derek lakes

What you are doesn’t matter. Because what you are isn’t going to change who you are.
—  Derek Lakes, Awake at Dawn (Book 2 in C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls Series)
lake house (nate maloley imagine)

MAYBE PART ONE? A/N i’ve been writing this imagine for like two weeks but i’ve been way too lazy to actually finish it. But since i figured this idea was still filled with inspiration in my head, I might as well just get it going since I really wanna see what you guys think. Hope you guys like it. Let me know if you guys want a part two to this imagine! (this is also an imagine for people with a thicker body but not just bigger ass and boobs, a belly, bigger arms, the whole nine yards. i love every single one of y’all and you all deserve this one.) much love -e


My music was blasting in my car when we pulled up in the rocky filled parking spot in front of the lake house. Derek and Delany’s  parents had bought the lake house and had become tradition of the family to all go every spring vacation. But now the kids in the family were kinda older and we were all wanting to go by ourselves. So after a while of sweet talking, Derek, Delany and I were finally able to go all by ourselves.

We unloaded the trunk filled with food and drinks and snacks and as well as our bags filled with clothes. When we were all inside, I dropped down my bags and turned to them. “Since I was the geniuos who brought up the idea of us coming here for a little getaway, I should pick the room first.”

“Uhm, no! I helped, remember? So I should just go ahead and get the bigger room!” Derek argued with me and I just laughed at him and responded with, “No, Derek!”

Delany was all the way in the kitchen, stocking up the counter with chips and dips cause I knew that if she were over here in the same room as Derek and I and heard us arguing over the rooms that she would also be defending herself to try and get the biggest room in the house. However, after a bit of playful arguments with Derek, he called it quits and let me go ahead and find the room that I wanted. I smirked and grabbed my bag and went up the spiral steps and took the second biggest room, wanting to be nice and letting Delany or Derek have it.

I sat down my things on the bed and closed the door before stripping off my shorts and shirt and putting on my one piece bathing suit. I had the curviest body in my whole family, with a big ass and big boobs and even a belly too. It’s not that I was uncomfortable with two piece bathing suits but I felt that one piece just made me look a lot better. Better than two pieces actually.

After I fixed the straps and made sure everything was in place, I put my hair in two extremely messy french braids and headed back downstairs with nothing to cover the bathing suit with.

“Delanyyyy! Go check out the lake with mee” I whined but quickly cut myself off as I noticed someone was here that I didn’t know.

“y/n, this is Nate. I figured I would’ve invited him since he was bored as fuck in his house back in the city. That’s completely fine..right?” Derek asked as if I were supposed to immediately say yes to his request. I nodded my head and felt my cheeks heat up incredibly fast since he was a brand new face and this brand new face was staring right at my body and every single part of me.

“H-hi,” I stuttered but quickly tried to recover. “I’m y/n. You’ll love it here. Won’t get bored at all.” I smiled at him in a more respectful way than friendly. He responded quickly with, “Oh yeah I am positive that I won’t be getting bored, y/n.. Nice to meet you, ma.” He smirked as he watched my face expressions change back to being embarrassed and feeling slightly exposed.

He made me feel exposed yet in some way managed to not make me feel not at all insecure about my body and how it looked just in a simple one piece bathing suit. No other boy had ever made me feel that way, not even my boyfriend made me feel that way. He stared at me and I wanted to hide away.

I made my way out of Derek and Nate’s little circle and went over to Delany who was outside in the balcony, taking pictures of the view. I laughed at her and playfully nudged her. “Come on. Put on your bikini and let’s go slay down there in the water.” Delany quickly nodded her head since she was a type of girl to always go for adventures and actually go and view the world.

She changed and while I waited for her, I sat down on the couch and watched Derek and Nate make themselves drinks in the kitchen. Nate kept glancing back at me and whispering comments at Derek. Derek would just shake his head and laugh, not even bothering to look at me. I didn’t any of the comments that Nate was making other than one thing that was coming out of Derek’s mouth, “Man, she’s taken. Got a boy back in the city, he’s in love with her. Quit trying to get my cousin.” Derek laughed again and this time looked at me, noticing that I was just staring at them.

Finally Delany came downstairs and grabbed my hand leading me over to the door and we both headed out into the small trail that lead us to the lake. “So how are you and Jason doing?” Delany asked, carefully going down the path towards the lake since we were both too eager to feel the water to even put on shoes.

“We’re okay, I guess. We argue a lot, but that’s normal. He didn’t even want me to come. Said I was going to cheat on him with one of us Derek’s boys.” I laughed and once we finally made it down to the lake, I began walking over to the water.

“Well, I mean Nate is kinda cute.” Del nudged me and smirked, running over to the water with a squeal. I just shook my head and ran after her.

After an hour of being complete kids and jumping around, climbing on rocks and jumping off the water, trying to climb on trees even hit one another with rocks, Del and I made it back to the house and to our lovely surprise, there were more people in the house than what we expected. A shit ton of people.

I walked in and looked everywhere, feeling myself getting nervous and angry all at the same time. What happened to the let’s get relaxed, getaway type of deal? Didn’t quite work out so well with Derek. I found Sammy who quickly hugged me once he saw me regardless me being completely wet. “Ayeeee lil ma. Nice to see you again, y/n. Lookin’ good.” He smirked at me and handed me the blunt that they were ALREADY smoking.

I took a small hit and let the smoke purposely go all over Sammy’s face as I replied to him, “Thanks, Sammy, you already know. But anyway, why are there so many people here?? Is Derek crazy?” I looked at him, clearly annoyed and before Sammy could answer me, Nate made his way over to him and told him to leave me and him to it.

I groaned at his charming smile and wrapped the towel around myself even more. “What do you want, Nate?”

“Well I want you but if I said that, you’d stop talking to me.” He laughed and drank from his cup. “I actually wanted to tell you not to get mad at Derek for this huge party. It wasn’t his idea. It was mine, completely my own idea to start up a whole party. I’m sorry if it bothers you.” He smiled and his dimples became visible which made my heart melt slightly.

“It’s fine, it was just shocking to see all of these people here,” I quickly tried to apologize for being so annoyed without actually apologizing since my pride was way too high to let out the simple ‘i’m sorry.’

“Why don’t you just come join us?”

I thought about it quickly before answering. It’s not like I had a choice, I grew out of being the shy person who just stayed in their room. I liked having fun especially with Derek and Delany. Plus Sammy was here, gotta love little Sammy. I didn’t even knew Nate and at first he seemed so weird and like an actual fuckboy who just wanted to flirt with every girl but now for some reason, he seemed kind and gentle and like a good person. A nice person to have fun with. After all..this is a getaway.

“Yes. Let me just change and I’ll be back.” I replied to him and even though I saw him lean in to say something else to me, I turned, ran up the stairs, closed my door and stripped off the bathing suit. I changed into a very simple shirt dress that I had brought with me just in case something just like THIS was going to happen. I slipped on some flip flops since after all, I would just be heading up a flight of stairs and into a room after the party would be over. I didn’t bother to fix my hair or apply any makeup, just make sure there was space in the bed and went back downstairs.

I found the boys and Del all sitting down in the couch and I smiled once Nate saw me. “y/n! Come on, join us.” I walked into their little circle and was immediately pulled down to Nate’s lap whenever I reached him. I squealed quietly from the feeling of his hands wrapped around my big waist and I turned my head over to him, my cheeks flushed red. “Was that really necessary..?”

“No other space for you to sit at.” He simply said and laid his head on my shoulder. His fingers began to slowly move in small circular motions on top of the dress that I was wearing. My mind was screaming Jason’s name but I didn’t see any sexual tension in this. I wasn’t grinding on him. He didn’t have a boner. I was just sitting in his lap while we all drank and smoked and had a good time. Getaway. That’s it, right?

I saw absolutely no harm in Nate’s actions but definitely the people around us saw the vibe that we were both giving to one another. “Nate, I swear I’m going to kill you, your legs will go numb” I said and laughed as I take a sip of a drink that Derek had given me.

“Oh, it’ll be worth it!” Nate said, clearly drunk from the way his slurred speech and I just laughed at him, taking the blunt from his hands and taking a hit, exhaling the smoke up towards the ceiling so no one was hit in the face with it.

“Uh..are you y/n..?” A tall, muscular guy asked, standing in front of us all sitting down. All of the smiles and laughs disappeared and they all stared at me. “Yes, that’s me.” I said, cheerfully as I handed the blunt to Sammy. “Do you need anything?”

“You’re Jason’s girlfriend.” The man stated and I felt my heart begin to beat faster and my stomach turn. I shifted in Nate’s lap but he tightened his grip around my waist in a slight protective way.

“Yes, I’m y/n. And yes, you’re right. I am Jason’s girlfriend. What do you need?” My response quickly gave the man discomfort and he moved closer to us with his jaw clenched and his fists formed. I felt Nate’s arms move away from me and he pushed me away as he got up, as well as Sammy and Derek. All three of them quickly alarmed at the man’s actions and he looked at me angrily. “You’re such a hoe, did you know that? This is what you do huh?”

“What?!” I said unbelievably.

“You heard me, you fat fucking bitch! I’m Jason’s brother, Marcus. Remember me? Left Jason all fucking upset because he thought you were going to cheat with one of your cousin’s idiot friends and here you are. Being a complete fucking bitch.” He kept screaming and trying to get closer but Derek shoved him away from the group.

Del slid over to my and grabbed my hand, holding it tightly. “She’s a bitch! She’s fat and disgusting, thinking she’s got the baddest body when really she’s just a whale. And to top it all off, she cheats. A cheating ugly fucking whale!” Marcus screamed near Derek’s face and I could tell all of them were getting pissed at his words.

I felt my eyes watered and even though I wanted to run upstairs to my room and hide from everyone, I screamed back with as much strength as I could. “I didn’t fucking cheat on him! These are my friends, we are having a party!”

“Shut up, who–” Marcus was quickly cut off by someone punching him in the jaw. The punch quickly brought him down to his knees from how overwhelming and off guard it was and then the same person swung at him again, screaming, “Don’t you dare disrespect her!” The voice seemed familiar and I looked up and realized it was Nate.


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A little party never killed nobody || Gabe and Carter

Gabriel took an large mouthful of the whiskey as he watched a group of first years huddling together and talking. His eyes shifted forces slightly as he saw a boy with soft brunette hair step back from the group. Gabriel shook his head to clear his thoughts, but he found that he was standing up to approach the group. “Derek.” Gabriel said softly as he walked closer to them. Gabriel stopped suddenly when the boy turned and faced his slightly. The face changed, the boy was just a first year.  Gabriel turned his head as he heard giggling, and Gabriel say Derek running towards the lake. Gabriel stumbled as he tried to follow the boy. “Wait.” Gabriel breathed out as he tried to keep up with the young boy.