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Play with me, alpha - Derek x Reader

Stiles Vs The new table - Stiles x Reader

Breaking in the beta - Scott x Reader

The beautiful best friend - Cody x Reader

The roommate - Tyler P x Reader

The special place - Dylan O’B x Reader

Not my alpha or my daddy - Peter x Reader

Fingers - Theo x Reader

The Wolf and His Kitten - Theo x Reader

Alpha’s Help - Scott x Liam x Reader

Self-employed - Stiles x Reader

Lydia Says Stiles’ **** Is Big - Lydia x Reader x Stiles

Perfect - Peter x Reader

Obedience - Jackson x Reader

Heated - Reader x Peter

What Alpha Wants - Scott x Reader

Boss {Part One}

Brother’s best friend - Liam x Reader

Stress Relief - Brett x Reader

Home - Derek x Reader

Lake house - Stiles x Reader

Mine Once - Liam x Reader

Make You Feel Good - Brett x Reader

Let Me Show You - Brett x Reader

To Be Posted:

Feed the alpha - Derek x Reader

Self-Control - Liam x Reader

The lonely beta - Peter x Reader

Mine - Isaac x Reader

The Captain’s Girl - Scott x Reader

Boss {Part Two} - Stiles x Reader

Alphas and Blindfolds - Scott x Reader

Secret - Scott x Reader

The one that can’t get away - Derek x Reader

Home for tonight - Theo x Reader

Tease - Peter x Reader

Falling Slowly

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

A/N: This took so long to write because I was considering writing it as a series but here you go and I really hope y’all enjoy it.

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Watching the person you love falling in love with someone else right in front of your eyes, was hard. It hurt you emotionally and drained you physically, you watched as he absentmindedly placed his hand on her bare knee, he’d rub small love hearts against her skin, he’d whisper an inside joke into her ear and her giggles would fill the room. He’d glance at you, gulp nervously and shift awkwardly, removing the hand you were eying up and get back to what he was doing before.

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BETP can we talk about Derek Hale's sunday morning routine? Early morning riser to get the paper, getting coffee for himself and Stiles, blanket burrito at some point in the day...

yes gawd

here’s the thing though. derek’s not a morning person. stiles is. stiles is one of those people who wakes up because he has to pee, but then he can’t get back to sleep so he just starts eating. he gets up at sevenish, and then produces coffee and scrambled eggs (the only eggs he can make aside from soft-boiled on toast), and wanders back into the bedroom with them.

there’s something about watching derek sleep that settles something hot and firm in stiles’ chest. derek’s edges aren’t just filed down when he sleeps, they’re sawed off. he’s all warm curves and rumpled hair. he wakes pretty immediately when stiles settles back down on the bed with the eggs, but once he realizes it’s just stiles, with food, he relaxes again. he says hoarsely, “eggs? really?” and stiles ignores him, so he ignores stiles right back.

stiles takes the moment to look around the room. derek’s got pictures on the walls. they’re mostly black and white photos of cities, texted to him by his little sister. he also has tacked to his wall a wrinkled piece of binder paper with “date me?” scrawled on it, followed by stiles’ phone number. initially stiles had written “blow me?” but he ultimately decided this was a little more romantic. he was also pretty sure derek had had his phone number since 2012, but he couldn’t be too sure.

it’s not until nine-thirty or ten that derek finally sits up, beard and chest hair looking unfairly soft, hazel eyes almost aglow in the morning light, and begins to share the remaining eggs.

stiles had always imagined a domestic sunday morning. it wasn’t a wistful imagining; it was just a thought that existed in the back of his mind, like an acceptance of the inevitable future. it was going to happen eventually: eventually he would fall in love with someone who loved him back (probably), and he was going to spend a warm sunday morning drinking coffee and fucking around on his phone while his better half lolled in the bed, took a shower, maybe blow-dried her hair. he didn’t know who it would be: but he could feel the way it would feel. he could almost recall it. it was like a memory, but backwards.

he guesses the images are different, the actions not quite the same, the genitals shaped differently, but the feeling is there. it’s more expansive, happier, than he thought it would be. derek turning his head and looking out the window, tines of the fork still resting on his lips while he chewed a small bite of eggs: sometimes you know when something is right. you know the way you know when you gently squeeze a tomato to see if it’s the right amount of ripeness. stiles has squeezed derek and derek is exactly ripe.

once the plate is cleared of eggs, stiles leaves the bed to climb into the shower. he brushes his teeth slowly, and waits for derek to join him. soon enough, there derek is, still pulling his shirt over his head even as he steps into the stall. stiles looks at him, watches him chuck the shirt over the shower door and onto the floor. “okay, this?” stiles gestures with one lazily pointed finger to indicate in a whirling motion derek’s entire torso. “this is nice. this whole situation.”

“what,” says derek, stealing stiles’ toothbrush, which - ugh. why isn’t stiles more viscerally repulsed by this? it’s disgusting, it’s empirically disgusting.

“you’re pretty attractive,” stiles answers, unable to make himself angry about derek using his toothbrush. stlies snatches up and begins to use derek’s shampoo.


“very. very, very attractive. good-looking dude.”

“uh huh.”

“that’s, therein lies some of your appeal,” stiles goes on. “you look like a god.”

that gets derek’s eyebrows up. “a god?” derek’s dubious. he’s sarcastic. but there’s something rumbling in his voice, something pleased. amused, if nothing else. also, still a little sleepy.

“yes,” answers stiles seriously. “you look like poseiden.” standing there, water drumming onto his head, he looks at derek’s mouth, his chest hair. back at his eyes. “apollo.”

“apollo was kind of a dick,” derek points out, mouth full of minty foam.

“is,” says stiles, brows furrowing. “he’s immortal, derek.”

derek rolls his eyes, grabs stiles’ biceps, and switches their places so he can wash his own hair. stiles accepts this rearrangement. “anyway,” he says, grabbing his loofah - it lathers really well, all right? miss stiles with your presumed mockery - and going about scrubbing all remnants of dried come and errant egg from his body. derek can’t use the loofah because it gets all full of body hair, but stiles is less hairy in general. “i was thinking we could go to the lake today. i wanna rent a boat and try to knock you out of it.”

“good luck with that,” mutters derek, and, pleased, stiles watches him rinse his hair.

they do go to the lake, and derek dozes off on the boat for half an hour before lunch. stiles climbs on top of him (”what the fuck? get off”) and eats a hot dog there, and decides that he’s never been this happy. that he should probably aim at maintaining these life circumstances for as long as possible. maybe until he’s dead. derek chucks stiles off the boat and into the water. “uncalled for!” shouts stiles from the waves. “and on god’s day, no less!” derek watches passively from the boat deck.

What you are doesn’t matter. Because what you are isn’t going to change who you are.
—  Derek Lakes, Awake at Dawn (Book 2 in C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls Series)


✖️Adore Me Again✖️


I’m not gonna lie an tell you that our relationship is perfect. I’m gonna sit here and tell you that Derek and I never fight. Everyday I keep on telling myself to try for this relationship, I tell myself not to give up on us. I adore this man so much but when I look in his eyes I can see that he no longer adores me.

“You ready for brunch?” I hear his voice first then his footsteps as he walks towards my back.

I give him a nod as I look at him from my view in front of the mirror. His eyes drift down towards my plumb color dress. I could see everything, the way his jaw shift when his got down to my exposed leg.

I let out a sigh and he looks at me through the mirror. Like I told you all before, I don’t see his love for me in his eyes.

“We can get going?” I speak with a soft tone and left him in our room as I headed out front.

Like every Sunday we would have lunch with my parents, it’s something we’ve been doing for three years.

“Mommy!” Our son Aden walks over to me dressed in his summer outfit that I picked out from H&M.

Aden is my pride and joy, he’s the love of my life. He’s the reason why I’m back in school and working hard so he won’t ever have to live a hard life.

“Look at my handsome boy.” I gushed and picked him out. He’s Derek’s twin, he has his eyes, lips and nose.

“I’m dressed.” Aden speaks as he places his hands on my cheeks. “I see.” I smiled and nibble on his fingers.

“You ready to see grandma and grandpa?” Derek comes from out the room with a smile and love in his eyes as he looks at his son.

“Yes papa.” Derek reaches for Aden and takes him out my arms without looking at me.

I stride to the door and grabbed the car keys, “you driving?” Derek gives me a look of uncertainty.

“Yes? Is that a problem?” I look back at him and he just shakes his head with a grin. It’s been awhile since he’s done that. I miss him more and more even when he’s next to me.


“I love your dress sweetie.” My mother greets me with a breath taking smile. “Thank you mom, how are you?” My family and I walked into my parents home.

I give my mother a long hug before she runs over to hug Derek and Aden. “I’m well, your father is in the kitchen cooking.” I let out a laugh, my father barely cooks.

“Derek why are you so skinny, is my daughter not feeding you?” My mother plays with my boyfriends limbs.

“She is mom, don’t worry.” He says with a smile and a chuckle at the end.

“Mother I try my best to feed him but he’s so busy all the time.” I say for no reason at all. Perhaps I’m in my feelings.

“Mom can you take Aden while Y/N and I go for a walk by the lake?” Derek asks her and of course she says yes.

My mom eyes me cautiously but I gave her a reassuring smile that everything will be all right.

For the first time in three days Derek takes my hand and pulls me out my childhood home. From my view I admire him, he’s dressed in all black. Black button down dress shirt and black jeans with a SnapBack on. He’s perfect and there’s no denying that.

He holds my hand tightly as if I might run off and never come back. My heels click against the stone path.

“I love you.” He says making me stop and pull away. He turns back and looks at me, and again he says “I love you”.

“You sure about that?” I can feel my eyes watering as I stare into his soft ones.

“I’m certain of it, I never stopped loving you.” My heart skips a beat and he grips my jaw.

His minty breath and aftershave hits my nose, his lips a penny away from mine.

“Why have you’ve been so distant? Did I do something wrong?” I blame myself for some reason, I always do.

“Never” he gives my lips a light peck. “You could never do anything wrong?” His nose nuzzles mine.

“I’ve just been trying to take everything in Y/N. I have a family…I have a beautiful women who I love deeply and a beautiful son that she has blessed me with.”

I let my tears fall right there, my heart beats again for him. My eyes brighten again for him.

“I missed you.” I sobbed and he pulls me in his arms. “I’m sorry.” He whispers in my ear, his lips kissing my head and his hands securing me in his hold.

“Tell me again…tell me you love me again.” I needed to hear it once more.

“I love you”


Progressive Rock Singers ✺

geddylee "we are merely players, performers and portrayers"
petergabriel "he's writing the lyrics of a brand new tune"
iananderson "let me make you a present of song"
davidgilmour "and no one sings me lullabies"
derekshulman "don't sing a tune to yourself"
greglake "want to be the singer, do you want to be the song"
justinhayward "i'm just a singer in a rock and roll band"
jonanderson "maybe i'll just sing awhile,then give you a call"
philcollins "the music's playing, the notes are right"
rogerwaters "and who calls the tune in the courtroom?"