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One of the reasons I really like the live acted Cinderella (2015), is this scene here. Too often men in films and TV are shown to be stoic or lash out violently when their loved ones are dying. But here is Kit, adult man, too soon to be king, clearly distraught, crying and curling into fetal position by his dying father. And he’s not implied to be weak for it, either, or that his reaction is making him less of a man™ .

They also say aloud that they love each other. No innuendos, but those exact words. “I love you, son.” “I love you, father.”


Murder on the Orient Express: Nov. 3, 2017 Everyone Is A Suspect

So, they got him after all. You assume he was killed? No, no. He—well, he was in perfectly good health; he had his enemies. Indeed, he was murdered. Good, God! A murder, here? God rest his soul. If there was a murder—what is going on?—then there is a murderer. The murderer is with us. And everyone of you are suspects.


You know, there is something about a tangle of strangers pressed together for days with nothing in the common but the need to go from one place to another and never see each other again.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) dir. Kenneth Branagh