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It was the first surgery we ever scrubbed in together on right? Our first save. Right here is a cerebral cyst. Tough save, but we did it. I kissed you in the stairwell after the surgery. And this right here is where Dr. Bailey kicked you out of the surgery because she caught us in your driveway in my car. And right here, this was a 7 hour craniotomy and you held the clamp the entire time, never flinched. That’s when I knew you were going to be an incredible surgeon. Beth Monroe, made our clinical trial a success by surviving. You talked me into putting her under. That’s when I knew I needed you. And this is today. The post op head CT of Izzie Stevens. See that, right there? Tumor free. Because of you. You got me into the OR. If there’s a crisis you don’t freeze. You move forward. You get the rest of us to move forward. Because you’ve seen worse. You’ve survived worse. And you know we’ll survive too. You say you’re dark and twisty. It’s not a flaw. It’s a strength. It makes you who you are. I’m not going to get down on one knee. I’m not going to ask a question. I love you Meredith Grey. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


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Let's talk about Never and Amber ...

Thank you, Derek.

For those followers of mine that don’t read Skulduggery Pleasant, book 10, Resurrection, just came out late last week. I got it on Sunday 4th June. Yesterday, I reached the part where Omen, a character who’s twin, Auger, is supposed to save the world and who is always overlooked, is surprised that his best friend, Never, is identifying as male on a Tuesday, but has nothing else to say. This morning I got to the bit where they(Never) actually says that on the first day of secondary school, they stood up in front of all of their classes and announced their gender fluidity, what pronouns they used and when they should be used and what their rules about them. And what happened after that?

Nothing. Never was still popular and had a large variety of friends to pick and choose who to hang out and become close with and no one ever bat an eyelid at it.

Derek Landy also included a male character with a husband(Richard Melior and Savant Vega), has pretty much confirmed that Dexter and Saracen have been together romantically in the past and in Demon Road, has Amber immediately start using ‘they’ pronouns for Fool when they admit they don’t have a gender. Also, Amber is fucking gay af, especially for Kelly, who thinks Amber’s flawed but loves her for it and doesn’t care that Amber isn’t traditionally beautiful(eg, tall, skinny, long hair). They’re really gay for each other and I hope wherever they are in their universe, they’re having a good time, remembering Uncle Milo(still fucking crying even though I haven’t reached that bit yet) and being proud of themselves.

Everyone should be like Derek Landy.

Go read his books. He’s really funny and sarcastic. He writes about magic and monsters and treats mental health as a real issue that takes a lot of work to get through.


Sterek AU: Part 9/9

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Stiles is sufficiently horrified when they show up late (thanks a lot Derek). Taylor plays the role of protective big brother frighteningly well, despite the fact that he knows that this kid is head over heels for Derek (it was obvious in the heartbreak on his face when he met him the first time). After Stiles tells Taylor that he’s in it for the long haul, Taylor proceeds to get his little bro’s new boyfriend ridiculously drunk. Stiles may or may not spill wine all over Taylor, and even though he wakes up the next morning with the world’s worst hangover, when he receives a text from Taylor during breakfast inviting him over for a C.O.D. marathon all is right in the world. Besides, Derek’s pancakes make everything better.