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Hi guys! This is sterek-hobrien-confessions. I’m sorry for being so inactive, but this blog doesn’t captivate me the way it used to and doesn’t get as many notes. I’ll be keeping the old confessions up in respect for the blog, you guys, and the original owner - however, I’ll be deleting the unanswered confessions and the nonconfession posts. I will continue this blog as a multi-fandom blog (Larry Stylinson/1D, H50/McDanno, TW/Sterek, Supernatural/Destiel, The Fosters/Jonnor, Harry Potter/Drarry etc etc.) This blog will have a pattern, self made edits, videos, and will definitely be more active and organised. Thanks so much for reading this! xx
—  me :)
It's 2:40am!!

I’ve been trying to catch up on teen wolf and just finished season 3. How do you people do it #feels on the last episode of the season. When one of the Alpha twins died is when I started to cry. Noooo!!!!!

Derek Inspired Outfit by veterization featuring slim jeans

Free People ruffle tank / American Eagle Outfitters black motorcycle jacket / Yves Saint Laurent slim jeans / Forever 21 grey lace up booties / Chanel Chocolate New york / Topshop bracelet jewelry / Forever 21 black eye liner

There’s a vigilante in Beacon Hills and they not only stop petty crimes but the supernatural kind as well. Everyone is stumped. Then when Derek and Stiles are after a Wendingo the vigilante “Siren” essentially saves them. They tail her find out that Lydia Martin has been living a double life. They must decide if they should rat her out or let her continue her heroism.