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little spoon

To save money while attending college in NYC, Stiles and Derek decide to rent one tiny apartment together. With one bed.

*whispers* I have no idea if any of this is realistic. Don’t judge me.

You guys know by now that practically everything I write is so so fluffy, but this is just like, a whole other level. A little over 4k words of enemies-to-lovers, bed-sharing, & cuddling. ;)  

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The thing is, Stiles is pretty sure he can’t afford to breathe the air in New York City, let alone rent an apartment there. But it’s also been his lifelong dream to go to NYU, same as his mom, and he’s just gotten his acceptance letter in the mail along with a hefty scholarship offer. So he has a bit of a conundrum on his hands.

Enter Derek, who has a (relatively) dirt cheap apartment in Queens.

Okay, so Derek calls it an “apartment.” Stiles calls it an “attic closet.”

It’s nothing but a narrow bed, a foot or so of walking space between that and the wall, and a lone shelf by the door to hold the microwave and all of Derek’s possessions that can’t fit under the bed. There’s not even enough room to open the door all the way; the edge of the door hits the edge of the bed, and then you have to shimmy into the room.

The sad thing is that Stiles can’t even afford that.

He can, however, afford half of it.

“So you’re going to share a bed,” Scott says, looking concerned.

“Yes,” Stiles says.

“No,” Derek says at the same time.

Scott looks more concerned.

Stiles sighs. “Okay, so it’s like this. Derek’s going to be doing the whole normal person schedule, up at the buttcrack of dawn” (Derek rolls his eyes) “and out working and studying and stuff all day and back in bed asleep by 11 pm, and I’m going to be taking all evening classes and working the night shift!”

“We won’t actually ever be in the same place at the same time,” Derek clarifies. “He gets it during the day; I get it at night.”

“Because we can’t stand each other,” Stiles adds, in case Scott is thinking of getting his hopes up that this whole roommates thing is going to be some kind of bromance.

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Don’t you think Stiles would find inordinate comfort in Derek’s full shift? Like, the idea of curling up with him is so inviting that Stiles can’t resist. 

Derek’s never really been all that big on words. Usually, he’s all glare and growl, but when he’s a wolf, he’s just a giant puppy that needs love when he’s not ripping throats out with his teeth. 

The first time it happens, it wasn’t even Stiles that initiated the snuggle fest. 

Stiles had been hurt in a fight and Derek hadn’t brought extra clothes with him to change into, because really, who plans to be attacked? So Derek just hopped up on Stiles’ bed in his wolf form to check on him. Nudged him with his nose and whined a little. 

Or course, Stiles tried to brush it off with his usual ‘I’m fine, big guy, don’t worry about it’ spiel and a few flailing limbs, but Derek wasn’t buying it. Instead, he lay down with Stiles, head on his shoulder and nose tucked against Stiles’ neck.

It becomes common occurrence. When Stiles is hurt or feels down, he just buries his face in Derek’s fur because Derek won’t mock or judge him for the tears, and he listens. Wolf Derek is the best listener. He gives sympathetic growls, whines, and nuzzles in all the right places.

On more than one occasion, the Sheriff has walked into Stiles’ bedroom to find Derek curled up on the bed with Stiles. Stiles isn’t always awake, but Derek just sort of lifts his head to assess the intrusion, and then tucks his nose back under Stiles’ body because Stiles is draped over him.

But eventually, Derek starts seeking Stiles out on his own, or starts shifting just so they can cuddle. Derek deserves love and cuddles too.

And then one day, when Stiles walks into the loft, Derek was already stripping off his sweater so he could shift, and Stiles just hugs him with a soft ‘don’t.’ It takes Derek a second, but he wraps his arms around Stiles and presses his nose to Stiles’ pulse and whispers ‘okay.’

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Imagine Nursey is touch-starved, but a little insecure about it and Dex is uncomfortable with PDA (It's none of their damn business anyway)

Hey, I… carried away. Here is 2.5k of NurseyDex cuddling! Hope you enjoy!

- c.g.

Dex had resolved upon his return to Samwell for his sophomore year to give Derek a chance.

They’d finally had the impending blowout that’d been building all year, and it had been… revealing, challenging.

Things had been said on both sides that were – not worth dwelling on. But, some of what Derek had said, voice raw, hair disheveled, eyes raging, no veneer of “chill” to be found, had been a wakeup call:

  • Will had a temper
  • Will shut people out - his classmates, his teammates, even his friends
  • Will seemed to openly support policy-makers that would keep his friends living in the margins
  • Will could do this because, whether he decided to own up to his bi-curiosity or not, Will was a white man

And while he’d called Nursey out on being a judgmental asshole, he’d also been a little floored by how raw, how hurt Nurse had seemed by Will’s standoffishness (dislike). It was jarring to realize that anything that he did even mattered to his d-man. He himself had been frustrated by Derek’s almost immediate disapproval, but everything about Mr. Andover-Manhattan had seemed to scream unshakable nonchalance.

But, by the end of their argument Dex had seen mirrored in Nursey’s eyes the same frustrating desire to be acknowledged and accepted that he was all too used to wrestling with himself. It was clear that Nursey had just had more practice hiding it than Dex had ever had to learn.

That look had pricked at Will’s conscience throughout the summer. Even after he’d apologized, he knew that something was going to have to change. He couldn’t justify causing anyone to feel self-conscious or unvalued, not if he was aware of it and could do something about it.

So, Dex had decided to just try with Nurse this year.

It meant he spent more time watching Nursey. Derek Nurse, he’d realized, would never willingly give away a weakness if he could (relatable, actually). So, if he was going to keep from losing his temper with Derek, he’d have to watch him. Watch for the glint in his eye that meant he was joking. Watch for the crease between his brows that meant he was tired. Watch for the biting of his thumb which meant he was nervous. Just watch him for any little sign of humanity that might make him make sense.

That’s why he noticed it:

  • The longing looks as Ransom and Holster snuggled…everywhere
  • The bittersweet edge to his smile when Shitty swooped Jack into an epic celly hug
  • The disappointment when Chowder pulled away during couch time to go hang out with Farmer

Dex, used to being around his own large and tactile family, recognized that familiar, touch-starved itch when he saw it.

It nearly drove him crazy last year, but his oldest sister had come down a few times for business and insisted on squeezing in as many sibling snuggles as she could.

But, Nursey doesn’t have siblings, and – as awesome and supportive as their team can be – it’s pretty clear that Derek’s not getting what he needs there, and that he’s likely too shy to ask.

Luckily for Derek, Dex’s sister doesn’t have a business trip planned for another few months and Dex, well, he likes efficiency. With one act he can 1.) stop watching Derek mope, 2.) meet his own snuggling quota 3.) maybe start mending the breach between them.

A year of roadies, shared classes, and group texting has taught him that Friday at noon is pretty universally acknowledged as NapTime™, at least among the SMH.

So, at 11:40, Dex changes into his softest sweats, his fuzziest socks, and the pre-laundered double-blended SMH tee he knows Bitty helped Lardo pick out, and heads over to Nurses dorm.

His timing is impeccable.

Nursey answers the door already groggy and cotton-clad. Dex barely gives him time to voice his confused query before pushing him backwards through the door.

“Dex, man, what the hell?”

Dex doesn’t even pause, just plops himself onto Nursey’s bed and starts pulling off his shoes.

“NapTime™, Nursey.”

After getting both shoes off and tucked neatly under the bed, Dex takes off his hoodie and throws it over the back of the chair by the desk.

“Yes, it is NapTime™. And you are here.”

Dex steals himself and looks up, meets Nursey’s very sleepy, very confused eyes. His lips twitch as he takes in the chill-less pout on his d-man’s face.

“Yes, Derek. To sleep.” He says it slowly. Nursey’s eyes narrow at the insinuation that he’s somehow the lost party here.

Dex merely shrugs and kicks his feet up onto the bed, laces his fingers behind his head and stares Nursey down.

He’s left Derek room on the inside of the bed, but the narrow twin bed the dorm’s come with mean that the only way they’re both fitting is for grade A snuggling.

Derek’s pout deepens as he tries to process what’s happening here, but Dex can see that either the invitation or the need to sleep is quickly superseding Derek’s needs for answers.

“This isn’t… You’re not gonna like… Gah – You did come over here to sleep in my bed, right?”

Dex nods.

“And this isn’t a prank?”

“No, man.”

Derek’s eyes flick over Dex’s face before he nods and shuffles toward the bed.

“I don’t know what’s happening here, but you forfeited chirping rights when you crawled in my bed. And judgement. You don’t get to judge me for –” he waves his hands around ineffectually. His eyes are already starting to close again.

“Yeah, ok. No judging. Now, get in bed.” Dex tugs at Nursey’s shirt, and Nursey stumbles and then tumbles over and onto Dex. And, instead of shifting over and away, snuggles further into Dex’s shoulder.

“No judging,” he hears Nursey mumble into his shoulder.

Dex sighs, content, and pulls his other hand from under Derek to sink into Nursey’s curls.

“Good night, Nurse.”

Dex wakes up to the feeling of Nursey attempting to burrow even further into him, burying his head even further into the crook under Dex’s chin.

“Settle down,” Dex grumbles.

His only reply is a groan and a tightening of Nurse’s arms around him. His sighs, content, briefly believing he be able to settle back into sleep. However, it takes less than a moment to understand why Nurse had been trying to hide away.

“You gotta get it. Alarm’s just gonna keep ringing.”

“Don’t wanna.”

“Me neither, but you set it for a reason.”

“Mmm. Study group.”

“For your chemistry class. You gotta go.”

Dex feels more than sees Nurse’s head pop up. He rests his chiseled (read: bony) chin on Dex’s chest.

“You’ve got that project due soon.”

“I know that. Why do you?”

“Because you’ve been whining about it in the group text. A lot.”

Nursey’s still in that sleep-vulnerable place where emotions flit unchecked across his face. Dex watches the surprise play out over Derek’s face, his green eyes finally narrowing.

“You never read the group text.”

“Wrong,” Dex clears his throat. “I never talk in the group text.”

“Mmm,” Dex can feel Nursey’s hum vibrating through his own chest. “So you’ve been lurking. Like a creep.”

And in the space of a three words Dex can feel the familiar burn of his own temper rising up. His cheeks burn. He’s not a fucking creep. The group just moves so fast sometimes, and the jokes get so barbed or so obscure that –

“Just like Jack, man.” Derek’s finally dislodged his bony chin from Dex’s chest to nuzzle one last time into Dex’s shoulder. “Just quietly collecting info on everyone only to come out of the blue with a wicked burn when least expected.”

Derek’s body unfurls into one long stretch that presses along Will’s side before he pushes himself up from the bed, a grin flashing across his face as he starts swapping out his sweats for jeans.

“Respect, man.”

Dex watches from the bed as Nursey pulls his oversized t-shirt over his head in one smooth motion. He shakes his head as he rifles around his dressers. The muscles of his back pull and bunch under bronze skin.

“Who fucking knew,” he hears Derek say, almost under his breath. “Will Poindexter, man of fucking mystery.”

Ridiculously chiseled abs disappear under a tight, white t-shirt. The t-shirt disappears under what’s surely a ridiculously expensive flannel.

Derek turns back to the bed where Dex has…..ridiculously been staring….unmoving.

“Feel free to stay as long as you want, man,” Derek says. He runs a hand through his curls. His shirt rises; he pulls it back down, covering the cut V of his hips over his jeans. “The door locks on its own.”

He spins, hip checks the dresser, curses, and grabs his bag.

“The door’s self-locking. And. Um. Thanks for the nap.”

Said door slams behind him.

Shared NapTime™ becomes a Thing.

The week after their first nap is tense. He keeps expecting Chowder to come flail at him about his mad cuddling skills or Holster to come clap him on the shoulder and ask if he can join NapTime™, too. But no one does.

He’s aware of Nursey’s eyes on him like they’ve never really been before, following him with a furrowed brow, probably waiting for the other shoe to drop, too.

But it never does.

And at 11:40 on Friday Dex knocks on Nursey’s door. He’s jumpy. Sleep-fuzzy, but antsy, bouncing on his feet.

“I can leave if you don’t want to,” Dex offers.

“Don’t. I mean – I want to. I don’t know why you want to, but –” Derek pulls his door further open.

Dex walks past, shedding his hoodie. It’d gotten overly warm last time.

“It’s simple, Nurse. I need sleep. You need sleep. There’s this bed here.” Dex pulls his shoes off.

“We’re gonna ignore the part where you have your own bed?”

Dex lies down and tugs on Nursey’s t-shirt, so he does the tumble-cuddle down onto the bed.

“Mmhmm,” he hums. “We’re ignoring it.”

Derek tosses a leg over one of Dex’s and throws an arm around his waist, tucks his head into Dex’s shoulder and relaxes.

“Whatever, man. Man of mystery.” He giggles to himself before quieting down to sleep.  

And so, yeah, they nap.

Once a week at first, and then more frequently as hockey season starts up rife with intense practices, games, and roadies.

It’s their secret. A private indulgence that slowly starts to inform their public interactions. Nothing crazy just:

  • You don’t hold grudges against the dude whose curls you plan on finger-combing later
  • You don’t pick petty fights with your bro when there’s soothing back-scratches on the line
  • You speak up when you’re confused about a biting joke when it seems at odds with the soft smiles you’ve been accustomed to waking up to
  • You check in when you notice stress tensing your d-man’s shoulders
  • You develop little inside jokes when you’re stumbling sleepily around each other’s rooms, tripping over discarded sweats and shoes
  • You accept a profile on his Netflix account when –

Listen, needless to say, Nursey becomes a friend – an adorably cuddly friend. Who turns out to be a complete dork. He was bashful smiles and sleep mussed hair. All cheesy lines (when not penning lines of poetry that send goosebumps up Dex’s arms) and clumsy limbs. It was revelatory to realize Nursey spent so much time artfully reclined because he could not keep himself upright and uninjured off the ice. It was probably to balance out his perfect fucking face.

Which…was not a problem for Dex. Not at all.

Nursey stumbles from Dex’s en suite (one of the few perks of living in the Honors’ dorm) and tumbles to the bed. Dex watches as Nursey kicks his sweats, long legs flail - flexing hard-won muscle. He flops when he’s finally gotten the last bit of fabric from around his ankle.

It’s clear that the last round of all-nighters and finals has left Nurse wiped.

“Deeeeex,” this can only be classified as a whine.

Dex smiles, but turns back to his laptop before he can succumb to the temptation behind him. Nursey may be finished with his all-nighters, but Dex still has one more in front of him.

“No can do, Der. One more project, and then I’m yours.”

Derek groans, but Dex hears him roll over and settle in anyway.

Dex stretches and gets to it.

He’s still got a blessed few hours before the sun rises when he finally crawls in bed. Nursey is deliciously sleep-warm and Dex curls right around him.

He’s met with an appreciative moan as Derek rolls over.

It’s customary. Derek sleeps on his belly – well, half on top of Dex – and usually flings an arm or leg (both, it’s usually both) over Dex.

What’s not customary:

“Babe,” Derek murmurs, pulling Dex in close. Derek’s hand sweeps up Dex’s side, caresses his neck, before burying itself into Dex’s hair.

Dex finds himself curled onto his side, Nursey’s leg wedged between his own.

“Will,” Nursey groans. Dex breathes the word in on Nursey’s breath. Nursey’s fingers combing through his hair send a shiver down his spine that leave him pressed closer to Derek.

“Missed you.” These – these words are pressed into his mouth. Derek’s perfect mouth brushes against Dex’s with a sweet, aching softness before –


“Fuck!” Dex screams, curling around his balls. “Dammit, Nurse. Stop flailing. Shit. Stop. Stop it. Please. Just – give me a minute, yeah. But. Just chill for a sec, yeah?”

Nursey stops moving, finally. When will catches his breath, what he finds breaks his heart a little.

Derek’s curled himself into the smallest space he can, back against the wall, clearly trying not to touch Dex at all. He’s got his thumbnail between his teeth and, goodness, there’s fear in his mossy eyes.

“Derek, you gotta come here, ok. I’m sore and sleepy, and just, will you come here, please.”

“Will – Dex – shit. I’m sor–”

“Stop. Derek. You can apologize if it’s not something you want, and there’s some other Will-Dex you were thinking of. But, you know, on the off chance it was me – come here, dammit.”

Nursey crawls over to lean just over Dex.

Gosh, he’s adorable.

Dex reaches up, sinking a hand into Derek’s hair.

“Dex, bro, I –” Derek’s face sinks into an anxious pout. “You’re a really good cuddler. And hot. And your body. Shit bro, I’ve been trying to be good, but – don’t hate me?”

Dex huffs a laugh before forcefully rolling them over, careful to avoid Nursey’s knees.

“I gave up hating you, like, a whole 6 months ago. Keep up, Derek.”

Dex kisses the growing smile from Nursey’s face. His mouth opens beautifully, and for a time there’s nothing but the obscene slick and slide of Derek’s mouth, his tongue, and teeth.

It’s – god, it’s fucking good. But.

He presses his forehead to Nursey’s and revels in the feel of Derek’s hands roaming under shirt. Skin to skin.

“You’ve no idea how much I want to follow this to it’s natural end, bro, but – NapTime™ first?”

Dex grins.

“Mmhmm. Sleep first. This,” he presses a kiss to Derek’s forehead as they settle in. “This after.”

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Hi! Can you rec some good bottom!derek fics?

Hi there! Of course we will! You should also check our Bottom Derek tag!


The Unicorn In Me by Emela

Derek touches a Unicorn and it doesn’t try to kill him, despite the fact he is no longer a virgin. When Peter tells the pack about Kate, Stiles makes it his mission to give Derek the kind of relationship he deserves.

Mauve by bleep0bleep

It’s been ten years since he’s seen Derek Hale, but Stiles would recognize that ass anywhere.

Chasing The Twister by LadyDrace

Derek is needy and hates it. Stiles tries to help.

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Soft Boy™ Derek Hale

There are many reasons why I think Derek Hale is a soft boy™ underneath all of his brooding and anger. These are my first headcanons and writing please be gentle with your criticisms.  

Originally posted by holyhalehottness

  • The way he dips his chin when he smiles like he’s embarrassed to show that he is happy. After all the bad things that have happened to him he doesn’t smile much so when he does he gets quite shy.
  • He likes having his hair played with it relaxes him to have someone touch him softly instead of hurting him.
  • Derek likes cooking like really enjoys it. Whether it for himself or for others, the smell of food coming from the oven or the stove fills him with warmth. 
  • He wants to keep everyone safe. He has grown such a close relationship with the pack. He’d be so upset if he lost them or if they got hurt because he would immediately blame himself. 
  • Derek knows the names of most flowers their meanings and their meanings in different colors.
  • When Derek was younger he was a total momma’s boy. He loved spending time with his mom. He would help her with food shopping and do other things to help his mom.
  • Even though his werewolf abilities keep him warm enough, Derek likes to sleep with a bunch of soft fluffy blankets. 
  • Derek likes candy like a lot. His favorite caramel. 
  • He smells warm like cinnamon when he isn’t running around fighting or sweating from training.
  • He’s really embarrassed about it but Derek really likes having his tummy rubbed. After an especially stressful and hard day. He just wants to lay down with you while you rub his tummy and stroke his hair until melts into the bed.
  • When Derek first wakes up he has terrible (-ly adorable) bed head. His hair is sticking in different directions. It’s matted down in the back and front of his head.
  • He really loves cuddling a lot. He likes the safety and comfort of being wrapped in another person’s arms. He has his head on your chest so he can listen to your heart beat. He’s the calmest at those moments.
  • He finds the fact that caring about you makes him the man he is now since it’s been so long since he cared for someone.
  • He’s been hurt so many times emotionally and from emotional abuse from Kate  and Peter makes him very soft. 
  • He likes watching Disney movies. His favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch because of how the characters are all a family even though they are all different. He thinks the pack is like that. 

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Can you please do number 148? ☺️


The best thing about having a best friend is the fact you’re constantly with said best friend. That being said if Stiles could move in with Derek he totally would because their best friendom has reached epic proportions.

Sometimes Stiles will come over after school and Derek will be out of the room and Talia straight up asks him if he can help with the dishes. Derek leaves only to return with two plates for dinner with what Stiles likes to call the “optimum portion” on his plate. His father has inside jokes with Derek that Stiles will never understand. Hell, they’ve taken showers at each other’s houses and when they fail to have a certain clothing item they just take it from the other.

So yeah, be jealous, Derek is his best friend in the whole world.

Of course they stepped on each other’s toes, fought about the world’s most stupid shit, and occasionally were too sassy for the world to handle. Laura and Cora call them an old married couple much to their dismay. Except there really isn’t another way to describe them, it’s a pretty good comparison.

However they’re seventeen, Stiles is a man with needs.

…Derek needs.

The transition between sophomore and junior year did wonders for Derek. He hit the whole puberty thing like a pro. Skipped the acne train, managed to miss the squeaky voice memo, and ran straight into hot adult mode. He’s tall, dark, stubbly (or beardy depending on the day), and built like the hulk. So yeah…Derek got hot and Stiles was secretly all about that. Stiles was only human and his dick can’t control itself when it comes to his best friend.

Long story short, the whole sharing a bed thing had stopped too. Which sucked because Derek before and after puberty is actually a furnace and Stiles runs cold naturally. It worked really well Now? Now Stiles can’t deal with Derek’s soft sleeping puppy face combined with his shirtless chest in the mornings. At least not in the same bed.

While it pains him and Derek has questioned him on this, the solution was simple. Derek had a bed in his room, hence the name bedroom, but he also had this shitty futon for their late night gaming/movie extravaganzas. That was it, that was the solution, Stiles sleeps on the shitty futon that is too short for him now and his legs always fall off while Derek gets the bed.

Tonight they’re at Derek’s house, and it’s quiet with Cora at some weekend camp thing and Laura off in college. So it was just them and they’d been semi working on their separate econ papers and just hanging out while stuffing their faces with junk food. The last time Stiles checked the clock it was just after two in the morning, but that felt like forever ago and his eyes have been shut for a while as sleep welcomed him.

This…this is when weird shit happened and he thought it was a dream the first time it occurred.

It started with his legs, which were already half off the futon. Hands grasped his calves and put them straight. Then he was draped in the red fuzzy blanket the Hales kept around just for him even though it was threadbare and on its last leg. For the grand finale there was always this pause before he got a kiss on the forehead.

That’s right. A kiss on the forehead.

From Derek.

He was so done with it. Well…not like actually done done but he was tired of just getting them when Derek assumed he was already asleep. He wanted them to be real. He wanted them on other places than his forehead like his mouth, his chest, his—

Just lots of places, alright? Is that too much for him to ask?

So tonight, when his forehead was greeted with the soft brush of Derek’s lips he finally worked up the courage to crack his eyes open despite the lids feeling like a million pounds. Their eyes met and he watched as Derek’s face and ears were suddenly alive with red splotchy patches of embarrassment.


“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” Stiles asked softly, rising so he was resting back on his elbows.

Derek stood there, and for a second the dorky shy kid he once knew was back, “I–um, do you want me to kiss you when you’re not sleeping?”

“Is that even a question? I mean I’ve kind of had a thing for you since freshman year big guy, but…if these were just best friend kisses then ignore me. That was a sleepy babble, don’t even acknowledge my words,” Stiles said.

There was this shift in shy dorky Derek, because suddenly that was replaced with this confident looking super hot version of Derek that Stiles had never seen but could totally get used to. For a beat they searched each other’s faces to see if there was any sign of hesitation or unsureness.

There was none.

Derek did this weird bending down thing and Stiles did this awkward scooting thing until they met in the middle. Hands cupped his face and his own ended up wound in Derek’s shirt, their heads tilted just so as their lips finally met. There wasn’t the fireworks like in movies but it felt damn good to kiss Derek. Of course Derek pulled him to his feet because the weird angle got to be too much.

Standing up only deepened the kiss and holy crap this could possibly top his love for curly fries. His love for kissing Derek. There needs to be a fanclub for this, obviously he’d be president and the only member, but still. The hint of facial hair Derek had tickled his mouth and chin, their tongues were suddenly involved and mingling, and it was just good.

So very awesomely good.

Eventually they pulled apart because oxygen, but they didn’t let go.

“Does this mean those weren’t best friend kisses or…?” Stiles asked, voice a little hoarse.

Derek smirked, “they were. You know it’s okay to be in love with your best friend right?”

“Well…in that case I love you and our best friend kisses.”


I am the Alpha (Redemption Series: part 3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1446

Warnings: Angst, Smut!

If you want be tagged in my stories, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated.

Redemption (Redemption Series: Part 1)
You miss me? (Redemption Series: part 2)

The Kanima is dead. Well, not really. The correct word is ‘reborn’. Eventually the Scott’s pack found that the Kanima was Jackson, a friend of theirs, and in the end when they defeated, he’s reborn as a werewolf.
And when we thought that things were returning to normal, a new pack has come to town to give problems: a pack of Alpha.
Me? I try to be a normal person: I go to school, I come home.. and so on.
Derek? Things are.. better. He took me out to dinner, we talked a lot. But nobody said those three most famous words from that day in class.
I love you.
I know I love Derek, and I know he knows it. But when I think of the time when I have to, and I want to tell him.. my brain turns off.
It’s evening; my mother had the night off. She asked my brother and me to stay at home for a family dinner; she says has a surprise for me and Scott. It was a long time since me, my mother and my brother doesn’t spend a quiet evening together.
While we’re all in the kitchen, preparing dinner, we hear a knock at the door. Mom looks before Scott, and then me; I’m the one closest to the door and so I make my way to open it. I widened my eyes, when I see the person in front of me. He smiles and greets me. My mother is behind me, and invites him in, while I remain silent.
Six years. Six years have passed, my father has left home, and left my mother. And left me and Scott.
I turn to look at him, my face seethes with rage. He tries to get close to me, but I walk away.
“What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to see my kids.”
I bite my bottom lip, and I try to hold back the tears; I’ll not cry in front of him. He doesn’t deserve my tears. I step back towards the front door; my mother says my name, and tries to reason with me. But I don’t want to hear her. I don’t want to listen to anyone. I open the door, and I go out; I enter into the car, and I depart immediately. While I hope that my father didn’t follow me, I headed to the only place that comes to mind. And definitely where I feel safe.

Slowly, I open the huge iron door of the loft, trying to make as little noise as possible. Revise my father.. it was a shock. Losing Derek was one thing, but losing my father, when I was just a little girl..
How can a father to leave their sons, his own wife, all of a sudden? And how does he have the courage to come back after all these years?
Right now I just want to forget him; forget his stupid face. Right now I need to be in the arms of the person I love. In the Derek’s arms. The only light in the room there is the reflection of the moon; missing only a few days before it becomes full. I head towards the centre of the loft, when I see someone coming towards me.
“Y/n. What are you doing here?”
Derek is a few meters away from me, but I make my way to him, and I sling on his lips. He is surprised at the beginning, then returned the kiss. We move away after a while, to catch his breath.
“Y/n, what happened?”
“Shh.. I don’t want to talk. I.. I just want you.”
Derek looks at me, confused. I place my hand on his neck, and I draw back to me. Derek draws me closer to him, our tongues collide, and his hands began to travel all over my body, until you get to my ass. With an upward push, I find myself in the arms of Derek, my legs around his waist. We approach the bed, and Derek lay down, with me on top of him.
Derek and I continue to kiss, to lick, to bite us. I leave marks on his neck, on his clavicle; I take off my shirt, and I remain alone with the bra. Derek does the same, and then he takes off his pants. I’m still on top of him, my pussy rubbing on his boxer. Derek groans, while his arms are around my waist. I hold his wrists, and I block his arms on the bed, making him laugh.
“Do you like being in charge, baby?” Derek says, trying to get closer to my lips. I continue to cause him pleasure, rubbing on his cock; his moans excite me even more.
“You like to be in control, Der?”
He arches his back, slamming his cock at my panties; our groans mingle in silence. I rub faster, back and forth.
“Aah, shit.. I am.. the Alpha.”
I reach down on him, I kiss him, I bite his bottom lip.
“You’re the Alpha. But for me.. You’re just Derek.”
“Y / N, shit.. I’m com-”
“Me too.”
I feel the orgasm closer and closer; I close my eyes, to enjoy at best the explosion of pleasure, but suddenly I feel my body move abruptly. The position has changed: now Derek is on me.
Derek stopped me on the bed, a grin on his face.
“I told you. I am the Alpha.”
I try in every way to bring him closer to me; I have so much need him right now. He seems to read my mind, he approaches me, and kissed me; he leaves wet kisses on the lips, on the cheeks. He goes down more; He comes to bra and pulls me away. His hand is on my breasts, and squeezes it, while Derek continues to travel on my body, his lips that touch my bare skin. He arrives at my panties, and squeezing it between his teeth, he pulls those too.
God, how is exciting.
The Derek’s hands are on my legs, and clutching the ankles, pulling me toward him. With one movement, his cock is inside me, making me scream.
He begins to move, more and more.
“Yeah baby. You’re so tight.”
I wrap my legs around Derek’s waist, pushing his cock deeper, touching my g-spot. He groans, but when I have the opportunity, I change again our position.
I’m back on him, and I keep moving, his cock in and out of my pussy. I cling to the headboard of the bed, and Derek’s hands are on my ass.
“Yes, baby girl.. I’m coming.”
Derek and I come together, he said my name, I tell his. My body laying on his exhausted; we’re both sweaty, tired and breathless.
I move from Derek, and I lay me down at his side, while I try to breathe evenly.
“Y/n, it was great.. and unpredictable. But great.”
I smile; the other times he had been coming to me. This time I have taken the first step, and I don’t regret. By now, I have realized to have forgiven him, already a bit. And I realized that I love him. Really, I love him.
“Now you tell me what happened?”
I’m going to be serious; I was coming from Derek to forget the arrival of my father to my house, and he managed to make me forget, for a while. I approach him, and Derek wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“My father.. he’s back in town.”
Derek sighs, and approaching me closer to him.
“You can stay here if you want.. but, I think you should talk to him.”
I get up, and I sit, watching Derek confused.
“You’re serious? He abandoned my family. My mother, my brother, me.”
“Even I have abandoned you once..,” he says, lowering his eyes, remembering the pain he caused me, “..but you’ve decided to forgive me.”
I wrap my legs to the chest, and hide my face. Rethinking the eyes of my father, when he saw me and Scott.. I feel the tears forming in my eyes.
“This is different.”
My voice trembles, and Derek realize it. He gets up from the bed and pulls me to him. He cuddles me in his arms, while I clean my face with tears.
“Whatever decision you take, I’m here. I’m not leaving you.”
I turn to look at him, and kiss him. His lips taste like me, and I love it.
“Thank You.”
Derek smiles, and he lays down on the bed again, my naked body next to his.
“And, Derek?”
“I love you too.”

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Have you ever thought of sugar daddy nursey?

Will: Tell me you didn’t buy me four tempur-pedic pillows, Derek.

The text comes while he’s in the middle of a meeting with some supposed up-and-coming author who’s apparently the next big thing in YA Lit, despite the fact that he exclusively writes all-white heterosexual love-triangle romances. He’s not impressed, and he doesn’t actually need to hear the rest of the pitch to know that the girl will end up with the Misunderstood Bad Boy With a Heart of Gold, so he doesn’t feel too bad about checking his phone and answering the text.

To Will: I could, but you hate when I lie to you, sooooo

Will: Oh my god Derek these things cost like $80 and my dorm has a twin bed there’s no way they’ll all fit

To Will: You were complaining about your neck always hurting. These will help with that. And if you’d let me set you up in an apartment you could have a king-sized bed with all the tempurpedic pillows you want.

Will: Stop trying to buy me an apartment.

To Will: You don’t buy an apartment, darling, you rent it.

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Daily reminder that you're one cool cat.

“Daily reminder that you’re one cool cat,” Stiles says, sitting next to Derek in the middle of the library. 

Derek looks around, confused. The last time he checked, no one had ever referred to Derek as cool, let alone a cat (he wants to laugh at the irony) and the last time he double checked (yes he’s aware he’s pathetic, Laura, shut up) Stiles Stilinski, star athlete in both lacrosse and all you can eat curly fry competitions, did not know his name. 

“Um,” he says, because what else are you supposed to say when someone like Stiles Stilinski sits down next to you in class? Derek isn’t too sure whether to blush or move away but his body quickly decides for him and he scowls, trying to hide the redness of his cheeks behind his book. His blush deepens, realising the book isn’t even part of the school curriculum - something Stiles will certainly know - but one from home: The Roman Invasion of Ancient Greece. 

Derek should probably be relieved it isn’t his worn out copy of The Iliad with the semi homo-erotic cover Erica jokingly gave him for his birthday last year. Small mercies, he supposes.     

Stiles grins. “I like it when you blush like that,” he says, boldly. “It’s adorable. Like, really adorable.” He laughs, then frowns, probably at the wary expression on Derek’s face. “Shit, I’m making you uncomfortable.” He looks genuinely concerned all of a sudden, brows knitting together, and Derek has to fight the onslaught of confused butterflies currently dizzying themselves in his stomach. 

“Um,” he says again, blinking. “No?”

No, as in…please leave? Or no, as in…” Stiles winces, holding up his hands. “Neither option is good here, is it.” He sighs, swinging his  chair back. “I read that line in a book once. The cool cat thing. It was really effective, worked out well.” He scratches the back of his head, mumbling something that sounds like so much for practising in the mirror. “I don’t know why I thought it was going to work on you.” 

Derek bites his lip, looking at the clock. He has exactly fifteen minutes before class begins. He’s not sure why that’s important, of all things, but it gives him a second to breathe, to think. He feels like he’s in a romantic comedy; he’s just not sure if he’s supposed to be the unlucky-in-love main character, or the unfortunate, cringe worthy side sick.

Derek knows Stiles is an asshole but he’s also seen how he goes toe to toe with Jackson Whittemore when he’s being a bully. Derek prays Stiles lives up to his reputation. 

“Neither do I,” he whispers, after a moment. “History geeks like me don’t tend to like when people mock them with words like cool.” 

Stiles frowns again, jerking round in his seat so fast it makes Derek jump. “Who said I was mocking you?”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“Yes you did.”

“Let’s just say it’s happened before,” Derek sighs, closing his eyes. “Come on, Stiles, you’ve never even talked to me before today. You either want something, like to copy my homework, or this is about to be some kind of embarrassing practical joke.” Derek’s heart sinks at the dawning realisation this just might be some kind of joke - why else would Stiles talk to him? - but the confused look on Stiles’ face offers him a little hope. 

“Okay, one, I resent the homework comment, man. Not all jocks are dumb, you know. You’d want me on your team during a Zombie apocalypse. Fact.”

Derek flushes. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-”

Stiles shakes his head. “It’s fine.” He chews on his lip. It’s awfully distracting and Derek tries not to stare. If this is a joke, he doesn’t want to make things worse for himself by revealing things he’s done a pretty good job up until now keeping hidden, even from Boyd and Erica. 

Eventually, Stiles stops chewing. 

“You’re right,” he says. “I do want something.” Derek does his best to hide his disappointment. “I want to go out with you.”

Derek can’t help it, he laughs. “What?”

“You, me. A date.” Stiles shoots him finger guns, offering him a lopsided smile. It’s ridiculous and perfect and Derek can’t look away. He’d even go as far as to say literally. “And you’re wrong. I have talked to you before. Pre-school. I offered you some mud. You rejected it.”

Derek thinks back, raises an eyebrow. “It had worms in it. And how is here, Derek, hold this piece of dirt, talking to me?”

“I thought mud castles were romantic!” Stiles throws his hands in the air, flushing a little, nearly causing both himself and the chair to go flying. “I was crushed when you turned me down, dude. You broke my little heart. I thought I’d never love again!”

Derek’s eyes widen. “Love?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “What. You telling me you never liked someone so much as a kid you were convinced you’d one day marry them?”

Derek shakes his head, then, feeling daring, reaches out to take Stiles’ hand. He’d feel smug about how sweaty Stiles’ palm is, if he wasn’t so aware his heart is about to beat right out of his chest. 

“Maybe not convinced, exactly. More like…fantasised?” He lowers his gaze, shy, hoping Stiles doesn’t manage to infer fantasised actually means Derek has a wedding album stashed under his bed with cut out pictures of men in tuxes who look suspiciously like him. One cut out in particular has moles, lots of them, and Derek feels his cheeks redden further when he thinks about how many nights he’s spent looking at that page, specifically. 

Stiles grins before standing up, reminding Derek less of a star athlete and more of a skittish deer, eyes wide. Derek bites the inside of his cheek. 

“Wait, did this actually work?” he asks. “Did you just agree to go out with me?”

Derek looks out into the hallway. No one is there with cameras or phones. No one appears to be listening in. “This…really isn’t a joke?”

Stiles shakes his head, serious, crossing his heart. “Yoda’s honour.” 

Derek smiles, snorting. “Okay then,” he whispers, shrugging, not too sure why he’s trying to act cool now since he’s still partially clutching his book, fingers trapped between the pages, afraid of losing his place. He really should invest in more bookmarks, especially since Erica keeps stealing his. 

Great.” Stiles fist pumps the air, kisses Derek’s hand like this is a Jane Austen novel and not an American high school, and winks. “I am going to woo you so hard, Derek Hale. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was five. I have plans. I have milkshake recipes and graphs! Top ten best dates, courtesy of the eighties!”

Derek has no idea what he’s talking about, watching as Stiles runs from the room. He ducks his head, pretty sure he’s not going to be able to stop grinning for the rest of the week as he hears the words, Scott, he said YES!!! ring down the hallway. 

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LOL so IDK if u saw that frankly too precious screen shot Colton posted of him facetiming an all too sexy Tyler H but now I’m freefalling into a abyss of squeals about this head canon branching from your London Pack vision of all the Betas FTing Derek because of separation anxiety, like Jackson needing to spend the holidays with his folks and just FTed Derek to say Sup, not having seen him in like a couple weeks And now I'm all the warm things cuz Derek deserves all the love and splendidness<3

I did see it!! And omg anon this is the most precious idea. I love the idea of Derek’s betas getting really attached to him (especially Jackson who would absolutely never admit it, would call and claim he was making sure Derek was surviving without him, like it was a huge favor.

And poor Derek has to drag himself out of bed at all hours with his bed hair droopy eyes because he’s a good Alpha (even if all he wants to do is stay in bed and snuggle with Stiles).

LINK to these sleepy faced dorks

the stranger

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!! I wanted to post something for you guys in time for the holidays, so here you go. This started out as random wintry fluff and pretty quickly turned into a (kind of) Beauty and the Beast AU. It’s not actually very Christmas-y, but there are copious amounts of snow. :)

Sterek, alive!Hales, ~4.5k words, rated T


At first Derek thinks there’s a teenage girl staggering around the woods on the estate, all coltish limbs and elegant fingers and delicate rose-pink lips, and his heart leaps into his throat. But then the stranger’s hood falls back to reveal a buzz cut and, when he turns around, the beginnings of an Adam’s apple.

The guy doesn’t scream when he lays eyes on Derek. Derek chooses to count that as a good sign.

“Shit, I’m hallucinating,” the guy mutters instead, and collapses in the snow.

Derek edges closer. Did he… did he just faint?

He didn’t die, because Derek can still hear a heartbeat. But he’s just lying there on his back in the snow, eyes closed, mouth open. His left ankle, visible where the leg of his pants has ridden up, is swollen and slowly turning an ugly, mottled purple. No wonder he was walking so oddly.

God, humans are fragile.

He wakes up about a minute after Derek starts bridal-carrying him towards the house. Before Derek can say anything, the guy socks him in the face, then tries to crawl away on hands and knees while Derek’s doubled over, staunching the blood with his sleeve. Little shit.

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Derek Hale x Reader

Derek Hale Smut #1

926 Words

“Derek, I’m bored.” You groan, turning to lay on your stomach on his bed.

Derek has been dealing with werewolf business all week, leaving you to hang out in his loft because he didn't want you going out anywhere. He wants to know where you were at all times. It’s not like you mind at all, you know he’s just looking out for you, it just got somewhat boring being alone sometimes.

It was even worse when Derek is there with you, but he’s too focused researching for more werewolf stuff to spend time with you.

“Babe, are you even listening?” You sit up to look at him from the couch, only to see his face buried in some book.

You roll your eyes as you stand to your feet, walking over to the couch and taking a seat next to him. You place a hand on his knee, giving him a gentle squeeze in hopes he’ll turn his attention to you. When he doesn't budge, you inch your hand up his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch as you gently rub his thigh.

This takes no affect on him, making you step it up a bit. Scooting closer to him on the leather sofa, you bring your lips close to his ear. Taking his earlobe in between your teeth, you gently bite and tug on it, continuing to rub his leg. Moving your lips to kiss his neck, you gently suck the soft skin.

Trailing kisses down his neck, he continues to read his book. When you realize there’s no getting his attention, you decide to get off by yourself. Standing up from the couch, you pull your shirt over your head, leaving your breasts exposed, making your nipples erect from the cold air. Slipping your shorts down your legs, you kick them to the side, leaving you in pink lace panties, Derek’s favorite.

As you slowly slide the lace down your long legs, you see Derek peek slightly from the top of the book. You hide the smile forming on your face as you bite your lip. Tossing the pink lace at Derek, you walk back over to his bed, laying yourself down with your knees up and slightly spread apart. Placing your hands on your breasts, you gently massage them as you close your eyes, moaning out Derek’s name as you slide a hand down to your soaking core.

Just as the tip of your middle finger hits your clit, you hands are pulled from your body and pinned on either side of you. Opening your eyes, you see Derek hovering over you, his eyes glowing light blue as a smirk forms on your lips. You immediately capture Derek’s soft pink lips with yours, his body resting in between your legs as his hands release your, moving to grip your sides as you slide your hands to the hem of his tank top.

Breaking the kiss, you pull the material over his head, throwing it over his shoulder as your fingertips trace the outline of his abs. Derek’s lips attack your neck as he begins grinding his hips to yours, his member already hard in his jeans as it rubs against your naked wet heat.

Moving your hand towards the top of his jeans, your fingers quickly pop open the button, pulling down the zipper and sliding the fabric down his bum as Derek lightly bites the skin of your neck. You already knew there was going to be a mark there as Derek pulls away from you, kicking the fabric off that pooled around his ankles along with his underwear, freeing his massive cock.

You lick your lips as he climbs on top of you once again, lips attacking yours as his tip presses lightly against your entrance. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you buck your hips up to meet his, both of you moaning against each other’s mouths as he fills you. Breaking the kiss, you slide a hand in his hair, tugging lightly at the black strands as Derek begins moving his hips, thrusting slowly in and out of you.

“Derek.” You moan, scratching down his back with your other hand.

“Y/N.” He groans, placing kisses down your neck.

You raise your chin higher in the air, giving him more access as he begins to pick up the pace. Your legs tighten around his waist, your tugging rougher at his hair, your nails digging into his broad shoulder as he slams into you, the pleasure increasing as the pressure in your lower region becomes greater.

Derek sucks on the skin of your collarbone, making your moans increase in volume as he continues to thrust at the perfect rhythm. You feel him twitch inside you as your walls tighten around his thickness. As you feel your high coming closer and closer, you feel Derek bite down on your shoulder as you both scream out in ecstasy.

White dots blur your vision as Derek’s warm liquids release inside you, some of it running down your legs as they fell from Derek’s waist. He collapses on top of you, his head on your chest as you try to even out your breathing.

Once you've both caught your breath, Derek slips out of you, causing you to whimper from the sudden loss of contact as he lays beside you, throwing an arm over you, pulling you close to him. Your head rests on his chest as he runs his finger through your hair.

“I love you so much Y/N.” Derek whispers.

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For the meme: could you please do a Sterek high school AU but they're in an established relationship? Please and thank you!

[I just - I have no idea what this is, but it’s definitely not a three-sentence fic.]



“Shit!” Stiles yells, falling off the bed as Derek scrambles for his shirt. “Dad!”

“Stiles.” His dad mocks from his place at the door, arms crossed over his chest and a smug look on his face. “Derek.”

Derek clears his throat, face a deep shade of red as he puts on his shirt. “Uh, hi. Sir.” He adds after Stiles’ dad arches his eyebrow.

“Dad, you – I can explain!”

“You had three months to come up with an explanation.” His dad says, shaking his head, amused. “I bet it’s a good one.”

“What? You – you knew?” Stiles splutters, glancing at Derek with panicked eyes. They’ve been so good at hiding, fuck. His dad knew.

His dad points at the badge on his chest, arches an eyebrow. Stiles can hear the silent duh hanging in the air.

“You have three minutes to come downstairs.” He turns around, looking pointedly at Derek. “Keep your hand to yourself.” Derek looks down, suddenly shy, and nods obediently.

“Or maybe we could have this talk tomorrow? When you just hadn’t caught us trying to have sex? And Derek had the time to run away?” Stiles babbles, smiling awkwardly.

“My gun is in my bedroom and you know I’d never shoot a minor.” His dad answers, already leaving the room. “Especially not in my own damn house.”

“If you try to hurt him I won’t let you eat bacon ever again!”

“It will be worth it!” His dad shouts back.

Derek shrinks into himself, collapses on the bed with a groan.

“So –” Stiles sits beside him, feeling just as hopeless as Derek. “on a scale of one to ten, how much do you want to jump out that window now?”

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Werewolf Married (Stiles/Derek)

Links to all the parts of my Werewolf Married Series. This series is now complete! Overall series rating is Adult, but some parts are rated Teen. If you’re enjoying it, feel free to let me know/reblog/whatever!

Series Summary (provided by the lovely @shealwaysreads): ‘Wherein Stiles nuts and runs, suspects any and all fairytale endings, but falls foul of sustained and earnest wooing by his alpha prince Derek Hale’

Minor Ships: Allison/Scott. Malia/Kira. Boyd/Erica. Jackson/Lydia. Sheriff/Natalie. Danny/Ethan. Laura/Jordan. Cora/Isaac.

Series includes: Soulmates. Accidental mating. Alive Hale Family. Canon Divergence post-Hale fire. True Alpha Scott. Alpha Derek. Emissary Stiles. Wooing and courtship. Stubborn Stiles. Persistent Derek. Pack feels. Allison/Scott/Stiles platonic poly lifemates. Parent Allison/Scott. Smutty bits. Romance. Snarky assholes in love. Deputy Stiles. High School Teacher Derek. Not your typical mating fic. Past drunken one night stand Stiles/Jackson. Past Danny/Stiles referenced.

The Fics

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sterek 21

#21 “I might have had a few shots.”

Derek is all set and ready to go to bed. He has his pajamas on (the yoga pants Laura sent him that were mostly a joke) and he has the apartment all locked up for the night, everything turned off and his bed is turned down, just waiting for him to crawl in. 

It’s been a long week. 

See, he had his last game of the season this week. The Falcons didn’t make it too far in the playoffs but Derek wasn’t too upset about it: he was really ready to spend some quality time in his apartment instead of on a bus or in hotels on the road. Besides, their team is pretty new, they made a lot of progress over this season but it just wasn’t enough to beat out the more experienced, more seasoned team they were seeded against in the playoff tournament. 

The best part about playing baseball at times is the off season. He really likes his team but eventually Derek’s introverted nature gets tired of constantly being surrounded by his teammates and coaches. His first week on break he spends holed up in his apartment, completely alone just sleeping and reading and completely enjoying himself.

Everybody on the team knows that. And he knows the veteran players told the newbies not to call or text him for the week because no one has. 

No one, except for Stiles. 

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There Can't be More Than One Pack in Beacon Hills ~ Derek Hale imagine

Derek Hale imagine
903 words
Based on this request.
A/N: this takes place at least a year after the alpha pack got defeated. Also, i don’t know if Derek has a bedroom inside his loft or if his bed is just there but I made a bedroom in that imagine so sue me if i’m wrong. 

“Would you look at that. Derek Hale and Scott McCall. What can I do for you, boys?” You smirked, casually taking a sip of the water bottle you had.  “I see you’re still alive, even without being Deucalion’s little pocket Doggy.” Derek snarled and you rolled your eyes from where you were on the bleachers of the Lacrosse court. 

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anonymous asked:

You know that ficlet you wrote about Derek and stiles with the medicine and The 'wow your so gorgeous I got to marry you?!' You should write one but roles reversed pls pls pls pls I'll be indebted forever

Derek comes to slowly, stretching out and relishing the warm, sweet scent he’s surrounded by. He realises he can’t pinpoint the smell, or anything more than his own name around the same time he notices there are what look like hundreds of post it notes around him. 

“What,” he croaks out; relieved he can still remember how to form words. Everything feels a little swirly, slow, comfy. Derek is extremely comfortable. It’s hard to get stressed about anything when he feels this relaxed, this warm, and there’s that fucking magic smell in the air.

A pair of brown eyes appear inches from his face, and Derek grins stupidly. Those are pretty eyes. 


“‘Lo,” Derek slurs out, tries to lift a hand to wave, squints. The rest of the face belonging to those nice eyes comes into view and Derek hums, pleased. The man hovering over him is very attractive. He’s got a lovely looking mouth, and a cute upturned nose that Derek wants to rub his own against.

“‘M Derek,” he pronounces, “Who’re you?”

The man’s lips twitch and Derek’s stomach hops around excitedly. He made the man want to laugh, that is a good sign. Derek must be funny.

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All right, as promised, here’s the full text of this ficlet. Happy Friday!

Void exits Stiles’ body and leaves an empty hole in the middle of his chest. He can feel it in the days and weeks after, cold and hollow as he sits in class, eats dinner with his dad, smiles for Scott. Scott’s not fooled by Stiles’ smiles - Stiles hasn’t been able to fool him since he was eight and his mom was admitted to the hospital for the first time - but he doesn’t say anything. He just stays close, all the time - in class, at the house, when everyone’s hanging out at Derek’s loft. Everyone stays close; Stiles doesn’t have to say anything. They all seem to know anyway.

He’s always cold now. He wears a t-shirt and a button-up and a hoodie at minimum, sometimes two hoodies if it’s overcast. They’re all new clothes; Void tainted everything he touched. Scott wrinkled his nose at Stiles the day before Allison’s funeral, and Lydia dragged him to the mall the day after. His sheets are new too, his blankets and comforter. The only thing he refuses to let go of is the thick blanket his mom crocheted while she was pregnant with him; he washes it once a day and figures the smell of the nogitsune will go away eventually if he just keeps on using it. Scott still wrinkles his nose, but it’s more of a joke now than anything.

Stiles still has nightmares. If anything, they’re worse than they were before Void took hold of his body because he knows now - knows what it feels like to stab his best friend in the stomach, knows the sound of people in pain, knows the look of horror on his dad’s face. He still wakes up screaming, still wakes to his dad’s arms around him, holding him down. If his new sheets didn’t smell like him, they do now, soaked through with his sweat. He doesn’t tell Scott about the nightmares, either, but Scott knows. The first night he wakes up on his own, through some miracle, not by a nightmare, he finds Scott sleeping on the floor next to his bed and Stiles stares down at him for a long time. He doesn’t dream that night, though - or if he does, he doesn’t remember it.

The next time, it’s Derek; Stiles wakes up to find him standing by the window, sharp features washed silver in the weak light of the half moon. He watches Stiles silently, and Stiles stares back at him for a long moment before he flips onto his side and falls back asleep. It doesn’t bother him. It might have, once upon a time, but mostly it just fills him with comfort, knowing his friends are trying to take care of him. The next time he catches Scott sleeping on the floor, he leans over the side of the bed and pokes at Scott until he wakes up.

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