” JJ said looking through the files. 

“Rossi, Reid, go out to the dump site. JJ you’re with me, talking to the families.”

Andrew walked over to Hotch. “Than you for coming. cutting your vacations short. You’ll have the cooperation of the entire Sheriff’s depart as well as the police department.”


I stared at the Unsub, not believing that I had gotten the profile so wrong. My Uncles would know I was missing, and would have started searching for me. I had to try, and get myself out of this mess.

“You’ve kidnapped a federal agent, do you really think it will end well for you? Not to mention who my family is, if you let me go now, I will make sure…”

“Shut up! No one will ever know you were here, I will cover my tracks.”

I let out a slow exhale, closing my eyes, hearing my cell ringing. Smiling to myself at the familiar ring tone. The Unsub glared at the phone, picking it up, he threw it against the wall.

I looked at it, laying on the floor, hoping Garcia could still track my location.

The Ends

For the Anon who requested 39 (What was that?) 47 (Have you lost your damn mind?) and 50 (Come with me) with Derek Morgan

You step into the elevator and sigh. Rolling your shoulders back then making circles with your head.
“Hold the elevator!” Morgan cries at the door starts to shut. You punch the button sliding the doors back open. “Thanks Sweets.” He says with a smile causing you to laugh.
“Anytime Morgan.” The doors slide closed and you rest against the side of the elevator. You close your eyes and sigh, softly.
“Did you hear that?” Morgan asks punching the emergency stop button.
“What?” He grabs your hand and yanks you out of the elevator and into the stairwell. There’s a loud blast, then multiple more in quick succession and Morgan blocks your body with his. “I heard that.” You tell him your face inches from his.
“Come with me.” He keeps a hand wrapped firmly around yours as he starts back up to the bullpen. You trailing along behind him. The ground shakes again and he presses you against the wall.
“Ouch Morgan.” You mutter softly. “Can you protect me a little more gently?”
“Sorry Sweetness. When you’re involved sometimes I loose my head.” You roll your eye and go to move away, “Just in case we don’t make it.” He catches your chin in his hand and presses his lips to yours. You’re stunned for a moment but then you wrap your arms around his neck. As his tongue brushes past your lips you realize where you are. You put your hands on his chest and shove him away.
“Have you lost your damn mind?” You hiss.
“No. I just needed an excuse to see if you returned my feelings. Come on.” He urges you to the bullpen. You follow him, flabbergasted.
“You couldn’t just ask?”
“This was more fun.” He smirks at you then stops in front of Hotch’s window. When you give him a puzzled look he gestures out the window as some color flickers across the sky. Fireworks. He made you think you were under attack.
“I’m going to kill you.” You say smacking him in the chest. “I thought that was a bomb!”
“I’m sorry sweetness.” He says, and he actually looks it. You pause for a minute then pull his lips back to yours. His hands go to your hips and you pull away from him just long enough to smile.
“I guess the end justifies the means. You’re off the hook this time.” You murmur.
“Good.” He dips his head again and presses his lips to yours once more.


A/N: This was kind of a request from the same anon that requested Derek and the reader’s family going on vacation together. LOL. I originally thought they meant Derek and the reader and their kids going on vacation together. Well, they said doing both wouldn’t hurt. XD So here’s the other one. Enjoy! @coveofmemories


“Ready for tomorrow?” your husband whispered, wrapping his hands around your waist and trying to keep his voice down, so as to not wake your sleeping children. Derek Jr. and Amandla, seven and five, were sound asleep in their beds, cuddling their Baymax and Elena of Avalor dolls, more than ready for their first trip to Walt Disney World.

After nearly six years of constant work and family responsibilities, you and Derek had found a way to take a week off at the same time, so you could take your first really family vacation together.

“We’re luckier than most,” you said, rubbing Derek’s shaved head. “We’ve been on weekend trips and gone to the beach, but I’m so ready to take them to Disney. I used to go all the time when I was a kid. They are going to have so much fun.”

“Well, we should go to sleep then,” he mumbled, walking you toward the bedroom. “They are going to run us ragged for the next week. We should sleep while we can.”


After a two and a half plane ride, during which time the kids napped, you were finally there. Junior was bouncing up and down. “Are we going to the Magic Kingdom now daddy?” he asked your husband.

“We have to check into the hotel first,” he said, lifting his finger to try assure his son that fun would soon be on the way, “but then we get to go to the Magic Kingdom and mama’s made a reservation to have dinner with Mickey and his friends.

“Really?” Amandla said, wonderstruck.

“Yea, baby,” you affirmed, kneeling down in front of your daughter. “Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto will be there.”

She hugged her doll even tighter to her chest. “I can’t wait. Do we get to go on the Mickey bus now?” she asked, pointing towards the Magical Express, a special bus system for transporting people that were staying on Disney property.

“As a matter of fact we do. Ready?” you asked, grabbing each of your children by the hand. “Let’s go!”


You and Derek sat back at dinner, watching the smiles cross your children’s faces as the main Disney characters came to your table, taking pictures, signing autographs and making funny faces.

Junior was ecstatic to take a picture while holding a Mickey plushie that you’d bought him as a souvenir that day and Amanda made your entire half of the restaurant laugh when she grabbed Minnie’s hand and went to get Daisy as soon as she walked out of the door; she needed a girls-only picture and she wasn’t leaving without it.

The kids went wild when Pluto came out, both running up to hug him and pet him like a giant puppy.

“Man, am I glad we bought an extra SD card for each of the phones,” your husband said, clicking away, trying as best he could to capture everything, “otherwise we’d already be screwed, and we still have six days to go.”

Unlocking your own phone, you were surprised to see that since this morning, you’d taken nearly 400 pictures. “Wow…” you drawled, lifting up your phone to take pictures of your own, “Yea, I think that was probably one of the best ideas we’ve ever had.”


The next morning was like Christmas, with the kids jumping up and down on your bed, ready to start the day. It was 6:30 AM - the park didn’t open until 8:00.

“Mommy! Daddy! Get up!” Amandla shrieked, while Junior lifted the edge of the pillow up and poked your face. He went over and did the same to Derek, which resulted in him lifting him with one arm onto the bed and snuggling him. You did the same with your baby girl.

“Mommy and Daddy need coffee,” Derek muttered, still half asleep. “And then we can go to breakfast. I want Mickey waffles.”

“What are Mickey waffles?” the kids asked simultaneously. They’d never seen them before, but they were an intrinsic part of your childhood.

“Mickey waffles,” Derek started, lifting them both up after he’d started the coffee pot in the hotel room, “are waffles shaped like Mickey heads. They have a special machine that makes them look like Mickey Mouse and they are delicious. Every since mama brought me here seven years ago, it’s all I want for breakfast.”

You had since rolled out of bed, wafting toward the smell of coffee. “And…after breakfast, we get to head to the park again and meet….” You hesitated, wondering how loudly Amanda was going to scream, “Elena of Avalor!”

“Ahhhh!!!!!!” she screeched, immediately quieting when you and Derek shushed her. People were probably still sleeping. It was too fucking early. But, that’s life with kids. “Sorry,” she said, sheepishly. “Do I really get to meet her?” She looked so happy that she wanted to cry.

“Yup,” Derek said, pouring you both a cup of coffee. He looked toward Junior, who seemed excited for his sister, but curious as to whether he was getting to meet anyone. “And in a couple of days you will get to meet Chewbacca,” he said to Junior, “you have to take a ton of pictures with him for Uncle Spencer.”

He pumped his fists up in the air, running around the room like a madman. “Alright, crazy man,” Derek, said, grabbing your son and lifting him up in the air, “Time to get ready for Elena.”


As you were one of the first families in the park, having been up at the crack of dawn, you were able to take the kids into the biggest store in the park, and Junior’s eyes bulged. At the end of the store, in all his puffy glory, was a giant stuffed Baymax.

“How are we gonna get that home?” you asked your love, already resigning yourself to the fact that you’d be spending a buttload of money on a plushie he’d probably outgrow in a couple of years.

He grimaced, “I have no clue, but considering there’s no way to meet Baymax, I’d say this is the next best thing.”

“You want that?” you asked your son, drawing the question out.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Derek turned to you, “I’d say that’s a yes.”

After buying the Baymax and having it shipped back home (yea it was that big), you made your way to the meet-and-greet. It took two seconds for Amandla to spot Elena, running towards her faster than you’d ever seen her run before. Good thing you and Derek had had copious amounts of coffee that morning.

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know. ~Diane Arbus
—  Season 1, Episode 18, “Somebody’s Watching”, Spoken by Gideon
One of Our Own-2

 Jacob Jones shut the basement door, locking it with a padlock. Running up the stairs he had to be at work in forty minutes. Going into his bedroom, he pulled his uniform out of the closet, laying it on the bed with care.

He pulled clean boxers, t-shirt, and socks from his dresser drawer, before going to the bathroom to shower. Stepping under the hot spray of the shower, he relaxed, letting the water caress his body.


Aaron stared at the rest of his team. “Do we have anything new?”

“Her car was wiped clean.” Rossi replied. “Her purse was left on the front seat, her credentials were missing.”

“Garcia, have you been able to track her?”

The team gazed at the laptop monitor. “I’m still working on it, if she has her phone with her, it’s off.”

“Keep trying to find her. I know she had a GPS in her watch.” Derek commented.

“I will keep looking, as soon as I know something I’ll let you know.” Her face disappeared from the screen, Aaron sank down in the seat behind him, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“The other victims were all low profile, each of them taken on the way home from work or a sporting event.” JJ said.

“Let’s go over the notes from the police and sheriff’s departments, as well as (Y/L/N)’s. The answer is here, we have forty-eight hours to find her.” Aaron stated.

Reid stared at the notes spread out in front of him, looking at the pictures of the women on the board. Feeling frustrated because he couldn’t solve this, he couldn’t see what they were missing.


I slowly worked the ropes that held me to the chair, I needed to free myself and tell my uncles about the Unsub. My head was still fuzzy from getting hit, I knew that I had several hours to try to get away.

He’d be gone for hours at work, I also knew I had forty-eight hours before he killed me. I just hoped that Uncle Andy and/or Gary called Hotch and the rest of the team.


Jacob  saw the black SUVs parked out front, he blew out a breath, calming his nerves. The Sheriff or the Chief had called in the Feds about their damn niece, he had to throw them off, so they didn’t find her.

He ran into the sheriff’s department, walking up to Andy (Y/L/N). “Any news on (Y/F/N)?”

“Nothing yet Deputy, the FBI is taking over.”

every episode of criminal minds
  • Reid:*is injured and/or just having a hard time right now also he's probably on the floor*
  • Morgan:*worried about Reid*
  • Garcia:*worried about everyone*
  • Morgan and Garcia:*verbally doing it while they worry*
  • Prentiss:*speaking every language at once while shooting bottles off a fence from 6 miles away* *sins to win*
  • JJ:*being an actual angel she is literally floating while a choir sings heavenly in the background*
  • Hotch:*can't see because he's been trying to find his way out from under his eyebrows the entire episode* *eventually does, gets the job done, and goes home to his son*
  • Rossi:*getting in everybody else's shit so he can hear about their drama and write about it but not help*
  • Rossi:*spaghettis*