derek has a bed!

little spoon

To save money while attending college in NYC, Stiles and Derek decide to rent one tiny apartment together. With one bed.

*whispers* I have no idea if any of this is realistic. Don’t judge me.

You guys know by now that practically everything I write is so so fluffy, but this is just like, a whole other level. A little over 4k words of enemies-to-lovers, bed-sharing, & cuddling. ;)  


The thing is, Stiles is pretty sure he can’t afford to breathe the air in New York City, let alone rent an apartment there. But it’s also been his lifelong dream to go to NYU, same as his mom, and he’s just gotten his acceptance letter in the mail along with a hefty scholarship offer. So he has a bit of a conundrum on his hands.

Enter Derek, who has a (relatively) dirt cheap apartment in Queens.

Okay, so Derek calls it an “apartment.” Stiles calls it an “attic closet.”

It’s nothing but a narrow bed, a foot or so of walking space between that and the wall, and a lone shelf by the door to hold the microwave and all of Derek’s possessions that can’t fit under the bed. There’s not even enough room to open the door all the way; the edge of the door hits the edge of the bed, and then you have to shimmy into the room.

The sad thing is that Stiles can’t even afford that.

He can, however, afford half of it.

“So you’re going to share a bed,” Scott says, looking concerned.

“Yes,” Stiles says.

“No,” Derek says at the same time.

Scott looks more concerned.

Stiles sighs. “Okay, so it’s like this. Derek’s going to be doing the whole normal person schedule, up at the buttcrack of dawn” (Derek rolls his eyes) “and out working and studying and stuff all day and back in bed asleep by 11 pm, and I’m going to be taking all evening classes and working the night shift!”

“We won’t actually ever be in the same place at the same time,” Derek clarifies. “He gets it during the day; I get it at night.”

“Because we can’t stand each other,” Stiles adds, in case Scott is thinking of getting his hopes up that this whole roommates thing is going to be some kind of bromance.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you rec some good bottom!derek fics?

Hi there! Of course we will! You should also check our Bottom Derek tag!


The Unicorn In Me by Emela

Derek touches a Unicorn and it doesn’t try to kill him, despite the fact he is no longer a virgin. When Peter tells the pack about Kate, Stiles makes it his mission to give Derek the kind of relationship he deserves.

Mauve by bleep0bleep

It’s been ten years since he’s seen Derek Hale, but Stiles would recognize that ass anywhere.

Chasing The Twister by LadyDrace

Derek is needy and hates it. Stiles tries to help.

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You bet your ass Derek has taken care of wine drunk Stiles before. Stiles who tells everyone that he can handle a bottle of wine, but can’t get to the car without help.  Stiles who grabs Derek by the waist and tells him how perfect he is while Derek helps him into the car. 

You bet that Stiles has woken up in the loft in Derek’s bed with Derek on the couch.  And Stiles wishes Derek was with him, but at the same time he’s glad that Derek isn’t because he wants his first kiss with him to be sober and consensual on both ends. 

You bet that he finally kisses Derek the next morning because he’s Derek and because he’s taken care of him for years, and because he’s Derek.

And Derek kisses him back because he’s Stiles and he’s wanted to kiss him for months, if not years.

And wine drunk Stiles may have told Derek that he has feelings for him and that he dreams about cuddling him. Either way, they end up together and no one is complaining because Stiles and Derek are happy and the UST is finally, finally, dealt with. 

@sourwolfsam asked for magic!stiles trying to fix derek’s life one spell at a time so here it is


“Is there something wrong with your blanket?” Stiles asks, staring at the comforter that is crumbled up on the floor with just a top sheet covering Derek’s bed. They’re having pizza after their pack meeting and everyone is dispersed around the loft, but Stiles, for some reason, has his attention on Derek’s bed. For completely innocent purposes. Nothing nefarious. It’s not like he was imagining anything. He wasn’t. Shut up.

Derek’s answer is to shrug and when Stiles raises his eyebrows, asking for more information, he elaborates, “It’s not soft enough.”

“The big bad wolf’s blanket isn’t soft enough?” Stiles has to reiterate this for emphasis because this is the most ridiculously adorable thing he’s ever heard. Somewhere Scott is laughing, but this isn’t a laughing matter.

All Derek does is shrug again. Of course.

Stiles looks over at the blanket and decides he’s going to fix this, so he marches right over and picks it up. Derek’s right; it’s not very soft, but Stiles can fix that. He focuses for a moment, channeling the energy into his hands and then zap! the blanket falls out of his hands.

“What dd you do?” Derek growls, stomping over. “I can smell magic.”

Stiles looks up at him innocently. “You said it wasn’t soft enough. Try it now.”

“You could’ve just tried fabric softener,” Erica comments from the couch. “Magic seems a little drastic here.”

“It’s softer,” Derek announces, surprised. “You made it softer.”

Stiles smiles brightly at him. “Now you don’t have to buy a new one! I just saved you like a good $100 because good blankets are really expensive and you’re welcome.”

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quantitatitivity  asked:

For the meme: could you please do a Sterek high school AU but they're in an established relationship? Please and thank you!

[I just - I have no idea what this is, but it’s definitely not a three-sentence fic.]



“Shit!” Stiles yells, falling off the bed as Derek scrambles for his shirt. “Dad!”

“Stiles.” His dad mocks from his place at the door, arms crossed over his chest and a smug look on his face. “Derek.”

Derek clears his throat, face a deep shade of red as he puts on his shirt. “Uh, hi. Sir.” He adds after Stiles’ dad arches his eyebrow.

“Dad, you – I can explain!”

“You had three months to come up with an explanation.” His dad says, shaking his head, amused. “I bet it’s a good one.”

“What? You – you knew?” Stiles splutters, glancing at Derek with panicked eyes. They’ve been so good at hiding, fuck. His dad knew.

His dad points at the badge on his chest, arches an eyebrow. Stiles can hear the silent duh hanging in the air.

“You have three minutes to come downstairs.” He turns around, looking pointedly at Derek. “Keep your hand to yourself.” Derek looks down, suddenly shy, and nods obediently.

“Or maybe we could have this talk tomorrow? When you just hadn’t caught us trying to have sex? And Derek had the time to run away?” Stiles babbles, smiling awkwardly.

“My gun is in my bedroom and you know I’d never shoot a minor.” His dad answers, already leaving the room. “Especially not in my own damn house.”

“If you try to hurt him I won’t let you eat bacon ever again!”

“It will be worth it!” His dad shouts back.

Derek shrinks into himself, collapses on the bed with a groan.

“So –” Stiles sits beside him, feeling just as hopeless as Derek. “on a scale of one to ten, how much do you want to jump out that window now?”

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ephemeral-but-alive  asked:

I imagine Derek being cursed again and turning into a 3 year old cute dumbass and Stiles being the one to take care of him and nurse him cause he can't resist such a cute little Sourwolf.

Stiles doesn’t know how it happens, doesn’t know how Derek manages to convince him to buy the Panda teddy bear- the really expensive one in the shop window- but he does.

Stiles doesn’t quite know how he managed to get roped into story time duty and bubble bath time (which Derek is surprisingly good about, unlike he was at that age, or so his father tells him) but he does.

He isn’t too sure either how he’s always the one letting Derek clamber into his bed when he has a nightmare or gets scared but he can never refuse Derek’s little call of “’tiles” before he is met with an armful of him and a story of how there is a scary monster under his bed trying to eat him and Mr Panda.

He doesn’t want to think about why it means so much to him when Derek grabs his fingers with his little hands and tells Stiles he’s really pretty and cool, no matter what Jackson and Isaac say. 

He doesn’t know why Derek telling him when he grows up again he’s going to make Stiles his emissary because he trusts Stiles to protect him and the pack makes him cry a little bit. (No, really, he had to excuse himself and go to the bathroom for a minute after that because he was not ready to be told he was trusted by a three year old Derek complete a pat to his goddamn leg!) 

All Stiles does know is that the moment Derek was de-aged by that evil witch lady Derek immediately ran to him, and little or big Stiles is going to be here for Derek in every way he can because there is something about Derek Hale which gets under Stiles’ skin and soothes every nerve is his body at the same time. 

for @petals42

a small continuation of this fic of mchaleinski at a werewolf convention :)

Derek grumbles under his breath as he goes to check Scott, Stiles, and himself into the hotel for the annual Pacific North American Werewolf Symposium. (Not that it’s actually called that – Stiles seems to be rubbing off on him.)

“Oh, um,” the woman at the front desk says, her eyes darting between Derek and Scott and Stiles behind him. “I’m sorry, there appears to be a mistake with the booking. The room only has one bed – ”

Derek resists the urge to sigh and wonders why he and Scott let Stiles handle the hotel room. It’s not like they couldn’t afford a double bed room, for appearances sake. Then again, Stiles has never cared much about appearances.

“What size is the bed?” Derek interrupts, making the woman blink at him for a second, confused.

“A king size, I believe,” she answers.

“Then it’ll be fine,” Derek sighs.

“Are you sure, sir? Because we do have another room with a single bed still open – ” the woman continues, but Derek shakes his head. “Alright, well here are you room keys.”

“Thanks,” Derek says as he accepts them, before turning around to head back over to Scott and Stiles, who are guarding their luggage off to the side.

“Got the room keys?” Stiles asks, making grabby hands until Derek passes him one.

“One bed, Stiles?” Derek replies, scowling slightly.

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